Ebony Seduction Ch. 12

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Keisha and I woke up late, well after ten am the next day. My eyes adjusted and I found myself looking up at the familiar beige color of my ceiling. It amazed me to think that this time last week, we were in the air on our way to a vacation that would change our lives. Slipping out of bed, I went to relieve myself and take a shower. Keisha joined me a few minutes later and we kissed good morning, then I finished cleaning myself before exiting and finishing my morning routine.

I didn’t bother dressing as I put on a pot of coffee, grabbed myself an orange and settled down to wake up. Keisha obviously had the same idea as me because she emerged from the bathroom in the same state of undress. She grabbed a cup of coffee and joined me on the couch. No words were spoken but I could tell something was definitely bothering her. I adjusted my body so that our legs were touching, waiting a minute before asking what was wrong. Keisha smiled, trying her best not to appear worried which did nothing to assuage my curiosity. Finally, she sighed and held up her hand, her thumb moving the ring on her finger. It took a second or two for my brain to grasp her meaning but then it hit me.

“You have to call your mom and tell her, don’t you?” Keisha nodded and took another sip of coffee as a tear fell from her eye. I felt my stomach clench, realizing what this meant. When we were in Hawaii, the setting and the mood made my asking her hand in marriage almost not real, like living in a wonderful fantasy. Waking up in reality was a different matter all together. Now, the very real chance of rejection from her family had sunk in. I knew the sting all too well. Waiting until she finished her coffee, I gathered Keisha in my arms, holding her to me. “You know how much I love you, right?” I asked. She nodded in response. “You know I will always love you.” Again, Keisha just nodded. “If you can’t do this right now, I understand. If you want to wait until you can tell her, we can put the ring away.” This time, instead of nodding, Keisha rose up and looked me square in the eye.

“This ring doesn’t leave my finger until I switch it to the other hand when we marry.” The look of determination in Keisha’s tear-filled eyes at that moment caused my insides to flutter. She leaned down, putting her hands on my cheeks and kissed me. “Do I make myself clear Pamela Anne?” she asked. I smiled at the use of my middle name.

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied, smiling. Keisha leaned over and pressed herself against me again. We laid there, holding each other in silence for a while. I felt the warmth of her body radiating into me and, for a moment, the world fell away. There was only us right then. Not Keisha and Pam as two separate beings. Just us together as one.

After what felt like just short of eternity, Keisha sighed, maneuvered her body so that her back was resting on my breasts, and picked up her phone. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her as she pressed the screen to dial her mother. For a brief moment, I was a little jealous of her. At least she had enough of a relationship with her mom that she felt she had to call. Then my mind snapped back into clarity when Keisha started to speak.

“Hey Mom. I just wanted to let you know that I made it back from Hawaii safe and sound.” I felt her body trembling and hugged her tighter. “Oh, it was wonderful! Yeah, I went hiking and walking the beach. Yes Mom, I got you some souvenirs. Um…of course I took pictures.” Keisha, at that moment, took a deep breath before continuing. “Well, I will post them on Facebook so you can see them. But I have to tell you something. I, well, got engaged.”

Keisha quickly pulled the phone from her ear and winced as her mom screamed “WHAT?!?”

“Yeah, I’m going to get married!” There was a brief pause, then “No, I’m not pregnant.” I couldn’t help myself and let out a little snorting giggle at that statement. “His name? Um…Pamela.” Dead silence. “Mom…? Yes Ma’am.” With that Keisha disconnected the call.

Turning to face me, Keisha simply said “I have to go to New York.” I saw tears welling up in her eyes as she fought not to break down. It was a losing battle. I held her in my arms as she cried. There was a moment when I cursed at myself for causing Keisha such pain. She’d made one of the toughest decisions in her life. In essence, choosing me over her family. I prayed that this wasn’t the case. That her family, unlike mine, would accept her and love her and never shut her out.

After a few minutes, I leaned down and whispered “I’ll pack.”

Keisha opened her red-rimmed eyes. “You don’t have to go Pam. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

My heart skipped a beat when she said that. “Do you want me to go?” After a few eternity-filled seconds, Keisha nodded. “Good. Because I was going whether you said no or yes. After all, your mom is going to be my mom soon enough.”

Keisha let out a choking laugh and wiped the tears away with her hand. “Yeah, you’re right.”

