The Consultant – Neighbor Wives Ch. 05

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The Consultant: Neighborhood Wives (Ch. 5)

Alli “talks” some sense into Jim

(Author’s note: all characters in this story are pretty clearly over 18.)

One of the constants when working as an IT consultant is knowing that you’re going to have to deal with dry spells where you can’t find a gig. I’d been lucky so far and had always had my next assignment lined up well before the end of the current one, but now as this big project I’d been on for well over a year was winding down, I was worried as I didn’t have anything in the queue.

The company I’d been working with the past eighteen months liked me and made it clear that I’d be their first choice for their next big migration project. But that was likely not going to be for another six or eight months as they let the current changes settle in.

I had managed to squirrel away some money but not enough to see me through a six-month dry spell, so I was getting nervous. A very lean summer was staring me in the face.

At the same time, I realized that I had become something of an emotional wreck since the end of my marriage. I hadn’t really let myself think much about my divorce and then the time I’d spend with Joanie and Ramona, regardless of how temporary, had left me feeling lonely afterwards, and at a bit of a loss.

I was still walking with Joanie in the neighborhood most days but I really wasn’t in any emotional shape to actually talk about how I felt. But it was good to at least have some face-to-face companionship.

Then Joanie dropped what felt like a bomb on me with about three weeks to go on the project – she was going in for knee replacement surgery and wouldn’t be able to walk with me for a while. I made all the appropriate noises about how much better she would feel and how much I would miss seeing her every day (both true) but inside I was screaming at her for doing this to *me*, which was of course completely stupid and selfish.

I moped around the house all that weekend, the first one in June. It was unseasonably hot and I spent most of my time inside, going through all my contacts yet again looking for possible projects. I even broke down and started going through Linkedin and the Ladders and other job boards for jobs, although I was still skittish about making that move after having been laid off a few years previously.

Monday rolled around and the weather cooled off considerably. I was determined to go for my walk even without Joanie and I actually felt a little better as I sat on the front porch lacing up my shoes.

The azaleas were long gone but there was still some wisteria blooming at the edge of the town-owned patch of woods that I could see from my porch, as well as a few ragged dogwood petals that hadn’t yet fallen. The grass and the leaves were as green as they could possibly be and I knew they’d stay that way until the heat of July baked them into submission.

I heard a shouted “hello” as I stood up and saw our neighbor Alli coming up the driveway. We’d spoken a few times when I went out for my walks with Joanie but I didn’t know her well and had no idea why she’d be coming to see me.

She answered that question quickly. “Joanie sent me over to take you for a walk!” she said with a grin. “So, heel, boy! Walkies!” I couldn’t help laughing at that so I fell in beside her and we started off around the neighborhood, at a somewhat faster pace than Joanie and I usually managed.

I didn’t know much about Alli but I liked what I saw. She was tiny, about 5’2′ and slender, with golden blonde hair that hung down past her shoulder blades, and a very sweet smile. She was cute rather than pretty and her round cheeks made her look much younger than I knew she had to be given that she had a daughter in high school.

We talked as we walked, or mostly Alli talked and I tried to listen while also trying to figure out what I was going to live on the next few months. I did pay enough attention to her to realize that she was telling me that she had grown up in town and was a nurse down at the university hospital.

“You don’t look like a nurse,” I blurted out. And it was true – all the nurses I knew were heavy, from bad eating habits and lack of exercise due to horribly unpredictable (and long) hours. Most of them had back and knee problems from trying to flip 300-pound patients and from wrestling equipment around patient floors. Nursing is crazy hard work and most nurses pay a heavy price. Somehow Alli had escaped that and looked about the same size as her teenage daughter.

I also realized that she might not have been as old as I had originally thought. Her parents were both professors at the local state university and she’d grown up with the arty crowd in the local high school. She had her sights set on a small liberal arts school like Oberlin but then she’d taken a gap year to go to Europe and had gotten herself a severe case of pregnant.

The boy was just a year older than her and was doing an internship in Florence where they met. Unlike canlı bahis şirketleri most summertime flings, they had truly and deeply fallen in love and before the summer was over, he had applied to transfer from Brown to the local school and he and Alli got married before she took her first college course. So, she really was a little younger than I’d thought and was still married to the same guy.

