The Nurse’s Uniform Pt. 16

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We are nearing the end, just two more parts to go. To those of you who have read previous parts, thanks, to those that haven’t I suggest you do.


Part 16

Chapter 1

The training went well. It was nowhere near as worrying, embarrassing or intrusive as Sammi, certainly and Emma, deep down, as well had thought it might be. As the course tutor explained, most of the patients treated by this method and, incidentally, by all sexual therapies, tended to be women; obviously men don’t suffer as much from sexual traumas or, as is more likely the case, they don’t seek treatment as much as women.

“So our need is greater for male personnel to help our female patients identify, relieve and then release themselves from the trauma that affects them.

As Sam looked across the room at Emma, the two other girls and six men on the course she could see the pleased looks on the men’s faces at this news.

The, quite dishy, Sammi thought, Swedish lecturer, had been part of the team that had developed this revolutionary way of treating sexually dysfunctional individuals and, although now in his sixties, still exuded tremendous sex appeal as well as tremendous presence. He spoke perfect English, explained even the most complex points in easy to understand ways and held the mixed audiences’ attention very well indeed.

The first two days were taken up with lectures on the theory behind the use of trained medical staff role-playing with patients the cause of their sexual problems. Obviously, they had both read a lot about it and Mike had provided extra information, but hearing it all afresh and by a trained lecturer helped a great deal. The other topic covered in depth in the first two days was the use of the light, nuerorelaxant drugs. Taking these, it was explained, was a bit like smoking strong marijuana whilst hypnotised! These drugs had to be administered by trained medical personnel for the dosage had to be spot on to achieve the desired effect. Obviously they would not be using the drugs on the actors who would be playing the roles of the patients on tomorrow’s ‘live’ sessions, Gerd explained adding.

“But that is the only aspect of the treatment that will change. The work between each of you and the ‘patients’ will be exactly as it would and will be in the treatment rooms, including, of course as we insisted for the training, the presence of your consultant. You and he or she working closely together is absolutely critical to the success of this treatment method.”

Near the end of the day’s lecture, Gerd explained that they would not, of course be sitting in on each other’s sessions “But here’s a list of all the traumas together with the case notes we will be covering tomorrow,” he explained. “You should all read, certainly the synopsis of each of the cases, and the detailed notes on the two that each of you will role-play.”

It was a really strange situation. To be lying naked next to Emma having just had an hour of full on sex with her as she read about what she was going to do tomorrow, was very odd. Sammi read about the first role-play where she would be working with a male actor playing the part of a patient who lost his erection whenever a woman touched him. She had read the outline of Emma’s first session and that was of a guy who could only have successful sex when he fantasised that it was his mother he was shagging. The notes on Sammi’s role-play said that the drug would in real life, be able to take Brian, the forty two year old actor/patient, back to the root cause of this, which could very well be incest related.

“So Sammi,” Emma said, propping herself up on her elbow with one hand supporting her head “We’re both into incest then.”

“Yes strange that isn’t it?” Sammi replied her eyes drawn to Emma’s right tit hanging down from the way her body was bent. It looked gorgeous. She couldn’t resist reaching out and cupping it as Emma said.

“You ever been involved in anything like that? It’s apparently, or so Mike tells me, far more common than is generally acknowledged.”

“Really is it?” Sammi replied, not that interested in that news, but more so as to why and when Mike would have told Emma. “When did Mike tell you that?” She asked.

“Oh when we were in Saudi,” Emma replied pushing her boob more firmly against Sammi’s hand. “Why?”

“No reason.”

“I do believe,” Emma said coyly “That our little Sammi is jealous.”

“Don’t be daft.”

“That’s not daft; after all he’s very tasty and clearly fancies you rotten.”

“I think he’s after you.”

“No, he never mixes pleasure with business where sex is concerned.”

“Really? How do you know that?”

“Never mind.” Emma said sharply.

“No come on tell?” Sammi asked removing her hand from Emma’s boob.

“You tell me first, have you fucked him?”

“No, honestly, I don’t go with attached men, too messy.”

“He’s not that attached, he and Clare have a very open relationship. So have you tried?”

“Nope, but I take it you and he have.”

“We came near, but we haven’t shagged, honest. Anyway enough of him, let’s do suadiye escort us.”

