The Late Shift

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My career as a thief was short, but not without reward. I was in my first year at university when I took it up.

I had realised too late that I did care about my grades, did well in my exams and ended up at a good university in a small pleasant city that I knew was a bit beneath me.

So by the time summer came around, I was a tall, cocky get with a cynical take on life. I missed my old summer labouring job and the jinks that went with it, and I made up for it by sailing closer to the wind on nights out. I went to bed happy if the night had ended with a group of us getting chased by down the street by the coppers, air laced with a load of drunken abuse.

I was also perilously short of money, because I’d always spent what I earned and I’d carried on spending at the same rate now I was earning nothing. So I took a job working evening shifts at the garage up the road. That was where I met Sian.

I usually worked from five in the evening to eleven at night. The bloke who did the graveyard shift that ran from the end of mine to five in the morning was a bitter old drunk called Barry. When I started work, the manager, Michelle, told me almost straight away she thought he got through the nights by drinking booze off the shelves and sleeping.

Michelle herself was in her late thirties, stroppy and hormonal. She wasn’t too keen on herself and she was keen on taking it out on everyone else.

Then there was a lad called Chris who I got on well with, a couple of girls so dense it was impossible to talk to them and Sian.

She was a precocious eighteen year old, in the last year of college before going to university, and I knew as soon as I met her that she was brilliant. She was a good foot shorter than me, about five foot. She wore her hair in a perfect side parted bob that framed slightly stern grey blue eyes, raspberry red lips that only saw clear gloss, and a slightly jutting, argumentative chin.

Her body was a set of tight, compact curves, from her slim shoulders to her full, beautiful breasts, to her nipped in wasp waist, her bum and hips and her lean legs.

Our uniform was black, and she always came in wearing lycra tops in that colour that were modest in cut but made skin tight by the amazing swell of her boobs. Her throat and chest were warmly coloured and smooth, with a spray of soft freckles across the slopes of her breasts and the clean lines of her collar bones drawing your eye inwards and down. Her trousers were always plain black flares, but again the acute curves of her bum and hips meant it was difficult to look away from her sometimes.

We were fascinated with each other, she with I because she was always thinking ahead and she wanted a sneak preview of how next year would go, when she started university. And also, because I was rebellious, and she was starting to realise that she was so smart she would inevitably be a rebel too. I with her because she was not in any way cynical. She was sure she had the answers.

I didn’t realise how much I’d started to think about her until one time when I was doing the Saturday shift. We were busy, and I should have been serving.

Instead, I was gazing down an aisle to where Sian was stood on a stool, sliding some stock onto the top shelf. She was up on tip toe, all the muscles in her legs and bum tense, with her arms above her head as she reached up. Her top rode up, showing the warm skin of her lower back, the two dimples above her bum cheeks and finally the lace of her knickers.

“Oi!” shouted Chris, trying to get through a queue of customers. “What’s up with you?”

He walked along the counter to where I was watching Sian.

“Oh no.” he said as she leant forwards.

Her full breasts met the chilly bottles of wine on the shelf below and nudged them backwards slightly. Chris exhaled audibly. I was imagining cupping those breasts in my hands and feeling her nipples swell and push against her lacy bra. I imagined where my body would touch hers if I were to hold her against me, and how she would look when she came.

I walked along the aisle to her, no idea what I would say, butterflies in my belly. Sian, having got the bottles she wanted, was frowning a bit and thinking how to get down.

“Hey shorty – can I give you a lift?” I asked innocently.

“Why, yes, that would be very kind, you lanky bugger.” said Sian.

She blew a strand of hair out of her face, as I slipped one arm around her waist, shivering as my bare skin touched hers. My other hand went behind her thighs, where I could feel her lean, warm flesh beneath her skin tight trousers. Helplessly, I stroked her lightly, feeling my dick jolt in my boxers as I did so.

Sian turned to look at me, cooly sizing me up, as I lifted her and set her gently down on the ground.

“OK?” I asked.

“Perfect.” she said. She ran he fingers through her hair and ruffled it a little. She was smiling slightly as her eyes drifted down to my waist.

“You look like you need a break though.” she said, her eyes sparkling.

“Quick canlı bahis ten minutes in the office?” I asked, watching as two of her fingers lightly tugged at the top button on her blouse.

