The Wolf and The Phoenix Ch. 05

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Beads of sweat rolled slowly down Phoenix’s tanned back as she arched it in orgasm. She rode on top of Trevor, clutching desperately at the sheets of the bed they had moved in to. Her tight wet cunt grasped hungrily at Trevor’s hard cock as he thrust it deeply into her, letting her ride the aftershocks of her massive orgasm. As it faded she collapsed down exhausted, her blood red hair spilling across Trevor’s heaving chest. He grabbed her chin and tilted her face up to his, kissing her tender lips deeply. Then with a quick movement he rolled, flipping her over and coming up on top of her. Grabbing Phoenix’s wrists he pinned them above her head with one hand while the other reached for the shackles he had brought from the dungeon and attached to the bed. With a resounding click they snapped tightly around Phoenix’s arms, binding her into submission.

Trevor straddled her thighs, his hard cock resting lightly against her throbbing clit, and reached across the bed to grab the cat-o-nine off the bedside table. Drawing it lightly across her stomach and breasts Trevor chuckled lightly at the hungry expression that the sight of the whip brought to Phoenix’s face. In a blur of movement Trevor brought the whip cracking left then right, drawing angry red gashes along her rib cage. He swung the whip high and snapped it down between her breasts, the leather thongs tearing in hard enough to break the skin and draw forth crimson beads of blood.

Phoenix gasped loudly with pleasure at the stinging brutality but her moans were cut short as Trevor closed his hand tightly around her throat. Bending his face forward he ran his tongue lightly across her bloodied chest, lapping at the sweet nectar of her life. She shuddered with delight as his tongue slid across her ravaged flesh and the world began to contract around her as her brain grew starved for blood. Just as she was on the verge of blacking out Trevor released Phoenix’s slender neck and slapped her hard across the face. Phoenix’s struggled in vain to wrap her arms around his back, aching to dig her nails in and tear free his blood as well, as a tremendous moan of pleasure was ripped from her lips at the brutality.

Trevor shifted so that his legs were now inside hers, the head of his cock pressed teasingly against her dripping wet cunt. Her radiant blue eyes bored into his emerald, begging him to pound her cunt hard. He reached back and grabbed her ankles, bending her legs up to her head and baring her amazing round ass. Leaning forward to pin her legs in this crushed position with his shoulders he slid his hand around her neck again and squeezed hard. Phoenix bit her lip, her mouth working ineffectually and her eyelids fluttering, veins beginning to bulge in her eyes. Once again the sound of the blood pounded in her ears and the blackness closed in again. Trevor released her neck and simultaneously thrust his huge cock deep into her, sliding against all her walls and pounding hard into the back, his balls slapping wetly against her ass, her juices spraying about.

Phoenix strained hard against her restrains as waves of torturous pleasure washed through her body. Trevor slammed deep into her again and again, each thrust sending needles of delight into Phoenix’s brain. Trevor’s head dropped down and he sunk his teeth into her shoulder, digging in and twisting, savoring the salty sweat and soft flesh. Phoenix’s arms were güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri able to reach his head from this position and she grabbed him, twisting his face towards hers and hungrily kissing him, her devouring lips only breaking from his to release moans of orgasmic pleasure as Trevor’s hard cock continued to rip into her. In short moments her entire body was shuddering as a massive orgasm exploded through her body, her wet cunt clenching tight around his cock and holding him in. Her eyes closed tightly as she savored the sensation of his cock rocking back and forth inside her, low purr like moans escaping her lips as she continued kissing him.

With deft movements Trevor reached up and unlatched the shackles that bound Phoenix’s wrists and she wrapped her arms gratefully around his finely muscled body. With a shrug of his shoulders he released her legs, letting her fall into a more relaxed position before he resumed kissing her passionately, his hard cock still buried deep inside her tight cunt. He began rotating his hips in circles, sliding in and out of her and side to side, his huge cock striking all her walls and making her desperate moans start anew. Their chests pressed together smearing blood and sweat around as they moved in perfect rhythm, their bodies attuned to each other. Trevor pulled his face away from Phoenix’s and nibbled on her ear, down her neck, across her shoulder and back up as he slowly worked around and around inside her dripping wet pussy.

