Gia, the Van and Ladies at Play

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Gia pulled up to the mansion and parked her older model car where she had been instructed. It would be garaged at the house while she was gone with Mrs. Rutherford and her friends. She would be gone for one week, serving as a housekeeper for the wealthy ladies that went north to Mrs. Rutherford’s country get away.

She got out, gathered up her purse, and went to the front door to ring the bell. Mrs. Rutherford’s manservant (an old shriveled up thing) let her in and showed her to the library.

Gia sat in a comfortable chair and waited for Mrs. Rutherford. She was excited about the week ahead. She wasn’t going north for fun and relaxation, but to work. She would cook and clean and take care of the older women while they had fun. And she would be paid well. She needed the money. What college girl didn’t? Her friend had done this last summer and couldn’t believe the money she had made. She had received an outrageous tip and although she had worked hard, thought it had been worth the hassle.

Gia had promised herself she would work equally as hard as her friend in hopes of ensuring her own generous tip, and she would ignore Mrs. Rutherford’s weirdness. The older, wealthy lady had interviewed her for over two hours two weeks ago and insisted on video taping it. She had explained to Gia she needed the tape to show her girlfriends that Gia would be working for. Two weeks after the interview, Mrs. Rutherford had called Gia to tell her she had been accepted by all her friends, and was she still interested in the job? Gia had readily said yes and now here she was waiting for the old biddy to come and greet her. Maybe they would discuss her duties in further detail. Gia couldn’t have been more from the truth of her situation if she tried.

Mrs. Rutherford greeted Gia formally. She told the young girl they would have a drink before dinner. The man who had opened the door for Gia came in and made himself busy making a pitcher of some type of drink, and when he was done, he filled two glasses. As he served, Mrs. Rutherford asked Gia, “Do you have your car keys, dear? My man here can see that it is moved and that your bag is brought in.”

Gia dug in her purse and handed Mrs. Rutherford’s man her car keys. He left without a word, and the two ladies were left alone.

The older woman handed Gia a cocktail, and took her own seat behind the big desk that Gia sat in front of.

“My friends are anxious to get away for the week. As I’ve told you before, we enjoy our time up north. We’ve been vacationing up there for years now. Our little group has grown modestly over the years, but it’s still a tight knit group. We have our own ideas on what it fun,” Mrs. Rutherford told Gia, sipping her drink.

The two made polite conversation until they had finished their second cocktail and Mrs. Rutherford was pouring the third. She was handing Gia her drink when there was a knock at the library door.

“Enter,” Mrs. Rutherford called.

A big, burly man opened the door. He was very good looking, youngish, and powerfully built. He did not enter the library, but stood in the doorway.

Mrs. Rutherford looked down at Gia. She set her cocktail down on the desk and smiled slowly. The smile didn’t do anything to lessen the severity of her style of hair (a tight gray bun) or her style of clothes (gray tweed jacket and matching skirt. Her white blouse had a ruffle running down the front, and her hose were thick and shinny, no doubt the support kind. Her shoes were thick heeled and practical, no doubt the support kind). For some reason, her smile made Gia nervous.

Mrs. Rutherford tipped Gia’s head upward by the chin. It was a gentle touch yet confident.

“So lovely,” Mrs. Rutherford whispered. “Such a lovely, lovely girl.”

With her free hand Mrs. Rutherford hauled off and slapped Gia across the face. Hard! Before Gia could process what had just happened Mrs. Rutherford slapped her again on the opposite cheek then she called, “Reginald?”

The burly young man was at Gia’s chair, where she sat stunned, in a flash. He yanked her out of her seat from behind and held her upper arms tightly. Gia could not move, although she was struggling to get lose.

Reginald held her easily. All the girls fought, at first. He knew she wouldn’t get away, and he would watch and assist Mrs. R toy with the girl. He specially liked holding them down while Mrs. R ate them for the first time. Oh, the tears! The begging! The anger! It was a huge turn on!

Mrs. Rutherford stood in front of Gia, and slapped her face again. Gia gasped in shock. Her face felt hot where the older lay had struck her. Her mind was reeling! What was going on? She struggled ineffectively against the man who was holding her arms. She couldn’t free herself, and Mrs. Rutherford could strike her again at anytime.

“Settle down, Miss,” Mrs. Rutherford told Gia. She began to unbutton Gia’s shirt. “It would be so much more pleasurable for you, if you relax. Anymore struggling nonsense will get you a lot worse than a few warning slaps across your face.”

Gia’s casino oyna blouse was undone, and Mrs. Rutherford reached around her and unhooked her bra. The woman pushed up the bra and admired Gia’s naked boobs. She sighed at the sight.

“They’re nice. So young and perky.”

Mrs. Rutherford cupped Gia’s tits and pinched her nipples until they were small erect points. Gia was horrified to know her body was responding to this forced manipulation.