I learned all of this from a fairly constant stream of chatter during our walk, which I actually welcomed as it kept me from having to focus on making conversation. I knew it was rude, but I was fine with half-listening to Alli while I thought (and worried) about my job situation – and while I snuck glances at her cute little rear end.

After a fairly brisk hour’s walk, I waved goodbye as she turned up her driveway with a promise to go walking with me again the next day. I headed back home to run through the afternoon meetings and finalize the implementation plans for the last bit of infrastructure for the project.


Tuesday was a little warmer and I was a little more down. As I saw the end of the current job coming nearer, my thoughts got darker. Maybe that was why Alli decided to test me to see if I was really listening to her as we walked.

“Aren’t you at least a little bit shocked.” she asked, turning to look at me with a sly little grin. I looked embarrassed and admitted that I hadn’t been paying attention. “A hot blonde tells you that she’s in an open marriage and you don’t even bat an eye!”

I stopped, mouth open, staring ahead at Alli as she moved on a few steps before realizing that she was leaving me behind. She looked over her shoulder and grinned, then kept going. I jogged a few steps to catch back up with her. “Ok, you got me,” I said. “I’m sorry – I let my mind wander. What were you really saying?”

“Oh, that wasn’t a joke, silly,” she replied. “With Scott spending so much time on the road and me working such crazy hours at the hospital, not to mention being surrounded by a bunch of sexed-crazed doctors and nurses, it just made sense. He’s got girlfriends and fuck buddies in a half a dozen cities on the East Coast and I’ve got my circle of booty calls as well.”

I still wasn’t quite buying it. “Uh, okay, sure, I guess? And you guys don’t get jealous or anything?”

She chuckled. “Well, I’ll get a little jealous if he’s getting laid and I’m not. And vice versa. But usually he gets home on Friday night and I get off work and we tell each other our sex stories while we fuck each other’s brains out. Sorry, I don’t mean to shock you!”

We walked a little further before I answered. “I’m not shocked. Surprised, maybe. Sounds like something out of one of those cheap paperback dirty novels from the 70s. But hey, if it works for you guys, more power to you! …sorry, I know you weren’t asking for my blessing, there.”

“That’s ok, I knew what you meant. And it does work for us and we’ve managed to keep the playing around separate from our life together with Zoey. She doesn’t have a clue. At least I’m pretty sure she doesn’t. Ok, maybe I just hope she doesn’t,” she said, grinning. “I’m sure she thinks of me as boring old Mom.”

We let the subject drift on to Zoey and her last year in high school but I looked at Alli with fresh eyes as we walked. She was wearing jeans shorts that were cuffed a couple of inches below her little round rear end, leaving lots of shapely leg between there and her walking shoes. When she turned towards me, I appreciated anew what I could see of her little breasts that appeared perfectly formed and the very definition of the word “perky”. There were some very lucky men (and, I started to guess, women) at the hospital.

We finished up and she promised another walk the next day. The weather looked to turn bad on Friday but we were good for the next couple of days.


Despite Alli’s revelations the day before, I was still in my funk Wednesday and I know it showed. I wasn’t so out of it that I didn’t notice and appreciate what Alli was wearing, though. It looked like she had raided her daughter’s room to find the super short white stretchy shorts and the very tight girl-cut t-shirt that made it obvious that she had not bothered with a bra (sports or otherwise) that day.

We walked with less talking and if I hadn’t been so self-absorbed, I might have noticed that some of that silence was due to Alli getting a bit annoyed with me. We got back around to her house having not exchanged more than five or six sentences apiece.

I started to say my goodbyes and walk on home but she stopped me. “Jim, can you come inside for a minute?” she asked, looking serious.

I said sure and walked on up to the porch while she unlocked the door. She motioned me to the overstuffed sofa in the living room. “Why don’t you sit for a minute and I’ll grab us a couple of bottles of water.” I admired her cute little ass as she walked through the dining room and disappeared into the kitchen. canlı kaçak iddaa I said “thanks” as she handed me a cold plastic bottle when she came back.

