Denise’s White Underpants Ch. 05

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Big Tits

N.B: This story contains graphic descriptions of toilet activity, in particular a female bowel movement. If this is likely to cause offence, please read no further!


Fortunately for me, I only needed to wait a mere 24 hours to receive the final part of my birthday present from Denise.

After a full day at work, Denise returned to my apartment just after 6 pm.

Wholly anticipating something very special from my lover, I had high hopes that we would leave no stone unturned in making the most of my annual celebration.

Denise had spared the nurse’s uniform on this occasion, preferring for a pair of modest slacks, which highlighted the shape of her hips and bum along with a buttoned shirt up top.

Wasting little time, we once again commenced our session in the bedroom, much as we had done the previous evening with Denise pulling down her pants bent over and me beginning to touch her across her large crotch panel.

Denise knew that her Size 14 white cotton underpants had turned me on so much, with the larger crotch panel offering more absorption from her between-leg openings and more staining and odour for me to enjoy during our love-making sessions.

I could tell immediately that Denise was not wearing a pad tonight.

As much as I had enjoyed finding soiled sanitary pads inside her big white knickers as well as finding some in the trash of her bathroom, running my fingers over her soft, smooth crotch pad was so very exciting for both of us.

For me, it was feeling the soft sensuality of her cotton crotch panel knowing this thin strip of material was the only thing between my fingers and her tender, mature genitals.

For her, it was the feeling of me touching her here and knowing there was even one less layer between my searching fingers and her most private of female body parts.

Denise relaxed into a deeper, more open squat position whilst on all-fours, in order to give me better access to her undercarriage as my fingers worked softly but ever-more-firmly across the width of her crotch.

Denise’s breathless moaning had begun as my strokes must have been contacting her erogenous items – labia, clit, vaginal opening and anus – individually and all at once.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm…” I joined in, “I love touching you across your big undies like this…Mmmmmmmm…they’re so soft in between your legs.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm…” Denise reciprocated, “You know they’ve been in between my legs all day, so they should be nice and ‘spicy’ for you right now!”

“Spicy, eh?” I was starting to gibber.

Before I even had the chance to contemplate the fresh spiciness on the inside of Denise’s undies, she continued at full speed.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm…I’ve been passing so much gas into my undies today! My bowels have been building up all day and there’s been A LOT of gas! My undies have been absorbing so much of it so I hope there wasn’t any ‘follow-up’. “

My erection doubled in size almost instantly.

“I’m happy to check for you if you’d like!” I replied cheekily.

“Would you do that for me darling?” Denise asked of me earnestly.

Taking that as permission, I slowly began to slide Denise’s big Size 14 underpants down over her wide bum and hips, at first revealing her dark bum crack, her large, white buttocks and eventually her undies were down far enough that I could see right inside them – the most startling and arousing view was that of her stained crotch panel, which now faced straight back up towards me from having just been between her legs.

I was somewhat surprised the slightly yellowish stain was not more pronounced although it appeared painted in an almost perfect length across the vaginal strip of her wide crotch pad.

“Ohhhhhh Denise!” I said with controlled fervour, “I can see your panty stain down in between your legs!”

After a few moments considering this, Denise replied with, “It’s especially for you! Happy birthday!”

Unrestrained, I bent down towards her bum and exposed underpants. Being able to approach the inside of her undies from behind gave me the wonderful opportunity to savour any odour that Denise had produced from both between her legs and from the inside of her knickers.

“I actually had on a pad this morning but took it off around lunchtime to let my undies absorb everything directly and give you more of a present!” Denise graced me with this exciting extra information.

“You’ve done so well to keep your undies as clean as they are then!” I complimented Denise sincerely, whilst also beginning to feel like something of an authority on feminine hygiene!

“Why thank you darling!” Denise gushed in return.

By now I had positioned my face down between her legs with her bare bottom within an extension of my tongue and I desired more than anything to press down towards the sacred realm of her discharge-soiled cotton underpants.

“Come down as far as you need to my darling…I want you to get close!” Denise offered.

With my left hand slowly but firmly stroking my cock, I used the spare right to gently kaçak iddaa push Denise’s dirty crotch panel onto my nose and mouth from the outside of the panty.

