A “Butterfly” Dream

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Autumn Falls

It was mid-October in my junior year of college. We had been dating for over a month and my balls had begun to turn a dark shade of blue. She was of Puerto Rican and Filipina descent, with rich caramel skin, long black hair, and stunning brown eyes. She had a sexy accent, and I loved listening to her talk. I was a pale British bloke, and my fair skin contrasted nicely with her sultry tone. This was the first night she had allowed me to touch her intimately. I remember it like it was yesterday.

It started as a hot and heavy petting session on the couch, and ended with me lying on my dormitory bed – tied down, naked, legs spread, wearing a blindfold, and completely at her mercy.

The hours leading up to that moment flew by in a frenzy of carnal delight. We had started out the day by getting stoned as hell. She was a pothead and chainsmoker like me. I had been a good boy, keeping my hands to myself for a full month. As we sat stoned on the couch watching the telly, I grew more and more horny. I decided to go for broke and slowly reached my hand over to her. I placed my hand on her breast, massaging it gently. Being the feisty creature that she was, I half expected her to slap my hand away. But surprisingly, she did not, and simply looked over at me with a sexy smile, which I returned.

She placed her hand on my crotch, rubbing my bulge. I moaned quietly as I continued to knead her breast. Slowly, she leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, her lips gentle and soft then building in urgency. Before long, our lips were grinding together and our tongues reached the back of each other’s mouths. Her double-D cup breast felt delightfully plump, and I began to squeeze both of them at the same time. Oh, how I wanted to suck and bite those beautiful tits!

She suddenly backed away from my lips and lifted her shirt over her head, revealing a sexy, black satin bra with a butterfly print. Her cleavage was exquisite. I smiled as I lowered my face to her partially exposed tits, breathing in the scent of her skin before kissing and licking the tops of her breasts. She abruptly removed her bra, revealing her gorgeous breasts to me. I sucked and bit at her plump, dark brown nipples. As I devoured her lovely tits, she rubbed and squeezed at my package through my pants, making my erection even more intense. I hastily pulled down my pants and boxers, revealing my naked manhood to her for the first time. The all too familiar look of delighted surprise crossed her face as she saw my ten inch member in all its engorged glory.

“Touch it,” I said softly, taking her hand and placing it gently on my penis. She slowly wrapped her hand around my shaft and I moaned in pleasure. I leaned in close to her and began kissing her deeply as she moved her hand up and down the length of my cock. With her opposite hand, she pulled down her pants and sexy black lace underwear. The hair of her womanhood was neatly groomed, with just a touch of stubble gracing her mound. I lowered my hand to her ladybits, caressing her outer lips with my forefinger and rapidly finding her enlarged clit, which I took the liberty of flicking gently. She moaned as we kissed.

She had only had two sexual partners prior to me, and the last one had been very experienced, according to her. He had been a good deal older than her, and had turned her on to many different things, sex-wise. When I asked for specifics, she simply smiled and said, “You’ll see.”

Without warning, she once again backed away from my lips and lowered her head to my cock, taking an impressive amount of it into her mouth. I leaned back on the couch and held her head down with my hands, groaning as she deep-throated me. I was a month away from turning 21 but had already received blow jobs from hundreds of girls by that point, and she was the only one who managed to avoid gagging on my huge dick. I couldn’t help wondering what her last boyfriend was like, if he was well-endowed like me, or had somehow managed to “train” her to give head as skillfully as a porn star. In any case, I was in heaven!

While still sucking me off, she reached into her pants pocket, pulled out a small black pouch and ripped it open. She lifted her head up from my penis and gave me a mischievous smile before pouring the contents of the pouch into her mouth and immediately lowering her mouth back down onto me. I jumped and laughed at the pleasant tingling, fizzy sensation that overwhelmed my cock, then caught a glance at the pouch she had opened. Popping candy!

I had always wanted to be with a girl who was bold enough to initiate food play in the bedroom, something beyond the cliched whipped cream on the titties. This girl definitely delivered! I smiled and moaned with pleasure as she sucked me, loving her adventurousness AND her incredible oral skills. After another ten minutes of paradise, I felt the stirrings of an impending orgasm. My hips moved up and down as I held her head to me, the fizzy and tingling sensation long gone and replaced by pleasant turbulence in my ball erzurum escort sack.

