15 Minutes Of Distraction

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I’m sitting in my office, tired after a very long day. Luckily, it has been a productive one…I did not have useless meeting all day today, and my desk is almost clear. Wow, could it stay this way for a while, I wonder?

I am tired, but pleasantly so. My thoughts wander away from work as I stare out the window overlooking the downtown pedestrian mall. It is late; everyone has left the building; and I see the long shadows from the setting sun streaking across to the east. It is my favorite time to be alone in my office.

But tonight, I hear an unexpected noise from the hall. Probably the cleaning woman, making her way through the building. I think little of the noise and return to my fantasies.

Suddenly, a shadow appears in my doorway. I look over and there you stand, smiling in on me as if you have caught me doing something naughty. My, how nice you look, so comfortable in your khakis and polo shirt – perfect for the beautiful spring weather.

Without so much as a word between us, we come together. Your arms encircle my waist as I lift my face towards your lips. Oh, how warm and wet your mouth feels…how sweet the taste of your lips and tongue. A fire rushes through my body.

As your hands slowly rub up and down my back, my hands find their way to your ass and I give you a quick and friendly squeeze of welcome. Your hands move to pull my sweater over my head, eager to feel my breasts. Oh, how I’ve waited for this! You pull my bra over my head and caress my breasts firmly, squeezing my nipples between your thumb and forefinger. Eryaman Escort I squeal in delight, and the urgency of your touch travels from my nipples to my cunt, instantly soaking my panties.

I lift the shirt over your head, and then reach for your belt. It doesn’t take long to remove your pants and lower your briefs so that I can have access to your dick. My right hand reaches under your balls, caressing them with just enough pressure to make you squirm. My left hand slides up your shaft from bottom to top, and circles the tip of your dick.

I can’t wait to get you into my mouth. I pull you over to the chair at my desk, and sit you down, legs apart, as I kneel in front of you. I lower my mouth to your cock, and flick my tongue over the tip. No, you can’t put it all the way in yet…I want you to beg me to suck you! I will tease your shaft and the tip of your dick…I will nibble your balls until you beg me to take you all the way into my mouth…and when I do, you will understand the sheer pleasure that my mouth can give you!

I take you all the way in. You can feel your dick hitting the back of my throat and you wonder why I don’t gag. I love the sensation of your cock in my mouth – the feel, the taste – and I love to hear your moans of pleasure as your passion builds.

But you have a few plans of your own, and you tell me to stop sucking you for a while. You have noticed a few items in my office and gotten a few ideas of your own.

You grab the scarf from my Sincan Escort desk – discarded there hours ago when I arrived at work. You pull me up off my knees and tell me to do as you say, or the consequences will be severe. The tone in your voice warns me not to question you.

You lean me over the desk, and pull my skirt off. Next, my panties. You use the scarf to tie my hands to the legs on the desk, so that I cannot get up or even move from side to side. I am completely in your control, just as you have planned.

There is a bud vase on the desk with one perfect rose in it, a gift you sent me earlier in the day. You remove the rose and rub its petals along my back, gently teasing and tickling me with its softness. The rose makes its way along my back, further and further down, until it finds my ass. Oh, what a soft feeling…those petals rubbing along my sweet butt.

Ouch! That was a thorn! I jump! You laugh! “That will teach you to get too comfortable, my dear,” you say. “Never forget that pain and pleasure are not so far apart!”

You are finished with the rose for now, but not with me. Next, you grab the bud vase, perfectly suited for your needs. You trickle the cool water out of the vase onto my back, and it drips slowly down the slope of my back and into the crack of my ass. How cool and nice that feels!

The vase is empty, and you lean over me, whispering in my ear to spread my legs for you. I do so immediately, waiting breathlessly for what will come next.

I Etlik Escort feel the vase, so cool, so hard, rubbing against my ass, down to my slit and up to my clit. Oh, how wonderful…you rub gently, and then with more intensity. The vase fits so perfectly against my cunt, and I am so wet with excitement. Please! Rub me harder!

You answer my silent yearnings by placing the vase at the opening of my cunt. You lean over and tell me that you’re going to fuck me with this perfect vase, just to get me ready for your dick. And then you move the vase inside me…one inch, two inches, three, four…until the entire 8 inch glass fits into my pussy!

You pull it out slowly, and then shove it HARD back inside me! Oh god! What a wonderful feeling. You reach around and rub my clit with your fingers and the feeling is more than I can handle.

OOOOOHHHHHHH! I scream as my body contracts in an orgasmic rush of hot cum, coating the glass vase with my juices.

It takes me a few minutes to regain my sense of self, and when I do, I discover that you have taken that vase, wet with my cum, and put it inside my ass. Oh…I can’t believe how quickly my passion rises again. Oh! Fuck my ass with that sweet vase…fuck me hard and fast! Slide it up as far as possible!

My orgasm takes me to a new height of ecstasy…

As you remove the vase from my asshole, you lean over and I can feel your dick next to my cunt. You have watched my face flush with orgasmic pleasure and you are ready to fuck me. I am ready to be fucked by your big, hard dick. You fuck me long and hard, taking enough time to enjoy the wonderful, very wet feeling of my cunt, full of pussy juice from my two previous orgasms, and filling again as you take me – yet a third time – to a new and wonderful place where only you can lead me.

Your orgasm erupts inside me, and I am filled with your sweet cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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