I made multiple short, sharp inhales directly out of the apex of the crotch pad whilst simultaneously running my tongue across the vaginal geometry of the material – knowing full well that this is where Denise’s vagina and pubic hair had been rubbing all day on the inside of her large knickers.

The smell was indeed tangy – Denise’s special cocktail of pubic sweat, vaginal tang, urine and some hint of perfume was also in the mix.

Still yet to explore any further, I yearned to eventually move my attentions further to the back of the panty, where Denise had so frankly confessed to me that she had been releasing gas from her bowels directly into undies throughout the day.

It didn’t take long.

From consuming all the odour and any flavour from the vaginal section of her underpants, I strategically began to focus just to the rear where my imagination roamed to Denise’s puckered anus flexing repeatedly, as the gas forced its way from her body, the cotton underpants both absorbing odour and protecting her outer garments all at once.

I licked the rear area of her panties which would likely have absorbed most of the gas – not exactly knowing, but vaguely hoping I could still taste the remains of her gassy expulsions. My tongue was also swirling of course for any faecal specs dispatched in the process, even though Denise had not left any obvious poo streaks on the white cotton during the day.

“I love watching you enjoy my panties like this!” Denise purred. “It’s like you’re smelling and tasting my holes directly!”

“Of course, I want to do that too!” I chirped.

“Well my dirty lover – you’re in luck! It’s your birthday and I’ve been meaning to tell you – I REALLY need to go to the toilet!” Denise now dropped the ultimate lead-on.

I could only hope that this meant she REALLY needed to go to the toilet.

Number 1?

Hopefully for certain.

Number 2?

Hopefully for certain as well, but justifiably as with anything to do with a potential bowel movement, there was a healthy amount of trepidation involved if it came to this.

Denise and I had been comfortably including toilet activity (amongst other things) in our sexual exploits, so for one of us engaging defecation for mutual pleasure seemed like a very exciting (albeit dirty…and naughty) development.

I was more than happy to move our activity into the toilet at this very point – as was Denise apparently.

Sliding Denise’s big white bloomers back over her hips and bum, we changed location once more.

Denise immediately turned towards me, slid her knickers down around her knees and sat on the white toilet seat.

Her top was still on at this point, with me likewise keeping my shirt on but now dealing with a huge erection inside my jocks.

“Come down closer darling, I so want you to see me pee!” Denise beckoned directly.

I took a few moments to just look at my shapely, mature lover sitting down on the toilet about to share one of her more private bodily functions with me, just as she would at any time during her day. Her lowered white underpants were the focus of everything of what I was looking at however.

Women’s underpants are removed and exposed at only certain times – going to the toilet, having sex and when changing clothes at various times of the day.

Such a natural exposure it is – and so exciting, that what is almost exclusively something for “women’s eyes only” was actually being shared with me exclusively.

It occurred to me whilst gazing at Denise in her seated position, that many women learn much about and go about managing their most feminine secrets whilst sitting on the toilet.

Fundamental holes are opened and exposed in a very private setting at this time and offer the ideal opportunity to deal with them accordingly.

Beyond staring at the overall picture with wonder, I observed her pale milky thighs angling apart sufficiently to see the top of her ginger pubic triangle which currently sat benignly above the mechanics of what was about to take place.

Denise repeated her gesture to bring me in closer.

I obliged readily.

Denise opened her thighs wider now also exposing the inside of her crotch panel to me as I pushed the cotton to my nose and mouth once more.

I wanted to sniff and taste Denise’s odour and flavour so badly as I watched her urinate at close range and it almost took me by surprise and I saw the first spurts spray from within the midst of her pubic hair.

Within moments, Denise’s waterworks were now hissing in full jet-stream mode – the acrid smell of her urine permeating the clustered atmosphere between her legs above all else.

I could also feel the smelly droplets of spray hitting my face. It was all happening so quickly, I just wanted everything to just slow down.

Denise could just have easily have been reading my mind as she suddenly stopped kaçak bahis the flow.

I then took it upon myself to use my thumbs and pull her labia majora apart and expose her slightly dangling labia minora, which also split apart quite easily when prompted.