“Reginald jiggle her tits while I remove her skirt,” Mrs. Rutherford instructed.

Reginald threaded his left arm between Gia’s back and both her arms so that her arms were on the outside of his arm, and his arm was against her back. When he grabbed her right arm, her arms were pinned. He reached forward greedily and began to bounce Gia’s right boob up and down.

Mrs. Rutherford watched as Reginald played with Gia’s chest. He was able to watch too. His dick swelled and he pushed its impressive size against Gia’s body.

“Pinch her nipples,” Mrs. Rutherford ordered. “Harder. I want to hear her squeal.”

Gia did squeal when Reginald pinched her tips very hard.

“I wonder if she’s wet.” Mrs. Rutherford raked her eyes downward. “Let’s see if she’s enjoying herself.”

The older lady spun Gia’s skirt around her waist and unzipped it. She pushed it down to the floor and commented, “She’s wearing panties. Why is it girls these days always wear panties?”

Reginald gave a grunt as way of an answer as he kept harshly fondling Gia’s boobies.

“Well, off they go.”

Mrs. Rutherford pushed down Gia’s pink panties, and Gia redoubled her efforts to escape. Mrs. Rutherford did not find this amusing and told Reginald to stop. She looked at Gia’s boobies, and began to slap them very hard.

Gia sucked in a gasp as the woman punished her helpless breasts.

“I always find it amazing,” the older lady said, ” how you girls fight. You signed a contract, my dear.”

“I didn’t sign up to be sexually abused,” Gia said bravely, her chin titling up.

“Oh, but you did,” Mrs. Rutherford smiled wickedly.

Mrs. Rutherford laughed, and moved to get her chair from behind the desk. As she rolled it toward Gia she told her, “It’s cleverly hidden, and said in so many words. I’m a very smart woman.” She sat down in front of Gia’s naked crotch. “Of course, there can be no real legal repercussions. How embarrassing would that be? It’s just a little formality we ladies like to do. Makes it seem so much more…how do I say this? It makes it so much more like a mutual agreement. Besides, I’m rich. Rich beyond words, and if you fulfill your contract, you will be compensated handsomely. Your friend was wasn’t she? Isn’t it her that referred you to this job? She survived, and she brought you to us, which she’ll receive a healthy reward for. And,” Mrs. Rutherford added, looking at Gia’s hair covered pussy. “I must say, you’re the sweetest thing we’ve seen in a long time. Now, relax and enjoy yourself. We aren’t going to hurt you. We like to have fun. Our type of fun.”

Gia jumped when she felt Mrs. Rutherford pet her pussy. Her mind was once again reeling (it was to become a common feeling during the course of the week) again.

“Some of the women don’t like pussy hair, but you are well groomed. And it’s soft. Fuzzy. I bet it tickles when you’re being eaten.”

Gia gasped, shocked by such talk! And from such an old woman!

Mrs. Rutherford took the hair clip from her hair and let it fall. It fell just below her shoulders and she shook it out. God! Gia thought wildly, does she think that’s sexy?

“Reginald,” Mrs. Rutherford said, “little snack before dinner. You know how I like them.”

Before Gia knew what was happening, Reginald had spun her around, put his leg on the chair she had been sitting on, picked her up, bent her over his raised thigh, and was now holding her down.

Mrs. Rutherford put Gia’s knees on her thighs so that now Gia’s legs were bent.

“Oh, Reginald,” Gia heard Mrs. Rutherford gasp, “it’s so beautiful, so beautiful.”

Gia wasn’t sure what was so beautiful until she felt Mrs. Rutherford’s hands on her hips. In shocking, horrifying realization, she knew Mrs. Rutherford was face level to her naked backside.

“Yes, ma’am,” Reginald said.

His cock was throbbing. He was going to watch his employer, the old bag, eat-out this young hot bitch he had over his raised leg. He loved it! He just loved it!

“Now, where was I?” Mrs. Rutherford asked ruefully. “Oh, yes! I was going to check if our new little employee here had been enjoying her booby manipulation.”

Mrs. Rutherford put her thumbs on Gia’s libia and pulled, peeling apart the sweet lips that hid Gia’s pink valley.

Gia knew she was spread open, and she cringed when she heard, “Oh, looky there. She did enjoy herself. I see a moist pussy. Not as wet as I would like, but I’m sure I can change that.”

Mrs. Rutherford leaned forward, moving her hands to Gia’s plumb yet firm buttocks and lightly stroked Gia’s clit with canlı casino her tongue. Gia jumped and struggled to no avail. She was trapped, and she was going to be tasted. She cried out in shame, but Mrs. Rutherford ignored her and helped herself to Gia’s young pussy.

