The Stairway Accident

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It was a perfectly lousy time for the elevators to be broken down. It was easily ninety outside, and in the un-air-conditioned stairwell, it had to be a hundred or more. It was just plain stifling. I was beginning to question my decision to get a cup of coffee and Danish from the little shop in the lobby. I was almost to the second floor landing when the door opened and a woman in a blue dress stepped out in front of me with her arms full of boxes of something or other. With people coming down from above, I fell in behind her on the climb upward.

Following her wasn’t a bad view at all. Mid thigh length navy blue skirt, long muscular legs, but just enough to show she wasn’t a couch potato. Blue high heels to match her dress, and oh yeah, either stockings or pantyhose. I let her get another step ahead of me to get a better angle. Yeah. Pantyhose for sure. Either that or her thigh highs were pulled WAY up! Pretty nice ass too. Plenty of wiggle without any jiggle. I’m betting she works out regularly.

We reached the next landing and I caught up with her again as she stutter stepped to get her foot the right distance on the stair tread. Up she started as I waited for her to get a few steps ahead of me. I looked down at my Danish, thinking of taking a bite and then up to check out miss blue dress’s ass again. Only instead of seeing her butt wiggling side to side with each step up, I saw her blue dress covered ass coming straight at me. Instinctively I reached out to stop the blue mass sailing at me, letting go of the Danish and coffee as I lifted my hands.

I felt my left hand tangle in something, preventing it from lifting higher. At the same time I felt my right hand grab nothing but air as the blue blob continued its flight towards me. I felt the impact against my chest, shoving me unceremoniously backward, one foot still on the first step and the other acting as a fulcrum, as her mass added to my own to upset my center of gravity. Good old Newton once again proved himself correct as her momentum transferred energy to me, the two of us now falling backwards at an equal but slower rate. With Newton firmly in control of the inevitable conclusion, all I could do was wait for the impact. Not that my body was about to let that happen.

Instinctively my body did what it was hard wired to do when it felt like it was falling and grabbed at the most solid thing in my field of vision, the lady in the blue dress. By the time my brain realized that what I was grabbing wasn’t helping, my butt was hitting the hard tile landing. I may not have stopped my fall, but my brain was still trying to figure out why the seemingly solid object I grabbed to arrest my fall wasn’t working, causing me to try to grip even more firmly. I ended up pulling her against me with my right arm wrapped around her, while my left, still partially restrained by whatever had wrapped around it, did whatever it could to try and find something solid to hold onto, gripping whatever it had grabbed even more tightly. Moments later, the pile of small boxes she’d been carrying started to rain down on us. Old Newton wasn’t quite done with us as our momentum caused us to somewhat roll backwards, my feet now sticking momentarily in the air, along with those of miss blue skirt.

The air went out of me with a mighty whoosh as her mass compressed my chest, briefly squeezing my body against the unyielding tiles. I gasped for air, still holding tightly to the lady in blue, now laying on her back on top of me. As I lay there struggling for breath, my brain started once again to process the results of the unintended collision. My right hand was clutching something rather roundish and soft, while my left felt trapped in a soft warm confined space with pressure on both sides of my fingers while my palm felt nothing but warm smooth softness.

“I think you can let go of me,” the lady laying on me said tentatively as she started to slowly try to roll off my body, prevented from doing so by my right hand. I gulped in my first lungful of air, which allowed my brain to slowly start to work again. I now realized that I was tightly holding her left breast, preventing her from moving off of me.

“Oh. Sorry,” I mumbled as I loosened my grip to let her slowly roll to my left, rolling off my body to her knees. If holding her breast hadn’t been enough, I realized just exactly where my left hand was, trapped between her thighs up under her dress. I quickly jerked my hand away, hoping she hadn’t noticed where it had ended up.

“Ohhhhh. My ankle!” she moaned, ignoring my now retreating hand as she rolled back to the right again to sit on my lap, reaching for her right ankle and letting her butt smash against my dick, which had partly hardened watching her walking up the stairs.

A number of ladies that had been walking down quickly gathered around us, each seeming to ask if we were alright all at the same time.

“I think so,” I answered, even as their attention diverted to the apparently injured woman still illegal bahis sitting on my lap.

“Owwwwww. My ankle,” she moaned again, clearly not all right.