Clearly visible were multiple droplets of pee which had obviously caught her ginger pubes on the way through and some considerable amount of moisture congregated around her bright pink flaps and the internals of her equally pink vaginal meatus.

Also just visible was the small pink acorn of Denise’s clitoris, which was caught up in her moist labial folds, beautifully surrounded by ginger hair as was most else between her legs.

“Oh Denise!” I murmured, not really knowing what else to say.

“Do you want to lick my pee?” she asked.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm…” I groaned as I extended my tongue down between her legs and began licking around her dripping pubes and the areas contained by both sets of labia.

Most crucially I wanted to split her cunt apart with my fingers and extend my tongue to explore the physical outlet of her urethra.

Being able to taste Denise’s urine directly from its source as well as explore her vaginal structure so intimately with my tongue was all that I could have wanted – all this, knowing that Denise was still raw and unwashed after her long day at work.

What a finale to my birthday present!

And yet, the best was yet to come – even though I was only about to realise it.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…,” Denise moaned as my tongue pressed against her still dilated pee hole, likely finding certain nerve endings associated with the deep shaft of her clitoris.

For me, the salty and slightly acrid taste of her urine had found its way into my mouth.

It wasn’t exactly sparkling wine but had such a deep bodily flavour to it that was impossible to resist along with the already well-established pussy spice that was in plentiful evidence from within the private recesses of her panties.

What always has fascinated me about a woman’s geography was what I was currently looking at as Denise sat on the toilet – that on outward appearances, there is “nothing” between a woman’s legs.

Men of course have ample “dangle” – penis and a scrotum – but women are basically “bare”, aside from that magical triangle of hair that with greater knowledge of course, hides the real “something” that women have hidden up underneath them.

Even with the most generous covering of pubic hair, women’s “dangle” can still be evident with a well-developed set of protruding labia or well-sized clitoris making itself obvious from within the natural protection.

The toilet is therefore one of the best environments to discover these secrets as every individual woman attends to her business in the most natural possible way.

In Denise’s case, there was an amount of natural “dangle” when exploring further.

Her lips were by no means thick and flappy like some women, but there was enough flesh contained within them that they were able to “hang” nicely at certain angles.

Getting them split apart and unrestricted over the toilet bowl was ideal and this is what I most wanted now.

“There’s still a little bit more,” Denise alluded to the scene currently going on between her legs.

So it was with much excitement that I held her large labia apart, which subsequently allowed her minor labia to achieve their pretty and explicit “dangle”.

With lips splayed, Denise commenced round 2 of her urination, spraying the remaining contents of her bladder with force into the toilet bowl beneath.

It was a much cleaner pee as the flow had virtually unrestricted exit, completely missing labial wrinkles and hair and instead transferring directly from bladder to toilet bowl (via a very open and distended urethra).

Denise’s pee structure hissed dramatically for a good further 20 seconds or so, providing plentiful amounts of rebounded spray onto my fingertips and even a few on my face.

At the very moment that her jet stream began to reduce, a lengthy, sonorous fart released into the toilet bowl.

This was not only very unexpected but also the first time I had heard evidence of gas passing out of Denise’s body.

As Denise had been alluding to, she had been farting plentifully throughout the day so maybe I should have been more prepared.

At least this was proof that she wasn’t lying!

As the last few squirts of urine released now themselves into the toilet, another couple of short farts escaped from Denise’s bottom.

“Ooooooh Denise,” I added, “that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you fart!”

Denise looked down at me with a somewhat shameless grin as she began to stroke my hair, almost beckoning me to move my face right down in between her legs with the anticipation of possibly more to come.

It was apparent that the farts were not particularly smelly but I certainly craved the idea of being able to smell at least something from her gassy emissions.

In the meantime, I took the liberty to once illegal bahis again extend my tongue towards her pee-moistened vulva.

Peeling her tender, moist labia apart with my fingers, I tried to expose her urethra as best I could – just below her clitoral lump and just above her vagina – and as soon as I could see its gape, I sent my tongue directly towards it, bypassing all the hair and pink labial flesh to begin flicking around its dilation and swirling as might have been done with a fold or two of pure white toilet paper.