Mrs. Rutherford, old and saggy and wrinkly as she was, drove Gia wild! The woman tickled her bean with the very tip of her tongue. Gia had never been eaten out from behind before, or by a female, and she was surprised on how horny she became. Her whole backside was exposed and available to Mrs. Rutherford, and the woman teased her until her slit was burning.

When she felt Mrs. Rutherford’s busy tongue at her rectum, Gia flailed helplessly, her arms and legs swimming in mid-air. The woman just laughed as she stretched Gia’s ass cheeks wider, and returned to lightly lapping all round her O-ring.

“Mmm,” Mrs. Rutherford murmured. She pulled her face away from Gia’s butt. She looked closely at it. “Your butt hole is so tasty.” She felt Gia try to squeeze her butt together. “Silly, girl,” she laughed. “Silly, silly, girl,” and she buried her tongue up Gia’s hole.

Gia gasped, and once again began her futile struggling. The old bitch was going to make her cum. She had never had anyone tongue her butt hole. It felt so good! But she knew she shouldn’t like it. It had to be evil to like it. Did liking it make her a whore? A butt hole tonguing loving whore? She was so confused and trapped. Mrs. Rutherford just kept licking and demanding Gia’s asshole to respond that Gia finally relaxed, and let the old woman have her way and send her.

Gia felt her brown, tight spot twitch all around Mrs. Rutherford’s tongue. Mrs. Rutherford giggled her approval and dug deeper up Gia’s butt. When Gia was limp and literally hanging from Reginald’s thigh, Mrs. Rutherford returned her tongue to Gia’s box. She spread Gia’s pussy wide and stuck her warm, wet tongue into Gia’s unexplored cunt.

Mrs. Rutherford found Gia’s pussy sweet, tight, and amazingly hot. And it was sloppy wet. She chuckled while her tongue dug deeper and rotated up into Gia’s pinkness. This girl was so hot and so under used that Mrs. R couldn’t believe it. She was so enjoying her before dinner box snack, that she draped her right arm over Gia’s buttocks and with her left hand held Gia’s twat open, and slowly and hungrily tongued deep inside Gia only to juice her up with a few well placed tongue taps to her captive’s clit.

“Look at her cum,” Mrs. Rutherford observed as she stopped her tonguing, and watched Gia gush and twitch and moan. “Mmm…” and she drilled her tongue up Gia’s cunt.

Gia just moaned, and forgot she should be fussing and fighting against the old lady eating her out. She felt her pussy squelch hot juice onto Mrs. Rutherford’s tongue and felt as her diner lapped it up greedily. Gia groaned in despair. Her slit was on fire. Her butt hole felt lonely and desperate for Mrs. Rutherford’s tongue to return to make it happy. She wanted to have a huge orgasm. She wanted to beg for it.

Mrs. Rutherford stopped and patted Gia’s right butt cheek. “You know, Reginald?” There was a primitive grunt from the man. “I believe this cunt can pop for me. I mean really pop. Please open her properly for me. I want to watch this bitch cum for me.”

Gia was weak with desire. When she felt Reginald reach under her thighs, and hold her legs open and up for Mrs. R, she moaned with knowledge. Her pussy and crack were now very wide and naked. She felt the old lady’s eyes on her, and her pussy burned with urgent need. She knew her employer would enjoy her female valley and she could do nothing to stop her. But Gia knew, shamefully, she didn’t want to stop her.

“Oh, Reginald she’s beautiful. Pink, moist, hot, hot, hot,” and Mrs. Rutherford began to tongue fuck Gia’s young canyon.

In the end, Mrs. Rutherford helped herself to Gia’s snatch and asshole until Gia was begging to be allowed to cum. Mrs. Rutherford obliged Gia by carefully, barely touching Gia’s clit with her pointy tongue. She gave Gia’s pussy a big, loud kiss and Gia squirted excitedly. Again, and again, and again, and as loud as she could Mrs. Rutherford kissed Gia’s spread open twat. When Gia was trembling over Reginald’s thigh and spewing juice all down onto the carpet and Mrs. Rutherford’s tongue, Mrs. Rutherford flicked her love bean lightly, and watched in complete fascination as Gia’s pussy exploded in climax.

Mrs. Rutherford laughed heartily! It had been a long, long time since she had a girl blow like Gia. In fact, she thought she had seen the last of it. Girls were so uptight these days! Her own pussy flickered to life as she watched the young girl’s cunt and asshole tighten and relax in ecstasy. She laughed and laughed. She was delighted!

“Well done, Miss!” Mrs. Rutherford praised. “Very, very nice. Your pussy is a wondered! This weekend will be quite promising.” She held Gia’s buttocks in her hands, still giggling like a schoolgirl. “We are really going to have fun. And so will you! I can promise you that. You’re kaçak casino a dirty whore underneath your skin. A very nasty girl indeed. Now, I have a few important questions to ask you while we have supper, and then we’ll be off to bed. We have a busy, busy day tomorrow.”