Sammi’s fingers felt good on her breast, Emma thought. In fact they felt very good. The older woman leaned forward and kissed the young blonde. God she felt so sweet, her lips were wonderful and kissing Sammi was such a turn on for the older, more experienced, bisexual Emma. Since she had first had sex with Sammi, (was it really just two days ago?) Emma had been amazed at her feelings. Always the one in control, always the director, the boss the predator in any relationship, she didn’t really have feelings and emotions. She didn’t get mentally involved with her male or female lovers, she ‘had ’em and left ’em’ was how it always was. But something different was happening with Sammi, her young assistant.

It was not like it should have been, not as Emma had planned it and her planning was always impeccable; her plans always worked perfectly. After all, she had built a hugely successful business supplying nurses and doctors from all over the world to hospitals in the Middle East, Europe and America. True, the explosive growth her relatively small nurses recruiting agency had undergone in the past ten years may have been due to the fact that she had become the mistress of a leading Saudi businessman, Sheikh Abdullah Al Korensi. True, shagging him whenever he came to London or she went to Saudi had helped and true, acting as his whore by sleeping with his business acquaintances to gain him advantages, hadn’t hindered her business ambitions. As indeed providing sexual favours to other prospective clients had also contributed to her success.

But the Sheikh was ailing. He was ageing rapidly, although still only in his early sixties, and was suffering from a number of illnesses. Although this didn’t completely stop him needing sex when Emma was around, his desire had reduced considerably in the past few years. But as that had declined, he had replaced his desires for sex with Emma with the desires of his two sons, Sunni and Ahmed who were gradually taking control of the widely spread business empire. So, whilst Emma had only to shag Abdullah occasionally, she had to be far more active with the two sons who were both now in the early twenties.

She had been having sex with them, both alone and as a threesome, for several years. In fact, Abdullah had asked her to take each of their virginities, even though Emma suspected that they had been gone some time before she first shagged each of them. But she was acutely aware that her appeal to them and their generation of younger business leaders who were gradually taking over the big family companies in the Middle East, which were the bedrock of Emma’s business success, was waning. Alright, most young guys like an ‘older woman’ now and again, but a forty three old cannot be the successful industrial whore that she had once been.

Sunni the older, by two days, son of Abdullah had the idea and funded the other business that Emma operated. Ahmad knew all about, but they kept it from the sheikh and they would deny if anything ever became public. That was a high-class call girl business for senior level businessmen, mainly in Saudi, where such things were so difficult to operate. As La Crème Saudi ‘imported’ hundreds of young women each year from all over the world, including Thailand, it was relatively easy to fix the paperwork for a few that were not nurses, but were hookers. And at first it was a few, but like topsy that just grew and grew until Emma was operating a hundred girls throughout the Arab world.

Although that was a great money-spinner and, at first, Emma had thought it might provide her successor, she soon realised it would need more than sexual ability.

And that is precisely where Sammi came into the equation. Emma was firstly going to make Sammi emotionally dependent upon her and then she was going to make the blonde her successor as the Al Khorensi family whore.

In her early twenties, blonde and gorgeous, with scrumptious little b cup tits, lovely legs and a fantastic arse, Sammi, a fully qualified nurse, had registered with La Crème, Emma’s main business. Emma had been attracted to her immediately. At their very first meeting when Emma had the results of the battery of personality and other tests, she felt she had confirmed a key finding from them; Sammi was heavily bi curious and had either, dabbled with other girls or, was ready to do so. Emma guessed the former. The tests also indicated another key ‘quality’ that Emma sought in her successor. Sammi really had no sexual morals: standards maybe, but morals no.

She had placed Sammi with an eminent sexual therapist who was setting a new practice involved in the revolutionary new way of treating people with mental and emotional disorders, many or most of which, as Mr Feud taught us, are sexually based. The Al Khorensi family was providing most of the start up money for this venture.

Emma had got to know Mike well during the negotiations for she had introduced him to the Saudis. Mike, although in some ways being as sexually dysfunctional as many of his patients, yakacık escort for he had never had a successful long-term relationship and currently enjoyed an ‘open partnership’ with Clare with whom he had lived for the past three years, had made a vow never to mix business with pleasure. In his business, that meant not fucking the staff or the patients. And with his good looks, willowy, slim physique and the intimate nature of the relationships with both parties, that would have been so easy.