Phoenix’s nails dug slowly into Trevor’s back as his ministrations quickly brought her back to critical mass, building on the last orgasm and overtaking her swiftly. He thrust faster and faster until his plunging cock began squelching from her delicious juices leaking from her tight hole, his balls slapping loudly against her perfect ass. Her nails dug tightly into his back breaking the skin as each thrust drove her closer and closer to bliss. Suddenly with a massive yell hard enough to shake the bed frame she came again, her body spasming as the orgasmic pleasure tore through her. Just as she came Trevor too could no longer hold back, exploding a huge load of cum deep into Phoenix. As the warm seed spread into her, her eyes went wide with pleasure and she pulled him in closer, resuming her passionate kissing.

After several moments of riding the blissful high they collapsed next to each other and Phoenix rolled over onto him, resting her head lightly on his chest and sighing with pleasure.


The morning sun sent shafts of light spilling through the partially open curtains and onto Phoenix’s beautiful sleeping face. She groaned unhappily at this intrusion and tried to fight it away, but awoke suddenly when she realized Trevor was no longer in the bed. Sitting up alarmed she looked around and found the door to the study ajar. Climbing from the bed she wrapped the top sheet around herself to abate the slight chill in the air and went to the study in search of Trevor.

She found him at the desk, several archaic looking books spread out before him and a steaming pot of coffee in one corner of the desk. His head rested in his hands as he stared down at the books intently, and he looked up as Phoenix slipped into the room. He beckoned her over and gestured to the pot of coffee which she gladly helped herself to.

“Did you find what you were looking for güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sweetie?” she asked as she sipped carefully at the hot brew.

Trevor sighed and leaned back in his chair. “The Emperor in Yellow is another named for a being of terrible power and evil. It’s considered ill tidings to even speak his name aloud, normally I don’t go for such ridiculous superstitions, but considering what became of the Master…” Trevor grabbed a quill and scrawled the blasphemous name on a blank piece of paper. Nyarlathotep.

“He is,” Trevor continued, “One of a race known as the Great Old Ones. According to one of the most profane books, the Necronomicon, they are great entities from beyond the stars. Some have called them gods, but gods don’t exist so they must be merely a higher life form. To us as we are to ants. You showed they can be killed, but this one, The Faceless as he’s known, he’s greater than Hastur.”

“So what can we do?” Phoenix inquired, a look of concern flashing across her face.

“There’s a chant here to summon down the wrath of another Great Old One, by the name of Cthugha. But it must be done while the star Aldebrann is at a certain angle above the horizon. We’ll have to infiltrate the castle tonight, find your daughter and summon Cthugha just before dawn.”

“Well then we’d better get moving.” Phoenix said with determination.

Trevor pulled out an architectural map of the castle. “How did you get that! It’s locked away in the archives, no one should be able to get a hold of it!”

Trevor just smirked at her, “I’m an assassin darling.” He pointed to a room on the map located close to the throne room. “This suite belonged to a medium level dignitary, it will be vacant now. The Brotherhood organised an…accident for him some time ago and they have yet to replace him. We’ll sneak in separately and meet up there to wait until the proper time.”


Just past mid-day Phoenix strode into the castle dressed as a serving wench, a short sword strapped to her thigh concealed beneath her skirts. She might not be the practiced infiltrator that Trevor was, but she knew what she was doing. Look like you belong and people most likely wouldn’t question you. In her arms she carried a bundle of sheets and clothing, giving the impression she was already on an errand and lessening the likelihood of anyone attempting to give her an assignment that would lead her away from her destination. Taking a meandering path through the castle’s halls she eventually found her way to the appointed suite and after looking around to be sure the coast was clear darted into the room.