I gently extracted myself from under her and went to start packing. After about five minutes, I heard casino oyna Keisha get up and run to the bathroom. Then she joined me in the bedroom, throwing some clean clothes into her suitcase. After I finished packing, I stood there at my closet, looking at my clothes. What the hell should I wear? I was going to meet my fiancé’s mother?

Keisha solve the question for me. She reached in, selecting my white blouse and a pair of jeans. “My mom doesn’t like people who try to impress her too much.” I nodded in understanding, getting dressed and throwing a simple face on. Nothing too fancy.

Keisha smiled in approval when I emerged from the bathroom. I put the suitcases in the car as well as the souvenirs she’s bought from Hawaii as she finished up. Then, just like that, we were on our way to the Big Apple.

The trip down took about four and a half hours. Traffic was with us and soon enough, I was pulling onto the street where Keisha had grown up. The neighborhood was nice. Keisha, who’d been silently looking out the window for most of the drive perked up a little as we entered her familiar stomping grounds. She pointed out where she’d gone to school, where she used to hang out with her friends and some great restaurants that she said we had to eat at.

I let her talk, throwing in some “Wow!” and “Really?” when appropriate. But, soon enough, we pulled up in front of her home. I took a hold of her hand and squeezed it encouragingly. “Ready?” I asked and she looked at the front door.

Turning to face me, I could see the look of determination in Keisha’s eyes. “Yeah. Pam, I just want you to know that I choose you. No matter what happens, I want to be with you forever.” My heart swelled at her words and it gave me the confidence to open the car door and exit. Running around to the other side of the car, I opened Keisha’s door and took her hand, helping her from the car.

As soon as she exited the car, Keisha’s eyes got really big. I sighed because I guessed the look for what it was and as soon as I turned around, I realized I was right. There was an older woman standing on the porch along with three men who towered over her. Right at that moment, I had to fight a flight response, steel my nerves and walk with Keisha up the walkway and stairs to the four people who were waiting for us.

Keisha’s mother had a look on her face that can only be described as exaggeratingly disapproving. There was a long moment that mother and daughter just stood there, looking at each other. Then, to my happy amazement, both broke into smiles and hugged each other.

“Mamma, this is Pamela Smith.” Keisha said after she broke the embrace. I did my best to smile, focusing on the woman in front of me. I could definitely see Keisha’s features in her mother; the same cute nose, the same dark eyes, the same determined set to her jaw. Again, there was an awkward silence as she studied me over. I offered my hand to shake, praying I was making a good example.

“Hi Pamela, I’m Candace,” she said, taking my hand in a firm grip and shaking it.

“Hello Candace. It’s an honor to meet you.” A slight smile played upon her lips at my statement. I prayed again that it was a good sign.

“Well, come on in. Don’t want to stand out here all day.” Everybody followed her lead. Keisha took hold of my hand and squeezed it reassuringly as we crossed the threshold. Inside the house was nicely furnished, nothing too expensive but everything was well cared for. One could tell that Candace ran a tight ship when it came to cleanliness. When we all were in, I was introduced to the three brothers; Ron Jr., the oldest, Ty, definitely the biggest, standing at least six and a half feet tall with bulging muscles, and Jason, the youngest who was still a senior in high school. Ron Jr. was definitely the leader of the three brothers and seemed to be the nicest as he smiled warmly and shook my hand. Ty tried his best to look intimidating and my hand disappeared into his when I shook it. Jason was a bit shy and just smiled and said hello when we were introduced.

“Pamela, would you like to come to the kitchen with me? I have a fresh pot of coffee brewed,” Candace said. I nodded and followed her to the back of the house where she closed the door. Just before closing it, she looked out and mouthed “Behave.” Candace offered me a cup which I gratefully accepted. Sitting down, she pulled a cigarette out of her purse, silently asking permission before lighting it. I nodded and took a sip of coffee. I noticed a wonderful smell emanating from a large pot on the stove.

“I hope you can stay for dinner,” Candace said. “I’m making my famous chili.”

“It smells wonderful. Thank you for inviting me.”

Candace took a long drag off of her cigarette and a sip of her coffee, all the while looking at me. Then she spoke. “I have to ask. Do you love my daughter?”

I looked Keisha’s mother straight in the eyes. “Yes Ma’am. With all of my heart and soul.”

Again, there was a silence. Another sip of coffee. Another inhalation of smoke. All the while, she looked me over. “Do canlı casino you have any siblings Pamela?”