It wasn’t long before I could taste the tangy saltiness of her urine residue in my mouth.

Feeling for the opening of her urethra with the tip of my tongue also allowed me to flick it up underneath the bulge of her clit.

At this, Denise began to breathlessly gasp.

Sitting on the toilet with her legs apart, knickers down and her vaginal flaps wide open and exposed after peeing, Denise was allowing me the most intimate access to her femininity and natural bodily functions possible.

Giving Denise maximum sexual pleasure in return was now the least I could do.

I thus kept my tongue where it was – swirling around her open pee hole and nudging upwards against the shaft of her swollen clit – all the while, savouring the flavours and odours that were emitting from between Denise’s legs and the innards of her big white underpants.

Denise was now gasping and moaning as much as I was inhaling and swallowing.

“Ohhhhhhh…that feels SO GOOD!” Denise managed to vocalise but I was too busy licking her to respond.

My tongue flicked and slowly circled, prodded and poked and massaged Denise’s urethra and clitoris.

“Would you like me to touch your anus?” I asked with a desire to increase her arousal.

“Mmmmmmmm…I’d love you to!” Denise responded instantly.

Releasing my hand from Denise’s vulva, I then reached further down underneath and found the dirtier, wrinkled opening of her anus.

In my experience, when you initially touch a woman’s anus, it can either feel dry or moist.

Denise’s felt moist.

It actually “squelched” some when I started to move my finger around its surface.

“Mmmmmmmm…you’re a little bit wet back here,” I commented.

“Really?” Denise replied.

My mind ran through the possible factors from her daily activity – sweat, poo, farting, pee residue and the biggest “X-Factor” of them all, the general phenomena of “bum juice”.

“Bum Juice” I imagined to be the equal of vaginal discharge or smegma – the natural lubrication of the anus – which can apply to both male and female alike.

Whatever the cause, the feeling was somewhere between tacky and slimy and with Denise’s consent, I kept my finger there massaging for well over a minute.

“Mmmmmmm…I’ve been farting so much today. If it’s mixed in with sweat and any moisture from around my bum – I’m not surprised it’s a bit slippery down there!”

Denise’s commentary was arousing as it was frank.

Wanting to seize the moment, I looked up at Denise as I pressed my finger more firmly at her anal opening and felt her convulse slightly as my finger slid inside.

“Ohhhhhhh…” Denise breathlessly vocalised as my finger entered her rectum.

I may not have needed to wonder any longer where Denise’s anal moisture was coming from as the inside of her rectal walls felt exceptionally well lubricated.

My finger was now exploring – pushing ever so gently further up into her poo channel and Denise moaned even more audibly as my penetration deepened.

As I extended as far as my finger would reach, it suddenly felt like I touched something I would never have expected to touch.

The way Denise flinched instantaneously as I made contact, merely confirmed what I was thinking.

“I think I’m actually touching your movement!” I could hardly contain myself.

“You ARE!” Denise replied with zeal.

“Ohhhhhh Denise! I can’t believe I’m really touching the head of your poo!” I continued excitedly.

“It’s been building up inside me all day long,” Denise kindly supplied me with the details. “All the gas. All the urges I’ve had to go. I wanted to save it, hold it in and let it build up for as long as possible – just for you! A very SPECIAL birthday present for YOU – my dirty, dirty boy!”

It was a feeling I didn’t want to surrender quickly and therefore my finger stayed where it was – massaging the innards of Denise’s rectum and of course, the hard-packed stool that she was storing up inside her.

I had to double-take somewhat at that moment to take it all in.

“Look at you my dirty boy – down in between my legs while I sit on the toilet and do my business for you. You get to see the discharge stains on the inside of my big white undies as well as a full-frontal view of all my hairy lady parts. And if that’s not enough, you’ve got your finger way up inside my bum hole touching the tip of my bowel movement and all this only moments after you watched me pee and I let you lick my wide-open pee hole.” Denise was very timely with the intervention of her commentary which certainly helped me to take stock. “If you keep your finger where it is, I can start rubbing my clit and I’ll think deeply about what I’m going to show you.”

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