The Love of My Life Pt. 04

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This is the continuing story of my erotic liberation and growth because of the love and devotion shown to me by my love, my best friend, my husband. Our first Christmas holiday time together.

Christmas of 2006 brought with it a two – week break from university and Rob and I were reluctant to head home to our respective families. Rob had changed his flight to Toronto to spend Christmas with his grandfather from the 18th to the 21st. As Rob explained, his grandfather still worked a sixty hour week, so there would be only a few hours at most to spend with him except Christmas Day and Boxing Day which are statutory holidays in Canada.

Without the pressure of school, we had the luxury of enjoying each other’s company engaged in remarkably domestic pursuits – Christmas baking, shopping for presents for my family, going out for dinner or to a wine bar. Although we had only been dating for two months, I was beginning to hope that Rob just might be “the one” I wanted to try and spend my life with. However, there was this unspoken sadness between us – each of us now so deeply involved that we wanted to spend our first break from university alone. As a consequence, our love making before Rob left for Toronto was tender and slow. For a 24 year old Catholic girl feeling newly released from the ingrained sexual inhibitions of her upbringing, I found myself quite surprised to find that what I was actually longing for was a really hard and dirty fucking.

The morning of the 21st arrived and after a tearful goodbye (on my part) Rob left for the Edmonton airport. My sister Michelle had promised to come into the city to do some Christmas shopping and bring me home to our small town of 4,000 plus souls about an hour and half away. Michelle was the pretty one of the two of us – just two years younger. Her face and body had always drawn a lot of attention, and she flitted from boy to boy for as long as she had been dating. Although siblings, we were two very different peas considering we had come from the same pod.

Michelle had rejected early on our Catholic school girl values and to my mind had been quite promiscuous in most recent years. She made no secret that she liked to fuck and liked lots of variety in her sex life – meaning she had more of a good-looking male’s point of view. She got bored quickly and seemed to take pleasure in each new “conquest” before she told him to leave. While I had no desire for anyone but Rob, I too was becoming increasingly self-confident about my newfound sexuality and attractiveness.

Although I had what could best be described as having a “pleasant face”, I was beginning to accept Rob’s insistence that I was still pretty hot. Going on the pill a month earlier had resulted in my breasts filling out a little more, requiring new C-cup bras that I wasn’t complaining about having to buy. With as Rob put it, an “ass and legs to die for”, I had blown my clothing budget for the rest of the school year and purchased a really tight pair of Calvin Klein jeans, a tight cashmere sweater that emphasized my now larger breasts and a couple of shorter skirts to wear with hose and calf high leather boots for the winter. Of course, Rob only encouraged this new attitude towards my femininity. I also made a decision to make further changes in my appearance aided by the makeup lessons I had undertaken at the MAC counter at the downtown Bay department store. Rob’s inability to keep his hands off my ass and all of the extra hugs and kisses I received were a very positive result of these efforts.

On the drive home that afternoon, Michelle was curious about the change she sensed in me.

“So, what’s going on with you?”

“I am not sure what you mean”, I responded.

“Oh come one Jen! You were never about tits and ass, and yet here you are in that come fuck me ensemble instead of your usual med school – I am going to be a serious professional – clothes. So, what gives?”

I turned to face her profile as she drove through the prairie farm scenery and watched her expression of surprise when I said, “Well I have met someone. His name is Rob, he’s in first year law, and we have been seeing a lot of each other over the last two months.”

Typical to Michelle, her first question was of course, “How is he in the sack?’

“Fucking unbelievable”, I rather uncharacteristically blurted out with a little too much enthusiasm, which caused her to start into a coughing fit and nearly drive into the snowbank lining the rural highway to our home.

“So when do I get to meet this stud?”

“I am going to ask mom and dad if he can come pick me up on the 28th and stay overnight. He’s a city boy from Toronto who has no idea what our lives were like here out on the prairie and I thought I would show him a bit about my life. Two things – he responds well to his new nickname “Cowboy”, and don’t you dare try your fucking charms on him, OK?”

Even though Michelle assured me I had no worries, I knew my sister well. I couldn’t help wonder just then if inviting my man to our house with my sister around was such a good canlı bahis idea.


