Voice of the Mind Ch. 13

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Chapter 13.1 – Emma

He was sitting with Jenny in the cafetaria when he saw her walking in, looking around to see if there was someone she wanted to sit by. With his mouth full he waved at her and mentioned that she could join them, which she did after she had noticed him.

“Hey Emma,” Jenny greeted her, which returned her a blank look from Vincent.

“You guys already know each other?” he asked.

“We’re in the same class, moron, of course we know each other,” she replied, flicking his forehead with a grin.

Emma nodded to confirm. She opened up her bag and produced a pink lunchbox which she put in front of her. It contained two sandwiches packed in a plastic bag and she pulled them out of it.

“The plastic helps in keeping it fresh,” Emma explained, though nobody had actually asked why. “I feel the box itself doesn’t do much for the freshness of the bread, it merely protects it from not getting squashed together.”

This time Vincent nodded. “Uhuh.” He had never even thought of that and it kind of gnawed at him for not realizing it. Then again, he usually bought his lunch in the cafetaria anyway – which was more expensive but he liked the food. Nicole had scrutinized him for that as that was just another way of wasting money – which was funny, because she always criticized him for being such a cheapskate. And he was, well, sort of. He didn’t like to waste money and while shopping he always tried to get the best deal for the lowest price unless quality or taste was the requirement; then he would splurge the money as if he was the protagonist from that old movieBrewster’s Millions.

“So, how are you today?” he asked. “Haven’t seen you around for a few days.”

“Oh, I’m fine. Just trying out a few new things.”

“Like what?” Jenny inquired.

Emma seemed to cringe for a little bit. Apparently Jenny’s direct question was a little too direct for her taste.

“Well … I’m trying to see if going to the gym is something for me. I could use some exercise.”

Jenny took the last bite from her sandwich and said with her mouth full: “Thaf’s neber a bah idea.” She swallowed and continued. “Going to the gym does help in giving you a feeling of doing something. You just have to make it a steady routine and that’s pretty much all it takes.”

Vincent snorted. “As if you’ve ever been to a gym.”

“I did,” Jenny defended. “I’ve met up with someone who went to a gym and needed a ride back. So I can definitely say I’ve been to a gym.”

Vincent snickered, but noticed Emma not laughing.

“It must be nice,” Emma said. “You have such a slim body.”

Jenny looked at her. “I … guess? But it’s mostly due to my metabolism which breaks down stuff so fast I can’t even gain weight much. I mean, look at me; I will never get bigger breasts than what I have now – well, unless I get pregnant perhaps – and although I don’t aim to put a double-D frame on, I would prefer to have a C-cup size like you have. I think it would compliment my figure more than what it sprouts now.”

Emma looked at her increduously. “You actually want togain weight?”

“Yes, I do. Not too much, but 5 kg would be sufficient. I’ve been trying a lot of things but I never manage to do so.”

Emma looked at the table in front of her. “I would like tolose weight. I’ve been overweight for years and people look at me with disdain due to that. It makes me insecure about how I look.”

Jenny looked at her and Vincent saw a hint of compassion in her eyes. “Losing weight isn’t the biggest problem; you need to be able to maintain a particular lifestyle in order to sustain your weight. If you lose 10 kg in a short time your body will try to compensate for that and it will actually eat at other parts which is unhealthy. And even with a diet you can’t try to keep that up for your entire life; a diet is supposed to have short-term effects, not long-term. So if you want to lose weight, you’ll have to do so gradually. Bit by bit, otherwise you’ll become unhealthy.”

She looked to weigh something to follow up with and eventually said: “For starters, going to the gym is not a bad idea. Do it once or twice a week for now. Half an hour to an hour, but definitely not longer than an hour. Your body needs to get used to the excercise first. It’ll take a while until you get to see results, because for instance your body fat gets converted to muscle mass which oftentime does not reduce your weight. It’ll just mean you’re getting more healthy and slightly differently shaped – which is not a bad thing in itself. But don’t beat yourself up if you’re not losing a few kg after doing this for a month or so. That’s not how it works, but you’ll be losing fat nevertheless.”

