Tara from Hooters

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As I have said in my other stories, my son Marc likes to date and fuck small girls. Tara was no exception to his rule. At barely 5′, and maybe 85 pounds ‘soaking wet’, Tara was tiny.

He introduced Liz and I to her as being “Very religious and Italian.”

I looked at him and asked “Have you fucked her, yet?”

“Dad!” was his reply.

“So what does ‘very religious and Italian’ have to do with how you two hook up?”

“I just thought you should know.” Liz and I just smiled and let it go.

When he did bring Tara home to meet us, Liz and I decided to meet her for the first time clothed, and we discovered a true Italian beauty. True, she was short, but with a deep, olive Sicilian completion, dark brown eyes and long dark brown hair. She was a cheer leader in high school and continued her cheering into her freshman year at the University. She was also the ‘flyer’ for the local NBA basketball team. As a ‘flyer’, she is the lightest cheer leader who can be lifted to the top of their human pyramids and can be ‘thrown’ form person to person. I caught myself ‘leering’ at her chest, sporting some nice 32 ‘C’ mammaries. I got the elbow from Liz who knows me too well.

So, in keeping with Marc’s insatiable libido, after dinner, they both disappeared into his bedroom on the second floor. Liz got changed and headed off to her work in the local hospital’s ICU, after giving me a quickie, and promising more in the morning.

I retired to my photo studio to practice some lighting set-ups and come 10:30, I shut down and headed for the den. The second floor of our home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. I commandeered one bedroom as the den, hosting my computers, scanners and all the supporting equipment for photo editing and retouching. It is located diagonally from one of the bathrooms, the one closest to Marc’s bedroom. The den and his bedroom also share a common wall, leading to some interesting sound transmissions.

Not hearing any noise, voices, sounds of fucking coming from his room, I ventured into the hallway and to his door. Quiet. Often, Marc’s girls will stay the night; leave in the middle of the night; or after a good, satisfying fuck. Having not seen Tara leave, nor seeing any strange cars in the driveway, I assumed she had left. I quietly opened the door, initially to see who was here and to check on Marc. In the dim bedroom light, I saw a naked from the navel down Tara, her torso angled away from my view, but she was on her knees, straddling Marc’s hips and rocking up and down, back and forth on his cock. Marc is endowed with 10+ inches of manhood between his legs, and I was amazed at how much Tara’s pussy could take. As she settled back onto his hips, only about an inch of his cock was visible above his tight scrotum, balls tight into his abdomen. She rocked forward, his cock slowly slipping out of her cunt and then back in as she moved back onto his hips. He had his hands up under her blouse on her breasts, his fingers playing with her nipples. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed and it was clear she was enjoying his cock, buried deep in her.

I slipped back out the door, quietly closing the door and returning to my den.

As I edit, smooth, touch-up many of the ‘glamour’ (read nudes) digital images I have shot, my body will react to the erotic nature I have been able to capture. Beautiful bodies, male and female, singly, in pairs, clothed, partially clad, erotically positioned, fondling, fucking, licking, fingering… getting myself worked up just remembering and writing about it. I found myself unconsciously stroking my erection with my left hand as I worked the computer mouse, eliminating skin blemishes and the like from the images on the screen.

I heard the door to Marc’s room open and out walked Tara, dressed in a push-up bra and thong. My computer desk is so positioned that I can hide my torso but not my lap from hallway view. As the door opened and Tara appeared, I pushed back out of sight, but caught her glance and slowing her walking pace as she headed for the bath room. She was looking… good for her. Seconds later, Marc entered the hall and headed for the bathroom, naked and carrying his flaccid cock in his hand. Time for a communal shower. They must have emptied the hot water heater several times as they exited some 20 minutes later, Marc with a towel around his neck and Tara with a towel wrapped around her torso, carrying her meager under garments, but just high enough to expose the bottom of her ass cheeks. Again, she glanced and slowed her walking pace as she passed by the den door. Curiosity might just get this cat yet.

Liz and I decided to just be ourselves, usually naked in the house, as Tara became more a part of Marc’s sex life and she would appear and disappear from our home, days, evenings, and middle of the night. She was set aback the next time she came to the house for dinner and found both Liz and I, naked, in the kitchen, fixing the evening meal. She smiled, eyed Liz up and ataşehir escort down, and settled on my cock as she headed for the stairs and Marc’s room. Liz and I had a good laugh and wondered if she might, someday, have the self-assurance to join us in our undressed state.