My god, I wanted her. I imagined her fit, toned legs wrapped around me, my cock burning inside her as I fucked her to a shuddering climax.

I started to look forward to each shift. Being in the same room as her fuelled my desire, which I knew was running out of control.

It was around the same time that I realised I was in dire financial straits. All it took was a long Sunday shift, looking at the handfuls of twenty pound notes going through my hands, before I started to wonder if my employers might be able to help me out on that front.

On a shift, we emptied the cash from the tills every hour, moving the cash to the locked office so that in case of a robbery, hopefully all that would go would be the small change in the tills. We totted up the cash in that went into the office as we did it, then at the end of the shift, added on the small change in the tills.

Then, we’d run a receipt report off the tills, and hopefully the cash total and the total on the receipt report would match. If they didn’t, Michelle would strop about the 57 pence difference the next time she was on.

The system wasn’t foolproof: fuel was charged for automatically, but for stuff that customers bought in the shop, you could enter the totals manually.

What if, I thought, I rang through some stuff at below its actual price? And separated the difference in the till cash draw? We all manned our own tills on shift, so in all likelihood, no-one else would see. And then, what if I took the money through to the office like a normal cash round up? Our bags were in the office, and the security cameras were all aimed at making sure nothing could go astray out front, rather than in the back. I mulled this over for a couple of weeks.

The shifts passed quickly or slowly depending on whether I was on with Sian or not. I spend so much time daydreaming about her, I barely stopped to try and work out whether the building feelings of need and lust were in any way returned.

One day she came in with her hair slightly damp and back in a pony tail, jogging bottoms, vest and sports bra on and a little blush of colour in her cheeks. She was late.

“Bugger bugger bugger!” she said, tiptoeing across the shop floor to the staff loos. She dropped her rucksack outside and disappeared. About thirty seconds passed. The door opened again and Sian poked her head out. Her hair was prettily mussed up now, and one bare shoulder peaked round the door too.

“Oi buggerlugs!” she hissed. “Come and pass me my towel!”

I walked over, unzipped her bag and passed the towel over. My cock was rock hard, as I tried to work out what clothes she still had on.

“What’ve you been up to? ” I asked, at a bit of a loss for words.

“Jogging — durrrh!” said Sian. There was a quick wriggle from behind the door.

“It’s the only chance I get on a weekend, but I got a bit carried away, see.” Her tanned arm reached out, holding the architectural looking sports bra.

“Sexy.” I said.

“Mmmmm, you should see the one I’m putting on now…” said Sian, softly.

There was a pause, in which I could hear my own breathing and the noise of her underwear rustling against her skin.

Her head popped out again, and she passed me her vest and joggers. She looked straight at me and then let her eyes fall to her own shoulder, letting me see the strap of her bra.

“Right, have you done gawping?” she asked cheekily.

She stepped out, fully dressed again, flicked me with the towel in the crotch and then walked coolly down the aisle.

“Hi Michelle!” she called as she headed to the counter. At the same time, she slipped one thumb inside the waistband of her trousers and pulled it down just an inch, so only I could see.

The night I fixed for my bit of thievery turned out to be a warm, sticky June evening. I was supposed to be sharing it with Unreliable Dave, which would have been great because… well, you can work that out yourself.

I caught my breath when Sian walked in instead. Her hair was cut a little shorter and its natural wave was coming through. Her black shirt barely contained her full boobs and a deep, shadowed valley between her breasts showed where she’d left a button too many undone. I tried for a witty greeting but “Not Dave?” was all I could manage. My cock ached painfully as she ruffled her hair and looked mock puzzled.

“No, Sian silly. You remember, gobby Welsh bird?” She pouted briefly. “Apparently the unreliable one was having a spot of man flu…”

“In summer?” I smiled.

“…In summer, so Michelle asked me to cover. Lucky you.” she finished.

We passed the shift in the usual ways, belching over the intercom at customers and playing dodgems on our swivel chairs when we were quiet. Every time we bumped together, our legs seem to end up tangled together, bahis siteleri and every safe matey touch of each other’s waist slipped down towards my bulging trousers or up towards her breasts.

