Tempting the Professor Ch. 02

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The divorced professor, whose dormant sex life was brought back to life, sailed through six days of regular humdrum lecture, letting his mind ruminate on his recent steamy encounter with his unattractive ex-student and her offer to let him watch her have sex with her girlfriend. The date was for Friday evening, which was today, and he could hardly wait to finish his dreary day at college.

He left for home, took a shower and dressed in jeans and T shirt after a long time and made his way to the student’s house which was 15 minutes away. When he reached her apartment, she was waiting for him.

“Hi, prof. I am wet and waiting for her,” she said with a teasing smile as he sat on a couch alongside her.

She continued: “When my friend comes, I want you to go and stand there behind the curtain. Come, I will show you.” She led him to the far corner of the room.

“You hide yourself here and part the curtain and watch us,” she said.

“Won’t she catch me watching you?” he asked rather tamely.

“Nah, she has no reason to come here. And anyway, she is my friend and works with me, don’t you worry,” she dismissed his query. It was as simple as that.

They went back to the couch and sipped orange juice.

‘You look terrified. Come on, be cheerful you will be soon watching two girls in action. She looks beautiful and we have been having sex for sometime now.”

“Doesn’t she have a boyfriend,” he asked wondering if it was a stupid question.

“No one serious. Don’t worry.” She appeared to get impatient with his trivial questions and doubts.

Just then, she got a call from her friend saying she was on her way and after ending it she asked the professor to go hide behind the curtain.

He promptly went and stood there and parted the curtain and could see his student on the couch. She showed a thumbs up, winked at him and giggled.

Two minutes later the door opened and her friend entered. She was gorgeous: medium height, beautiful face, big round boobs accentuated by a tight shirt and shapely ass hugged by shorts.

The two girls kissed each other in the mouth as if eating ice cream and the student fondled her friend’s boobs and ass. Both started stripping slowly which was enough to give the starved professor a rock solid hard-on. The student parted her thighs, revealing her slit, and the friend opened hers, displaying her clean shaven cunt. They fondled each other and began fingering their petals. The student asked her friend to sit on her thighs and opened her gorgeous pink lips so that the professor could see escort ataşehir them. Sliding in two fingers in her orifice, she bit and sucked her friend’s succulent boobs. Her fingers did not spare the asshole, spreading and fingering it. The student went down between the thighs of her friend and her head bobbed and rotated as she licked her, at the same time displaying her ass and pussy. The view from behind aroused the professor who stroked his massive erection and thought of entering her from behind. The girls changed position and he now saw the tight slit of the friend as she returned the favor of eating the student’s cunt. The professor badly wanted to rush to the girls and make them suck his throbbing manhood and then flood their love openings with his tanked-up lust.

The two girls changed positions, lying on the floor in a 69, and he could see the friend’s pussy being parted and devoured by his student. She looked towards his direction and slurped her friend, opening and tasting both holes. The room was filled with soft moans and the smell of pussy and saliva mixing in heat. The pushing and twitching reached a peak and their entwined bodies slumped after a satisfactory orgasm. They sat on the floor their shoulders leaning on the couch and continued fingering each other for some time and they whispered some thing.

The student got up and came towards the curtain and, parting it, kissed his mouth and whispered in his ears, “Can you taste her cunt in my mouth?”

Before he could nod she knelt before him and sucked his ready-to-cum cock. He gasped fearing the friend would find out, but saw that she was lost in masturbating herself. The student filled her hungry mouth with his protuberance, and he held her hair and fought the urge to flood her mouth. If he came now, he would groan loudly and give away his presence, he thought. It was an erotic experience he had never had before nor even imagined. The student sucked him for a minute and took a dildo from the shelf nearby and went to the waiting friend.

Sitting side by side on the couch, they sucked the double edged dildo while circling their fingers around their clitorises. The student inserted the dildo first into the friend’s pussy and licked her erogenous areas and then thrust it into her rear bud. The way she took it in indicated that her rear door was often used in a similar fashion and the dreamy look on her face showed how much she loved it.

