The Gaylord Sword

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Stepping out of the shower I was still wondering if I had done all that I needed to do today. My son David would be home soon and I would talk to him then. David had been very close to his father and since his death David has acted as if I needed him around to care for me. I think his wanting to care for his mother is admirable but I am ready to move on with my life and I hope David will understand.

Mr. Gaylord from the bank asked me out for dinner and I accepted. I do so want David to understand that I am still a young woman and even though I loved his father it is time for me to live my own life once more.

I looked at my nakedness in the mirror and thought I am not that bad for a woman forty four years old. I know I still have desires and needs that are not being addressed. I masturbate some times and it gives me some relief but it is not the same as when you feel the weight on a man on you and feel his erections pulsate inside you when he fills you with that warm loving sex cream.

There is time yet I though so I went to my closet and got my handy dandy vibrator. I ordered it from a sex store on the internet. It is dark pink in color not like any cock I had ever seen. But it does have a nice shape to it and the head is just about right. I start by just rubbing it across my clitoris however as I get aroused I find I like to insert it in my wet pussy and give myself a really fucking. Once not too long ago I was really horny and I tried to insert it in my ass and with some help from Mr. K-Y I got it in me. My husband liked to fuck me in the ass once or twice a year but for the last five years of his life he did not and he has been dead now three years so it had been eight years since I had a cock up my ass and it did hurt some but the memories it evoked were worth it.

I felt the climax building and then rush out of me as if it were the first time in my life. I was thinking of Mr. Gaylord and his smile along with that hint of what he wanted if we were to date. I was not so sure I would let him get to first base on our first date but there was always that possibility. I washed Mr. Pink and returned him to his place of honor in my closet he had once again done a fine job. I even licked him with my juices still dripping from him. Maybe Mr. Gaylord would enjoy the way I having of sucking a sword. I have enjoyed sucking a man’s cock for as long as I have enjoyed sex. In fact my first sex act was to have oral sex and I have loved it ever since. My first experience was with my cousin in his barn out on the farm. He teased me into sucking on a cow’s teat and later had me suck his appendage till he gave me a drink of cum for the first time.

I’ll remember that treat forever I loved it then and I love it still. I dressed with my sexiest silky underwear, not that I thought anyone would get to see then that night.

David arrived home and I had his dinner ready and waiting. He of course asked why I was not joining him. I told him how I felt and how I needed to move on and much to my surprise he welcomed the idea that I should start dating again. He went so far as to say I was a very beautiful woman and I should be with a man that loved me and he knew how a woman my age had needs. I was surprised by his words and for some reason there seemed to be a tone in his voice that said much more. I wondered how my son really felt about me dating again. Or was it that he was seeing himself as the man of the house now. Maybe David was jealous, I wondered.

Ned Gaylord pulled in the driveway right on time. He handed me flowers which I put in water. David came down from his room and I introduced him to Mr. Gaylord. With few words they shook hands.

Ned was a real fine looking man. He was also a widower and he had a daughter Nancy a couple of years older than my David. Nancy lived at home also but for different reasons. She had been in an auto accident which left her with a disfigured leg and a bad limp. She worked out of the family home doing computer work. As I remembered her she was a very pretty girl tall slim with a wide bright smile. I wondered if David might enjoy meeting her. I knew of course David was seeing that blonde slut from the bar out on the highway. But he just might enjoy meeting a nice girl for a change.

Ned applied all his charm and we talked about our family histories and in words compared our life styles of the past. It seemed we had a lot in common both in the way we feel about our children and how we feel about our dearly departed spouses.

We went to a nice quite out of the way road house to have a few drinks in a dark corner. Ned has a way with words and he seemed hell bent on seeing me naked before the night was over. He kissed me and slipped his hand up along my thigh under my dress. I did not stop him as I wanted to see just how far he would go. But I knew a man is a man. If you don’t say “NO” at lest twice they think it is ok to move on to new horizons. Well I did not say “NO” and Ned soon had a finger rubbing my crotch. Ned kissed my cebeci escort neck and said “Lydia you got a great body. You are a beautiful woman; you are everything a man could want in a woman.”