The train of events that had occurred from him meeting Emma, Emma meeting Sammi and then Mike meeting Sammi, had severely tested that vow. Despite fantasising about his young, blonde nurse to the extent that Clare had told him he had called out Sammi’s name when he shagged her several times, he had resisted the enormous frustration and temptation. He hadn’t physically mixed business with pleasure, although mentally he did all the time. But then when you have a gorgeous nurse working for you wearing the uniform supplied by La Crème that is almost inevitable.

Emma provided her, always attractive, nurses or, consultants’ assistants as La Crème termed them, with a white coat. It was made from the finest Egyptian cotton and each was tailored for each girl; and on Emma’s instructions, that meant tight. Many girls had to slim before they could get into her ‘uniform.’ Emma also supplied their underwear. A wispy, luxurious, wickedly flimsy bra, supplied by Lejaby and white, frilly topped hold ups from Wolford. Noticeably and indicatively there was no panties.

“We don’t want any ugly VPLs do we?” she told her new employees as she handed them the uniform they had to wear.

When she had first started, Emma had quickly realised that she had to do more than merely supply nurses, particularly to her UK clients which were all private institutions. Few of them dealt with really serious stuff and the patients were rarely desperately ill with many of them travelling from the Middle East.

She realised the erotic nature of the relationship between patient and nurse, she acknowledged the mystique of nurses and the allure of the nursing uniform. She recognised that in addition to medical assistance, she was also selling sex; and that was to both to the patients and the consultants. And that is why the uniforms of the La Crème girls were almost instant hard on outfits.

Emma got a mumbled no from Sammi to her question about incest. It was mumbled for Sammi’s mouth was full. The young woman’s lips were wrapped round one of the older woman’s, almost, raspberry sized nipples.

Emma’s breasts were awesome. Sammi, though not that experienced with other women, was captivated by them. She adored them and she had fallen in love with them. She revelled in their appearance and feel, their as good as perfect size, the touch of them on her fingers or lips and the way that Emma slightly shuddered and sighed when Sammi squeezed or sucked them as she was now. And as she sucked Emma’s nipple, so Sammi slid her hand between her lover’s legs. Up from her knee, onto the smooth thighs, which opened inviting her to go further.

Just those two days when she had seduced this young goddess. Then, she had led the way, made all the plays, directed and organised the action. She had been the predator, Sammi the quarry, she the leader, Sammi the follower, she the dominant one, Sammi the submissive, she one that did the fucking, Sammi the one that got fucked. And, most importantly, she was the one that kept her emotional reactions completely separate from the physical pleasures. Wasn’t she? Wasn’t that the case? It was supposed to be Sammi that got confused and combined them, Sammi that was unable to distinguish between them, Sammi that became emotionally dependent on Emma. Yes, it was Sammi who was supposed to come to rely on Emma, for it was through that dependence that Emma was planning to make Sammi her successor. Yes, her successor as both the lover to Abdullah and his two sons and her successor as the whore for that family.

But as Emma opened her slightly olive coloured, lithe thighs and gloried in the feelings that Sammi’s mouth was giving her on her nipples and breasts, it was far from the older woman who was in charge. As Sammi’s fingers slid effortlessly into Emma’s open wetness so the younger woman began taking over. Her confidence growing amazingly quickly, Sammi’s mouth found Emma’s and she initiated a deep, long, squirmingly sensual kiss that was so similar to those those Emma had showered her with just two days ago; Sammi was a quick learner. And as she kissed her boss, her tongue led the dance they played inside the opened mouths, it was Sammi’s little tits that writhed against Emma’s full chest and it was the blonde who was directing the action and giving the pleasures. Yes somehow, Sammi was developing into the dominant one and Emma was submitting to her will.

“Oh yes Sammi, yes,” she moaned, her arms going round the blonde’s neck and pulling the lips tighter onto hers. “Harder, harder,” she grunted thrusting herself against the pleasure giving fingers, “Deeper, deeper, şerifali escort oh fuck me yes, yes, yes,” she screamed as Sammi made her cum.

That orgasm told Emma that Sammi would never be dependent on her, just as the young blonde, like Emma, would never be dependent upon anyone, male or female.

