Well, I AM on Vacation! Ch. 02

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After dinner and a few more drinks, the girls piled into the Mustang and headed out to the clubs. The evening was cool with the smell of the ocean mixing with the native plants to give a sweet aroma. The girls hit the first club like a hurricane. Lori and the other girls laughed at how many men offered drinks while Melissa danced with a different man for each song. The techno music throbbed and pumped and Melissa found herself floating on a sea of sound and light.

The girls headed to the second and third club in the same manner. They left a trail of disappointed men in their paths as they drank, danced, and flirted the night away. Finally, they walked up to the Mansion Club and saw Ferrari after Maserati being parked by the valets as well dressed men and their high class dates entered the club.

Lori steered the group to the velvet rope. The doorman asked “Do you have reservations?”

Lori answered with a leer “No but you are going to let us in anyway. The guys will love us.” She slipped something to the doorman and he looked around before waving them through the door.

“What did you give him?” asked Melissa.

“Don’t you worry about what I did. We are here to party and this is the top place in town. Look at all these hot guys!” Lori replied.

Melissa looked around the club and saw one hot guy after another. They looked great in their expensive clothes and were spending money like it was worth nothing to them. “Come on, let’s get some drinks!” Lori said as she led the group to the bar.

After several Mojitos, Melissa was dancing to a song with a really strong dance beat. The man who had asked her to dance was long since tired out and had left for a less energetic partner to talk with. A man danced up to her and leaned in to be heard over the loud music.

“I see you made it from Charlotte” he said with a smile. Melissa looked up and realized this was Jim from the bar at the Charlotte airport. Her knees went weak as she looked up into his twinkling eyes and quick smile.

“Yes, my friends and I have been out having a good time.” she replied.

“Do you want to dance?” he asked.

“Sure!” Melissa replied as the song melted into the next.

The two began slowly and as the music began to move faster, they moved closer. Jim reached out and placed a strong hand on Melissa’s hip pulling her closer. Melissa began to move with his body as he began to lead a grind dance. His eyes were locked with hers as his hips moved with hers. She felt weak as he matched the power of the beat and she could feel the heat of his body against hers. Her hand went to his hip and pulled him even closer as the music rose and fell. The room became indistinct for Melissa and all she could see was the strong stranger moving with her. His eyes held hers and she could see something there which might be called hunger.

In what seemed like moments but was more like an hour, Jim leaned in again as they ground against each other and said “Would you like to get out of here?”

Melissa replied “Oh, yeah.” and he guided her toward the door.

Outside İstanbul Escort Jim handed the valet a ticket and held Melissa close. The sound of the club was clear outside and helped hide the loud beating of Melissa’s heart.

The valet brought Jim’s car around. It was a new Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S. The sound of the car as the valet brought it up to the curb made Melissa slightly weak. The valet opened the door for Melissa as Jim slipped him a tip. The door closed as Jim settled into the driver’s seat. The engine growled as Jim wheeled away from the club and out onto the main street.

“Where to?” Jim asked with a smile.

“We have the penthouse at the Park Central Hotel” Melissa answered before she even knew she was going to.

Jim gave her another quick smile and squeezed her knee before shifting the Maserati into a higher gear and racing toward Miami Beach.

Jim pulled the car up in front of the hotel and the valet helped Melissa out. Her head was spinning from the events of the evening. She could hardly believe Jim was in the club. How did that happen?

Jim slipped his arm around her waist and led her into the lobby. The elevator came quickly after Melissa used her access key to call for the penthouse.

As soon as Melissa led Jim into the living room she felt him stop and turn her to face him.

“I have been waiting for this since Charlotte” he said as his mouth met hers in a kiss.

Melissa opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into Jim’s mouth. She heard him give a short laugh before tangling his tongue with hers. The kiss went on and on with Melissa roaming her hands over Jim’s strong shoulders and arms. Jim also caressed her before finally squeezing her ass and pulling her against her. His strength and the smell of his cologne almost made her faint.

Finally Jim broke the kiss. “Wow! You are really good at that.” Jim said.

Melissa just smiled at him before she took his hand and pulled him toward her bedroom. “Let me show you else I am good at.” she said as they walked down the hall.

“Who said that? This is not me!” thought Melissa. “I have never felt like this before. What happened to me?” she thought as she led Jim into the room and closed the door.

Melissa had Jim sit on the edge of the bed and removed his shoes and socks. She pulled him up again and met him with another quick kiss. Melissa’s hands were trembling as she reached for Jim’s belt. She unbuckled it and began unzipping his pants. She pushed his pants down and let them fall to the floor exposing his Italian underwear.

She looked up and gave him a hungry grin as she pushed the expensive underwear down Jim’s legs to join the pants on the floor. She helped him step out of the clothes before she roughly pushed Jim back onto the bed.

Jim was a little surprised at first but quickly realized this was not going to an encounter where he was in charge. His cock quickly hardened as Melissa climbed on the bed and crawled toward him with a hungry look in her eyes. She kissed him quickly and his breath İstanbul Escort quickened when he felt her small hand grab his cock and give it an appraising tug.

Melissa broke the kiss and smiled at him before she leaned down to flick his nipple with her tongue. Jim could not believe this was the same seemingly shy woman he chatted with in Charlotte. He stroked her hair as she began to lick down his body.