Maybe it was his words maybe it was the booze what ever it was I was feeling wonderful and if Ned wanted to feel me up then that was OK with me too. Hell I thought I may as well see what he’s got to offer me. I reached for his crotch and found a long hard member lying along his thigh.

I measured it with me fingers and it measured longer than Mr. Pink. Mr. Pink is seven inches long. Taking a good grip on his member I also found it to be bigger around than Mr. Pink but it felt wider but more flat than round. Either way it made me excited to feel a real hard cock once again. I slipped off into a world of my own and with out even thinking I felt and gripped his cock over and over again. I was even jerking on it through his trousers. All of a sudden he put his hand over my hand to stop my jerking his cock. “Lydia why don’t we get out of here?” I told him I thought that would be a good idea.

He opened the car door for me. As I turned to slip into the soft leather seat I did not lift my legs right away. It was dark in this corner of the parking lot. Ned had parked his new car off to the side so it would not get bumped. So as long as I was sitting, he was standing so very close what the hell I reached for his zipper and pulled it down. One second later a long wide hard cock was pointed at me. I took a grip on it and jerked it a few times. Ned made sounds of pleasure as I captured the soft skinned head in my mouth. I sucked half of his cock deep into my mouth and took a breath and sucked the other half into and down my throat. Ned murmured “Holy fucking Christ.” Ned took my head in his hands and worked his long cock back and forth into my mouth. As he become more aroused his cock started to get harder and more flat. I cradled his goose egg size balls in my hand and I felt him them pull up tight under his throbbing cock. When cum started to fill my mouth it did not come in spurts as most men do. It flowed in a steady stream of thick warm molten lava. If filled my mouth I swallowed as much as I could but a lot ran out of my mouth and down my chin. The thick sweet liquid dripped on my tits and ran down between them. My dress had a low cut neck line allowing the extra cum to drip freely down between my tits. Never in my long history of cock sucking had I ever enjoyed it more. It was wonderful and his cock was now nearly flat, very wide but nearly flat. I would learn later that was “The Gaylord Sword.” From what I understand it was a trait of the Gaylord men that dated back hundreds of years. I felt his wonderful cock return to normal as he stopped ejaculating and withdrew it from my mouth.

I turned and sat back in my seat. Ned on unsteady legs walked around and got in the drivers side. He did not look at me but I could tell he was well pleased with my services. He started the car turn out of the parking lot toward my end of town and said “Best fucking cock sucking I ever had.” No other words were uttered between us till he said goodnight in my drive way and let me out to walk to the back door myself. I was not offended by his lack of attention for I knew he was still in a daze from the as he said “best fucking cock sucking he ever had.”

I smiled all the way to my bedroom. I let my dress drop to the floor. Standing there in panties and silky black bra I wiped cum from between my tits and licked my fingers. I slipped my hand down under my panties running a finger across my clitoris. That felt very good as I thought how wonderful that long flat cock would feel in my cunt next time. I rested one hand on the top of my dressing table and started to masturbate to a rhythm pounding in my head. I heard my breathing come faster in large gasps I heard a moan that was not from my mouth. I jerked around and standing in the doorway was my son.

David was naked and he was masturbating at the same rapid rate as myself. He did not stop as I turned to see him hold his hard cock. I did not stop either. David walked toward me still stroking his cock, I managed to drop my panties to the floor and still continue rubbing my clitoris. David stopped just inches from me. He slowed his stroking as I slowed my rhythm to nearly a stand still. He reached over and replaced my fingers with his own. I reached for his hard cock. It was so warm and the skin was so soft. I started to work the loose skin back and forth over the cock head. David took me in his arms and kissed me. I had never kissed my son in this way before and it aroused me to a new feeling of excitement. My grip tightened on his manly cock. His fingers found there way into my wet pussy. David had his thumb up inside my cunt and a finger probing my tight little asshole. I held my legs apart for him to probe all he wanted to. It felt so good to have his large thumb up inside me and a finger deep in my ass.