One of the ladies knelt and looked at her ankle, gently prodding it with her fingers with a concerned look. “Twisted for sure, maybe sprained,” she announced as another woman collected the broken heel of her shoe.

“Ohhhhh Damn!” The lady in blue said, practically crying.

“Come on. Let’s see if you can stand on it.” Another of the women prodded, slipping the broken high heel shoe off her right foot and the unbroken one off her left. Two of them helped her off my lap to stand, the woman gingerly placing a small percentage of her weight on the injured ankle, grimacing in pain before nearly collapsing down again. “We better help you. Where’s your office?”

“502,” she responded, again almost in tears as two of them started to try and help her up the steps. I pushed myself up and tried to brush the coffee soaking into my butt away uselessly, a scowl on my face. Shaking my head I watched the two women get her to hop gingerly up one step at a time, causing her to cry out in pain each time her body bounced.

“Here!” I said quickly, stepping to the back of the three of them. I almost rudely elbowed the one on the left out of the way as I pushed between them, bending and scooping miss blue dress up in my arms. I started walking up the stairs with the much heavier load than my coffee and Danish as she wrapped her arms around my neck for balance.

“We’ll get your things!” one of them called, retreating back towards the landing as I carried miss blue dress up the stairs.

Her face was as attractive as her butt had been only a minute or so before. Blue gray eyes, a subtle layer of makeup, a firm trim body with softness in just the right places. I suspected that if she wasn’t in pain that she smiled a lot, given the fine lines around her mouth. She was maybe forty at most, easily ten years my junior. All in all, not an unattractive package. I didn’t have a chance to look for finger jewelry, but then a package this nice clearly couldn’t be on the market anyway. Not that I was looking. I mean I could look if I wanted too. But after dealing with my ex earlier in the day I wasn’t in any mood to chase skirts, even ones as nice looking as this one. Admire maybe, chase, no.

I elbowed the stairwell door open from its partially propped open position, and stepped out into the hallway, which was practically frigid after the stifling heat of the stairwell. It only took a moment to locate the office space 502, a glass faced entry with a series of names that made me immediately think of a law office. I found an overstuffed chair in the waiting area and moved towards it even as the receptionist behind the desk stood up startled and then started to scurry towards us.

“My god! Joanne, are you alright?”

“I will be Missy. Can you go help the ladies in the stairwell with my packages?”

“Sure!” the receptionist said, turning away from us as I gently set miss blue dress in the chair.

“Well. It seems that chivalry isn’t dead after all. Thank you kind sir,” she said as she started to look at me more closely, in particular my extremely wet slacks. “I’d like to thank you more properly, but I don’t even know your name.”

“David,” I answered quickly. “I’m guessing you’ll be alright here now?”

“I think so,” she said, reaching for her ankle again. “Hurts pretty badly though.”

“Let me see,” I said, kneeling in front of her. I gently lifted her foot onto my lap and probed cautiously, letting my fingers trace her bones carefully. “We’re gonna have to get rid of these pantyhose,” I said as I pulled my ever present pocketknife from my pocket.

“What are you going to do with that?”

“Cut these pantyhose off,” I answered with a shrug.

“The hell you are!” she snapped. “Those are one hundred percent silk!”

“Well, it’d be a lot easier to examine your foot without ’em. The medics won’t be any more accommodating when they get here. But it’s up to you,” I said slipping her foot off my lap and standing up.

“Medics? What medics?”

“The ones you’re gonna call.”

“I’m not calling any medics for a stupid twisted ankle!” she said with a frown.

“Well. I haven’t been an EMT since college, but from what I can tell, it’d be smart to get it X-rayed. I’m pretty sure it’s broken.”

“Pretty sure?”

“Well. As best I can. But then I don’t have x-ray vision. Wish I did, but…”

She frowned. “And they’d cut my stockings off?”

“In a heartbeat,” I answered her.

“Well. If I don’t have any choice, I guess I can take ’em off. Can you carry me down to the ladies room?”

I chuckled as I turned back to her. “You’re in no condition to walk into the ladies room, or anywhere else for that matter.” I said kneeling back down with my knife.

“I wasn’t planning on it. I thought you’d carry me in.”

“Seriously? Into the ladies room?” looking up illegal bahis siteleri at her in shock.

“Well. I suppose that could be awkward.”