“She’s been doing sports back when she was younger, so she generally knows what effects a workout have on your body,” Vincent added to that. “But you might want to consult the instructor at the gym to see which schedule should fit you best. Not everything you do helps with losing weight, some just help you to get into shape while others help Ataşehir Escort you in getting stronger in some body parts.”

Emma nodded, a slight twinkle showing in her eyes for hearing new ways and new methods for getting where she wanted to be.

“Thank you,” she said. “Thank you both for telling me what my options are and what to keep an eye on.” She stood up and walked around her chair. “I might give your advice a try for the time being and see what happens.”

“Remember,” Jenny warned. “It’s not a fast way to lose weight. Don’t get discouraged. But it’ll help you feeling better about yourself even if you don’t lose the weight you want. Working out has a way of getting into your brain and making youfeel healthier, but it’s no magic way to get where you want to be. But if you feelhealthier, you might be able to find what you need to do besides working out to lose the weight you want to lose.”

Emma smiled and it struck both Jenny and Vincent how brilliant that smile was when it was genuine rather than obligatory.

“Thanks,” she repeated. “I’m going to figure out a schedule how to be able to go to the gym on a bi-weekly basis, so I don’t skip out of it.” She looked at the clock. “Just one more class, then I can go home working on it. I’ll let you guys know how it works out. Thanks again.”

They waved and Emma retreated from the cafetaria.

“Now that’s a surprise,” Jenny remarked. “I never realized she was struggling with her weight that much. I mean, she’s not exactly [ifat either, just a bit … chubby. And as far as I know nobody made any remarks about that either. She might be only 9, 10 kg overweight, but there are a lot of people doing that.”

“I suppose she’s just insecure. It might be in her nature to feel that way about herself.”

Jenny looked at Vincent with large eyes. “And damn, when she smiled just now I actually felt my heart skip a beat. I’m no lesbian, but she has the most gorgeous smile I’ve ever seen.”

“No lesbian, eh?” he remarked. “That’sdefinitely not how it looked yesterday.”

She slapped his shoulder. “Oh, grow up already. Like I said yesterday, I was just caught up in the moment. You two were so sexy that I couldn’t stand being left out. And really, Nicole was just so …dreamy when you were … well, y’know. I wanted to take her place, but since that wasn’t the option at that moment, I tried something differently. It wasn’t bad or anything, but I didn’t feel what you should feel if you’re attracted to someone. Sure, I was aroused, but … hell, why are we talking about that here? Let’s just skip that obligatory class and go to my place.”

He smirked, but nodded. “You naughty girl.”

“Oh, you can bet your ass I am. Actually, I own it already. Just show it to me when we’re home.”

He erupted in laughter, remembering the conversation with Richard from a while ago, and hiccuped the entire way walking towards her car in the parking lot.

Chapter 13.2 – The phone call

He was with Jenny at her place, expecting to do some catching up which he didn’t want to do at home where Nicole might be part of their get-together and it still kinda freaked him out having sex with his sister. Or actually, not the act of having sex with her, but the fact that they had sex with each other while Jenny was watching and at some point even joined in. Right now, even without the sex Vincent found it a little awkward being around Nicole and noticed that Nicole had that same feeling. He supposed that would gradually become less and they would be able to act normal around each other, but right now it surely didn’t feel like it.

The catching up didn’t really work though; the moment they got there they looked at each other and the next moment they were in bed.

They were both already half undressed when his phone rang and he was seriously considering to decline the call when he saw the number.

“Sorry, sweetie, I think I need to take this call. My parents. I don’t believe I’ve spoken to them since I woke up in the hospital, don’t even think theyknow I’ve been in the hospital.”

“Better answer it then. I’ll make sure I stay warm.”

He flipped out his phone and received the call, brought the phone to his ear and saw Jenny pulling down her pants and wriggling herself down the sheets, looking with anticipation to her newly achieved boyfriend.

“Hi, mom,” he said. “Long time no see.”

“You never call,” she complained. “Do you evenmiss your parents?”

“I do, honestly. My laundry is piling up and I still haven’t found any fairies to do the laundry. Where are you when I need you?”

She chuckled. She had always been a typical housewife, doing all the chores despite having five kids to help out. Ever since he and Nicole moved out, she had voiced her concerns about them not being able to do their house chores and that she should come over every few weeks to do it for them. Of course, both of them denied her that privilege, finally having achieved some privacy after all these years. He Ataşehir Escort Bayan couldn’t stop teasing her with it though.