Another night, late, I working in the den, not sure if Tara was still with Marc, I ventured into his bedroom, quietly. This time Tara was lying on top of Marc, both naked and she was slowly rocking back and forth into his cock. Marc lifted her off his chest and pushed her bra off her breasts and over her head. He pulled her up far enough that he could suck her nipples, and I got a great view of her navel orange sized breasts with their deep brown areoles and nipples. Marc caught me in the room, enjoying the view. He just winked, smiled and returned to his sucking and slow fucking. I love how my son accepts his and my sexuality.

Once more, Tara left Marc’s bed early into the morning, I was still in the den, stroking and retouching images. As she left, she, again paused as she passed the den door, able to see my body from the navel down, and watched for a few seconds as I stroked my cock. I am amazed at how hard I get when I am being observed as I play exhibitionist. It is an erotic turn-on, always worth repeating.

Well, like other relationships, this one was bound to end. Seems Tara failed too many classes, was not going to return to University, but was leaving for Alabama, her grandmother’s house to study at the U of A. Her father was a hard-nosed SOB (according to Tara), who doted on his older daughter but not on Tara. Older daughter, four years older than Tara, graduated from University, got a job in marketing, making six figures and traveled the world extensively. Tara was hurt that elder sister paid little attention to the failing cheerleader and felt that she would be better off away from family.

Late August, she had not been at the house for months, she stopped in to say good-bye. Neither Marc nor Liz was home, just me and the dog. She came into the kitchen, sat down at the counter and, yelled at no one in particular.

“Bartender, Tequila, please.”

“Yes, mam, as you request.”

I got the shot glasses and brought out the two bottles of Tequila I had. Tara likes the Tequila Reposado, golden in color, almost matching her complexion. I, on the other hand, like the Tequila Silver, but for different reasons. See, I’m a letch. I substitue the clear Tequila for water… I can go shot for shot and never get drunk. Nasty, right?

So it was, she downed three shots of Reposado in quick succession to my three of clear… water. That is when I noticed something different about the girl, very different. She was dressed in a very short sun dress, exposing all her legs and a good part of her hips. I saw the makings of a thong, but mostly saw changed breasts. They were now much larger in her push-up bra.

As she drank down her fourth and fifth shots, I leaned closer to her across the counter and commented on the change in her appearance. My index finger made its way to and into the large cravas / cleavage which separated her tits.

“What’s this?” I asked. “Why did you get implants? Your breasts were perfect. I loved their size and your beautiful nipples.”

OOPS, said too much.

“When did you see me naked?” She demanded in her increasingly drunken state.

So, I told her what I saw, when I saw what I saw, and what she was doing when she was being spied upon.

“You saw me, naked with Marc naked, fucking?”

“Yes, and I enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed seeing me stroking my erection as you headed to the bathroom.”

“OH!” She said. “You knew I was looking?”

“Sure, I positioned myself so you could get a good look. Glad you enjoyed it.”

I then moved out from behind the counter where she could see the fullness of the object of her attention. I circled around behind her extended my hands and began to fondle her new breasts through her sundress and push up bra.

“So, when did this happen and why?”

“You know I flunked out of University. I was pretty low and was doing stuff I should not be doing. After Marc and I split, I really went crazy, my sex life went over the top, and I was fucking almost anyone, three, four and more at a time, two and three cocks in me, as long as the tequila was flowing and free, my cloths came off and the guys had their way with me. I heard them say I would be perfect with larger tits, and I heard it so often, I had it done. So here they are.”

“And what did the folks and your sister say about your decision?”

She said nothing for several minutes. I turned her around on the bar stool and faced her only to see the tears, running mascara and eye makeup and the sobbing began.

“My sister called me a whore, my mother said I was no daughter of hers and my father said I should get a job at Hooters.”

