The Natural Circle Pt. 03

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This is the third part of the series, if you have not read the first two, I suggest you start there. As always, I love feedback and comments (good or bad) so please leave some. Sorry it took a while to get back to it, I hope you enjoy it.


Day 3 (continued)

I left the underground chamber and back to the daylight. My body thrummed with the pleasure I had experienced. I parted from Louise agreeing to meet for dinner that evening. As I made my way through the main reception, I noticed a relaxation area and overcome by tiredness I made my way over.

The area was lit softly and contained small sleeping pods. I made my way through the egg landscape trying to find available bed. Sounds coming from each pod varied from deep snoring to delightful sex. I smiled amused by the strangeness and then beamed when I found myself an available pod on the edge of the zone. I stood next to the bed and removed my vest I bent down as I lowered my yoga pants. As I bent, I noticed two sisters in the nearby coffee shop watching me intently. I slowed my action teasing them with the great view of my breasts as i bent at the waist.

I stood next to the pod and stretched standing in black bra and panties. Very aware of the coffee watchers. I felt a twinge down below but tiredness was winning. I collapsed in the pod and pulled down the door. The first thing that hit me was the darkness quickly followed by the silence. I don’t think I had ever been in a place so dark and so silent. Very quickly I fell into a deep sleep.

The Evening

The next thing I knew I was aware of soft lighting coming into the pod. It seemed that technology had decided I had slept long enough. Feeling fully relaxed I opened the door and stood on shaky legs. I began to stretch again turning to the coffee shop, looking for the same exhibitionist thrill from earlier but sadly the shop was empty. I bent down and fished out my clothes and quickly dressed, my stomach more than the clock told me it was not close to dinner so I headed back to get ready. As I walked from the relaxation zone I noticed that most of the pods were vacant, clearly I needed more sleep than most.

I stood outside our room door and before entering I listened wanting to avoid yesterday’s embarrassment. From inside I could hear the shower. I opened the door an went in.

I saw straight away that my Mum was not alone. Her friend / lover Catherine was sitting on Mum’s bed. She was wrapped in a towel her hair still wet from the shower. Her leg was raised on the bed as she leant over and painted her toenails. She looked up and smiled.

“Kate! It Is so nice to finally meet you… properly.” Catherine smiled and held out her hand to shake. I walked to the bed and allowed her to pump my hand vigorously.

“It’s lovely to meet you too Catherine.” I nearly asked if she had a nice day but I did not want to think about where that conversation would go.

“Your Mum is in the shower. We were exhausted after The Dark Embrace.”

I nodded and told her about how I had collapsed to sleep in one of the pods. I collapsed on to my bed as we continued to make small talk. I watched her paint her nails she had chosen a lovely shade of pink. As I watched I realised with the way her leg was raised her towel had opened and her vagina was completely on display. I tried to look away but was mesmerised by the dark curls.

She caught my eye I started to blush having been caught but Catherine smiled and opened her legs wider displaying herself totally, her outer lips had opened slightly.

“I hope you are not flirting with my Daughter Catherine.” My Mother made both of us jump as she exited the shower.

For a moment I was worried she was angry but she crossed the room and kissed my cheek.

“Nice day Darling?” Said Mum

I told her how much I enjoyed the activity and about the blissful sleep in the pod.

Now the shower was free I told them I was taking a shower. I stood and removed my vest and yoga pants. I walked across the room in my bra and panties aware and enjoying of how Catherine was watching me.

I stood under the shower and enjoyed the warm water pouring over me. I washed away with soap the remaining oil from the earlier activity. I enjoyed the feeling as I began to soap between my legs. Flashes entered my mind of what my mother and her lover might have been up to today in this room or even this shower. My fingers caressed my lips and mound. I noticed that I could feel some stubble starting to form. I stopped my touching before I went too far.

After stepping out of the shower I dried myself and wrapped my torso in a towel. Stepping out into the room. I saw Catherine was lying back on the bed she was now completely naked. My mother with a towel loosely wrapped around her was kneeling next to the bed finishing painting Catherines toe nails.