She stood in front of me, took a deep breath and then said with a rising voice, “Ok, Jim, what in the fuck is WRONG WITH YOU!? A hot blonde chick practically sends you an engraved invitation to screw and you don’t seem to notice! I know from Joanie that you’re not a eunuch or gay so what the actual fuck?! Do you not think I’m pretty?”

I looked at her, my mouth opened, stunned. She was obviously… angry? Offended? And I felt like a complete and utter idiot. I’d certainly enjoyed looking at her all week but I’d completely ignored her now very obvious signals.

“Alli…” I started. “Alli, I’m sorry! I’ve been so wrapped up in my problems and crap that I’ve ignored you. I’m so sorry!”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Jim! Quit apologizing! I think that’s your problem! You’re so wrapped up in what Joanie needed and what Ramona needed… yes, Joanie told me about that too. When in the hell are you going to do something for yourself?! What the hell does *Jim* want?!”

I sat back against the sofa, stunned. Was she right? Had I gotten so wrapped up in what everybody else needed (including the people I worked for and with) that I’d lost sight of what *I* needed? Did I even know what I needed anymore?

I realized that Alli was still standing in front of me and that only a couple of seconds had passed during that self-reflection. She was still digging in. “You’ve been hanging out with the neighborhood slut all week and you still haven’t gotten your dick wet – what kind of man are you?”

Fair damn question. What kind of a man was I? I guess I had a little epiphany there on Alli’s couch as I decided that while I wasn’t going to turn into a narcissistic asshole, I *was* going to pay some damn attention to what I wanted. And what I wanted at that moment was standing in front of me.

“So, you’re the neighborhood slut? I guess that makes you a bad girl,” I said, looking up at her with a growing grin.

“Damn right I’m the sluttiest slut around, bitch! I’m a bad girl and don’t you forget it!”

I reached up and grabbed her left hand, pulling her down to kneel on the sofa next to me. She started to lean forward and come in for a kiss but instead I quickly grabbed both her wrists with my left hand and pulled her over me and laid her across my lap. “Well, you know, bad girls get spanked!” I proclaimed as I smacked my right hand down on her cute round ass.

She yelped and started to protest but I smacked her other cheek and then alternated a few more swats on each side of her ass. I still held her wrists in my left hand and was not going to let her up. Instead I reached under the elastic band of both her shorts and her panties with my right hand and jerked them down hard, baring her globes and eliciting a shriek from Alli.

I gave her another few smacks on her now bare butt, her reaction having gone from yelps and protests to moans. “So, you’re the neighborhood slut?” I demanded.

“Damn right I am, stud!”

“Prove it then. Get on your knees.”

I released her wrists and she slid off my lap onto the floor in front of me. “Take my shorts off,” I directed her. She pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles and my mostly erect cock popped out. “Okay, slut, you think I should take what I want. What I want is for you to suck my dick. So, get to it,” I said firmly.

She looked me in the eye and allowed herself a small smile as she spread my knees apart. She leaned forward and started stroking my cock with her left hand while I was pretty sure her right was rubbing her own sex under her shorts.

She slowly pumped me a few times while her mouth sought out my balls. She ran her tongue up and down between them before sucking one and then the other into her mouth. She continued by licking them until I felt her saliva running down my thighs and my asshole. Damn it felt good!

She paused for a minute to slide my shoes off and drag my shorts all the way off so she could spread my legs further and get closer to me. She wrapped her hand around my cock again, raising it off my stomach so she could lower her warm, wet mouth over it.

She didn’t go far, stopping with just the head in her mouth where she could tongue that super-sensitive spot on the underside at the base of the head. I was so worked up it was almost too much but there was no way I was going to tell her to stop.

I’m not always that vocal during sex but I was moaning and probably whimpering by that time, wanting to cum and trying hard not to as I didn’t want this to be over. Alli seemed to sense it and moved her hand so that she could slide the rest of my dick into her mouth, until her nose was buried in my pubes. That felt heavenly in an entirely different way and allowed me to start thinking again.

I reached down and put a hand on either side of her head and gently but firmly started guiding her head up and canlı kaçak bahis down. She relaxed and let me move her at the speed and depth that I wanted and what I wanted was to feel this good forever, which meant not cumming yet.