In between, I put my plan into action, carefully siphoning a modest amount of cash off each transaction to one compartment of the till drawer until by the time cashing up time was approaching, I had a nice little bundle of about £300 – not much, but enough to make the next couple of weeks a lot easier. Feeling a lot more nervous than I thought I would, I popped it into one of the containers for the safe.

“Just sticking this through Sian.” I said, waving the container at Sian and headed through to the office.

I stepped inside and stopped for a moment, getting a quick rush of guilt. I pushed it away, walked over to my bag and unzipped it. At the same moment I heard the office door open.

“Bloody hell, I knew you were up to something!” said Sian, sounding genuinely cross. “What the fuck are doing? Are you on the make?” She was across the room in a couple of steps. She was flushed and I could see that she was really angry.

“I can’t believe I looked up to you, you prick!” she shouted, and made a grab for the container. She was very quick, and had it out of my hands before I knew it.

Without thinking, I was across the room behind her, and I made a grab of my own, my hands catching the container with my hard earned loot in it and coming back with it as Sian pulled it in to her chest. Suddenly my hands were against her tits, feeling her pert nipples push up against the lycra shirt. Still angry, her arse rammed against me as she tried to push away from me, my aching cock bumping once, twice against her bum before it slipped into the dip between her cheeks.

Her movements slowed, and although her arms were still tense, her arse dipped and then pushed up against my cock, the tight black material of her trousers stretching a little as she moved. Her hands pulled back harder against her tits, and my fingers found the gap between two of the buttons and her warm flesh beneath. A little twist, and the button slipped though.

I was close up behind her now, and I watched her shirt slip upwards and open, across her beautiful breasts. I caught her little sigh, as I undid the last the last button and eased the tight lycra shirt back, unveiling her breasts. She was wearing a small, halter necked bikini top underneath, rainbow striped and struggling to contain her boobs. My cock throbbed painfully and I knew that we just had to fuck.

“I’m going to make you come so hard…” I said, feeling her rub herself against me.

“Fuck you…” she murmured “You’re not coming anywhere near me — ahh!” And that sharp gasp came as I pushed my thigh forward between hers.

At the same time, my hands were cupping her full breasts, rubbing the lycra of her bikini top against her tingling nipples.

She broke away from me with a sigh and led me by the hand across the room to Michelle’s desk. She peeled the black shirt off as she walked, lifting first off one shoulder, then the other, so I could see her tanned, smooth back, the bright ribbon of her bikini crossing it, and amazingly, the curve of her breasts showing beyond each of her flanks. Turning towards me, she hopped up on the desk and, grabbing my belt, pulled me in towards her.

The buckle clinked as Sian pulled it undone, and I felt her reach inside my boxers and close her warm fingers around the base of my cock. I just had time to take in the sight in front of me – the deep valley between her breasts, her nipples pushing up the lycra of her tiny bikini, her flat belly and the tension in her upper arm — before she jerked my cock sharply and painfully towards her.

“Fuck!” I gasped.

My hand shot to her shoulder, my other hand grabbed her arse. Sian jerked again, her lips slightly parted, her eyes almost closed. I squeezed her pert bum hard and pushed her back on the desk.

Sian finally let the cash canister drop from her hand, where it rolled to the floor, spilling £20 notes. She had her shoulders back, her back arched and her boobs pushed skywards. I was about five seconds from coming, and I needed her to catch up.

I let go her shoulder, reached right and grabbed the top of the chest freezer that held stock ready for the freezer on the shop floor, I lifted the lid and grabbed an ice pop, tearing the wrapper open with my teeth.

Sian realised what I had in store for her.

“Noooo…”, she murmured, shaking her head, but her hips bucked upwards against me at the same time.

I let the freezing cold rod fall against her breast; Sian writhed and the ice pop, melting rapidly against her hot skin, slid down across the lycra of her bikini top, bumping over her nipple. I drew the ice pop down across her belly, enjoying the feeling of her breathing becoming shorter and the rhythmic rubbing of her inner thighs against mine.

Roughly, I undid her trousers and yanked them down a few inches, so bahis şirketleri I could see her bikini bottoms and the smooth tanned flesh of her thigh pushing up against me.

“Oh you fucking… slag!” she gasped, as the ice pop reached her thigh.