I crossed the room to my side and after a deep breath opened the towel to finish drying myself. The sensation of being naked with these two older ladies engaging in something surprisingly intimate kaynarca escort was strange but not unpleasant or awkward. Catherine was openly watching me and I confess I was enjoying it. I lifted my leg onto the bed and began to dry my calf. As I felt her staring at my sex I was aware of how much my life had changed.

“I always enjoy growing my bush for this event but honestly I am looking forward to a good trim or even a wax. So nice to see a smooth one.” Catherine said eye-fucking my crotch openly.

I laughed and blushed at the same time. I went to my drawer and fished out a pair of panties and decided to leave the bras. I dressed in a simple black dress. The regulation was around simple non showy dress sense but at dinner it was ok to wear something more feminine than yoga pants or shorts.

Once ready I bent down to kiss my Mum bye very aware that the towel had almost fallen away and she was entirely naked. Catherine held out her arms.

“What about me she asked.” in a demure gesture.

I laughed and bent over and kissed her. I was aiming for the cheek and was surprised when she turned her head and kissed me full on the mouth. I quickly unravelled myself from her clutches and made for the door. Thinking to myself if they were making love before I had even made it to the lift.


At the complex there were 4 different Restaurants offering a variety of delicious food. Tonight, I made my way to the main building as I would be eating in one of the more exclusive locations. You had to book to eat here and I had the perception you had to be connected to get in.

I entered a plush restaurant and saw Lousie straight away and made my way across the dining room. A lady also rose from the table and introduced herself as Marie and was Louise’s own mentor. She immediately cracked a joke that it made me her Grand-Mentee and was making her feel old.

My first impression was how tall Marie was. She was over 6ft tall, she looked to be in her mid 60’s. Her hair was dark with no hint of grey which I noted dyed hair was not exactly keeping with the ethos of the Circle. Her frame was imposing, she was not exactly large or manly but as a tall lady she did not have a slender waif like look that some girls have. My eyes were drawn to her large breasts which were on display through the cleavage of her dress.

The food in the restaurant was delicious we had an enjoyable time and Maria had ordered a nice wine to go with it. It emerged that Marie was very senior in the Sisterhood and as Treasurer was second only to the Director. It made me slightly nervous to be in her presence.

Once the desert was consumed, we made our way from the Restaurant. Marie turned to me and held both of my hands in hers.

“Kate. It would be lovely if you and Louise join me in my suite for a celebration. No pressure but I think it would be special to cement out new little family.” I looked to Louise who nodded encouragement.

The three of us entered a lift that rose to the top floor of the main building. Marie opened a door and we entered a penthouse suite. The decoration was amazing and the room had a feeling of luxury. I noted how this was a world away from the small room occupied by my Mother and I. Clearly not everything was equal among Sisters.

Marie began to fix us some drinks.

“So, Kate, your lack of bra has been distracting me all evening and I would very much like to see what you have under that dress. Louise, would you be so kind.”

Louise stepped behind me. I was very aware that Louise was demurer and quieter in the presence of her mentor. Louise began to kiss my neck I gave a soft moan. I felt her finger pick at the straps of my dress and start to slip down my shoulders. Louise eased the dress down. I tensed as the material snagged on my erect nipples and tweaked them. The dress pooled at my waist, Lousie reached around and cupped my breasts massaging them.

Marie sat down in an armchair drinking in the scene.

“Kate you are so delightful, such a small beautiful thing, Lousie is very lucky to have you.”

Marie gave a nod and Lousie hooked her thumbs into my dress and pulled it over my broad hips. It dropped to my feet. I turned and began to kiss Lousie Passionately. Our tongues entwined our lips mashed. She sucked and nibbled on my lower lip. I reached around and unzipped Louise’s dress and it easily fell away. She was wearing a light pink matching lace bra and panties. The lightness of the colour offset against her honey skin. I reached around and unhooked he bra. Her large heavy breasts swung free.

We embraced and I got a thrill from feeling her nipples press against mine. I felt her fingers slip into the waist of my panties and ease them down, I heard Marie make a noise of approval behind me. I looked around and saw that she had removed her own dress and was sitting naked in her armchair.

Marie’s breasts were large and heavy and sagged slightly towards her waist. Her areola was large and centred with thick bullet like nipples. küçükyalı escort She sat with large thighs crossed so I could not see much more. She looked like a celebration of mature womanhood.