The morning of the 28th arrived and I was all anticipation before Rob’s arrival. He had caught the first flight out of Toronto and would be arriving in Edmonton around 10:30 that morning. After picking up his car at the airport long term parking, he had assured me he could find our home shortly after noon our time. Trust me to be in the bathroom when he finally arrived to be greeted by my parents and sister. Hearing Rob introduce himself, I rushed down the stairs to our entrance foyer.

“Hello Jennifer”.

“Hello Cowboy”, I responded as I walked into his arms and pulled him down for long kiss. I could have kicked myself when I remembered our silent audience observing me as they had never seen me before. My mother was open-jawed, my sister’s eyebrows were nearly up to her hairline, and my father was looking at the ceiling, no doubt wondering what had become of his “serious, sensible” daughter. Of course, Rob could not resist with his understated sense of humour.

Looking at my parents, he said, “Do you think it’s safe for me to get my bag and come in, or should I go get the wedding license first?”

Michelle giggled, my dad snorted out what might pass as a laugh, and my mother oblivious, began making a fuss and pulled Rob into the house saying lunch was ready and we should all sit down.

Over the course of the next few hours, Rob was his usual charismatic self, deftly steering the conversation back to what Michelle was studying at the University of Calgary, my dad’s general medical practice and the businesses that my mother assisted with her bookkeeping skills. I sat back and just observed him, occasionally reaching for his hand. There was nothing insincere about Rob – he was genuinely interested in getting to know my family, and it came through in spades. However, he said very little about himself.

Of course, Michelle had not been able to resist employing her sultry charms, causing more than a little anxiety on my part that I tried unsuccessfully to hide from her. This of course only spurred her on, as if she intended to demonstrate that Rob was no different than all the other men she had conquered and disposed of in the past.

I got up about mid-afternoon and headed to the kitchen to make us all fresh coffee. When I went back into the living room where we were all visiting, I saw that Michelle had sat down and taken my place on the couch beside Rob in my absence. She had her hands around one of his arms and was cooing about the size of his biceps and inquiring how a law school student had time to spend so much time working out. To make matters worse, she didn’t move, but continued to sit close to him under the disapproving gazes of both me and my dad. After ten more minutes of watching her flirting with my man, I announced to Rob that we should take a walk to enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations of our small “downtown”.

Dusk was upon us as we walked out the door. Once out of sight of my house, Rob pulled me in for a long, lingering open mouth kiss – one arm holding me close across the back, the other hand pushing my butt into his crotch.

“God, I’ve missed you” we both said almost simultaneously as we came up for air. Grabbing my hand, Rob said, “Come on and show me your town”. We walked in silence, holding gloved hands as we felt the crisp cold air and observed the fading glow of a slowly darkening Alberta prairie sky. To the north, we could see the first hint of the aurora borealis or northern lights.

Rob broke my quiet reverie. “Don’t let your sister distress you. I know what she is doing, and you have to trust me that it has absolutely no chance of working”.

“So”, I said petulantly, “when she climbs into your bed tonight looking for a quick fuck, you will of course throw her out immediately?”

“What? Didn’t your parents teach you its better to play nice and share with your sister?” He was still laughing as I put one leg behind his, shoved, and sent his ass and the rest of him into a snowbank off the sidewalk.


Dinner was at 7:00, and I decided I was going to show my sister that I too knew how to turn it on for my man. Make up, my new tight sweater with push up bra, short skirt and sheer panty hose without panties was my ensemble, knowing how much Rob loved running his hands over my nylon clad legs and ass. A bit of a fetish my man had been unable to hide, and which I was going to exploit.

After dinner, my parents were watching TV and Michelle, Rob and I were finishing the dishes. My sister had seen my get up, figured “game on” and continued to flirt with Rob despite my glowering at her. Suddenly, Rob asked, “Do you love your sister Michelle?”

When Michelle responded in the expected positive, Rob said, “Why then are you carrying on in front of Jennifer like you want me to sneak into your room tonight and fuck your brains out?”

In all my years, I had never seen Michelle so lost for words as Rob stared unflinchingly bahis siteleri at my sister waiting for her reply. With none coming, Rob broke eye contact with her, winked at me and walked around behind her. Getting down on one knee, he grasped each of her hips and held her in place, his face a foot from her ass.

