Visits to Grampa

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Ann was just 19 when her Gramma died. A few months later, Grampa decided he didn’t like rattling around in a big house in Bromley all on his own, and also, that he was not a good cook; in fact, so bad, he might risk burning the house down! So, he sold the house, which was already fully paid for, and invested the cash. He figured the interest alone would pay for him to live in a modest Seniors Residence which would provide him with full meals and housekeeping. In fact, it paid for that handsomely, with a little left over.

He chose a lower cost home for a very simple reason – he wanted to live with ordinary people like himself, and not the moneyed-class who thought they were so superior to everyone else. And, of course, he was right and within two weeks he knew all the other residents.

Two months before Grampa moved into the home, Ann had gone to University, working on becoming a CA. Her own parents were not wealthy. Dad worked for the Municipality in the Public Works department, and Mum was a home maker with poor health. Grampa was only ‘wealthy’ because he had lived in the house in Bromley for so long it had been paid off for twenty years, and had simply risen in value because property prices all over south-eastern England had taken off. As the pundits kept saying, “God isn’t making any more land”

Her parents not being able to subsidize her, the net effect was that as a student, Ann’s money was tight. However, now in her third year, she still found the time, and the train and bus fares, to go see Grampa every Saturday afternoon. And Grampa was pleased to see her. After all, what man in his mid-seventies would not be happy to spend some time with a gorgeous young blonde of 21. Her hair was full, long and had natural waves, and fell to her shoulders. She was tall, for a girl, at 5’11”, making her over 6 feet in heels. Slim, shapely, she had a trim waist and 34C bust and legs that, according to her boyfriend, “went on for days”, as he would say each time he tried, unsuccessfully, to run his hands up to the top of them.

Grampa particularly loved looking at Ann’s legs, and he would slump down as low as he could in his chair, as Ann sat on an upright chair in her mini-skirt, to test how far up the skirt he could see. Some days, he would catch a glimpse of a pair of white knickers and be very happy.

One day, Ann was complaining to her Grampa about being short of money and wanting to go to a dance at the University that was £20. Twenty pounds she didn’t have.

“For a small favor to me, you could earn that £20,” said Grampa.

“I could? How?”

“Well, just stand up and take off that skirt and top and let me enjoy the view.”

Ann stared at him. “You want to see me in my undies? Grampa, are you becoming a dirty old man?”

“Less of the ‘old’ if you don’t mind. Just because I am old doesn’t make me dead, or unappreciative of a beautiful young lady. Anyway, that’s the offer. £20 if you remove your top and skirt and give me a twirl.”

Ann smiled at him. “Well, I wouldn’t do this for just anybody, but for you, if you’re serious, I will.”

Grampa stood up and walked over to a small desk he had in his room that he kept his computer on, opened a drawer, and took out his wallet. He pulled out 4 crisp, fresh from the bank £5 notes and put them on the corner of the desk.

“Does this show I’m serious?” he asked.

She stood and smiled, crossing her hands across her front and gripping the bottom edge of the sleeveless blouse. She raised her hands high above her head, pulling the white and pink top completely off. Her bra was a half-cup, and lacy, and through it, Grampa could make out the darker area of her areolas. Quite frankly, the bra left nothing to the imagination, nor was it ever intended to.

She stood there, hands on hips and breasts thrust forward, for a few moments, then, with her right hand, slid down the zipper at her hip.

With her eyes firmly fixed on her Grampa, she started to wiggle her hips. As the skirt started to inch its way over her hips, she opened her feet a bit wider, and continued to shake her hips.

Soon the skirt was clear of her bum, and held up only by her thighs opening out. After a minute like this, she closed her legs slightly, and let the skirt fall in a heap around her feet. Although the mini-skirt was so short, it wasn’t much of a heap.

She stepped out of the skirt and struck a pose rather reminiscent of a stripper after the last item is gone, and held it. Grampa looked and smiled. He stood up and walked right around her, feasting his eyes on the view. It had been a long time since he had seen so much of such a beautiful young woman.

He looked at her white panties, lacy to match the bra. Grampa remembered his late wife’s knickers. One pair of those would produce enough material to make at least five pairs of what Ann was wearing!