“Just a tad, both for me and whoever might be in there when I come barging in with an armful of woman.”

“Yeah. I don’t think I’d like to be standing with my dress around my knees when you came in,” she said with a soft laugh. “Better help me up here then.” I stood up and helped her to stand in front of me on one foot, her hands on my shoulders for balance. “Well. I suppose if you kneel down you can do it.”

“Do what?”

“Slide your hands under my skirt to unclip my stocking.”


She looked at me clearly suppressing a smile. “Well. It’s just medically Necessary. I can’t exactly hike my skirt to my waist here, can I? Besides, you’ve already had your hand up my dress.”

“I…Uh…I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s alright David,” she said with a tiny grin. “I didn’t say it was completely unwelcome. It just happened accidentally. Now, are you going to turn down the chance to do it on purpose?”

“It’s not exactly gentlemanly to be sticking my hands under a lady’s skirt, especially in public.”

“Maybe not, but then it’s been a long time since I’ve had a man’s hands under my skirt, and I can’t reach the clips myself without showing my panties off to the whole world,” she said with a soft chuckle as the receptionist came back in the door with her arms loaded with packages. “And just between you and me, if your hands happened to find more than the clips on my garter, you won’t hear me complain,” she whispered.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say I’d just been invited to feel up a very good looking woman. If we weren’t in public, I might be more tempted to take her up on it.

“There’s a clip in front and back.”

“I suppose if that’s the way you want it,” I said as the receptionist stepped back over to us. I knelt down and reached out for her leg as she continued to hold my shoulders for balance. I slid both hands up her leg and under her skirt. Her silk covered leg was warm and soft and incredibly smooth. I slid one hand up the inside of her thigh, and the other outside, feeling for whatever clips held the stockings up. My right hand found the crotch of her panties, silky smooth, warm and surprisingly wet. I looked up at her face, somewhat surprised.

She grinned and winked at me. “Getting closer.”

“It would seem,” I answered. I slid my left hand around farther, finding the curve of her butt cheek as well as the top of her silk stocking. I slid my hand slightly higher, feeling the soft bare skin of her butt.

“A little more left,” she whispered.

“Right,” I whispered back, my brain trying to process what my fingers were feeling.

“No left,” she grinned.

“Yeah,” I said, sliding my fingers around her butt cheek under the snug skirt, her skin soft and firm at the same time. Did I mention that her butt felt completely bare? My fingers found a strap sticking down across her bare skin. My fingers slid down the strap, to the bottom of her butt, again finding the top of her stocking, and this time some kind of small clasp.

“The button slips up to release the silk.”

“Up… to release the silk,” I repeated quietly.

“Uh huh,” she whispered a little breathlessly. “You can use both hands if you need too. Just slide your right hand a little farther around.”

“You okay Joanne?” the receptionist asked with a concerned look, staring more at me with my hands up her boss’s skirt than anything else.

“Oh. Just fine Missy,” she answered, squeezing my shoulder as I slid my right hand further between her legs, the back of my thumb pressing against the wet crotch of her panties. I slid my fingers around her silk covered thigh, the slick material pressing against my thumb giving way to the bare skin of her cheeks. My fingers finally found the strap and clip as well as my other fingers.

I felt my fingers around the clip, my wrist rubbing against her wet panty crotch as I tried to open the clip, finally getting the button to move and release the silk stocking. “One down,” I whispered, as much to myself as anyone as I moved my hands around to the front of her thigh. I found that clip and more quickly undid it. I slid the silk down her leg, sliding both hands along with it before slipping the stocking off her foot.

“Too bad I wore panties this morning…” Joanne groaned as she slowly lowered herself down into the chair, holding her injured foot out in front of her, her legs spreading as far as she snug skirt allowed, but far enough to allow me a glimpse of powder blue between her thighs.

“Joanne!” Missy exclaimed.

“What? You telling me if his hands were between your legs you wouldn’t want him to touch you?”

“But Joanne!”

“Oh shush!” Joanne hissed as she let me lift her leg a little higher, sliding the bunched up stocking off her foot while she bent her knee and lifted her foot. As soon as I had the stocking canlı bahis siteleri off, she slowly lowered her foot, resting it in my lap against my surprisingly hard cock.

I gently moved my hands to her injured ankle, letting her heel rest on my lap and my hardon as I began gently prodding my fingers around her ankle, feeling while watching her reactions for pain.