I was on the brink of climax, when she suddenly stopped sucking me off, got up from the couch, and retreated to the kitchenette to grab something from the refrigerator. She returned with a tiny bottle of cream liqueur. A wicked smile spread across her face before she twisted open the bottle and knocked back the contents. Then, with her mouth full of the booze, she lowered her mouth back onto my penis.

“Ahh!” I gasped in surprise and minor pain as a burning sensation overcame my peehole. Within seconds, however, the sting subsided and I was once again in a world of pleasure. The feeling of liquid against my shaft felt incredible when combined with her soft, slippery mouth, and the alcohol created a pleasant tingle. I moaned and smiled. This was the first time a girl had incorporated food and/or beverages into a blow job, and I was sold on the concept! I surrendered to rapture within minutes, filling her mouth with my semen. She swallowed the majority of the liqueur/cum combo but left a wee bit for me, leaning in for a kiss that was equal parts sweet, salty, and boozy. To say that this girl had an intoxicating effect on me would be an understatement!

She smiled at me as she backed away from my cock, and grabbed the metal pipe full of weed off the end table that was next to the couch.

“I need to dry you off now,” she explained with a naughty grin as she lit the pipe and took a hearty toke. She inhaled deeply, held in the smoke for about thirty seconds, then exhaled the stream of smoke up and down the length of my member, which was still somewhat erect. I loved the sensation of the warm smoke enveloping my cock and I moaned with pleasure.

“Oh boy,” I whispered. “No way am I letting you go!”

She giggled. “I won’t let YOU go, either,” she said in a flirtatious tone. “At least not until you taste me.”

With those words, she leaned back on the couch and opened her legs to reveal her womanhood in all its clean-shaved glory. I licked my lips and swallowed hard, my mouth watering at the prospect of devouring her sweet ladybits. How I had dreamed of this moment.

I leaned towards her, a horny smile on my face. Then I lowered my mouth to her mound. Gentle kisses led to licking and biting, and she began to moan. Her outer lips were plump and moist, and her inner ones delicate and colored a sensual dark pink. My hands massaged her bare breasts as I nibbled at her womanhood. She tasted like a heady combination of tobacco and vanilla, and her scent was musky. I couldn’t wait to get my dick in her, but for the moment, I enjoyed eating her delicious cunt.

After a few minutes, she reached over and grabbed something off the end table. I took a break from eating her pussy to to see what the object was. A pink gumball. She smirked at my surprised expression and moved the gumball to the opening of her pussy.

“I want you to eat this out of me,” she said in a seductive voice, and, with those words, used her forefinger to shove the piece of candy deep into her snatch.

I chuckled in amusement but agreed to attempt to do what she asked. Over the years, I had participated in a variety of whimsical sex acts. I had eaten whipped cream off of breasts, used various toys on girls including anal beads, experimented with flavored lube of all kinds, used glow in the dark condoms, and had worn edible underwear. But, up until that moment, I had yet to eat anything out of a girl’s vagina. Given my oral sex skills, I was more than happy to accept the challenge! So I took a long, deep breath and buried my face in her twat, determined to suck that gumball out of her.

Within perhaps two minutes, I was able to get my tongue on that gumball and suck it out of her pussy. I backed away from her vagina with a triumphant smile on my face, biting into the gumball as I did so. She smiled broadly, impressed.

“Not bad!” She admitted with a nod. “You’re ready for level two.”

The she opened her hand to reveal a foil-covered chocolate truffle, which she unwrapped and shoved even more deeply into her cunt than the gumball. This piece of candy was smaller and less slippery in texture; therefore, it would be more challenging for me to retrieve. Still, I was up for it, determined to impress her.

I shook my head at her. “You’re one kinky bitch,” I remarked with an amused smile before I spit out the gum in the wastebasket next to the couch. “Game on, sweetheart. I bet it will take me only three minutes. Time me.”

She nodded and looked at the clock. I took several deep breaths and once again buried my face deep into her ladybits.

It was well known throughout campus that I was able to hold my breath for a VERY long time, and I knew that she was taking full advantage of this fact. I was happy to show off my skills.

It took me almost four minutes to suck that truffle out of her pussy. She cheered and clapped as I emerged from the depths of her vagina bodrum escort with the candy in my mouth and her juices lightly covering my face. I greedily ate the chocolate, pleased with myself for the job I did.