“You know Michelle, you really do have a great looking ass. But without a lot of lube and stretching, I don’t think your ass could take the anal pounding you deserve. What do you think Jennifer?”

Michelle stared at me aghast, then fled the kitchen just as I went from mortified to hysterical, laughing until the tears ran down my cheeks. I reached for Rob and he pulled me into his embrace until I calmed down enough to wipe the moisture from my face and kiss him hard on the lips.

Fortunately, Michelle and my parents decided to call it a night shortly before 10:30. It was 12:30 Rob’s time, and he was tired and starting to fade. We were alone in the living room and I was sincerely regretting my mother’s refusal to let her 24 year old daughter have her boyfriend sleep with her that night – she didn’t deny that she had not “waited” before marrying my dad, but she still insisted it was her house, and her good Catholic rules.

As tired as he may have been, Rob was aware of how increasingly horny he had made me throughout the last couple of hours. Rubbing his hands on my legs over the course of the evening and sneaking them up my thighs when no one was looking, I was very aroused. All alone, he put one hand up the back of my sweater and deftly unlatched my bra. Pulling that hand to my breast, he began to squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples in a way that he knew was sure to get my juices boiling. As I moaned ever louder, he silenced me by covering my mouth with his lips and aggressively fucking my mouth with his tongue. Suddenly his hand came out from my sweater, and he reached up my skirt and cupped my pussy, rubbing my clit through the nylon. It was becoming increasingly more difficult for me to keep quiet as he caressed my labia and clit through just the wet nylon material.

“God, I can’t go another night without drinking from your pussy”, he said. With that, he ripped the crotch out of my panty hose, and plunged two large fingers up my very wet cunt. Sawing his fingers in and out, with his thumb playing with my clit, I quickly came, Rob doing his best to muffle my sounds with his mouth. However, he wasn’t finished yet.

Sitting up, Rob grabbed the hem of my skirt and peeled it up over my navel. Grabbing my calves and putting them over his shoulders, he pulled my ass to the edge of the couch. Kneeling in front of me, he admonished me to keep quiet and dived tongue first into my pussy. At first Rob alternated between fucking me with his tongue and sealing my cunt with his lips. Sucking my moisture into his mouth, he would only stop to take a breath and lap up my juices that continued to flow onto his face and down the crack of my ass. When I thought I could take no more, he put his thumb into my pussy, and began to gently suck upon and lick my clit. Then he began to play with the entrance of my anus with one of his fingers.

I had never even thought of, much less had any experience with ass play. While I moaned out an uncertain “No”, Rob continued his attentions on my clit and using the lubrication of my juices, began to press into my ass with at first one, then two fingers. At first I clenched, but then began to revel in the incredibly taboo and dirty nature of being finger fucked in my ass while being tongue fucked in my pussy. Relaxing, I gave him full entry of his two fingers into my rectum while he brought me to an orgasm so powerful I had to bite on my arm to keep from bringing my family running downstairs from their beds to determine what was happening. For the second time ever, I squirted and covered his face and neck with my juices.

Wiping his face on the insides of my thighs, Rob pulled down my skirt and looked up into my eyes as I sought to recover, listening for any sounds or suggestion that my parents had heard any of that.

“I love you Jennifer. Lie back and recover, and I will find my own way to the guest room after I wash my face.” Gently rising, only to bend over and kiss me on my lips, I revelled in my own debauchery as I kissed and gently licked my juices off his face.


The next morning we said our goodbyes. My parents enthusiastically encouraged Rob to return during spring break to visit, while Michelle stayed rather quiet and distant. After heading to my BFF and roommate Laura’s farm to pick her up, Rob drove us back to our respective homes in Edmonton.

I realized that Rob and I had not discussed to what extent we would spend time together in the few remaining days before classes resumed. When we arrived at my apartment, Rob suggested he would drop me off, go do some grocery shopping, and that perhaps I could stay with him over the next few days before school re-started. I eagerly agreed.

The couple of hours I spent in bahis şirketleri my apartment that afternoon were fuelled by desire and a little bit of wonder. I was having trouble coming to terms with my desire for the taboo – the pleasure I had taken with Rob playing with my ass; or the kinkiness of tasting my own pussy juices on his lips and face after Rob would eat me to orgasm. I had come to eagerly look forward to Rob eating my pussy while using both his hands to pinch and roughly play with my breasts. However, after more than a week’s absence, what I really wanted was to wrap my legs around his ass and legs and have Rob fuck me hard.