Slowly, slowly, I pulled it over to where I knew her hot, wet cunt waited, and gently let it drop into the dip between her lips. I touched the lycra with my finger; it was soaking with her juices. She bit her lip, then squealed with pleasure as I lifted her knickers aside and let the ice pop touch her.

Sian squirmed and ground her pelvis against me. Both of her hands were around my dick now, one grasping it firmly at the base, the other one running lightly up and down the shaft. Her dark eyes were fixed on my as she pulled my boxers down so that she could see the whole length of my cock.

I let my eyes run over her body, taking in her slim shoulders, the ribbon of her halter neck lifted clear of her chest by the swell of her fantastic tits. I could see sweat starting to bead in the valley between them, and I could feel myself getting hotter too, as the two of us sunk in further together towards an explosive, shared climax.

I saw her tiny wasp waist and her flat belly, her muscles tensing rhythmically to push her clit against the ice pop that I was fucking her with. I saw her lean thighs wrapped around me and finally, my grotesque, swollen cock, dark against her lightly tanned body.

I struggled to control myself as her sweet, clever hands rubbed my cock where it was most sensitive, on the top of the swollen tip and the underside of the shaft. She sighed with each breath now, in anticipation of what was about to happen.

“Sian…” I whispered. She dragged her eyes up from my dick.

“Mmmmmm…?” she sighed.

“It’s time you had me inside you. It’s time you came.”

She gave a little gasp at the thought of it and with both her hands, started to press my cock down towards her smooth inner thighs, wet with the melted ice pop and the sticky juices dripping from her cunt.

She eased her body against me, letting the bulging tip of my cock push the sopping wet lycra into her. I felt the fabric stretch so that I was half an inch, then an inch inside her. My cock throbbed furiously — the pressure in the tip was immense. And then she pushed me gently back.

My thigh slammed forward against the desk as I tried to get against her again, but she still had one hand closed around my dick and if I moved any further, I knew she’d make me come outside of her. And I needed to be deep inside her when I came, so I stopped.

Slowly, Sian eased herself forwards again, letting her lips part over the tip of my cock, the rough lycra heightening the sensation for both of us. A ragged sigh escaped her lips as she pulled back again.

She placed one hand on my chest to calm me down a little, though her other hand was still expertly tugging at my cock, keeping me just a second away from coming. She twisted her lean upper body away from me for a minute, grabbing a big, heavy bottle of champagne off the stock shelf beside the desk.

Sian tore the gold foil wrapper off with her teeth and then gave the neck of the bottle a couple of shakes, so that I could see the cork slipping upwards under the pressure. It let go with a loud bang that made us both jump, Sian yanking my dick extra hard.

The frothing liquid gushed across her tits, soaking her bikini top as she eased the neck of the bottle back between her breasts. I could see her hard little nipples pushing up the lycra, begging to be sucked.

She swigged carelessly from the bottle, the foam spilling from her mouth, down her throat and over her bare shoulders. Her dark eyes, with their wide pupils fixed on mine, invited me to imagine what it would feel like if her lips were circling my dick.

But I couldn’t take any more. My right hand ran up her thigh and along her flank to her breast, fingers stroking her as they climbed up to her nipple. I flicked it hard.

Sian yelped, the sweetest smile on her lips. Her whole body jumped backwards and suddenly her smooth inner thigh was against the side of my body; then her ankle was against the back of my leg, pulling me in against her.

Her hand was no longer teasing my dick, but guiding me into her. The head of my cock pushed against her hot, slick flesh, parting her lips slowly.

Sian gasped, pulling back for an instant, but then pressing up against me, forcing me further in. She was tight, so that I could feel the instant the head of my dick was inside her. Her breath was coming quickly now, as the rubbed herself up and down on me, just using the tip of my cock to fuck herself closer to that huge orgasm.

But I wanted her to feel the whole length of me, so I let me hand trace the concave curve of her back down to her bum, where I slipped my fingers into her tight bikini bottoms and squeezed her hard.

Sian cried out, as another two inches of my cock slipped inside her. Back in control, I pushed the rest of my dick slowly inside her, until her burning hot lips were around the base. Her breath was coming in quick, short gasps now. Just as slowly, I pulled myself back, watching the desperation grow on her face.

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