There’s only so much a man can take though and after another couple of minutes, I dropped my hands and let her take control again. I almost whispered, “Make me cum.”

She bobbed her head up and down faster and I dropped my head against the back of the sofa, either unable or unwilling to move, except for starting to shake as one of the most intense orgasms I could remember started its inexorable rush to the finish line.

I tried to warn her and I’m sure I croaked something but I think the way my balls tightened into diamonds was a pretty good sign that I was not going to last any longer. I could tell that she was furiously frigging herself with her right hand while she now pumped my dick with her left, her mouth glued to my shaft just below the head again.

The jolt when I finally shot was almost painful and the first shot hit the back of Alli’s throat so much that she choked and almost lost her grip. But she recovered and continued pumping me as I moaned and mumbled something about what a beautiful fucking slut she was.

When I finally wound down, she sat back on her heels and made a show of swallowing my load, except for the trickle that had escaped and was dripping from her face onto her chest. “Slutty enough for you, stud?” she asked.

I leaned forward and took her face in my hands again, this time kissing her deeply, tasting myself on her tongue and realizing that she had made me cum before we had ever kissed. Definitely a first for me. I also realized that I wanted more. Much more.

“Are you still my slut for the day, Alli?” I asked, although I was pretty sure I knew the answer. “Take you clothes off, baby. Let me see all of you.”

Alli stood up with a little smile on her face, pulling her shorts back up over her ass as she rose so she could make a show of taking them back off. I leaned back into the sofa, still wearing my polo shirt and socks and realizing I was hardly a vision of sexiness. But Alli didn’t seem to care and I decided not to either. I was still trying to register that it was ok for me to just worry about myself for once.

She started moving to a tune in her head, her back to me as she swayed and moved that tight little butt. She turned as she lifted her t-shirt up to just under her little round tits, pausing before suddenly pulling it over her head. Her breasts were perfect – small, high and round with pink, very erect nipples.

She turned her back to me again and slowly bent over until she was touching the floor in front of her. She moved her legs slightly apart and slid her shorts back down over her ass, exposing her sex to me. Her outer lips were puffy and pink with desire and I could see her wetness coating her inner labia as they peeked out.

She lowered her shorts the rest of the way and turned again, facing me, her hips cocked to one side. She looked at me and smiled as if to say, “Now what?”

My response was to stand up and then lean down so I could wrap my arms around her waist and lift her up over my shoulder, caveman-style. I gave her bare butt another smack and headed off down the hall to where I assumed the master bedroom was.

She made a show of kicking her legs and pounding on my back but her giggling and laughing made it clear she was enjoying the play. I made it to the end of the hall without bumping her into the wall or the doorframe and then deposited her onto her king-sized bed.

She fell onto her back, still giggling, and raised her spread legs, no doubt expecting me to jump her immediately. I had other ideas, though. I knelt on the bed in front of her and spread her legs even further until she was almost in a split and then I lowered my face to her pussy and dove in.

The old me would have been trying to make sure my partner was satisfied before satisfying myself. But I pride myself on being a quick learner, so that was not my plan here. I wanted to bury my face in hot wet cunt because *I* wanted the taste and the smell and the sight and the sensation.

I parted her outer lips with my tongue and lapped at her opening, sliding up one side and down the other before plunging into her vagina. I kept up that alternating pattern for a while as her lubrication mixed with my saliva and soaked her thighs and the sheets under her. She tasted like… pineapple? Is that weird? She was heavenly and I wanted more and more.

She bucked her ass up off the bed, forcing my tongue deeper inside her cunt. Maybe I really was just looking for my own pleasure here but she seemed to be enjoying it. A lot. I slid my hands up her legs until I was cupping her tight globes, squeezing that perfect ass while I shifted my tonguing to her clit.

She let out a shriek and started shaking, thrashing her head back and forth on the pillows as I attacked her with my tongue. When I let go of her ass so that I could slide two fingers into her pussy and stroke her g spot, she lost it. Her back arched like she’d gotten an electric shock and her hands gripped the bed like she was afraid she’d go flying off.

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