He reached out and handed Ann the £20. In response, she stepped in close and hugged him, very tightly, and then kissed him, right on the lips. almanbahis Grampa was pleased he had shaved in anticipation of her visit and so was not prickly against her smooth skin, especially as after the kiss, she put their heads cheek to cheek and swayed as if they were dancing.

Both of them immediately became aware of the consequences of such a hug. He may be old but he certainly was not dead, and a large, hard penis soon announced its presence against Ann’s belly, well exposed as the belly was by the skimpy panties.

Feeling the response, Ann gently pushed her belly on to Grampa’s hard-on and, leaning her shoulders back, smiled at him and said “It would appear you really appreciate my underwear.”

“Actually, sexy as your underwear is, it’s what’s in it I appreciate.”

“Well, in that case, enjoy the view,” and Ann sat back down on her upright chair, with her knees slightly apart and her legs uncrossed. She stayed like that for the rest of her visit, and put her clothes on as provocatively as she could when it came time to leave.

Instead of the kiss on his cheek that he normally got, she hugged him again and kissed his lips, then turned and left his room.


Left alone, he sat down in his armchair and unfastened his trousers, pulled down the front of his white briefs, and pulled out the still hard shaft, and stroked it, gently at first, but then faster as the urge and then the need in him grew.

One thing he realized was that he was going to have to find a way to keep these memories relivable, preferably on his computer, because he was sure Ann could be encouraged to make a repeat performance or two.

In the meantime, Ann was happy. She didn’t need the £20 to pay for the dance ticket, because Freddie had already paid for two of them. Freddie, the one who said her legs went on for days, was her boyfriend, and for him she had gone on the pill. She had just completed two full cycles, and Thursday evening had been the end of her period. That was good because, with regularity of the pill, she now knew her periods would run from a Sunday evening to a Thursday evening every 4 weeks.

Tonight, after the dance, was to be the night she was going to let Freddie go ‘all the way’ That was why she was wearing the lacy underwear, and it was also why she wanted the £20, as that was what she was short to buy a fire-engine red G-string and matching crocheted bra she had seen in the sex shop down the alley off the High Street. That would be used to tease Freddie next weekend.

So later that evening she met Freddie at the Student’s Union entrance and they went in to dance, and enjoy a few drinks. At 11 p.m. – much earlier than usual – Freddie wanted them to leave because he too was aware that this would be ‘the night’ having carefully tracked Ann’s first two cycles on the pill.

They headed to Freddie’s place, and once there he laid her on the bed and proceeded to kiss and caress her. Within minutes, he and she were both topless. After sucking on her nipples for a couple of minutes, he jumped off the bed and stripped himself naked. Returning to the bed, he coaxed Ann into kissing his body, and gradually pushed her head down towards his crotch.

Before long he was pleading with her to suck on his cock. Ann had seen porn movies and naked men before, and she thought, on first getting that close to Freddie’s genitals that he seemed a bit on the short and thin side compared with the guys on Porn-hub. Although a virgin, she was not an innocent, and had masturbated to porn regularly as well as being a subscription reader – cover to cover – of Cosmopolitan.

Freddie seemed unable to control himself and it wasn’t long before her sucking had him coming in her mouth. It was a bit salty but not unpleasant, but now his cock was a fraction of the size, and very soft. She stroked and licked him, and after what seemed an age, he became hard again. She rolled on her back, he lay on top of her after removing her skirt and panties, and in a matter of minutes, he was inside her and ejaculating, and she was almost bone dry and completely unsatisfied.

This was not how sex in the Romance novels finished up. It was even less satisfying than masturbating to the sound and vision of a Rolling Stones video. And, after all, they are all geriatric! As old as Grampa, and maybe older! The biggest disappointment was that Freddie immediately fell asleep, and, upon waking in the morning, announced he had a soccer practice and had to leave, so she would have to walk over to her own dorm building to get coffee and breakfast.


All through that week, whenever she called Freddie’s cell, she got the message saying “The person you are calling is not available.”