“Ow!” she squeaked as I pressed my fingers under the ball of her ankle.

“Yeah. Definitely need to get this x-rayed.”

“Is it really that bad?”

“My professional medical opinion? Yeah. It could just be a sprain, but even then, the way it’s swelling it needs to be looked at. Either way, you’re gonna be off of it for a while.”

“But I’m due in court in less than an hour,” she protested.

“Well. I think that’s gonna be a problem.”

“But I can’t be late. It’s already been continued once.”

“Sorry. I doubt you’re gonna be done at the ER.”

“Not if I don’t go.”

“Well. You can make up your own mind, but if I were you, I’d go,” I said as I slipped her foot off my lap and gingerly lowered it to the carpeted floor.

“How about if I go after?”

“After what?”

“After court. I can go to court and then go.”

“I guess if you can find a way to bounce around on one foot. But I wouldn’t want to put any weight on that foot. If it is broken, you’re not going to do it any favors. And I don’t know how you’re going to get down the stairs alone.”

“I won’t be alone. You’ll help me…won’t you? I mean you’re a big strong handsome man. You can easily carry me down the stairs.”

“Good lord. So what, you want me to take you down the stairs and put you in cab?”

“Actually, I was thinking you could help me a little longer than that. Maybe help me into court?”

“And my work? I’m just supposed to blow off the rest of the day?”

“You’re going back to work like that?” she asked, nodding her head towards my coffee soaked slacks. “Tell you what, you help me and I’ll buy you a new pair of slacks. You can call your office and tell them that you’re helping out a hurt friend.”

I frowned at the awkward position she was putting me in. “Hurt friend? I don’t even know you.”

“I hope you’re a friend. I’d hate to think I had a stranger’s hands under my skirt.”

“Good lord,” I groaned.

“Great. Missy. Run down to the men’s store down the street and get another pair of gray slacks size…?”

“34 34”. I answered, rolling my eyes, realizing that I’d already given in to her crazy idea.

“34 34? Not bad. Okay Missy. Put them on my charge. But hurry!”

“Right,” Missy nodded before turning and practically running for her desk. She pulled a drawer open, pulled out a purse and dashed out the glass doors.

“Now. If you would, hand me my stocking and carry me to my office. I can’t go into court looking like this,” she said as she pushed herself up out of the chair, trying to balance on one foot.

I picked up her silk stocking and then stood up, scooping her light body into my arms. “Well? Point me to your office.”

“Down there!” she said, pointing with one hand while wrapping her other arm around my neck and shoulders for support. I carried her down the hallway past the receptionist desk to a door with an engraved nameplate Joanne Kirkson Senior Partner. I lowered her far enough to get the doorknob. She pushed the door open into a very opulent office space with a huge oak desk, a small conference table and a large sofa. “On the sofa please,” she said. I crossed the office and set her down on the sofa gently. “Now. If you wouldn’t mind closing the door?”

“Sure,” I answered, stepping to the office door and closing it quietly.

“In the closet is a black and white dress. Would you get it out for me?”

“Sure,” I answered, looking around for the closet. I saw what I assumed was the closet and walked to it, pulling the door open to find an assortment of clothing hanging before me.

“And that duffel on the floor too!” she said from behind me.

“Yes ma’am!” I answered with a wry smile, feeling a little like a servant at that moment. I found the only black and white dress and pulled it from the closet, along with the small red duffel on the floor. I turned around to walk to the sofa and froze, staring as she sat on the edge of the sofa, pulling the powder blue button down blouse off her shoulders, leaving her chest covered in only a lacy powder blue bra that matched the blue I’d seen between her legs.

“What? Never seen a woman getting undressed before?” she asked with a wicked little smile. “There’s a white bra in the bag. Wanna get it out for me?” she asked as she lay the blouse over the back of the sofa. She turned to look at me again, still standing several feet from the sofa, holding the bag and the dress. “It’s alright. I don’t bite, well not much at first anyway,” she said with a devilish little grin, holding her hands out towards me.

“Oh. Yeah,” I said as I finally realized she was waiting for me to bring her things to her. I stepped closer and handed her the dress, which she tossed over the back of the sofa and then took the duffel from me. She unzipped it, then dug out a lacy white bra and set it on the sofa next to where she sat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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