The Learning Ch. 02

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I awoke to bright sunshine, filtering in through the window curtains. The curtains shifted and curled causing the light patterns to change, as the breeze softly entered through the open window. The night effects were wearing off, as I became aware of Amy. Snuggled in tight, her arm lay across my stomach and her leg was drawn up, slightly bent, resting on mine. Her easy breathing told me she was still sleeping. Lying there thinking, not wanting to disturb her, my mind returning to the night before.

“You fucked your sister! You fucked her and enjoyed every minute of it!”

Horrific thoughts raced through my mind, as I lay there and then, “What about the parents?”, the idea entered my head, almost as quickly as the need to pee demanded I figure out to do it without disturbing my sister.

Gently, I moved my body to the side lowering Amy’s leg. Her arm was another matter and I decided to attempt sliding away, slowly, allowing her arm to naturally drop, as if she had done so on her own.

“Ummmm, Rob? Ooooo you were so wonderful last night. Don’t go…please.” Amy mumbled, not quiet awake.

“Gotta pee Amy, sorry.” I whispered back, adding, “”Go back to sleep. I’ll be right back.”

“Ummmmmm, okay.” She responded, stretching out, taking up my side of the bed, in doing so.

Returning from the bathroom, I found Amy still fast asleep. She looked angelic, her head and arm resting on my pillow and her exposed breast rising and falling with her shallow breathing. Not wanting to disturb her, I stood by the bed watching her, trying to decide if going down stairs was a good idea.

A few minutes later, my confidence, somewhat, bolstered, I opened the bedroom door and ran into Aunt Jo Anne, almost immediately. “Good morning.” I said and abruptly looked down, guilt forming in my mind.

“Good morning, Rob! Did you sleep well?” Jo Anne said, in greeting me, a large smile on her face.

“Yeah… I guess.” I came back, trying hard to look up and act normal.

“We’re having coffee, care to join us? Oh… What about Amy? Is she up yet?” My Aunt asked, turning to head down stairs.

“No Mame. Still sleeping…I think. I didn’t want to wake her…She gets crabby, you know?” I answered still feeling the guilt in control.

The encounter was too much and I re-entered my room, breathing far too heavily and slammed the door closed behind me. Trying to gain some control, the thought raced through my mind, “Jesus, this will be harder than I thought!”

My entry caused Amy to stir and with half open eyes she said, “Rob? What are you doing Hun? Are you coming back to bed?”

“No…Headed down stairs. I saw Jo Anne, in the hall, and she asked if we wanted coffee.” I answered, watching Amy rise onto one arm, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Oh yeah? God, just give me a few and I’ll go with you. Have you showered yet?”

“No…No not yet, guess I skipped that.” I muttered, as Amy fully rose, exposing her lithe body, and stretching. Seeing her erased the guilt and replaced it with longing, and in a kaleidoscope of emotions, I stood staring at my sister as she smiled warmly at me.

“Come on you goof ball, we need to shower. I’ve got you all over me and I’m sure you’re the same!”

I watched her perfect body rise from the bed. Stretching one last time, she walked towards me, her hand held out, ready to grasp mine. Like the night before, I could only watch as my hand extended to grasp hers.

Amy bent to turn on the shower and presented me with her ass. The brown swirl of her ass hole beckoned me and I reached out to touch her there, just as she turned, “Come on…drop the boxers and get in here! I’m sure they have plans and just as sure we’re invited!”

I bostancı escort bayan dropped my shorts. My cock swelling, as I entered the shower…


“Amy! My God, you’re just glowing!” Aunt Jo announce, as we entered the kitchen.

Following Amy, in tow actually, I watched Jo Anne’s face light up and saw the other reactions from the adults. Smiles all around! I drug my feet, holding Amy back, to her obvious annoyance. “Why is everyone so damn happy?” I thought, as Amy tugged me forward.

“Great night… eh Robbie boy?” Uncle Frank said smiling and nodded to Jo Anne.

My face started to flush with the attention as Mom joined in, “Rob, you look so refreshed! So happy!”

“Christ Alice, I’d be happier than pigs in shit if I had the night he had!” My dad added, smiling at Mom and slapping Uncle Frank on the arm.

I started to feel faint. I don’t know why, but I remember Amy’s eyes. They got large and the last thing I remember is that she held up her hand and shook it at everyone… _______________________________

Awakening from yet another black out, I heard my Mothers voice, “Rob? Rob! Are you alright? Snap out of it…Come on Rob, wake up!”