With one end of the dildo inside her friend, the student sat on it as her love mate held it steady. The professor understood kadıköy escort it was all for his benefit, so that he would feast his eyes on the erotic spread before him. The friend guided the other end of dildo into the asshole of the student, who took it in easily. Yes, the two had done this over and over again, the professor thought.

They got down and sat on the floor facing each other with their pussies connected by the pleasure tool. They balanced themselves on the floor with their hands and gyrated their hips, the dildo fucking them. He then saw them remove the dildo and insert them into their rear holes, repeating the same hip movement, the air punctuated by cries of “oh! my god,” “shit”, and “do it baby”, which were audible, the rest were mumbled and lost to his ears. After a minute they lay side by side, kissing each other and whispering like lovers.

After five minutes, the friend left.

The professor, sporting a hard-on, went towards his student and offered his cock to be sucked. She rested her head on the couch as he knelt over her face, making her take him in her mouth. He then grabbed her and turned her on her stomach and, reading his intention, she raised her ass. Stooping down he licked both her holes and sat on her ass and penetrated the pink button with his throbbing and quivering meat. As it had been opened wide by the dildo, he entered her asshole rather easily. Her moans of appreciation egged him on and he rode her with a new found feverish fervor, gritting his teeth. He leaned forward and kissed her cheek, surprising himself as he had never expected to do this. After moments of fervent pounding, he emptied his thick white jets of semen into her twitching round tight entrance. He waited till his last drop had entered her and withdrew and watched her asshole overflow with his cum.

She began fingering her pussy with two fingers and he too inserted two fingers, as they kissed deeply.

”So, the shy, introverted professor shed his thin veneer of decency and pounded the asshole of his student,” she smiled teasingly.

“Ya, you could say I surprised myself with that behavior. And liked it to.”

“Hmm, will you feel remorse and go back to being yourself, hiding behind books and personal tragedy?”

He said no, moving his head from side to side.

“How did you find my friend?” she asked eagerly as their fingers still masturbated her.

“She is sexy and fuckable.”

“What were you thinking when you were behind the curtain,” she wanted to know.

“I wanted to take you both, maltepe escort bayan one after the other. Make you sit on my face and ride your holes all day and night.”

“Hmm, your other side is rearing its head, the one that loves unabashed sex. That is great. You will be a different man after this, I promise you. Make me cum,” she said.

He focused on fingering her and soon buried his face between her thighs, savoring the honey from her hot petals, till she came with a satisfied grunt and a forceful upheaval of her pussy. She sighed as she played with his hair.

“I want to stay here with you for the weekend. Is that okay?”

“You are asking me? Of course you can. What more can I wish for.”

“When will your friend be here?”

“Next week. I can arrange it in such a way that it will be a threesome. Fine? She is great as you would have seen. She was in a hurry today and had to be out of town, visiting her parents. So next week it is,” she winked at him.

“Don’t think I ask too many silly questions. But did your friend know I was hiding?”

“For a professor, you lack the power of logic. I never told her about you. It would have been no fun had she known you were here. I wanted something new in my sex with her and thought it would take me to a new height if I knew you were watching us and getting aroused. My sucking your cock secretly made me twitch and twitch, hmmmm. And I kissed you and let you smell her pussy in my mouth. That was just great. And it would make no sense if all of us knew what was happening; where is the secret element? Sex life needs experimentation and surprises. Got it?” she asked.

“Yes, the secrecy and the fear of getting caught aroused me and I simply loved when you kissed me after tasting her,” he said.

He closed his eyes and sighed, glad that he was losing his inhibition, grateful to this girl that he was letting his hair down. It was she who brought him out of his shell into which he had withdrawn after his divorce. He found himself feeling close to her and the weekend with her would be heaven, he was sure of that.

Pizza, wine, movies on DVD and TV, some poems and passages from literary works filled the weekend, apart from some unbridled sex – cowgirl position, anal, 69 and doggy. Often he found himself kissing and necking her, something he never would have done to anyone else other than his wife. Oh! how he wished this weekend would would freeze and stretch itself and be his entire life. He told her this and she agreed that it could continue, without any commitment and family pressure. Just feel free and live life as it comes.

Was his friendship with her becoming too intimate that she would not share him with her friend, he wondered.

But on Monday all such worries flew away when she said: “Next week, we fuck my friend.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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