She was waiting for about an hour when a rattling came from the metal grate covering the ventilation system. Phoenix turned cautiously toward the noise, drawing her sword and poising herself to strike at whatever might be trying to get in. Slowly the grate slide aside and a blur of white clothing came tumbling out, landing hard on the ground. Phoenix began to launch an attack but quickly realized it was Trevor.

He stood up, rubbing his bruised behind. “Ow, pretend you didn’t see that.”

Phoenix laughed at him, “Such a dork.” She tossed her sword to the bed and draped her arms around his shoulders, kissing him deeply. “So what will we do to while away the next several hours?” She asked, her eyes blazing passionately.

Trevor grinned güvenilir bahis şirketleri wolfishly and placed his hand on her shoulder, with a brisk shove he tossed her to the bed and dropped to his knees in front of her. He flipped her skirt up and his face shot forward, biting hard into her inner thigh and twisting the mouthful of flesh painfully.

“Oh fuck!” Phoenix moaned. Her hand reached down and her fingers twined in his hair, holding his face near her rapidly wetting cunt.

He turned his face toward her other thigh, giving her clit a quick stroke of his tongue as he passed, and sunk his teeth down on her other thigh, leaving deep marks that would bruise nicely. As Phoenix arched her back in pleasure at the bites Trevor’s head darted fast as a striking snake into her cunt, his tongue dancing a quick rhythm across her throbbing clit. Words escaped Phoenix, the wondrous sensation turning her brain to mush, nothing but moans and primitive gutteral sounds could escape her lips. Trevor bit down on her clit, trapping it between her teeth and making her body convulse with a massive spasm of pleasure. His tongue lashed back and forth across her trapped nerves, each stroke drawing louder and louder moans from Phoenix.

The decadent aroma of her juices filled Trevor’s nose and made him moan with excitement, the vibrations sending shudders rippling through Phoenix. Still his tongue danced back and forth, back and forth. He released her clit and began to pull his face away, bringing a whimper of complaint from her. His head darted to the side, tearing into her thighs again and bringing forth another earth shattering moan. He repeated it on her other thigh, keeping the bruises evenly matched, before darting hungrily back to her clit. Trevor devoured her tight wet cunt like a ravenous wolf, savoring the taste of her juices as they soaked his face.

With a exultant yell Phoenix gripped the back of Trevor’s head tightly, holding him against her cunt as she came, her pelvis thrusting in circles against him, juices squirting out and soaking his face. The soaking made Trevor insanely horny and he shook off her hand and climbed on top of her, slamming his massive hard cock deep into her tight cunt without warning. He pressed his mouth into her, letting her taste her own wetness, and she moaned with delight. His cock ravaged her cunt, spreading her wide and bringing wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rushing through her body as he pounded away.

Phoenix’s cunt clamped down even tighter around Trevor’s hard cock as he fucked her harder and harder. Pulling away slightly Trevor brought his hand back and slapped a resounding blow across her cheek then clenched tightly around her throat. Her eyes went wide with excitement as the blood flow to her brain was shut off once again. For nearly a full minute Trevor kept his hand squeezed around her neck, her cheeks glowing hotly as she struggled to breath. As the world grew dark around her Trevor released his hand and blood rushed back to her brain, sending her overboard, a massive orgasm exploding through her body, making her convulse beneath Trevor’s muscular body.

The feeling of Phoenix cumming with his cock buried inside her was divinely ecstatic and Trevor could hold back no longer. With a deep moan he released another load of cum deep into Phoenix. She smiled lovingly as she felt him empty his seed into her and grabbed his head, pulling him down for another deep passionate kiss. For several minutes they held their position, Trevor’s strong frame supported above Phoenix as they hungrily devoured each other’s lips. Finally Trevor rolled off her and they lay in each other’s arms, her sapphire eyes locked on his emerald.

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