The Cleaner

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I’d been living with my rich aunt & uncle for around a year now, as their house was in the same city as the university I was attending.

Being well-off they employed a part-time housekeeper called Florence. Now Flo is one of those people you pass in the street without really noticing: she looks in her mid to late 50s, about 5’5″, quite chubby with huge tits and a big round belly and arse, supported by wide “child-bearing” hips and thighs. She is still reasonably attractive in a lived-in, wrinkly-faced kind of way with “pepper and salt” grey/silver/black hair.

As she also has mischievous blue eyes, a wicked smile and an infectious laugh people warm to her very quickly. For my part the fact that she treated me as an adult from day one guaranteed that I would get on with her. As she did not tone down her very dirty sense of humour the banter and innuendo soon begun to bounce between us.

The one drawback to my living with my aunt and uncle was that I couldn’t really bring fellow female students home and disappear into my room for anything remotely sexual. As the academic year went on this restriction was causing me so much anguish I was even contemplating ways and means of telling my relatives that I needed to move into an apartment for the following year – and god knows how well that would go down with them and my parents.

As a result of this sexual desert I frequently had to resort to the use of Mrs. Hand and her five little daughters.

Although initially I jerked off to the image of a classmate called Stephanie, this slowly changed to a fantasy regarding Flo. I had recently, accidentally caught a glimpse of her meaty thighs and a pair of large black knickers stretched across her big round arse, when she had been kneeling, cleaning a set of stairs. This was such a surprisingly shocking turn on that I found I had to frequently wank (jerk off) furiously at the thought of my tongue and dick wallowing in the taste, smell and heat of her hairy, soaking pussy. (For some reason I only imagined her to be very hairy – you know, the thick, almost impenetrable bush which starts on the mons and Ümraniye Escort continues right round up into the crack of her arse)

It’s amazing how a chance remark can change the course of a relationship isn’t it?

As she was at least thirty-something years older than me, happily married (I thought) and with 4 kids all older than me, I was convinced that, despite my increasing and seemingly irrational desire, I could never engineer a situation where my strange fantasy could come true, so I resigned myself to trying to get the odd surreptitious glimpse up her dress or skirt to keep the fantasy fresh.

At least we had the banter…

So, the next time she was polishing the brass stair risers I hung around hoping I’d catch another glimpse up her skirt, as it inevitably rode up at the back as she polished when she was on her knees. Eventually as she bent forward the tops of her thighs and the dark area in between eased into view…

“Hey, Flo.”


“Do you realise I can see your knickers – right up to your gusset?”

“You dirty young bugger,” she cried, but grinning. “You shouldn’t be peeking at a lady’s underwear.”

“Why not?” I retorted. “You’ve got a beautiful arse – it’s a pity you haven’t got stockings on – now that would be serious turn-on. A man could get lost in there – or really have some fun.”

With that, she quickly stood up, turned round and bounced down the stairs, tits jiggling, and came at me with a feather duster. Easily dodging this attack I raced out of the room laughing.

The following day the banter was just as good as ever at breakfast, and after a few extra “Peeping Tom” comments from Flo I went upstairs to get ready to go out on a few not very urgent errands.

As I came out of my room some 20 minutes later I saw Flo kneeling on one of the stairs up to the attic, studiously cleaning (or so I thought).

Thinking that she was oblivious to my presence I stood still watching her, the motion of her skirt as each arse cheek tightened and relaxed in turn with her to and fro motion, and the wispy sound Anadolu Yakası Escort of her skirt rubbing against what I thought were black tights was incredibly sensual. Within a few seconds, as she leant forward her skirt rode up another couple of inches to reveal an expanse of white thigh and some delicate looking silky black knickers framed by suspenders holding up her black…Jesus…stockings…NOT TIGHTS..

As quick as I could register this beautiful view my cock shot rigidly to attention, and I must have groaned or sighed out loud because she murmured, “Well… You wanted stockings. Are you all talk, or what…”

Racing forward, I grabbed her hips and, just as I was about to fondle her ample backside, she hiked her skirt up to her arse, then yanked her gusset to one side and said, “Quick, just stick it in! I’m soaking wet – you have no idea how much I need this.”

After frantically dropping my trousers and underwear, my cock slid forward like a homing pigeon on auto pilot, and was soon embedded to the hilt in her hot, wet pussy. No sooner had my balls banged up against her mons, when she gasped, “Oh myyyyyy ggodddddd – I’m cummmiiinnnnggg.” A few back and forth thrusts later and she exploded again…After the fourth (or fifth – who’s counting?) orgasm, my cock slipped out as she flopped forward with a sigh, her head resting on one of the higher steps.

After a minute or two her breathing returned to something like normal and she gently purred, “You have no idea how long it has been since I have had a good stiff cock inside me. How long before you can continue? Soon?” she added, hopefully.

“Now”, I said, pulling her back into a kneeling position and sliding my cock forward into her at the same time.

“Oh God,” she said, after shuddering through another cum, “The recovery powers of youth.”

“Youth’s got nothing to do with it, ” I said while she creamed again, “I haven’t come once yet”.

After a few more minutes of furious humping as she came again she screamed, “Oh god! No more! That’s enough for the minute! My cunt’ll fall off if we İstanbul Escort carry on.”

“Have you still not come”, she added.

“Not yet,” I answered.

“Never mind,” she said, smiling at me over her shoulder. “That’s the problem with having four kids. My cunt’s so loose I’ve got no real muscle control to grip you with, so although I can feel your beautiful length ploughing up and down my hole, I know it may not feel as tight as you’d like. So, it’s time for the alternative.”

With that she grasped the root of my prick which was still embedded in her juicy pussy, pulled it out, and after rubbing it around the outside of her arsehole , pushed the head up to the edge of her rubbery brown ring and pushed back hard, fully impaling herself in one stroke.

If I thought that conventional penetration was great, the feeling of being buried up to the hilt in her arse was unbelievable! Tight, hot and absolutely wonderful.

“Your turn,” She said, and started moving backward and forward while flexing and loosening her anal muscles. In no time at all my prick reached and went over the climactic edge, and with a huge cry of “I’m cumminnggggg!!” I spurted jet after jet into her beautiful arse, until it felt like I had completely emptied both tanks.

As my prick subsided it plopped out of her gaping ring, dragging several strands of my pearlescent cum with it.

“Pity”, she muttered. “I really wanted you to come on my tits and in my mouth. Still, we can save that for some other time. In the meantime I’ll just have a taste”. And with that she plucked up some of the loose strands and sucked her hand and fingers clean.

“You really are a sexy woman Flo, did you know that?”

“Sonny, you have no idea what you have let yourself in for, by turning me on.” she cried, enigmatically. “I’ve got a lot to do today otherwise you’d think this session was only a taster. Never mind, if I plan it right we’ll soon be able to spend virtually a whole day together..”

After saying that she got up, rearranged her underwear, clasped me to her immaculate chest, and said, “As much as I’d like to feel you leaking out of me for the rest of the day, I have too much to do so I need to go and sort things out. See you later…”

And with a happy giggle and an exaggerated arse wiggle she disappeared down the stairs…

Please let me know if you want this story to continue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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