“How is everything over there? Are you eating well? You sound like you haven’t been eating well lately. What did you do, became a charity host for the Pizza Hut or have you been munching off the hospital food for free?”

He felt a little pang that he hadn’t told her about the hospital when she made that little sneer. She couldn’t have known, but he had indeed eaten hospital food since he had been hospitalized.

“I guess it’s because I’ve let Nicole cook for a few days. Must’ve diminished my health. You should tell her that she’s a walking health hazard and aren’t allowed in the vicinity of the kitchen anymore.”

It was an easy lie. Lying has just become easier ever since he had more secrets to keep from everyone. But he didn’t want to worry her, like most children don’t want their parents to worry about them after they’ve started living their own lives.

“How’s the studying going? How’re your grades?”

“Fairly decent. Haven’t gotten many marks yet, but the ones I did get seem to indicate that I’m doing fine. Don’t worry, I won’t be expelled for being too stupid.”

Jenny chuckled. She crawled over and laid her head on his leg, letting him know that she was with him all the way. Although her definition of ‘all the way’ seemed to differ a tiny bit from his, he realized, when she was reaching into his pants and pulled out the primary object of her search. He felt warm breath engulving his penis.

“What are you doing?” he asked her.”I’m on the phone with mymother!”

“Making the conversation a little more exciting, my dear. Now sit back and talk to your mother. I’m starving for something to eat, so I’ll help myself in the meantime.”

“How is Nicole? How is she doing?”

“She’s doing fine, mom. Her grades are top of the class and she’s doing really well. Her cooking skills are as horrible as ever though. She won’t make a good housewife like you.”

“Say, it’s almost Christmas and we really want to see you by then. Your dad and I can’t make it, but the other kids would like to come over for Christmas. Do you have any plans?”

“Nah. If they come over on the 25th, I can house them and celebrate with them. I’ll send them home on the 26th then, if that’s okay with you?”

“Yes, that would be just fine.”

His penis was reaching maximum stretchability and Jenny had switched from nibbling to blowing him. Her head was going up and down and although he couldn’t see his own member, he saw her head moving valiantly. The suction she was applying to his dick was intense and he wondered how long he would hold out like this. Because, for all his complaining, he was seriously enjoying this.

He bantered a bit more with his mother, friendly sneers exchanging when he felt his climax building. He stuttered the last sentence and then ejaculated wildly in the mouth of his girlfriend, pumping jets of white goo into her throat and she kept her lips shut tight to keep all his precious seed in her.

“Everything okay?” she asked when he was done emptying his load. “It sounded like you were distracted.”

“Yeah, everything’s okay. Jenny was distracting me. I’m with her for a study session because we have some overlapping classes.”

“Ooh, Jenny. Can you put her on the phone for a bit?”

My mom, asking for Jenny? Now that’s a new one.

Jenny sat up and he saw some of his cum on her lips. She was sensually licking it off, making his empty dick twitch, eager for a second round.

“Gimme a sec.”

He kissed her and she kissed him back, passionately. She pulled him on top of her, fully knowing he was still on the phone with his mother. He was leaning on the sides with his hands, the phone still in one of his hands when she broke the kiss and whispered in his ear wickedly: “Now you better makeme feel good as well. Put that lovely dick of yours in me while your mother is listening.”

“Oh, you wicked woman,” he said telepathically.”You’re one horny bitch, seriously. But my mother wants to speak toyou.”

And he put the phone to her ear.

“Uh, hello?” she said, surprised to hear that his mother wanted to speak to her. They had met a few times before when Vincent was still living with his parents, but not more than that. She had called a few times and spoke to her before she would relay the phone to Vincent, but she didn’t think she made enough of an impression for his mother to ask for her personally to speak to. “This is Jenny.”

Vincent grabbed one of the condoms from her nightstand and put it on. His member was still sensitive, but she had made him so horny that he would take that sensitivity for granted when he would ravage her insides. He really didn’t remember how he had sex with her a day ago without protection, but fortunately for both of them Jenny was on the pill.

He heard her talk to his mother and wondered how much she would understand of the situation and how much Escort Ataşehir they could conceal from her. But the main thought he had was how he could make this girl pay for the situation she had put him in.