Louise led me to the bed and lay me down. She stood next to me and removed her own panties. Her thick thatch of pubic hair glistening with wetness. Lousie climbed on to the bed ad buried her head between my legs. I immediately felt her tongue delicately lap at my folds. All of the tension that was building since my shower started to flow.

I looked across at Marie and she was still sitting naked and observing a hungry look in her eyes. I pulled at Louise’s leg and she straddled my face. This was the closest I had been to another woman’s sex (at least in the light). I took my time taking in the sight. The way the pubic hair was moistened along the lips. The way her lips had parted slightly and the moisture that was forming within. I reached around and grabbed her butt and pulled her on to me. My tongue licked out and entered her vagina.

I tried to replicate a rhythm and style that I liked myself. Licking delicately either side of her clitoris with a stead rhythm with an occasional more heavy lick direct on to it. The moans I could hear told me I was doing something right. The moans from Louise had the effect of vibrating against my vagina which caused my own moans and increased pressure on Louise. This chain reaction escalated rapidly to an orgasm building inside me and I could sense one coming in her.

Very soon Lousie started to groan loudly and grind down on my face. I was no longer able to lick with any control so I just stuck out my tongue and allowed Lousie to buck against my nose, chin and tongue allowing her to ride my face through her orgasm. This feeling allowed my own orgasm to release, I clamped her head with my thighs and cried out.

We collapsed alongside each other in a sweaty mess. I could feel Louise’s wetness all over my face and as I looked at Louise I noticed I had smeared myself all over hers.

“Thank you darlings. That was just wonderful to watch.” Marie said. I looked across to see her moving around the room. I drank in her full body. She had a slightly rounded belly with wide hips centred with very thick grey dark pubic hair. She approached the bed and kissed Lousie deeply, taking care to lick at her lips. The feeling that she was tasting me of her gave me another tingle.

“Please can you help me Louise.” Marie said.

Louise jumped off the bed and went with her Mentor to a cabinet. Marie opened a draw and I was shocked to see her remove a large strap on dildo. Sex toys were not exactly banned but phalluses were not exactly keeping in the ethos of the sisterhood. I watched as Louise knelt down and helped Marie step into the harness. It was an unusual toy as the inside of the harness had a smaller six-inch dildo to be inserted in the wearer. The outside was much much larger, I guessed around nine inches.

Lousie raised the strapon and carefully inserted the inner toy into Maire. She gave a small groan but gave no other outward sign. Louise then stood and moved around Marie tightening the straps. I watched intently mesmerised by the heavy cock now hanging between her legs and nervous that it was coming for me.

Marie walked to the bed and smiled at me. She took my had and turned me half onto my front, lifting my leg I buried my head in the pillow nervous about what i was going to have to take. I could hear wet noises and turned to see Louise applying some lube to the toy.

Marie then knelt over me. I could feel her breasts sway gently across my back, her nipples grazing across my skin. I felt the phallus press against my vagina. My first boyfriend had been very well endowed so my introduction to the world of sex had been a painful but educational one. I angled my hips and relaxed my pelvis waiting to receive. I let out a huge groan as Marie slowly pushed herself into me.

She was gentle but insistent. Slowly rocking back and forth with each thrust entering me deeper. It had been several months since my ex-boyfriend had last penetrated me. Although I owned some sex toys I was mostly a finger girl so this was the first time I had been penetrated so fully for a while. Very quickly Marie had pushed herself fully into me. She let out a groan as clearly pressing against my body caused her own dildo to press further into her.

With that she started to fuck me. It is not often I use that description but that really is what she did to me. She places a hand on my shoulder to support herself which pushed my breasts and head deep into the bed. She began to thrust deeply and forcibly. Slowly building the pace. I started to buck back at her trying to ride through the pain to my own pleasure, however it became too difficult and painful so I just angled my hips to receive.

Marie started to thrust harder and she started to moan louder. I realised quickly that what she was doing to me was of little concern. Each thrust, each angle or rhythm was about sancaktepe escort finding her own pleasure riding her own dildo.