“Yes Ma’am. I have a younger sister.”

“I raised five children by myself. Did you know that?” I shook my head no. “Keisha’s father, Ron Sr., died soon after Jason was born.” I waited as she paused to take another sip of coffee. The first thing that they taught in law school was when a person wanted to talk, let them. “So, over the years, I became really good at telling when someone is lying to me.” I held my breath at that. Candace paused for effect, then her face broke into a smile. “Yeah, I can tell that you really love her.” I let out a long breath and smiled too. My hands were trembling a bit as I picked up the coffee mug and brought it to my lips.

“This wasn’t easy for you, was it?” I shook my head no. Flashbacks of my meeting with Ms. Witten all those months ago flashed through my mind. “I don’t mean to pry but have you told your parents yet.” Again, I shook my head no. I could feel tears start to well up a little. All of the nervousness that I’d suppressed on the way down to New York were threatening to come out. I’d been strong for Keisha’s sake but still I was a bundle of nerves inside. The relief that I felt when Candace smiled overwhelmed me. Tears started to flow and I did my best to hide them with the coffee mug. I closed my eyes, trying my best to not break down in front of my future mother-in-law, but to no avail. Then, I heard Candace stand up and felt her arms encircle my body, hugging me to her.

It took a minute or two before I could calm back down. I gratefully accepted the paper towel to dry my eyes and let out a little choking laugh. “Sorry about that.” I finally said, dabbing my eyes again.

“It’s okay, honey.” Candace replied, her tone gentle.

“I have to apologize again, though.”

“For what? Loving my daughter?”

My eyes got really big when she said that. “No, no! I mean, well, I am sorry for causing your family pain.”

“Something must have really hurt you, Pamela.” Candace said, leaning back in her chair and taking a drag off her cigarette. “You never caused this family any pain. I will never stop loving my daughter and I am happy as hell that she’s found someone in life that is willing to stick by her during the really hard times.” A warm feeling of happiness began to spread through me as I heard her words. “Hell, I’d figured it out a long time ago anyway.” I couldn’t help looking shocked at that. “Keisha was never able to keep anything from me. She was my little angel. Hardly ever got into trouble.” I giggled at that, imagining Keisha as a little angel.

“Come on. Let’s go into the living room.” Candace said, crushing her cigarette out and finishing her coffee. “I have a feeling that I am going to have to save my children.”

“Um…from?” I asked, a little taken aback.

“From Keisha.” Candace said, smiling. “She’s my little angel right up to when you upset her. Then demon child comes out.”

I will never forget the sight of what I walked into when Candace opened the kitchen door. I’d seen looks of determination on my beloved’s face before. It actually turned me on somewhat when I saw the fire blaze in her eyes and her jaw clench. The look she had on her face now I hoped never to see again. At least, not directed at me. It was obvious that Keisha and Ty were having a rather animated but whispered argument. What was amazing to me was that even though Ty stood a good foot taller that his younger sister, he had a look of shamed amazement on his face and was literally back on his heels from Keisha’s ferocious verbal onslaught. Ron had a bemused look and Jason was sitting down, trying his best to stay out of it.

Candace cleared her throat and almost instantly, the argument stopped. Keisha took one look at me and a worried expression came over her face. I guess she could tell that I’d been crying and jumped to the conclusion that her mom had rejected me. She shot a shocked look Candace’s way as she ran over to me. I gave her a smile to silently let her know that everything was alright.

“It’s not what you think,” I said to Keisha in a low voice. “I just had a mini breakdown from relief,” I said as I hugged her tightly. “Hey, did you show your mom your ring?” I asked when we disengaged.

“Girl, you’d better let me see it,” Candace said. Keisha got a huge smile on her face and held out her hand. Candace let out a little gasp as she took her daughter’s hand in hers to get a better look. “That’s so beautiful!” The icy tension that had filled the room up to that point broke and everyone, even Ty, relaxed. I laughed inwardly to myself and tried my best to calm down.

After running to the restroom to freshen up, I had to spill the beans on how Keisha and I met, leaving out the part about hers and my hot, steamy sex on my office floor. We took turns showing pictures and regaling everyone with stories about Hawaii.

Keisha and I stayed for a wonderful dinner and by the time dessert was done, I felt really comfortable in the house. I prayed that telling my kaçak casino family would go this well. As we sat around the living room, Candace asked what our plans for the night were.