Disoriented, I slowly opened my eyes and saw the anxious look painted on the face of my Mother. Growing more aware, I noticed no one else in the room – we were alone.

“Mom…I fu…No, I mean Amy and I had se…” I stammered, when she placed her fingers on my lips, cutting off my words.

“I know dear. We all know…We’re happy for you and Amy. Aunt Jo Anne was in your bathroom, Rob. She watched and heard everything.”

My eyes started to roll back when Mom slapped me and yelled again, “Snap out of it Rob! Getta grip! We know you love Amy and we know she loves you…it’s alright son!”

The concussion of the slap brought me around and I inhaled deeply, as my Mother went on, “I know you’re confused. I know you’re worried and maybe feel guilt. But there’s no need! We know you’re aware of us and our relationship…If any thing you should feel relief! We’re happy for you! You and Amy have shared what most people will never share in their life times!”

Shaking my head, I looked at my Mother and responded with only one question, “Can I have a cup of coffee?”

I watched her, as she turned to get the coffee, and continued, “So, just how did it star…” and was cut off, again.

“How did Frank and I start? It was a kiss – I guess? No…More than that…A deep kiss!” Mom replied turning, a smile on her lips and handed me the coffee.

Without pausing, she went on, ” I was jilted…You understand? A boy friend dumped me and I was taking it very hard… Anyway, Frank showed up and we started talking. Then, near the end of our talk…For some, strange, reason he just reached out and kissed me! He was so tender! I was shocked, you know – but I allowed his lips to linger and before I knew it, our lips parted and his tongue slid into my mouth…The rest, well I guess Amy has told you that!”

“My God, Mom!” I replied, shocked at the simple explanation and then added, “You turned a simple kiss into screwing your brother!”

“No…No Dear, that’s not it – exactly! And please don’t degrade what you don’t fully understand.” She said as a worried look formed on her face, and with obvious hesitation, went on.

“God, Rob…I want you to understand so badly! After that first kiss Frank…Became a confidant, so to speak. More than any female friend I had, actually. I shared everything with him and we grew closer. If I wanted to know something about a male body…He showed me. Likewise, if he wanted know…I showed him. We just bonded so completely that the sex came naturally. Does ümraniye escort any of this make sense to you?”

With a blank stare and open mouth, I unconsciously raised the coffee cup and burned my lip. “Fuck… That’s was hot!” I shouted out, the burning sensation snapping me out of the dumfounded stare. “Sorry Mom…I’m…Hell, I don’t know what to think right now!” I said apologizing, and then rising from the table, turned to leave.

“Rob…Rob, wait son, please!” My Mother called out, as I turned the corner and headed towards my room. _________________________________

Nearing my bedroom door I noticed Amy’s bedroom door ajar and voices coming her room. I slowed down and stopped near enough to hear the conversation.

“Right there John, hold it, let me slide on… Oh God that feels so good…those kids made me so horny last night! I swear John, I nearly walked out of their bathroom and joined them! Frank! Stop jerking off and get over here…I want to suck you!”

My mouth opened and my jaw dropped at the words and I knew I had to look. Carefully, I peaked around the bedroom door and saw Aunt Jo Anne straddling my Dad, her brother. Her hips moved rhythmically, as she impaled herself on her brothers cock, over and over. My eyes widened as I watched Jo Anne’s ecstasy growing, her large breasts bouncing in rhythm. I felt my cock growing and breathing grow shallow as Frank entered the picture and Jo Anne reached to grasp his cock.

With a smile on her lips, she tugged Frank closer and slipped her lips around his enlarged member. I watched as Frank’s cock disappeared into Jo Anne’s mouth and then reappeared as she began her labor of love. Frank’s hands went to his wife’s breasts and squeezed them in rhythm to her sucking and fucking. Fully erect, I felt the pre-cum oozing from my cock when Jo Anne’s eyes caught mine, peaking around the doorway.

Without thought I reached into my shorts and grabbed my cock, pushing the waste band down enough to expose my throbbing dick to Jo Anne. Methodically I started to masturbate, when I caught Jo Anne’s gaze meet mine and she winked at me, but never stopped her love making. My strokes quickened with Jo Anne’s pace. Frank was groaning, about to release when Jo Anne grabbed his balls and squeezing, sucked him all the harder.