In the meantime, Grampa, whose given name was Charlie, was working with his next door neighbor, Jimmy, to install a GoPro camera in his room that he could leave on each time Ann visited, and then download to his almanbahis giriş computer afterwards. Jimmy was quite the computer techie for an Old Folk’s Home, and had a nephew in the computer field who had taught him quite a bit.

So they had the Go-Pro installed in no time. There was a shelf above the computer desk that would work fine. The field of view stretched from, on the right, the head board of Charlie’s bed on the opposite wall to, on the left, the back of his armchair. So, seated in his chair or laying on the bed, all would be recorded.

Despite not hearing from Freddie, who was known to forget where he left his cell phone, Ann headed for the shop down the alley, and bought the fire-engine red G-String and bra. The bra lined up exactly with her areolas and so each dark disk was surrounded by the red string, and covered exactly by a hole, and each nipple stood proudly to attention right in the center of the red-rimmed hole. The only problem was the G-String, which left most of her small trimmed bush peeping out either side of the two twisted-together strings that came down from the waistband and disappeared between her legs. So she got out her razor, shaved all the hair off and soothed it with Aloe Vera. Her pussy was completely bald.

Freddie remained incommunicado to Ann all week, until Friday evening came around. On Fridays, they always went to the Student Union bar, where they played records, and there was some dancing. So, dressed in her skimpy new red underwear and a bright red sleeveless dress with a zipper from collar to hem, she set out for the SU.

As she approached the door, she saw Freddie coming out. She realized, before she called out, he was not alone. He had his arm round the waist of another girl, also – like her – blonde, tall, slim and long legs. And as they walked off in the direction of his dorm room, they were kissing.

Suddenly, everything was clear. He was incommunicado because she was dumped. She was used to being dumped when she held on to her virginity, but now she realized that, having given in, she was just another metaphorical notch on a mythological bedpost, and Freddie was on to his next conquest. She turned around and went back to her room. She lay on her bed and cried, then dialed Freddie’s number and left a one-word message: “Bastard”. She didn’t return to the Student’s Union.

On Saturday, she set off to see Grampa, dressed exactly as she had been the night before when planning to meet Freddie. One thing she knew – Grampa would love this outfit. The red dress was even shorter than the skirt she wore last week, the red underwear was even skimpier. She was even of the mindset to let him see the underwear for free…!

Charlie knew from experience the earliest that Ann would arrive, and so just before then, he switched on the GoPro, and covered the little red light with some black insulating tape, and sat in his chair. The camera was not visible, placed as it was between his two biggest books – his King James Bible on the left, and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare on the right, and another book the same thickness as the camera standing up on top it; a compendium of Edgar Allen Poe stories.

Ann arrived on time, and started to chat like always when suddenly she burst into tears. Charlie stood up and bent over beside her, putting an arm around her shoulder, encouraging her to tell him all about it.

He sat down again, on the front edge of his armchair, as she poured out her heart about being dumped. She told Grampa about making love to Freddie for the first time the previous Saturday – without revealing that was the one and only time she had had sex. And she mentioned about the new sexy underwear she had bought to impress Freddie on Friday night, but he dumped her before getting to see it.

She described the underwear as “A collection of holes held together with red string” and Charlie laughed and said that it was a pity that he couldn’t get to see it!

“Oh but you can, Grampa, I’m wearing it now!”

“Really, and would £50 persuade you to show me it.”

Ann lifted her head up and looked at him, tilting her head coquettishly. “Of course it would, not for just anyone, but certainly for you…”

He stood up, went to his computer desk, and took £50 out and placed it on the desk. He glanced up at the camera, but the red light was not visible and the camera was well camouflaged. He returned to his armchair and sat down again.

Ann stood up, and put her hands on the arms of his chair, leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, knowing full well he was getting a good view of her cleavage down the neck of the dress. “Do you know you’re the sexiest Grampa alive?” she asked.

He smiled. He was in good shape, using the rowing machine downstairs in the little gym every day. As a result, his biceps were good, his tummy flat and his abs clearly defined. He was in excellent shape for his age, and the only tablets he took were vitamins. Except for the fact that almanbahis yeni giriş this week he had his doctor give him a prescription for some little blue pills, and he had taken one earlier, optimistically.