Spurred on by my erotic daydreaming, I first grabbed a pair of short scissors and trimmed all of my pubic hair before heading to the shower. The joy of the apartment complex that Laura and I stayed in was the endless supply of hot water. Shaving my legs, I then soaped up around my pussy and carefully shaved myself clean of hair. The feeling of the smooth skin and sensuality of a bare pussy caused me to grab my shampoo and with a small handful of soap, enjoy the continued rubbing of my clit. I closed my eyes, leaned against the warm shower wall and fantasized about Rob holding me from behind and masturbating me. Switching hands, my left now circling my clit to increasing effect, I took the soapy middle finger of my right hand and for the first time ever, pushed it through my anus into my rectum, stroking the inside passage of my ass. It was not long before I experienced a powerful orgasm that left me less satisfied than I hoped and only wanting more.

Rob had told me that he loved me the night before. I was clearly infatuated and knew I was on the brink of declaring my love for him. Tonight, I wanted to aggressively arouse and ravage him. Putting on even more makeup than my new normal, I chose to forgo any underwear. Slipping on my tight jeans and only a T-shirt I had accidentally shrunk in the dryer earlier that fall, I looked like I was easy and ready to fuck. As I waited in the living room for Rob to arrive downstairs, Laura looked at me with raised eyebrows and disbelief.

“Whoa woman! Who are you and what have you done with my friend Jennifer?”

“Too much”, I asked.

“Not if you plan to get felt up and fucked before you get back to Rob’s condo. Make sure you wear a bulky coat to hide those gorgeous loose tits. You wouldn’t want Rob’s cock to interfere with the steering wheel on the drive back to his place.”

All I could do was smirk in response. Laura knew exactly what I was up to.


As soon as we were in the door of Rob’s condo, I threw off my coat and pulled my too tight T-shirt over my head. Rob stood there surprised as I watched the quick bulging in his jeans immediately bring him discomfort. Staring at me, his first reaction was to reach into his jeans and rearrange his cock so that it was pointed up towards his chest. I rushed over to him and began unbuttoning his shirt.

I have remarked earlier that I found the two of us making out in nothing but jeans, chests bare and my hands on his ass incredibly erotic. Pulling him tight so that I could grind my core on his bulging cock, Rob knew how much I enjoyed this, and he let me take the lead. After a few minutes of enjoying our mutual tongue fucking and the feel of his chest hair chafing my nipples, I pushed Rob backwards towards the bedroom until he fell backwards onto the bed. At this point, my lust had caused any inhibitions I may still have harboured to be completely forgotten. I was going to take this man.

I peeled off my jeans, climbed over his chest and presented my pussy to his lips. “You are going to fuck me with your tongue until I come, and then I am going to ride you Cowboy and fuck you senseless”. With that, Rob firmly gripped both ass cheeks and pressed my cunt to his face, probing my core, licking my labia and sucking on my clit. With his eyes not leaving mine, I started to play with and pinch my breasts and nipples. As I became increasingly aroused, I found I was pulling and pushing into Rob’s face with my cunt, trying to increase the friction on my clit. With my left hand still playing with my breasts, I reached with my right behind me, undid Rob’s belt, jeans button and zipper, and gripped his cock hard as I came, smearing his face with my pussy juice.

As soon as I recovered a bit, I scooted down and yanked off Rob’s jeans. Like a woman possessed, I mounted him and sheathed his cock inside me in one single violent plunge. Reaching forward, I began to aggressively twist his nipples and scratch his pectorals, while broadly licking his face clean of my juices. Rob went wild. Grabbing my ass and using his hands in a firm grip, Rob would raise my hips and slam me back down onto his cock, our two pubic bones colliding almost painfully. I came again hard. Rob then quickly flipped me over onto my back, his cock still buried in me. Now I was really getting pounded, and the pain with my fading orgasm was delicious. With a loud unnatural sound, Rob came hard, driving his cock a few more times until he had emptied his cum into me. Collapsing on me, I gently kissed his face, holding him close and whispered into his ear, “God Cowboy, you scare me with just how incredibly in love I am with you.”

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