“Well Ma’am…”

“Ma’am?” Candace said, a shocked look on her face. “Girl, I’m not that old.” Everyone laughed.

“Sorry. Candace,” I corrected, smiling. “My company does a lot of work in the city and we have a client apartment in Manhattan for those that we fly in to do business with that is currently unused. I received permission to stay there for a couple of days.” Keisha’s eyes got big at that revelation.

“Well, I expect to see my baby girl and soon-to-be daughter as much as possible, understand?” I couldn’t help but laugh a little and smile even bigger. For a moment, all of the troubles in the world lifted away as the realization that I was accepted into my fiancé’s family sank in. I again prayed that mine would be as accepting.

Soon after, Keisha and I left to go settle into the apartment. It took a while to arrive as I found out the hard way that New York traffic is even worse than Boston’s. The sun was setting on the city skyline as I finally threw open the shades to the room. I was standing there admiring the view when Keisha grabbed my shoulder, spun me around, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips.

“God, I’ve been needing to do that all day,” Keisha said when she finally broke the kiss. She bit her lower lip and I could see tears forming as I stared into her beautiful brown eyes. I cupped her face and gently kissed her again, our lips just touching.

Opening my eyes as I ended the kiss, I maneuvered Keisha back towards the bed and lowered her down onto the mattress. Starting at the top, I began to unbutton her blouse, exposing her lacy bra and then her flat stomach to my hungry gaze. I moistened my lips with my tongue as I lightly brushed my fingertips over Keisha’s breasts. Undoing the front clasp of her bra exposed my beloved’s nipples to which I immediately lowered my mouth to and sucked her right one between my lips, teasing it with my tongue.

Keisha arched her back and let out a long sigh as she pushed her tit into my face. For a moment, Keisha’s body was my world as all my senses were consumed by her. The taste of her breast, the smell of her skin, hearing her deep breathing, feeling her chest rise and fall, my eyes on her face watching her lust grow.

Switching nipples, I trailed my fingers down to the waistband of Keisha’s shorts, undoing the buttons and pushing them and her panties off of her hips and down her legs. Then, I lowered the straps to her bra and pulled it out from under her body, tossing it aside. Rising to my feet, I stood there for a moment, drinking in the beauty that lay before me.

It was like I was seeing Keisha in a new light. There had always seemed to be a barrier in my mind; would her family accept me? Today erased that barrier. She was mine and I was hers. Even if my family rejected my decision, I didn’t care. The expression on Keisha’s face matched mine, a combination of relief and desire.

I began to slowly strip down, carefully removing each article of clothing, building up the sexual tension. I could feel my fiancé’s eyes upon me, watching as I exposed more of my body to her. Finally, when my panties fell around my ankles, I stepped out of them and crawled back onto the bed between Keisha’s spread-eagle legs. Lowering myself on her, our breasts mashed together and our hairless pussies pressed against each other.

Keisha wrapped her arms around me, holding me tightly against her as we kissed. Her tongue invaded my mouth as I rubbed my vagina against hers, combining the juices that had leaked out of our bodies. We tongue wrestled in a sloppy, saliva swapping kiss as our lust grew. Keisha moved her hands down to my ass, gripping and squeezing my cheeks as I moved my body in a fucking motion.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. Without breaking contact with her body, I moved my face to the valley between Keisha’s thighs and ran my tongue up her wet slit, gathering up all of her delicious fluids. Turning my body around, I lowered my pussy onto her face so that we could pleasure each other. It was a race to see who could get the other one off the quickest. I felt my orgasm building quickly so I cheated. Raising my head, I plunged two of my fingers deep insider her, curling them up to tickle her g-spot while using my thumb to rub her clit.

Keisha screamed into my pussy as I felt hers clamp down around my fingers, her juices coating my hand. She did her best to continue to eat me while I continued fucking her quick and hard with my hand.

It didn’t take much more before I too let out a scream as I covered Keisha’s face with my own orgasmic fluids. I pulled my hand out of her before collapsing down on her body, spent. I laid like that for a few seconds, catching my breath before rolling off of her onto the bed and turning around. We both rolled over onto our sides and gazed into each other’s eyes. Keisha’s lips were shiny with cum so I leaned over and delicately licked her clean, tasting myself in the process. When I was finished, I brought my hand up, the one I’d fucked her with, and she practically deep-throated my fingers, sucking and licking them clean.

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