Gia just hung her head and waited until her orgasm subsided. She had never cum like that before. She could still feel her pussy and rectum twitching. It made it hotter for her knowing Mrs. Rutherford approved.

Mrs. Rutherford dressed Gia the next morning. Gia was wearing a blue pleated skirt with a white bra and blouse. Strangely enough, Mrs. Rutherford had her put on white cotton briefs, the kind that were big and covered the whole bottom. ‘Old lady underwear’, Gia had thought as she put them on. Mrs. Rutherford had Gia put her hair into pigtails and tie a blue ribbon in each tail to cover the hair band. Next came the white knee socks and black patent leather shoes. Gia looked at herself in the mirror. She creepily looked like a schoolgirl. She looked cute.

“Time to go,” Mrs. Rutherford told Gia as she took her hand and led her downstairs to a fate Gia was not so eager to meet.

Gia did not consider struggling against the older woman, not after last night. Once she had settled down from her massive orgasm, Reginald and Mrs. Rutherford brought her to the dinning room where Reginald tied Gia’s feet to her chair at the dining room table. Mrs. Rutherford encouraged her to eat, saying she would need her strength, and asked Gia a course of extremely personal embarrassing questions. Mrs. R had explained Gia’s ride would be easier, if she told the absolute truth. There were no right or wrong answers, and Gia shouldn’t be ashamed about anything. Mrs. Rutherford and her girlfriends welcomed all types of girls, and experience levels.

Gia had picked at her dinner and answered every questions put to her honestly. She watched as Mrs. Rutherford carefully marked each answer down on the questionnaire in front of her.

“Very good,” Mrs. Rutherford had said at last. She punched the end of her pen down, and finished her dinner.

Gia had sat helplessly, naked, ankles strapped to the legs of the chair, and waited anxiously for what was to come next.

After dinner, Mrs. Rutherford had Reginald carry Gia back to the library and place her over his lap. Reginald had spanked Gia soundly as Mrs. Rutherford stood by them, monitoring the paddling, lecturing Gia about how her young ladies were to behave or there would be dire consequences such as she was experiencing over Reginald’s knee. His hand was big and he was strong. Gia’s poor naked bottom was red and sore in no time. Tears spilled freely as Gia took her punishment, knowing nothing could free her.

Finally, Mrs. R had sat behind Gia’s scarlet, tender bare butt, and spanked Gia herself. After awhile both she and Reginald spanked Gia while sharing an after dinner Brandy. They laughed, and struck Gia randomly with their hands. Gia could do nothing except suffer, and pray. Pray it would all end soon. “That was pleasant, easy,” Mrs. Rutherford had told Gia when Gia’s spanking was finally over, “than what could be delivered to you. Behave and you’ll receive no worse than right now. Misbehave, try to escape and not fulfill your signed contract, and I bet you can imagine how so much worse a little girl’s bottom can feel. Right?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Gia had answered her.

“Very good. Reginald to bed. We have a big day tomorrow,” Mrs. Rutherford had said.

Gia slept with Mrs. R, but Mrs. R did not touch her all night.

All the women were waiting for Mrs. Rutherford and Gia the next morning out on the driveway. A small buffet had been set up for these ladies of leisure and wealth. They were noshing and drinking champagne or Bloody Marys. A manservant stood by to mix cocktails and dish up plates of food. They all stopped talking and turned to stare at their newest employee. They all looked at Gia with salacious grins and blatant sexual approval of her young sweetness, and dress. Gia could feel their lustful appetites.

“Ladies, this is Gia our newest little maid. Although I’m afraid that’s a misnomer. She is no maid, ladies. But isn’t she just the cutest, sweetest thing we’ve seen in a long, long time?”

The women murmured their assent and approval as they gathered around Gia. They circled her slowly, eyeing up every inch of her. Finally, one spoke and sent an electric shock straight to Gia’s pussy.

“How does she taste? Her pussy, I mean.”

It was the woman right in front of Gia that spoke. She was as old as Mrs. Rutherford, and Gia would later learn this woman’s name as Mrs. Jung (Mrs. J), but for now her question embarrassed Gia. She felt her face blush.

“Oh, how sweet,” Mrs. Jung said. “She’s blushing. You must have tasted her tight twat, Mrs. Rutherford. Come on, confess to us. We know you have, although you’ll try to deny it. But we know, we know.”

Mrs. Rutherford laughed lightly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Mrs. Jung. I never taste the goods before we are all together. That’s not allowed.” Mrs. R’s speech wasn’t the least bit convincing. All the ladies knew better. “Now, ladies come on tell me what you think about our sweet Gia here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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