He smiled at her. She smiled back. He said “Dressed like that, you look like little red riding hood.”

Ann stood up straight, and pulled the zip down the front of her dress down to her belly button. Then she pulled her shoulders back and thrust out her breasts. The two front panels of her dress parted, exposing the red string bra. She was right; it was just a collection of holes. The dark disks surrounding her nipples were clearly displayed, and her nipples were protruding and hard. He focused his eyes on those nipples.

Then she said “Oh, Grampa, what big eyes you’ve got…”

And he said “All the better to see you with, my dear…”

She shrugged her shoulders out of the sleeveless top of the dress, and it fell down her back exposing her from the top of her head to her belly button as it caught on her hips.

He licked his lips. She pulled the zip down another inch, which was just enough for the dress to fall to the floor, and she stepped out of it, kicking off her red high heels as she did. The G-String lived up to its billing of holes tied together. Her waist filled one hole, and each thigh filled a hole, and they were the only three holes. The two twisted-together strings running down her belly disappeared between her legs, and when she opened her legs, still weren’t visible, being covered by her protruding vaginal lips. She struck the stripper pose again, and rotated around slowly.

As she came round to face him again, he was still licking his lips. So she said “Grampa, what a big tongue you have!”

And he said “All the better to lick you with, my dear…”

And she asked, very quietly and sexily “And where do you want to lick me?”

There was a pause. A tense, expectant pause, and then he said “All over.”

“All over? Does that mean I should remove all my clothes?”

“Not yet. Come here.”

Ann went and stood right between his separated knees, and Grampa leaned forward, stuck out his tongue and licked her right nipple, still in the bra. She responded with a quiet “Mmmm” and he licked the other nipple. He stood up, and she stepped back to give him space. He pulled off his shirt, and then undid his belt and the button on the front of his trousers. He was sockless in his slippers, and kicked them off. He unzipped his fly, and put his fingers inside the waistband of his briefs and pushed them all the way down to the floor. She knelt down and held them as he stepped out of his clothes and stood there naked.

As he stood there without moving, with her still kneeling, she could clearly see that Freddie was not as complete a man as her grandfather. His hard shaft was at least two inches longer than Freddie’s, and it was a heck of a lot fatter. She reached out for it and her long middle finger and thumb didn’t quite meet around the base of his manhood.

She removed her hand from his cock. In the quietest and most innocent way she could, she said coyly “Oh Grampa, what a big cock you have.”

“All the better to make love to you with.” Now it was her turn to lick her lips. His cock was there, right in front of her mouth. It was sticking straight out, pointing slightly upwards. Without touching it with her hands, she opened her mouth and let it enter her mouth. She licked the tip of it for at least a minute, before she stood up. Then, holding his cock with one hand, she asked “Do you want to make love to me? If you really want to know, I’ve had a boy fuck me, but I’ve never had a real man make love to me.”

He reached out and embraced her waist. His cock was pressed downwards and slid between her thighs as he pulled her to him. They kissed, and her arms went around his back, and she squeezed her breasts into his chest as hard as she could. Their mouths opened and their tongues touched and then started to twist around each other’s. Their tongues were pulling out then thrusting in, like swords in a duel.

Each time their tongues touched, it felt like an electric shock in her mouth. His cock was hard against her and throbbing slightly. Her nipples were hard against his chest. They hugged and kissed for what seemed an age.

Then, Charlie put his right hand behind her back, just above her waist, and scooped her up with his left behind her thighs. As he carried her towards the bed, she could feel the tip of his manhood rubbing against her bum.

As he laid her gently on his bed, he said quietly “I would love to be your first man, your first real, adult lover.”

And she looked into his eyes and said, oh so quietly, “You will be. Please, make love to me, now.”

He crawled up the bed, between her and the wall, and lay on his left side, back to the wall and facing the camera. He looked at the bit of string that called itself a bra and saw that it fastened between her breasts. Perfect. He undid it with one hand, his right, as he slid his left arm under her head and held her left shoulder with it. Gently, he unfolded the two front pieces of the bra off her breasts and looked at them. She saw him lick his lips and said, “It’s okay, you can lick my breasts.”

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