The Hooky Hike

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Copyright 2001 Del Edwards

“Let’s play hooky and go to the tall pines and walk together from sunlight to shadow and back again,” he had suggested. He wanted her all to himself and she knew it. She wanted it too.

“You mean take a whole day,” she asked, her brown eyes sparkling, an irrepressible smile pulling at the corners of her mouth.

“Yeah, walk and talk and stuff,” he replied.

“What kind of ‘stuff,” she asked dipping her chin to her chest and looking at him out of the tops of her eyes. Her posture was either submissive or seductive, maybe both.

“Stuff you’ll like,” he replied as he put his hand on her left shoulder and stroked her collarbone with his thumb. A shiver of excitement crawled up her spine and lodged at the base of her brain.

“But what…uuuuh…” she began but he interrupted her.

“You won’t be able to resist the pleasure. You’ll be restrained,” he said as evenly as he could. The ball of excitement slid down her spine and landed deep in her groin. She bent slightly at the waist and her eyes went glassy as she pushed out a breath.

Then she put her hand flat against his chest and said, “Sometimes you almost frighten me, the way your words alone can tie me in knots.” Just a couple of seconds later she started to laugh at her own unconscious pun. “Just the same, what makes you think I’ll let you tie me up?” she asked, working hard not to make it sound like a challenge.

“Because you want to know what it’s like and I will do that for you. What I am asking of you is to pose nude so I can record your beauty on film in a completely natural setting. That means just a dress and sandals. No underwear, no elastic, nothing tight that will leave body marks, no jewelry and no makeup. Agreed?” he asked.

“Whoa…wow, that’s the price huh?” she asked.

“No, I’m asking you to do it but saying no won’t cancel what I will do to and for you,” he replied.

“Oh,” she said brightly and added, “I’ll do it if you promise me the pictures are only for your private use.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he agreed.

The following Thursday morning, a day she would normally have scheduled fieldwork, she drove to his house, turned into his driveway and parked in his garage. She thrilled at being naked under her button-front dress. The garage door was closing behind her as she exited her car and walked up to the considerably older man who was standing by the door that led into the house. Stopping within arms reach she looked up at him and said, “I’m stoked, are you?”

He smiled and nodded. Five minutes later they were walking to his truck that was parked in front of the house. He held her coffee cup while she climbed up into the passenger seat of the four-wheel drive pickup. She had to pull the hem of her dress half way up her thighs to get enough leg spread to make the climb. Without pushing her dress back down she extended her hand to receive her coffee cup.

They had cleared the congestion of the city freeway traffic in silence though they had exchanged glances several times. When he saw the first seventy-five canlı bahis mile per hour speed limit sign he set the cruise control and bumped it up to a steady seventy four. She saw him unwind his body and realized there was some tension in her as well as excitement.

Sipping her coffee she asked, “Have you done this before?”

“Sort of,” he replied, his vagueness signaling that she wouldn’t get anything else out of him and she might as well not try. She nodded in agreement several times realizing she would have begun comparing herself to his other experiences if she had the necessary details. She took the conversation in a different direction.

“You know, this is amazing. I show up at your house wearing nothing under my dress having agreed to let you photograph me naked then tie me up and somehow pleasure me. I must be crazy,” she said.

“No, just curious,” he replied. “You know I won’t hurt you, don’t you?”

“Oh yes. What else are you going to do that you haven’t told me…hummm?” she purred. He glanced at her, smiled and said nothing.

An hour and a half later they were bouncing along a dirt road at fifteen miles an hour, moving deeper and deeper into the wilderness. “You know, there are only three men who have seen me naked for years; my husband, my doctor and my massage therapist,” she said.

“Change your mind?” he asked.

“No, no. Strangely I want this very much,” she replied quickly.

“Good,” he said, “ten more minutes and we’ll be in the big stuff,” nodding out the windshield toward the line of large pines not far ahead. Just after they entered the shade of the big trees he maneuvered the truck to the edge of the circle where the road ended. There were no other vehicles there, indicating they had the place to themselves, for the moment at least.

He busied himself with the camera gear as she stood idly by. She voiced her anxiety asking, “When do I take off my dress?”

“On up the trail when the settings get good,” he replied. They had to hop a small stream and once on the other side the trail paralleled the laughing water as it spilled down the gorge. He stopped at a pool where two butterflies were in a dance in the air. One was black-winged with a white spot and a dash of scarlet within the spot. The other was exactly opposite; white-winged with a black spot and a dash of scarlet as part of the spot. They seemed in perfect harmony as they fluttered in the warm air above the dark, rich pool of water on its way down the mountain.

“Get bare and beautiful,” he said to her. She did as he instructed quite quickly as though it was something she very much wanted to do.

“My god, you’re gorgeous,” he breathed bringing his camera to his face to avoid being overwhelmed. He needed to put something between himself and the glowing perfection of her body and face lest it consume him before he could record it on film.