“Happy now, darling?” I teased as I swallowed the yummy treat.

She raised her eyebrow and once again reached over to the end table, grabbing something small from a plastic bag. Upon closer scrutiny, I recognized the object. It was a gummy worm!

My heart rate sped up and my eyes grew large before I broke into an incredulous laugh. Not only would this particular type of candy potentially dissolve and fall apart in such a warm, wet environment, but its flat, narrow shape and sticky texture would make it next to impossible to retrieve. As difficult as the small chocolate was to eat out of her, the gummy candy would prove even more challenging. Still, I wanted to win over this girl. I had to at least try. I swallowed and gave a smile.

“Let’s do it,” I crooned.

She smirked before shoving the gummy worm into her pussy as deeply as she could. “Good luck, Houdini,” she chided with a giggle.

I prepared myself with some deep breathing before taking a final, deep breath and shoving my face into her vagina for a third time. If I was able to remain submerged in a boring bathtub for ten minutes, then surely recovering a piece of gummy candy from a sexy girl’s snatch in the same amount of time would be no problem. My persistence was exemplary, and my long tongue poked around her hole and walls for what felt like an unreasonably long time. Still, my search for the elusive gummy worm remained fruitless.

Just when I thought I would pass out, I felt something slippery at the tip of my tongue and began to suck. The gummy worm gradually slid into my mouth and I began to gently pull at it with my teeth, determined to keep the piece of candy intact. Ever so slowly, I unburied my face from her ladybits, breathing heavily and holding the gummy worm between my lips. I wore a smug smile. It had taken me only seven minutes. She smiled broadly and cheered, clearly impressed. She leaned in for a kiss, biting one end of the gummy worm as she did so.

We played tug of war with our mouths as we kissed, until the candy finally snapped in half. We laughed, chewing on our respective pieces of the gooey confection.

“Congratulations,” she said in a playful tone. “You’ve graduated.”

I chuckled. “Oh? And what’s my graduation present?”

She raised her eyebrow and took my hand in hers, smiling sexily. “Come with me to the bedroom and find out.”

With those words she jumped up from the couch and I did the same. As soon as I was standing, I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She giggled and squealed in delight. When we reached the bed, I threw her down on it and jumped right on top of her, kissing her hard on the mouth and pulling at her long black hair. Wouldn’t you know, she grabbed and spanked my arse, then abruptly shoved her forefinger up my arsehole!

I yelped and tensed up something awful, backing away from her mouth. Even though I’d had anal sex countless times and had done all other kinds of anal play with girls, I had never been on the receiving end. This girl was bold!

“Hmm,” she cooed. “You’re used to being the dominant one, aren’t you?”

I nodded as I flinched, her finger moving in and out of my arsehole slowly. There was no way I was letting her get the upper hand, so I tolerated the discomfort of being violated with her finger and began to bite her tits hard enough to make her grimace and groan in discomfort. Before long, the familiar, coppery taste of blood filled my mouth. Her finger went deeper into my bowels as she moaned in what I’m sure was a mix of pain and pleasure. Her other hand reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock, stroking it.

“Fuck me,” she panted as I bit the hell out of her breasts and licked at the tiny bit of blood that seeped from the bites. I looked up at her, with a smirk on my face.


I slapped her in the face as hard as I could, to let her know who was really in charge. She would need to learn to obey me and stop ordering me around. She screamed in pain and let go of my penis, holding her sore cheek for a few seconds before smiling at me.

“Hit me again,” she whispered.

My eyes widened in surprise. It seemed I had met my equal, a girl who was as dominant as I was. I fancied a challenge. With glee, I brought my arm back and whaled her in the face once again. This blow was even harder than the last, and she appeared dazed for a moment. Her cheek turned red and her eyes filled with tears. Then, after a few moments of recovery, she smiled again.

“Thank you, Kenny,” she said in a sweet voice as she removed her finger from my arsehole and grabbed at my arse cheeks, smacking them several times.

I roughly grabbed her hands and pinned them down onto the bed as my cock grazed her opening. She winced in pain and tried to break free eskişehir escort from my grip, but I was too strong. I lowered my face to hers and glared at her.

“You’ve had your fun,” I growled. “Now it’s MY turn.”