He felt her up and she was dripping wet. She had obviously been enjoying the situation she had put him in. He put one of his fingers in and saw her body respond. He brought a second, then a third into play and started feeling around inside of her, slowly moving in and out of her pussy.

He saw her at the phone and her voice faltered a bit. She couldn’t keep her composure while he was busy fingering her.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” he heard her say to the phone. “I’m just a bit under the weather. Time of the year and my throat’s failing me every now and then. I’ll just let Vincent pamper me for a bit and make him take care of my sore throat. He’s just given me something to moister it.”

He couldn’t fail to hear the ambigious line and snickered. She craned her neck up and winked at him.

He took out his fingers and brought his penis to her entrance. She moved as if she could feel his cock, eager to let it in and he didn’t want to hold out on her. He entered her, slowly, and he heard her gasp – and apologize to his mother through her teeth.

He started thrusting, slowly, but picked up the pace quickly after he got settled. It was incredible sexy to see her talking to his mother while he was pushing his cock into her at the same time. He was pushing harder than usual, making her feel the sex more intently than he would do normally and realized that it turned him on so much that he was close to coming already. He saw her toes curl and realized that she wasn’t far off either. Yet she was still talking to his mother.

Vincent started rubbing her clit with one hand, while using his other hand to keep her hips into place and quickened the pace. He heard her voice break more often, sometimes a moan escaping her lips – blaming it on the sore throat immediately – and then heard her saying goodbye.

“Yes, ma’am, you enjoy yourself as well. Bye.”

She didn’t even know if she broke the connection before she erupted. Her orgasm came hard and thundering and made her arch her back as if someone had placed a pillow under her. She was shaking, shuddering and moaning, clawing at the bedside, digging her short nails into the sheets.

Just seeing her cum brought Vincent over the edge as well. He didn’t even need the extra pressure on his dick inside to start spraying his cum inside of the rubber protection band, but that didn’t occur to him at all. To him it was as if he was filling her up with his cum, letting her feel how much he loved her, how much he wanted them to be one. And when he was done, she was still shuddering aftershocks.

He laid down beside her and simply watched her. It was times like these that he wondered why he hadn’t tried to date her earlier, because it felt so natural for them to do this, to make love to each other and simply be with each other.

He didn’t think about his mother anymore. He didn’t think about him ‘paying her back’. He was just enjoying her sight. He hadn’t even registered that his mother had concluded the conversation with Jenny with ‘enjoy yourself’ instead of ‘take care’, otherwise he might have had other thoughts about the current situation.

Chapter 13.3 – Larissa

Class was boring. Jenny didn’t take this course, Richard had been skipping class because he thought it was a waste of time and Eliza was sitting too far to talk to. Every now and then they exchanged glances and apparently she seemed to think that they should’ve followed Richard’s example. It became sort of a game throughout the lecture, distracting them both from whatever the lecture was about.

But the times inbetween those glances was boring. The subject of the lecture was uninteresting and the teacher, a brown haired woman named Anna Hercules, was speeching without her heart being in it. Class was noisy, people were whispering all over the place and it seemed everyone was just waiting until the bell would ring.

Twenty more minutes, he noticed when he checked the clock above the door.Time flies when you’re having fun. He groaned.

“That bad, huh?” the girl two seats next to him whispered. “I guess I’m not the only one having trouble staying awake.”

“Can’t sleep,” he replied in the same hushed tone. “There’s some annoying insect talking in front of the class that keeps me awake everytime I almost fall asleep.”

The girl snickered. “I haven’t introduced myself yet. Name’s Larissa.”

Vincent introduced himself and they shook hands under the table on their new friendship. He’d seen her before, but usually she sat a few rows further. That seat was now occupied by a girl who seemed to believe flirting with the guy behind her was much more interesting than the lecture.

Larissa had orange hair, which could look really bad on some people, but it suited her. It was of a dark orange color – not quite red, but definitely not bright-neon-colored orange. It didn’t attract attention as other people with red hair, to stick out like a sore thumb between all the black, brown and blonde – it was of a dark enough color that it looked actually more regular. The hair didn’t fall down to her shoulderblades, but it was long enough to cover her entire neck.

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