At first it was awkward as he began to direct her but she seemed to intuitively know just the right angle of leg and arm, set of her head and look in her eye. She was acting for him, displaying her lean, angular bahis siteleri body for his inspection and approval. She found herself enjoying being naked and playing to him and his camera. She had tossed away her inhibitions and was attempting to seduce him. Very much she wanted to look at his eyes but he had instructed her to ignore the camera. He pointed out that figure studies were made as a voyeur would view her; she must pretend she did not know he was there.

And pretend she did. They were perfectly connected spirit to spirit and soul to soul. Each frame said something new about her. The shutter slapped and clacked. She turned and looked off into space ignoring him as he had directed but occasionally locked her burning eyes onto him causing sensations and emotions in his body that were entirely new. Seven rolls of film later he let the camera out of his grip

She stood proudly naked in a puddle of sunshine facing away from him. She thought about Joe, her massage therapist, as she enjoyed the warm sun on her skin. His studio was always dimly lit, just the opposite of this moment. She wanted to masturbate. She turned and moaned at the man with the camera. She imagined Joe pressing his thumbs into the arches of her feet. That always made her groan with pleasure and her hips buck. It was as if he was her lover in the abstract and there was no violation of her marriage vows as she responded to him. She would cry her pleasure with moans and growls as he manipulated her feet. During those last fifteen minutes she masturbated as he instructed, coming again and again until; she was exhausted. When she left his studio she was barely able to walk and sat in her car for a few minutes before she could continue her day.

Yet she loved her husband very much and wondered how it could be that she was in love with two men at once. She and her husband made love well and the ache of loving him sometimes overwhelmed her as the momentary pain of a mouthful of lemon juice can pain and strain the saliva glands. They growled and gasped, grunted and screamed at each other during their lovemaking.

Yet she wanted more. Soon her conflict would be compounded by the man gazing at her nakedness there in the woods. He fascinated her and she fantasized it was him making love to her when she masturbated alone at home.

He was the one who advanced to her the concept of polyamory—loving more than one man romantically at the same time. It was entirely contrary to the requirements of conventional culture.

He was a powerful man well suited to become the third love of her life while she held two others in her heart. She often tried to avoid him since simply talking to him would put her into abject conflict and pain.

She was always torn as he approached, wanting to connect and yet fear welling up in the center of her being. It was difficult enough she told herself to love and be sexual with two men at once. Still she thirsted for his eyes and desire to be upon her. She had already decided that if he came on to her she would welcome seduction. He knew too when he had put his hand behind bahis şirketleri her neck for emphasis while describing his frustration at only being able to love her visually from a distance. She had moved closer to him very willingly.

Back at the truck he stowed the camera gear and then centered himself before her and slowly unbuttoned her dress. She stood silently still as he pushed it off her shoulders and it fluttered to the ground. He had her sit on the open tailgate of the truck while he tied four-coil French bowlines around her wrists and ankles. The multiple coils meant the soft, thick nylon ropes would not cut into her skin or impede the circulation to her hands and feet.

He instructed her to dangle her lower legs off the edge of the tailgate and spread them wide. When she did he moved between them and squatted slightly. Somehow she knew what to do. She put her arms around his neck and locked her legs around his waist. They were still in perfect connection as he stood up, his arms locked under her buttocks. He thus carried her to the front of the truck and boosted her onto the hood. She willingly crab- walked on up it until her back was against the windshield. Both her arms were tied out to the rearview mirror brackets. The two ligatures about her ankles were hooked behind the curves of the front fenders and tied snug to the tow hooks protruding from under the front bumper. She was spread wide and totally vulnerable. She stared at the bright blue sky through the gently swaying branches of a large yellow pine. His warm tongue licked her slit. “Oooooh!” she moaned plaintively. Afraid to look she knew she wanted him to continue. He did. Her strained position and vulnerability meant nothing as he drilled his hard tongue into her. He sucked and tongue-flicked her clit until she was about to explode. Writhing on the hood of his truck she was gasping for breath and moaning, “Take me, take me, pleeeze!” He began the slow, steady clit lick that made her scream in ecstasy. Lightening strikes numbed her mind until she was blind and she screamed her release to the blue sky and gently waving branches above her. He took her five more times. She had breathed, “Nooomore,” just before she passed out.

She was a beautiful, semi-conscious rag doll after he unbound her and placed her in the passenger seat of the truck. Then he got in, cradled her head in his lap and placed her powder blue sleeveless sheath where she could easily reach it and began the slow journey back to the interstate. Somewhere just short of halfway she stirred, smiled at him and sensuously turned over to display her very slight back, slim hips, muscular thighs and curvaceous calves. For the next fifteen minutes she kept his half-hard dick in her mouth as they bounced along the dirt road. Somehow she knew they were about to turn toward the city. She bobbed and sucked making him scream at her as his whole being shot the creme of creation up her throat.

Slowly she sat up, moved close to him, encircled his neck with her arm and hugged him. Her legs were spread wantonly wide. “We both loved each other today,” she said softly as time stood still at the Stop sign before he turned onto the on ramp of the interstate that would take them back to conventional insanity.

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