She was wailing, now in her drunken state, sobbing uncontrollably kadıköy escort bayan and leaning into me. She pushed away, brought her hands to her dress, and lifted it up and off her body. She tossed it to the floor, and brought her hands to the front fastener of her bra, undid it and set her girls free. I took a step back to admire the vision I was seeing. Her surgeon had done a fantastic job. Perfectly proportioned, just a little natural sag, she went from her navel oranges to two large grapefruit. She now possessed a pair of magnificent 44 ‘D’s. She slipped down from the bar stool and standing on the floor in front of me lifted her girls up so I could see the nearly nonexistent scars.

“If I had not seen the originals, I would never know.” I said.

Through her tears and sobs, she reached down and placed her thumbs in the thong and pushed it down until it was free of her ass cheeks and on the floor. She looked up at me and then down at my full erection which was now so hard it was throbbing to the pace of my heart beat… rapidly.

She dropped to her knees, looked up at me and asked “May I?”

“For you, Tara, anything” I replied.

She licked the tip of my cock, did a slow suck of the cock’s head, and again looked up at me with those dark, Sicilian eyes and asked;

“Will you make love to me the way Marc and I heard you and Liz making love?”

“You were listening to us? I asked, lifting her to her feet.

“You two are sometimes loud in your love making, but it always sounded so erotic and sweet and caring. Marc did his best, but I want to experience a man who has the know-how to please a woman as well as himself.”

“Yes, mam, your request shall be filled.”

With that said I lifted her to standing in front of me, scooped her up in my arms, as she wrapped her arms around my neck my hand found the bottom of her ass cheeks and the wetness beginning from her pussy, and I assured her she was never going to forget the love making she would soon experience.

I deposited her shaking body on the spare room bed and crawled up between her legs. I began kissing her from her toes to her knees, feeling her shiver in erotic pleasure as I cared for and explored every part of her lower legs. Muscled, toned she was a fit young woman. I worked my way up her inner legs, leaving little trails of saliva as I went. I teased her, moving from her inner thighs to the outer part of her legs up to her hips and feeling the sturdiness of her hip bones and the muscles surrounding her hips. I kept reducing the space I explored until the last unsearched place was her special honey pot. Clean shaven, we could have been twins, and I loved the scent of a woman in heat, oozing her lubricating fluids in anticipation of the intrusion she would soon experience.

I circled her pussy with my index finger, noticing she had two small ‘butterfly’ wings of flesh on either side of her opening. My hands reached for them and pulled them apart. As I did, a flood of her sexual secretions escaped. She was wet, and ready for me. I moved my mouth to her pink opening, a noticeable contrast to the dark skin which surrounded her outer lips. She jumped as my tongue licked and sucked at her entrance and flicked by her clit, which was swollen and announcing its need for attention. I placed my entire mouth over her small womanhood and began to suck and lick her goodness. My nose would hit her clit, and my tongue was buried in her lusciousness. She was nearly drowning me in her fluids and I could not drink it in fast enough. I moved my hand to replace my mouth and inserted two fingers into her tunnel.

She was moaning and I kept hear her saying “Oh, my god, oh, my god!” over and over again.

Her head and shoulders were rhythmically moving back and forth, side to side in keeping with my ministrations.

Two fingers were replaced with three and I found her ‘G’ spot as she arched her hips and fell into the first of many, many, overwhelming orgasms. She sucked in a breath and her whole body lifted off the bed, supported only on her heels and shoulders. Shuddering, shaking, rapid shallow breathing, up she went, down she came, and up she went, and down she came, as I continued to explore her ‘G’ spot.

I chanced something I had only tried with Kara, another of Marc’s girlfriend ‘cast-offs’, could I fist her? Three fingers became four with my thumb tucked into the palm. I slowly twisted it side to side, in and out, in a little more, out a little, in a little more until I was in up to my wrist. She was expelling so much lubricating fluid; it was an easy push to gain entrance. Once there, I moved my hand in slow, small circles, feeling all the surfaces of her inner womanhood. She lifted her head, her eyes wide at attention.

I lifted myself up so she could see what I was doing.

“You’re fisting me!” she shrieked.

“Am I hurting you?” I asked.

“No, that is what is so surprising. Other boys have tried but it hurt escort maltepe so much I pulled away from them. But you did it and it feels overwhelmingly erotic and… and…” She fell into another series of mind blowing orgasmic spasms.

