Mango Omelet

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Slow head turns followed by subtle movements of her body lasted through the dreamed memories of last night. The flutters of rapid eye movements ended and she found herself awake, enveloped in all cotton jersey sheets covered by a soft down comforter. The fan above her enhanced the cool Gulf air coming in through the opened screened windows.

Her survey of the surroundings quickly lapsed as she began to recall the previous evening. Never had she made love or for that matter had love made to her as happened. One hand moved to cup a tender nipple while the other moved to feel the warmth from her mound. Yes, she thought, the highly stimulated arousal was still there, but so was the tingling tenderness. Having never made love like that she had no way to gauge her recovery.

Hearing sounds bouncing off the cypress hewed walls and in almost childlike whimper Lori called out, “Will, where are you?”

“No breakfast in bed allowed here…… get that luscious fanny up……your robe is on the wicker chair,” Will called back.

“I’m starving”, she laughed as she entered the kitchen, “and good morning to you too,” as she kissed him warmly on the cheek.

As she sat she could take in the full horizon of sand dunes, followed by a pasture of sea oats, then a white shell covered beach edging up to the beautiful blue, green Gulf of Mexico. The tableware was simple. The orange juice was fresh squeezed, her glass filled with the pulp. Open and folded to the editorial page lay the Times.

“Just a couple more minutes,” he stated.

She chuckled back, “Oh, great, but if you think I could read one piece of news or editorial after last night, you don’t know me well, yet. Will, I have never experienced a night of pleasure like that, ……….you and those five ‘gasms will be forever embedded in my memory, then she giggled, saving social security can wait.”

Smiling, ataşehir escort he placed her plate in front of her, followed by a warm whispered kiss to her ear, “and its only Friday.”

Before her was a fluffy, omelet encasing fresh sprouts, slender slices of mango and gulf shrimp all held together by both a hint of gouda cheese and a trace of ginger. Thin slices of toasted foccacia bread also garnished the plate. The strong coffee was poured from an old porcelain covered percolator providing a wonderful smell not produced by today’s auto-drip coffee makers.

They dined in silence, but with almost continuous smiling eye contact.

“Okay, Up!” Will commanded as he began to remove her robe. He then coated his palms with a banana and cocoa scented lotion and began what she thought was the beginnings of another session of love making. Her nipples firmed immediately, but his hands never touched her breasts. She felt herself moisten, but his hands never caressed above her thighs.

“Uh, Will, darlin’ I think you missed some spots,” she giggled.

“You will not need lubrication there,” smiling as he paused, yet. Go get your suit on, we’re headed for the beach.”

Hours of shelling, walking and playful splashing consumed most of the mid-day. Only once when in the water waist deep had their arousal gained it former momentum, but was abated by an elderly couple walking their two small dogs.

As they stepped up onto the deck, Will shed his bathing suit and began to assist Lori. The outside shower was cold and invigorating. Their kisses began playfully under the fine jets of water, but soon and with more urgency, open mouths began searching for probing tongues. Both nude and wet, Will took Lori’s hand and led her into the great room where he first toweled her dry, then himself. Lori enjoyed avcılar escort studying his body, no longer chiseled, but she smiled at the evidence that he had been was still present.

Will reclined upon and bank of pillows and guided her down over him. Fully reclined, they began the slow, moist kissing that always ignited them. She felt his erection become full between her thighs.

“Gently, please, I’m still tender,” she whispered as she raised her hips and taking his swollen shaft in hand she slowly guided him into her warm and now moist folds. Once inside of her she fully relaxed over him. Neither moved. Her head tucked in under his head and they embraced tenderly and without urgency. She could feel him full within her. He could feel the warm lubricated walls of her as she slowly let her sexual muscles massage his cock. They were both so still, warm and without cries of passion, without the normal bucking undulations, Will tensed ever so slightly as he released within her. An audible smile from her, a gentle moan from him led them next into a deep sleep, Will’s cock still enveloped by the warm moisture of Lori.

Will awoke first and slipped away from her side without waking her. He moved quietly back out onto the deck to recline, still nude, There upon an old fashioned chaise lounger, he thought, what a great time of year to bring her here as he marveled at the pinks, lavenders, grays, deep blues and whites of the oncoming sunset.

The squeaking wooden screen door announced Lori’s entrance onto the porch. She was in her robe and walked directly to the railing, gazing at the same kaleidoscope of colors. She was nibbling alternately upon two pieces of a fresh mango. Minutes went by before she turned to face him.

She smiled the giggled, “You didn’t look like that about an hour ago.”

Will’s avrupa yakası escort cock was at its softest and laying to its normal left. He looked at his flaccid cock, then at her and chuckled. Her giggle and his chuckle soon caused each to return lust, building smiles.

Lori teasingly slurped and licked at the juices of the mango. Will felt the familiar twitch signaling the beginnings of another erection.

Lori separated her robe to expose her body to him. She lowered a piece of the mango to coat her nipples, then bending her head to let her tongue barely flick at her now extended nipples. She fully glazed both breasts as she continued to grin sensually at him. Her hand covered the mango juices, spreading them as she lifted her breasts as an offering.

No longer lying quietly, Will’s cock began its ascension as he enjoyed her teasing. As her hand moved over her breasts, slowly over her tummy, down to her neatly trimmed mound, Will took his cock in hand and began slowly stroking in pace with her moves. Lori responded by letting one hand hold her bare lips open as one finger began slowly circling her clitoris. She then took a piece of the mango and guided it between and upward through her separated petals. She moaned as she squeezed the mango firmly over her clit, the juices dripping from her to the deck. Will’s strokes became full, slowly from the base to the tip, spreading the clear dew like droplets that now glistened on the head of his cock.

As if removed by the wind, Lori’s robe fell silently to the deck as she moved to him. She straddled the lounger and Will. The last of the mango was squeezed, coating his shaft. Bending to him, her lips and mouth slurped the tip of his cock; followed by firm and heated suckles.

Once again, like last night, she wanted him in her again, and again. Taking his cock in hand as she moved her center over him, she guided his cock smoothly from her lower lips to her clitoris. She moved the head in slow circles as she began the familiar uncontrollable moans.

“Are you sure you are not too tender?” he whispered softly.

She responded by lowering a nipple into his awaiting lips, “I don’t care,” with a rushed moan, she gasped, “just fuck me, please, just fuck me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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