Melissa finally got a close look at Jim’s cock. It was nice and heavy in her hand. Her small hand could barely wrap around it and the head was large and pink like a plumb. The sight of it made her mouth water and her pussy twitch with desire.

Melissa opened her mouth as wide as she could and slid the head of Jim’s cock inside. Her mouth watered at the feel of his cock on her tongue. She tried to take it deeper but she gagged at first. She slid it back out a bit and slowly took it in again. This time she was able to suck more of the delicious cock inside.

Jim could not believe the scene he was watching. This cute girl was intent on getting as much of his cock into her mouth. The saliva from her mouth ran down his shaft and coated his balls. Her mouth was stretched wide around his shaft with the head touching her throat. He could feel her trying to relax enough to take in more of his cock and the feeling almost sent him over the edge.

Melissa was now able to work the cock in a bit deeper each time she sucked it in. She could feel her throat loosening more and more as she worked it in deeper. Finally on one of the times, she felt Jim’s public hairs tickle her nose. She could feel every inch of the cock in her mouth and into her throat. She was so full it was hard to breath.

She slowly let it come out of her mouth with a pop and licked her lips as she looked up at Jim. “Did you like that?” she said with a smile.

Jim grinned and rolled over to grab Melissa causing her to squeak with surprise. “Let me show you what I’m good at.” he said with a grin. He stripped her clothes off quickly and threw them off the bed.

Jim pulled off his shirt and tee shirt before positioning Melissa with a pillow under her head. He moved over her and threw her legs over his shoulders.

Melissa smiled as Jim looked up from between her legs. She moaned as Jim began slowly circling her clit with his pointed tongue. She tangled her fingers in his hair as he began to flick her clit quickly. Melissa felt electricity shooting through her body as Jim skillfully switched between licking and flicking her clit and began licking her wet pussy.

Melissa moaned deeply when she felt Jim slide two fingers inside her. She knew from sucking Jim’s cock it was going to be a tight fit when it was time for him to fuck her. After a few minutes, she felt Jim add another finger to stretch her pussy even wider. The juices were flowing down his fingers and coating his hand as he continued to lick her clit and slowly finger her pussy.

After a few minutes, Melissa felt Jim slide his fingers from her pussy and move up her body. She held his Escort İstanbul strong shoulders as he licked and nibbled her breasts and nipples. She could feel his rock hard cock dancing between her legs. The head would graze her wet pussy and send more shocks through her body.

Her hand moved between them as if by its own control. She grasped Jim’s cock and rubbed the large head in the wetness of her pussy lips and coated it with sweet juice. She was so horny now and she knew what she needed. The activities of the day only served to wet her appetite for this moment.

Melissa positioned the large cock at the entrance of her sopping pussy. The throbbing of Jim’s cock in her hand made her pussy even wetter. Jim moved gently as he leaned in to kiss Melissa’s lips. The head of his cock began to spread her pussy wider as it began to enter her. Melissa moaned into Jim’s mouth as her hand felt the large cock spreading her wide as it tried to enter her. She relaxed as much as she could to help Jim get his cock into her.

“It is so big! I don’t now how I am going to be able to take it all.” Melissa thought. After a while, Melissa felt the head of Jim’s cock slip into her pussy with a pop. She moaned as Jim began to slowly slide the shaft of his cock deeper and deeper inside her.

She could feel the head of Jim cock moving as he pushed more of his member into her. Almost without realizing it her hand on his shaft felt Jim’s balls resting against her. “Oh, my! He’s all the way inside me…” she thought with a moan.

Jim held his weight off of Melissa as he continued to kiss her neck and throat. He held still to allow her to adjust to his size knowing it was a lot for the girl to take all at once. Melissa rubbed Jim’s strong back and tight ass while enjoying the fullness in her pussy from his big cock.

After a while, Melissa started to roll her hips to feel the big cock twitch inside her. She still could not believe it was all the way inside her. At this Jim began to slowly slide his cock out of her. Melissa moaned at the feeling of emptiness from the retreating invader. With the head of his cock just inside the entrance to her pussy, Jim paused for a moment. He leaned down to suck one and then the other of Melissa’s nipples. As he sucked, he slowly began to push back inside her. Melissa groaned a welcome as she felt herself being refilled by Jim’s fat cock.

Jim kept a slow pace to his steady fucking. Melissa moaned and clasped Jim as he drove his cock into her over and over. Her pussy became even juicier to allow Jim easier access as he continued to slide in and out of her.

Finally, Melissa began to pull Jim into her by his hips — urging him to go faster. Jim kissed her hard and his tongue found hers as he picked up the pace. The sound of their flesh slapping combined with the wet sounds of Melissa’s pussy as it was being fucked filled the room.

Suddenly, Jim broke the kiss and arched his back with a moan. Melissa could feel his cock get even bigger as he held it deep inside her. The feel of the sperm coursing from Jim’s cock into her pussy sent her over the edge.

She also gave a loud moan and held on to Jim tightly as her own orgasm broke over her. After several moments, Jim kissed Melissa gently on the lips. “That was…amazing.” he said.

“Well, I AM on vacation.” Melissa replied with a naughty smile.

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