In a tangled mass cebeci escort bayan we move toward the bed where he fell upon me as we fell on the bed. I opened my legs and he wiggled between them. He cock head found my pussy and quickly worked it’s way deep into the cunt from which he came. This thought caused me to arch my back in remembrance of his birth. He filled me with his cock and worked it deep inside. I lifted my legs to give him all the room he needed to fuck me hard long and deep. I let out a scream as I reached a climax like I had never done with Mr. Pink. My actions set David off and he shot in hot pulsating spurts load after load cum into me. David collapsed on top of me and we lay there for a long time locked together. His cock throbbed for a long time. I felt every drop of cum drain out into him. It felt wonderful. Ten minutes later David rolled off and lay still beside me. Neither of us wanted to be the first to talk. Finely I broke the ice and said “David you’re a wonderful lover. Did you enjoy making love to your mother?”

He rose up on one elbow and smiled down into my eyes. “Mom I wanted to do that for so long. It was wonderful, better than I could have ever dreamed of and I have dreamed of making love to you many times. You will let me do it again I hope?” He said. I smiled at my son and kissed him. Then I whispered “Sure you can” as I reached for his cock.

David rolled over and went to sleep like a baby after doing me the second time. I got up and showered and sat naked on the edge of the bed and called Ned’s number. After a few rings Ned voice answered. “Yes, Ned here.” “Hi, Ned I just wanted to see if you got home alright.” I said. There was a chocking sound on the other end of the line. He said he was thinking of calling me but thought it might be too late. I told him I had a wonderful time and asked if he had enjoyed the evening. He told me our first date was more that he had ever thought of and only hoped that I would allow him to take me out again. I said I was pleased he wanted to see me again. He said “Very much so” and could he see me Saturday night. He said tomorrow night he had to go with his daughter to a conference of computer people as she did not drive. I told him I under stood and Saturday night would be fine. I said “Goodnight.” He repeated it back to me and just as he was about to hang up I said “Next time lets try it in bed?” I hung up before he could answer. I was laughing as I rolled up close to David.

Morning came late for me. David had left me a note on the table. He had to work late but when he got home he wanted to take me out to dinner. David called to say he had reservation at a new club down town. I hoped it was not one of those earsplitting places. As it turned out it was not at all.

It was a very nice club. The parking attendant opened the door for me and offered me a hand. I was dressed in a stunning black dress with a low neck line that dipped to a point just short of my navel. I wore no bra and the material rubbing my nipples kept them stiff. They showed nicely and I was proud of my breasts as they are still firm and pointed. David had made a comment at home about how I looked and I know he was very pleased to be my escort for he night. He smiled as we were shown to a table over near the windows. He noticed as I did many men turned to watch me parade my long legs across the room. The skirt was one of those spilt up the side. David thought it was very sexy and risqué’. We talked and ate along with a few drinks. Then about ten o’clock a small three piece band stated to play. David asked me to dance and I was surprised how good it felt for him to hold me. We moved easy together. As we returned to the table he some how managed to slip his hand in through my arm hole and down over my breasts it was so fast I was not sure it even happened till I saw him smiling. We had a few more drinks. As the dinner throng slipped away home the lights dimmed and the music seemed to be more romantic. David more his chair around closer to me and he was whispering in my ear as I heard a voice.

Looking up I saw Ned and a tall pretty girl standing next to our table.

I was very surprised and pleased to see Ned there. Introductions were made all a round. David arranged the chairs so Ned and his daughter could join us. Ned asked me to dance I accepted gladly. Ned was a good dancer ad he held me close. So close in fact that I felt his wonderful cock rub my thigh. I said “Oh, my I see you brought your friend along again to night.” He smiled and answered “Gee you know I never go anywhere with out him. We are inseparable.” We laughed and returned to the table. I head Nancy said to David “I don’t dance.” I wondered if it would be out of place for me to mentions why she does not dance. Thought better of it and kept my mouth shut.

I started to feel the affects of the booze and noticed Nancy was hitting the bottle petty hard too. David is very perceptive and I think he realized that there just might have been more escort cebeci to my date with Ned than he first thought. We girls asked to be excused for a few minutes. Nancy had a little limp but one that I did not think to bad. In fact I thought it hardly noticeable. Once in the ladies room she said she was very happy that Daddy was dating again. I told her my son felt the same way about me. Nancy said she found David to be a very handsome and friendly man. There was no mention of age. I thought she was maybe three of four older that David. We were returned the table to find David and Ned had agreed to return to Ned’s home for a night cap if that was alright with us girls.

