Cat Ch. 01

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Her leg bounced rhythmically up and down, on the balls of her feet. She was turned towards her computer which offered me the chance to check her out more closely. Although she was wearing loose faded denim jeans they clung just enough to define the outlines of her calf. It was hypnotic in a way, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. My eyes began to trace the vibrations up, watching her knee shake then tracing up her thigh. My view was interrupted as she waved her hand in front of my face.

“Hey are you spacing out there?”

She was smiling; she knew I hadn’t been paying attention. If she knew where my mind had been going though, she might not have looked as amused.

“Yea just, uh…thinking. Nothing important though what were you saying?”

She started again turning back towards her computer screen, but I was already zoned back out. It’s difficult to concentrate, she’s absolutely gorgeous and despite the conservative jeans and baggy t-shirt, she was stunning. She was about 5′ 8″ with long light brown hair. Her skin is creamy white, delicate and soft looking. Although she typically wore her hair up, I knew from the times it was down that it was long, curly and perfectly suited to her. Her breasts were perfectly sized shapely without being overwhelming. Her hips were curvy and it was hard not to imagine grasping on to them from behind. She radiated sexuality, and it had slowly begun to consume my thoughts.

“Ah that makes sense”

I had no idea what I had just said that to, but judging by the look on her face it fit. Phew, score one for me. That would buy me another minute or so of head nodding. Unconsciously I must have been leaning forward because as she turned around to face me again I was close enough to catch the faint scent of her. I was completely lost in thought for a moment, as she filled my senses. I was fighting a losing battle. Her eyes were alluring, aloof, and mischievous even. Cat…Her name fit her so well.

“I lost you again didn’t I?”

I hadn’t noticed that she had stopped talking. I really needed almanbahis giriş to clear my head, she was getting to me. I don’t know how badly I might have blushed, but I could feel my face flush with red. She smiled but didn’t say anything, she was difficult to read.

“Maybe we should grab some coffee, give us a chance to wake up?”

I was a little worried about having to stand up so quickly so I made an excuse to re-tie my shoe while I desperately tried to think of my mother, baseball, and Janet Reno all at the same time. By the time I stood, I had brought myself back under control enough to walk to the break room with her.

We made small talk as we walked, I allowed myself to lag behind only slightly so I could observe her hips sway as she walked. She moved fluidly and quietly, unlike most people who rarely pay attention to the sound of their own footsteps she barely made any sound as she moved.

We turned onto a quiet hallway, the building under populated due to the early hour. As she turn I again glanced at her ass, admiring the curves as she moved forward.

“Enjoying the scenery?”

Damn, that was the third time she had caught me off guard. I was not on the ball today. She had one eyebrow raised, lips pursed. If she hadn’t been so cute it might have been intimidating.

“Ask me no questions I’ll tell you no lies”

It was all I could think of, but she just grinned and kept walking. As we walked through another door she turned and walked into the women’s restrooms. Still lost in thought I followed her in, only realizing where I was as she turned to face me, arms crossed and laughing.

“Now I HAVE to know where your mind has been.”

I started to turn around to walk back out, already red as I was realizing what I had done but I felt her hand on my shoulder.

A rare moment of contact that startled me into stopping, and instead staring directly into her eyes. There was still the same look of mischief but also a look that made my cock leap inside my pants. It was the same desire I know she almanbahis could see in my eyes, as she caught me staring at her.

“Oh…that’s what I thought”

She was perceptive, she had known all along. The detour wasn’t an accident; it was her chance to prove a point. That she owned me, before I had even known it.

“Maybe you wanted a closer look?”

It was my turn to smile, it was all processing now and instinct had finally kicked in. She was undoing her jeans button with one hand, though her eyes never glanced down. She reached out with the other and drew me in nibbling on my bottom lip biting just hard enough to draw a drop of blood.

It was exactly the push I needed to shake off the daze and act. I pulled her head back and began kissing and biting at her neck and shoulder. She grabbed my hand and slid it down the front of her pants; I could feel my finger tips resting against damp cotton as her hips began to grind against me slowly. I could feel the warmth and wet radiating as I inched my fingers closer to her wet slit I again caught the seductive smell of her sex.

Her breathing began to quicken, she was guiding my hand now, a brief moan escaped her lips and her eyes fluttered closed for a moment. Then I felt my finger brush against her pussy lips. She shuddered and her eyes flashed open again. I drew her to my mouth and kissed her, sucking her tongue into my mouth. As I did, I curved my fingers down and slid my middle finger inside her.

“Oh yes” She threw her head back offering me the chance to bring my fingers to nose, inhaling her scent and then tasting her. She intoxicated me, and I had to have more. Ripping her hip hugging jeans and panties off I leaned her against the wall as I kneeled in front of her. Her hips and legs spread out from the wall, while her back remained in place. I placed my mouth against her now slick mound and let my breath tickle her lips and clit. Her breathing was becoming more and more ragged and her eyes were now closed, lost in the moment.

I wanted to drag it out, to make almanbahis giriş it last…I slid my tongue up as lightly as I could, just barely brushing against her skin. She jumped and moaned, then forced her hips out further attempting to make more solid contact. This time I took her slippery lips into my mouth and sucked on them gently. Her body began to quiver, and I withdrew to breathe hot breath against her again.

This time there was frustration in the movement, a sense of desperation as her hips moved back and forth. I reached up with one hand to cup her ass, enjoying how smooth and soft her skin was under my hand. I moved her ass and hips up slightly, guiding them to my lips. As I made my first full lick, tongue sliding up and over her clit she made an audible cry out in pleasure.

I felt her sweet juice being to drip down my chin and I was struck by how incredibly wet she had become, it was driving me wild. The strong animal desires growing with every lick. I had grasped her ass firmly now and began to circle her clit with my tongue. Occasionally darting my tongue inside her pussy, before flattening it and dragging it up her puffy swollen lips.

I slowed the pace only enough for her to relax for a moment before I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her back arched and I saw her hands move under her shirt, toying with her breasts. I took the opportunity to slide two fingers up and inside her, curving them against the roof of her pussy until I felt the soft fleshy mound of her g-spot.

“Oh god, oh yes, oh yes” She was gasping now and I wanted to feel her cum onto my face. I began pressing into her g-spot, rubbing against it while I sucked on her clit, faster and harder. My tongue darting across it while I rolled her clit between my lips. She was panting, shivering, her body trembling and jumping. I could sense her orgasm coming, her body shuddering harder and more frantically.

She snapped her fingers at me.

“I lost you again didn’t I?”

I blinked a few times and looked at her. She had caught my mind wandering again. My face was flush and I could tell she must have been watching me lost in thought for at least a few seconds. Trying to cover as smoothly as I could.

“I was just thinking about grabbing some coffee, care to join me?”

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