Chapter 2

Roni was pregnant. She was making herself ill with worry. Not only was she a Catholic and the idea of an abortion seemed like the mortal sin the nuns had always said it was but, also she didn’t know who was the father.

Thinking back to when she thought she had conceived, she worked out that she had five lovers around that period and only one, Sammi, could be ruled out. Preston, the deviant arsehole who made her do the most grotesquely, wanton, but somehow pleasurable things. Karl, his toyboy who had spanked her and then made amazingly gentle love to her. Mark the producer who fucked her once a week or so keeping her hopes up on him finding her a juicy stage or film part. And Daren, the cameraman, on the TV soap she had been working on in a part that the casting agent had described as ‘a plump girl going to seed’, who she had a been having an ‘on tour’ fling with. Five lovers, just one the father.

Gordon had fled. He was a coward at heart and couldn’t face bad news. So he had transferred a stack of money to the Swiss account his father had set up for him some years ago, put his flat on the market giving a friend who was an estate agent the ‘power of attorney’ and had simply disappeared. There were rumours that he had gone to Peru or Argentina, places he had visited many times, but some friends guessed that Thailand, Cambodia or Laos with their very relaxed attitudes towards sex, were more obvious. No one knew though, for he didn’t confide in anyone, he never had. He was only close to one person so, when he got the bad news there was no one to turn to. There was nobody that he could discuss things with, not a soul that he could get counselling from. There wasn’t a person in the world he could talk to about his sister, his lover, his Mel, Sammi’s best friend, who had overdosed and died from a cocktail of drugs.

How it happened, they had no idea. The first inkling Clare, Mike’s live in lover, had was when she picked up the phone one Friday evening.

“Is that Clare Richards?” A male voice asked

“Yes, who’s calling please?”

The voice named a leading UK tabloid newspaper. That didn’t strike her as too unusual for some of her work was quite high profile and occasionally she was asked for quotes for the press. What happened next, though, was as unusual as it was worrying, in other words it was fucking unusual and fucking worrying.

“We are planning to run a story on Sunday about how one of the country’s leading psychiatrists and leading barrister meet in a flat in Chancery Lane and take porn photos of each other. Would you care to comment?”

At the same time a female voice was asking Sir Bernard the same question.

Abdullah died and the business empire and the family passed onto Sunni and Ahmad. Whilst Ahmad took both his family and business duties very seriously, Sunni went on a bender. He moved to LA, bought a mansion that made the Playboy one look like a cottage and lived a life based on the owner of that magazine. Emma never heard from him, but she did from Ahmad who treated her like he did the rest of his family, for in a way, his father’s whore was part of the extended family which included Abdullah’s six wives.

Clare and Mike parted. It had to happen when he found out how both she and Sir Bernard had cheated on him. Not that he was that precious about sexual monogamy, after all he wasn’t and he had never expected it from Clare. But having such pictures of both his business and sexual partners splashed all over a tabloid paper ruined his new business venture. The prudish Swedes, who owned the rights to the interactionary neuroses therapy he was using in the new clinic, pulled the plug and curtailed his to license to use it

Chapter 3

Sammi was wearing the latest La Crème uniform, although officially she wasn’t a nurse or, come to that wasn’t employed by the agency. In fact, when she thought about it, since mid-day when Mike had taken the call from Gerd and had broken the terrible news to her and had said the clinic was finished, it was doubtful just who, if anyone, did employ her.

The purposefully old fashioned or, as Emma and her stylist described it ‘retro’, look of the uniform was not to everyone’s taste, but it had been tried out on many focus groups of differing nationalities of both sexes and had gained overall positive ratings.

The black, dress, modelled on a Francis Nightingale, Crimean war look, brought up to date, was made from a material similar to taffeta. It had a squared halter neck that sliced vertically and horizontally across roughly the middle of the wearer’s, in this case Sammi’s, boobs. The neckline was trimmed with white lace that was about two centimetres deep. It was that which covered the wearer’s nipples for the edge of the dress traversed the aureoles, just beneath the nipples. When the wearer bent forward there were some angles at which a keen looker-on would see the girl’s pinkness; this would be more likely to happen if the nipples hardened for they would then push up the delicate lace and reveal the precious cargo it was hiding.

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