Ned’s home was very large set well back off the road behind a high stone fence. There was an iron gate that closed after David and I pulled through. We parked in a circle drive behind Ned’s car. Ned took my arm as we entered the house. Leading the way to a large comfortable room with a fire place that filled half the outside wall. Nancy moved behind a bar that appeared with the touch of a button. David took a seat on a stool by the bar and Ned hooked my arm. Drinks in hand we set off so I could get the grand tour.

Once around the down stairs Ned helped me up the curved stairs to the second floor. A guest room, a small sitting room or reading room. Nancy’s two rooms and the master suite comprised of four rooms. Ned took me in his arms and kissed close to the king size bed. His hand found my nipples stiff and tingling from his touch. I wanted to feel his hands on me. I reached down and found his erection was swelling nicely. Our kissed came I rapid succession. I was getting caught up in his emotions as I pulled back and said. “Ned we better hold his till another day don’t you think after all our children are waiting for us down stairs.

Ned said “If I saw the signs in those two young people’s eyes they are not waiting for us to return.” I had not noticed any of that I told him but it would be nice if they did fine one another to be more than friends. I went on to say I thought Nancy was a very lovely girl and I hardly noticed her limp. Ned said it as more the deep scars in her legs that kept her home rather than the limp.

We returned to fine Nancy on the sofa with David. His arm was around her and they were kissing. Ned and I stopped and stood there in the doorway watching these two. This must have been going of for more than a few minutes because Nancy had David’s pants open and was playing with his cock. Ned took me by the arm and we moved around so we could see them better. David had Nancy’s tits out of her dress giving it a once over with his very talented hands. Nancy was stroking his long cock when they both stopped and looked up. Neither tried to hide what they were doing. Ned nudged me farther into the room until we were standing in front of them.

Ned said “Well I see you two are having fun may we join you?” Nancy looked at David and he answered “Sure why not. Hell we can all have a little fun. What do you say Mom? Do you want to join the fun?” I was stunned and yet I got the idea this some how had been worked out ahead of time. Ned said “You kids go ahead and have fun we will go up stairs and see if we can have some fun of our own.” Ned took me by the hand and we turned toward the door. Nancy stood and pulled David to his feet. “I think we should go up also were we can be more comfortable.” David had a long hard erection and it was in plan sight. The large bulbous head was deep purple and the whole cock was still throbbing. His trousers dropped to the floor. He said “Fuck it” and stepped out of them. He was naked from the waist down.

Ned saw me looking at David and said “Well I don’t want the boy to feel out of place.” So Ned dropped his trousers to the floor. Now Ned was naked from the waist down. Maybe it was the booze maybe not. I said “Well I don’t want Nancy to feel out of place either.” so I pulled my dress off my shoulders freeing my breasts. The four of us started to play this little game till we all were naked standing there in front of one another.

I saw no embarrassment in Nancy’s eyes. I got the feeling that maybe Ned and his daughter may have seen one another naked before. David said “God Mother you are lovely. Don’t you agree Ned?” “Yes she is David. I think your mother is one very beautiful lady.” Ned replied. Nancy said looking at me “Don’t you think my Daddy’s cock looks like a sword?” I had not thought of it till then but yes it did and that was when she told me of the Gaylord Sword story. Then she said “David told me he fucked you for the first time last night. So I may as well tell you that Daddy has been fucking me for over a year.” Ned said “Well we cannot have your son the only one around here fucking you Lydia. Come on let get to bed so I can show you the truth about the Gaylord sword. David said “Wow I got to see this. Come on Nancy let follow them.”

Ned sat me on the edge of the bed and held his cock out in front of me. Nancy and David stood close by. “Your Mother is the best fucking cock sucker that ever drank from the Gaylord sword.” David was holding his cock now and shaking it at me and said “Ok Mom you can drink from this cock next.” Nancy sat down beside me and pulled David to her and said “Not before I get to suck you dry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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