Once I submitted myself to being her humping post my own pleasure unlocked from the situation. I began to leak moisture which eased the pain and build my pleasure. Suddenly Marie started to scream above me and thrust violently into me. I cried out my own orgasm as waves of pleasure ripped through me.

Then silence. I felt the dildo being eased out of me, a large popping sound filled the room as it dropped out of me and some air escaped. I felt an empty void and a sticky mess between my legs. I put my hand down there and mix of lube and my own wetness felt strange. My hole was unusually splayed I delighted in the feeling of submission it created.

The bed we were on was large and both Louise and Marie climbed in either side of me. Both caressing and caring for me. Marie fetched me a wash cloth and drink as we lay in peaceful bliss as we all drifted off to sleep.

Day 4

I awoke in the early hours and extracted myself from my new lovers. I returned to my room for a long shower and a change of clothes. I entered the room and expected to see Catherine and mum together and was surprised to see Mum sleeping alone. I slipped into the bathroom and ran myself a bath and eased in. I put my hands between my legs to feel if I was still intact from yesterdays abuse that I had put upon myself. I was pleasantly surprised to feel normal and even more surprised to feel a twitch from my touch.

I was surprised to hear a knock on the door and my Mum pop her head in.

“I am really sorry but I have an early start. Do you mind if I come in and get ready.”

“Sure I said.” and started to get out of the bath

“No no its ok take your time you stay there I won’t be long I don’t want to be late.

I relaxed back inti the bath. Mum stepped into the room completely naked. Her hips and breasts swung past the bath. I tried hard not to stare. Mum went to the toilet and squatted over the seat and began to pee. From the angle I could see a stream of urine as she hovered over the seat. Once finished she stepped into the shower cubicle and began to shower.

“Where are you off to?” I asked.

“I have an early event” She called back. “A naughty one.”

I laughed, my thoughts of concern on just how highly sexed my mum might be were put to the back of my mind.

“It’s called Natures love. Catherine was supposed to come but she backed out. Do you want to take her spot?” She asked

“Tats a bit weird, no?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well not any weirder than what might or might not have happened in the cave. And anyway this one is non contact.” She laughed

I was kind of tired and still wanted to sleep more but I was aware this was our last day of the congress and wanted to finish it with a bang.

“OK lets do it.” I said ising from the bath.

Natures love

It was still dark when we left the accommodation. The coolness hit my skin and my yoga pants and t-shirt seemed little protection against the morning dew. We made our way across the complex and into a wooded area at the back. A low lit path snaked through the trees. I had so many questions about what I was about to experience but the last few days had taught me that it was better to go with the flow.

The path widened to a small bench area. Standing ready were two assistants who were clearly waiting for us. Both seemed to be my age Joi introduced herself to my Mum she was South east Asian very slender and attractive. Kim approached me and introduced herself. She had a short haired pixie cut and dark hair, Both were dressed in lycra shorts and sports bra. Kim was a little taller than me. She had small breasts but a very hard sporty body.

We were invited to undress. I stood next to Mum as we both disrobed. Both assistants led us up some stone steps deeper into the woods. Naked in the still dark forest made me shiver. Goose bumps broke out all over my body and my nipples tightened painfully hard. I walked behind Mum and had nowhere to look as her bum and cream thighs climbed the stairs in front of me. The stairs topped out into a small circular clearing.

Kim took me by the hand to one side. Joi led Mum behind me and stood us back to back. Kim stood in front of me she looked deep into my eyes standing close to me. She began to caress me and firmly squeezing my cold hard nipples.

“I have been doing this for years and I have been working with this type of of activity since I was young. Well not this exact type of activity but my point is you will be safe. Trust me and you will have fun.”

Kim was only my age but her seriousness and confidence was impressive. I nodded and then winced as Kim gave my nipple an extra squeeze.

Kim walked to one side and retuned with the end of a long piece of rope. The rope looked course and old but when it was placed against my skin it felt soft and firm, almost like fur. Kim began working around me as the rope was snake and loop around my body. The rope gripped my thighs, calves the rope looped up over my torso down my back. A double length was placed between my butt I tensed slightly as the silky smooth rope caressed my anus. The rope split between my legs parting either side of my vagina.

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