Luckily her pussy was already nice and wet, but I would have slammed my cock into her even if it was bone-dry. One way or another, I was going to make her submit to me. The head of my shaft was perfectly aligned with her womanhood, so I continued to hold her arms down and gave her a sadistic smile before rapidly thrusting my hips forward, stabbing her ladybits with every inch of me. She let go a startled scream as my dick strained against her walls and cervix. She was much tighter than I expected, and my penis completely filled her hole. She yelled out as I thrusted in and out of her, doing her best to break free from the cast iron grip I had on her arms. I continued to hold her down, loving the way she grimaced as I fucked her.

“You can barely handle me,” I said in a mocking tone as I pounded the hell out of her. “I need to break you in, sweetheart.”

“Bullshit!” she spat back angrily, opening her legs wider. “Hit me with your best shot.”

I smiled broadly, loving how fiery she was.

“I’d be DELIGHTED to!” I snarled.

I let go of her arms and grabbed a hold of her legs, bending them back as far as they would go and getting into a squatting position. I told her to hold herself up by her hips so the majority of her body weight was on her shoulders, and she did so. This particular sex position, commonly referred to as the “pile-driver,” was tiring to maintain for a long time; but, as always, I was up for a challenge.

So for the next twenty or so minutes, I pile-drove into her, repeatedly squatting up and down as I pinned her legs back. It was truly agonizing for her, between having her legs pinned back so far and having to tolerate insanely hard thrusting, but she made it through those twenty minutes. With any luck, she would be able to tolerate my ten inches in her back door. Per an earlier conversation, she had never had full blown anal sex before, having only received a finger a number of times in her rear end. I smirked as I fell repeatedly into her twat, thinking of how my dick would feel in her tight arse, and of how much it would hurt her.

After that initial session of strenuous fucking, I let go of her legs and got into more of a kneeling position. Her breathing was heavy and sweat covered her brow. I, by contrast, was barely warmed up, having become quite accustomed to fuck-fests that lasted multiple hours. She had come very close to orgasm; of that, I was sure.

I smirked at her. “Get on your knees,” I growled.

She raised her eyebrows. “What for?”


I backhanded her in the face, making her squeal. She looked genuinely frightened this time. I leaned in close to her face.

“JUST DO IT!” I shouted.

She began to tremble but nodded and did as I said. “No need to get an attitude,” she remarked, still doing her best to maintain her feistiness.

I got behind her in the doggie style position, smacking her round arse cheeks several times until they were red and she was gasping in pain. Then I spat on my hand and rubbed the saliva on the head of my cock. I took my hand and slid the head of my cock along her arse crack until I was lined up with her virgin arsehole. My other arm wrapped around her tiny waist. Her body was shaking slightly, and I knew she was scared. Without ceremony, I jammed my manhood into her back door, reveling in the tightness as well as her startled screams.

“Kenny, please,” she protested in desperation as she struggled to get away from me. I simply tightened my grip. “I’m not ready for this! It hurts so much!”

I gave an evil laugh. “You will get used to it, just like I got used to your finger,” I retorted sarcastically. “Now you know how it feels to be violated. You need to be punished, so you will take what I’m giving you.” I pounded harder.

“Your penis is a little bigger than my finger,” she argued through what sounded like the beginning of tears. “Please don’t be so rough.” I heard her sniffle.


I slapped her arse cheeks several times, as hard as I could. She wailed.

“I advise you to shut the hell up or I will be even rougher,” I warned in a low voice. “You can’t just give me blue balls for over a month of dating and expect me to me alright with it. And before that, you were a tease. You deserve to be raped up the arse!” I yelled as I pulled her hair, still pounding the hell out of her.

She moaned and squirmed, but I felt less friction and tightness than several minutes prior. Perhaps she was relaxing more? Or maybe she felt resignation, reluctantly accepting of her fate as my submissive? In any case, I loved the feel of her arse and did my best to delay what I knew would be an inevitable climax.

Unexpectedly, she began grinding her hips against mine as she remained on her knees, taking my huge cock even deeper into her arse. I grinned, satisfied that she was coming around and enjoying the experience.

“You’re right, Kenny,” she said breathlessly. ” I’ve been a dirty slut and a total cocktease. I need your dick in my ass. Don’t stop.”

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