Dad’s hands were on Jo Anne’s waste working with her to bring himself and her to the climax that Frank was about to have. Jo Anne rose to her knees and lifted, allowing her more range of movement, intensifying her pleasure and John’s. With wide and staring eyes, I watched my Dad’s cock disappear between Jo Anne’s wet pussy lips. Clean shaven she seemed to suck him in as she worked Frank’s cock feverishly. Suddenly Frank’s ass cheeks stiffened and he thrust his hips forward, ramming his throbbing cock in Jo Anne’s mouth as far as she would let him. With shaking hips and small thrusts Frank emptied his load in Jo Anne’s mouth, as she watched my face for reaction, winking once again.

With a final thrust Jo Anne accepted Frank’s cum and removed his cock, but held it tightly, pulling it harder as she increased her own efforts on John’s cock. Fascinated I stared on as my Aunt rolled her eyes back, tipped her head and let out a scream of delight as she came. John, my Dad, thrust his hips faster until he too climaxed. Jo Anne squatted and push onto his cock, burying it deep in her pussy, taking his every thrust and pulse of new cum. Jo Anne never released her stare into my eyes and her smile grew wide as she watched my cock begin to erupt and she licked her lips, an obvious question asked without words.

I slid from the doorway as my Aunt rose, cum dripping from her pussy. My last view was of John and Franks escort kartal hands meeting at Jo Anne’s pussy and disappearing between her lips, she arched her back and groaned over their final attention to her love nest. I slowly entered my bedroom and felt the weakness in my legs. Amazed over my participation in the proceeding events, I smiled with new understanding and headed for the shower. “How much they must love one another to be so close and share their sex!” Was my final thought as I stepped into the shower.

I stood lathering when the shower door slid open and Aunt Jo Anne stepped in!

“Robbie…Your Auntie’s a little messy, would you help me?” She said, grinning wide and took the soap from my hands before I could react, or answer.

“But…What about…” And she cut me off.

“They know I’m here and they know you watched us.” She said, as she reached out and turned me around, starting to wash my back. I said nothing and allowed her to go on.

“I think you enjoyed watching us…I mean if the cum shooting from your cock said anything, you must have!” She went on, as her hands slid down my back and her fingers slipped between my ass cheeks.

Maintaining my silence, I only nodded that I did enjoy watching, as Aunt Jo Anne’s fingers squirmed between my legs and grasp my ball sack. With her gentle massaging motions my cock started to rise, as she pushed on my back urging me to bend over. Still silent, I bent over and felt her fingers slid up my enlarging cock and grasp it firmly.

Her voice a whisper now, she said, “Do you think your Aunt is sexy Rob?” I nodded once again, as she started to stroke my cock.

“If your Aunt wanted to suck that magnificent cock of yours would you let her?” I nodded a third time.

“Would you bury your cock in my pussy or my ass and fuck your dear ole Auntie, if she asked you to?” My cock was throbbing at Jo Anne’s attention and I hesitated answering, when I felt her slip a finger into my ass and ask the question again.

“Yes!…Damn, yes I would Jo!” I screamed out, breaking my silence, as Jo Anne removed her finger from my ass and stopped stroking my cock.

“Perfect answer Rob!” She came back, as she pulled me up right and handed me the soap. “You need to wash me now, the sex is for later, okay?” She added.

Beaming a broad smile, she cupped my face with her hands and reached in to kiss me. Gently our lips met and with no urging, mine parted and allowed her tongue to explore. As she probed my mouth her erect nipples teased my chest and I reached to cup her breasts. Not near as firm as Amy’s, but they felt full and heavy and wonderful. Jo Anne pulled away slightly and allowed me to massage her breasts harder and squeeze her nipples.

“Wash! Big boy…play later!” She giggled, as my face flushed.

Gently I washed Aunt Jo Anne. I washed every inch of her. At her insistence, I lingered in her pussy and when she turned and bent over she asked if I’d like to slide my cock in her ass. I was back to nodding again…the answer, yes of course!

Her soapy ass seemed to swallow me quick and once in she turned her head and looked at me asking, “How does that feel Rob? Have you fucked Amy in the ass yet?”

“God it feels awesome Jo…And, no not yet but I want to.” I said, starting to thrust my cock.

“Oh no you don’t Robbie boy, not yet!” Jo Anne said pulling away and leaving my cock wiggling in the air just outside her hole, and adding, “You can have all of me later dear boy!”

I smiled a sheepish grin, as Jo reached down and grasped my cock for the final time.

“Thanks for the washing and the talk Rob. You save the energy and build up plenty of cum, cause I’m gonna drain you later!” She replied, bending to suck in my cock between her lips. When she righted herself, she planted a kiss on my lips and slipped from the shower.

“Hey Jo, when will I know?” I called out to her.

“Oh, you’ll know Rob. Don’t worry about that.” She called back.

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