Summer’s Surprise

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Goodnight hun, get some sleep… I have a big surprise for your birthday tomorrow!” he smiled.

“Whatever it is, take it back! I don’t like you spending so much money on me.” Summer frowned.

Chris gave summer a sweet kiss on the lips, then held her in his arms as he fell asleep. Summer laid there in bed, thinking to herself what gift Chris had come up with this year. Then finally she slowly closed her eyes and drifted off into sleep.

Summer stirred from her sleep and opened her eyes. She noticed it was very dark, and assumed it was still night. So she began to start to turn over to try getting back to sleep, until she realized her legs were bound. Upon becoming more awake, she realized that she must be wearing a blindfold, and that her hands were tied up also. Summer lay in bed wondering what this was meaning to be, until she heard the door slowly creek open.

“Hello? Chris?” she asked.

No response was given. From the door being opened, she could feel the cold air coming in over her naked body.

She shivered slightly, her nipples becoming hard. Footsteps began to approach her, with the floorboards creaking at every step. She laid there, curious as to what was about to happen being excited at the fact of being vulnerable and bound up on the bed. It became quiet, until finally she felt something warm being rubbed up along her right leg. The object was being rubbed all the way up to her thighs, to her waist and tummy. She became wet at the thought of what it was being rubbed along her body. It was then slowly rubbed in circles around her nipples. Her hips twitched up from the slow sensation, being reminded her ankles were bound together from stretching them too far apart. The warm object was then rubbed along her neck, to her cheek, then across her lips gently. Summer flicked bahis firmaları her tongue out to feel it, tasting it to be the warm head of someone’s dick. She began to slightly rub her thighs together, opening her mouth to follow the movement to taste it again but it was pulled away.

Sighing softly, her pussy began to slowly drip moisture from her ongoing thoughts in her mind. Again she felt it, being rubbed down her neck and chest. Down to her tummy and waist, she then began to hold her breath as it rubbed slowly along her thighs near her pussy. Moving her hips, she tried to rub her pussy against it but to just have it pull away again. She laid there frustrated, being incredibly teased by this. Waiting a few moments, it began rubbing again, along her pussy lips and up and down her slit.

“Please slide it inside, fuck me please.” She asked.

No response was given. She then felt movement on the bed, and then pressure slightly applied to her legs. Then it being rubbed against her pussy again, but this time slowly being inserted inside. She gasped as she felt it slowly going inside her. It slid all the way in, she could feel it completely hard and slightly throbbing inside of her. She again tried to spread her legs to penetrate deeper, but again was restrained to not do so.

Slowly, she began to be humped against. Sliding in and out of her, slowly at first then faster her heart began to beat faster. Feeling the tip touch her deeply in her pussy, she began to press her hips against it. Noises came out of her mouth, just as she felt herself about to cum.

“Oh God, faster! I’m going to cum!” She moaned.

Just as she said that, it was pulled out of her completely. Her frustrated sigh left her lips, after not being able to reach orgasm.

“Oh you just wait! You’ll be sorry!” she kaçak iddaa threatened.

No response was given. Moments later, she felt hands on her side, rolling her over so that she lay on her stomach. She pulled her face out of the pillow to her side, so that she could breathe easily. Then her hips were pulled on, having her chest dragged along the bed with her bound hands in front of her. After being moved, this left her ass up in the air and vulnerable to whatever was next.

Summer then heard the sound of what it seemed to sound like was a lotion bottle. Next thing she knew, she felt a cold liquid being dripped along her ass, and then slowly it dripped down between her cheeks. She felt a finger being rubbed around her ass, and then it slowly made its way inside. Summer opened her mouth slightly, feeling the awkward sensation. Deeper it went inside, then it pulled back out slightly then back in. The motion became quicker at each time, summer pushing her ass back against it as it went back in. After she became comfortable, the finger was slid out. Her ass being slightly loosened for what was about to happen next. Now she felt something else being pressed against her ass. The same warm skinned object as before, she whimpered wanting so badly to be fucked. Slowly the tip was inserted, being too slow of a pace she wanted she pushed her ass against it but it was pulled away.

“Ok fine, ill be patient.” She said sighing.

Staying still, she felt it being pressed against again. Slowly it slid inside of her tight ass, inching its way deep inside. Summer began to breathe heavy as it made its way all the way inside, his balls resting against her aching pussy. Sliding out, then back inside her ass it moved. Faster each time, further loosening her for her to enjoy more. She laid still, allowing kaçak bahis herself to be fucked in the ass. A swift spank slapped against her ass, the added sensation pushing her closer to cumming. Her moans became louder at each stroke, her pussy dripping on the sheets in excitement. Up until it was pulled out of her ass, then slammed into her wet pussy. Faster and harder it was pushed in her, slapping against her ass making it red. Her body began to break out in sweat, opening her mouth she couldn’t make a sound from how much pleasure she was receiving. She came hard, screaming into the pillow while the thrusting never let her catch her breath. It continued to pump hard in her, not giving her enough time to regain composure before she came again.

Summer felt light headed from the constant orgasm she was having, until finally she felt cum shoot deep inside her. By feeling the warmness of it… filling up her pussy and leaking out as it continued to fuck her, she started off on another orgasm. She felt as if she was blacking out, not knowing if what she was participating in was real. It was finally pulled out, then rubbed along her pussy and ass rubbing the cum into her skin with it. Then she passed out from exhaustion.

Slowly her eyes opened, glancing to see the sun shining through the window. She moved her hands seeing that they weren’t tied up anymore. Nor were her ankles bound. Was she dreaming? Did that really happen? Looking over next to her, she found that Chris wasn’t there. Then he walked into the room to greet her,

“Good morning, and Happy Birthday love. I hope you slept well.” He smiled at her as she looked up at him.

“I made breakfast for you, so come on and get up already.” He smiled again at her.

Summer slowly began to move out of bed as Chris walked back out of the room. As she sat up, she felt her ass and pussy ache from being sore. Looking down at the sheets, she could see that it looked to be dampened by her sweat. She then lifted her eyes up, catching Chris looking and grinning at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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