After several minutes of this, I sensed she was tiring of the orgasmic exertion, so I slowly, reluctantly slid my hand out of her pussy, which was followed by another gush of fluid. I let her breath and rest a few minutes and when I believed she had recovered, I flipped her over onto her stomach. I slowly lifted her legs and separated them, exposing her full pussy and asshole, my next prize.

I reached under her hips, gathering some of the lubrication still leaking from her cunt and smeared it on her pucker. She felt my finger begin to explore her forbidden area.

Her head turned and she looked over at me. “Are you really going in there?” She asked.

“Nobody ever in there?” I asked.

“Not before now, please be gentle. I don’t want it to hurt.”

“I will be as slow and gentle as possible, but you will feel pleasure, I guarantee it. You, however need to relax. Do you need more tequila to help? I asked.

“No”, she replied. “I want to experience everything you do to me and remember it.”

With that, I began to very slowly push my index finger into her ass hole. Up to the first knuckle, then to the second, until I had my index finger all the way in. I let it sit there as she relaxed into this new penetrating feeling. I then began to wiggle it around, again, feeling the inner surfaces of her rectum, and noticed her clamping down on my finger as I stimulated the nerve endings of her ass hole.

“You OK?” I asked.

“Uh Huh.” She replied.

I watched her eyes open and close and felt her hips begin to move in circular patterns as I moved my finger inside her. I pushed my finger to one side than to another, trying to loosen her sphincter muscles and prepare her pucker for a dual invasion. I used more spit and pussy lubrication and went for another finger. Her eyes popped wide open as she felt the second intruder. She sucked in a large breath and held it as her eyes squeezed shut at the stretched feeling she was experiencing. I used more spit and continued with her own excess lubricating fluids. My other hand moved under her hips and into her cunt. There was an abundance of fluids and I was able to coat my fingers. Bring it to her ass hole, I pressed my other index finger in with little problem. She was hyperventilating as the second finger intruded into her forbidden hole. I asked if she wanted me to stop, and was told to continue. I stretched her hole with gentle care, preparing it for the ultimate invader — my cock.

I slowly removed my fingers, reached under her hips, rubbing my cock’s head through her pussy lips, and returned to her ass with fresh girl lube. Smearing as much as I had on both ass hole and my cock, I positioned myself for entry.

“This is going to hurt, so try, try to relax your ass hole. Think of making love to Marc and the feeling of his massive cock fitting into your pussy. That should ease the pain of my cock fucking your ass hole.”

And as I was speaking to her, I pushed in; knowing the memory of pleasurable feelings would relax her and allow my entrance. It worked and with a ‘pop’ I was in, the head first working slowly, the rest of me until I had about six inches in her rectal canal. I then slowly began to fuck her ass. I found the position of her flat on her stomach to be uncomfortable for any long duration, so I reached both hands under her hips and lifted her onto her knees, head on the bed, hips almost in my lap, ass impaled on my cock. Moving myself to my knees, I was able to continue comfortably, fucking her and reaching around to her front, playing with her clit. That took her mind and senses off her ass and onto her new rising orgasm. She floated into her next series of pleasures as I fucked in and out of her ass, feeling each orgasm clamp down on my cock, which was ready to dump its first load. I leaned onto her back and whispered in her ear that I was about to cum in her ass.

“Is that OK with you?”

“Oh… yes…cum in me!” and I lifted her torso vertical and her weight pushed my cock further into her ass canal. I relaxed my muscles and felt my load course up and out of my penis. Squirt after squirt dumped into her rectum. At each squirt, I could feel her react to this warm wet sensation she had never felt in her ass. When my orgasms subsided I let her down onto her stomach and spread her legs. I pulled my cock free and bent down to lick her hole clean. She squirmed at the sensation of a mouth, tongue at her back door. I flipped her over and lifted her legs and watched my cum dribble from her ass. I fingered her hole coating my finger with my cum and brought it to her mouth which she licked clean, sucking my finger deep into her mouth.

We had been at this for over two hours and I still had not fucked her pussy.

“Are you going to fuck my pussy, now?” She asked.

“Is that what you would like?” I asked

“Yes, please. Do to me what you do to Liz, make me moan and cum on your cock.”

“How often and what did you and Marc hear when you eavesdropped on Liz and me?” I asked.

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