A Camping Weekend

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“Billy, hi it’s mom. I need to ask you a favor.”

“Hi mom, does it involve hard work or heavy lifting?” I replied, laughing.

“Ha ha. No. But it is quite a strange request. It involves your sister.”


“Do you have another sister?”

“Very good mom, you’re sharp today. How can I help?What mess is she in?”

“Now Billy, your sister is a good girl.”

“Sure mom.”

“Anyway, she’s finished school for the summer, and her and Emily have announced they want to go camping.”

“Sounds reasonable.”

“I know Billy, but, well they’re only eighteen. They want to go to the national park, up by the lake, and I’m just worried. You know, two young girls….”

“You don’t want them getting eaten by bears?”

“Well bears, and other things….”

“What does Emily’s folks say about this?”

“Well this is where you come in. I sold this idea to them and they like it.”

“I’m getting worried.”

“Can you go with them? It’s just a weekend.”

I won’t bore you with the rest of the conversation but needless to say I came off the phone having been persuaded to go camping with my sister and her best friend.

I am Billy, as you probably guessed. I’m twenty five years old. I live with my girlfriend, Hannah, who is a trainee dentist, working long hours and starting to earn good money. I had one final thing to do, run the idea by her, but she agreed saying it would be a good chance to have a weekend catching up with some of her friends.

I get on ok with my kid sister. We only live about five miles away from her and my parents. There is seven years between us so we never really hung out but we did watch movies together, listen to some music. I taught her to ride her bike and to swim. She and Emily have been best friends since they were twelve so I have got to know her quite well. She’s a cool kid, very athletic, representing her school in several sports. I should mention that Emily is a black girl, her parents coming from Jamaica. I know some kids in our town have shouted at them for being friends but mainly we live in a fairly chilled area. My mom and dad are both very fond of Emily and know she’s been a good friend to Ava.

The camping trip took shape. Dad bought loads of gear for us. As I loaded the car the night before we left I noticed there was only one tent.

“Dad, did you only buy one tent?”

“It’s a three man tent.”

“Yeah but dad, I thought I would at least have my own tent.”

“Why waste money. This trip is only a one off, probably.”

“They might want to go again.”

“It’s three nights. Is it really a problem?”

I went up to Ava’s bedroom, where mom was helping my sister pack.

“Did you know we have to share a tent?” I said to both of them.

“Yes your father did ask me about that. It’s only three nights. Tents aren’t cheap,” mom replied.


“He told me. It should be ok. We’ve got three sleeping bags.”

“Does Emily know?”

“Is it such a biggie? Are you scared she’s going to ravage you or something?”

my sister joked.

I turned and walked out the room. Maybe I was being over-dramatic. It’s only three nights. Perhaps I was a bit freaked out having to do this trip in the first place, with two eighteen year old girls. I had no idea what we were going to do the whole weekend and I think I was just a bit on edge.

The next morning, Emily’s mom dropped her off. She had a bag. She was wearing a crop top and a pair of cut off denims. Very short i noticed. I also noticed how smooth her dark skin looked in the sunlight. I realised I had never really paid much attention to her looks over the years. Her eyes were big, like pools of ice cold water. Her legs were long, her ass toned and her breasts were small but well developed.

“Billy, you’re staring.”

Mom’s voice broke me out of my trance and I realised I had been checking out my sister’s friend a bit too obviously. The two girls smiled at each other nervously

My sister was wearing a light and breezy summer dress, white and yellow, which stopped just above her knees.

We said our goodbyes and jumped in my car. I endured three hours of the girls singing along to songs I was now just a bit too old to know, gossiping about school friends and talking make up. The plans for the weekend involved swimming in the lake, hiking and just chilling. Also drinking, as Emily revealed the beer she had smuggled into her bag. I also mentioned that I had a lot of beer in my trunk.

We drove off the main road, onto a few smaller roads then onto a track which finally led to the forest, and then a small clearing by the side of the lake. It was deserted.

“This is great. Nice and private,” said my sister.

“I love it,” gushed Emily.

“Why do you want it private?” I asked.

“Just. So we don’t have to put up with other people. And we can wear our new bikinis without pervy old men goggling at us,” joked Emily.

“I might goggle at you. If you’re worth goggling at. In your bikinis, I mean.”

“You’re my brother, you don’t count.”

“Thanks. What’s so special about these bikinis then?”

“Well, Girne Escort let’s say, our moms wouldn’t let us wear them if they saw what they’re like,” smiled Emily, her big eyes lighting up.

“Maybe I’ll report back.”

“You won’t,” laughed my sister.

I parked the car, and the girls unloaded the gear while I set up the tent. It was hot work and I soon stripped off my shirt, now just wearing shorts. I could hear the girls giggling and whispering as they watched me set up the tent.

“Teenagers,” I muttered to myself.

Tent set up, we set about organising. Ava placed the three sleeping bags in the tent.

“Who’s going where?” I asked.

“You can go on the far left,” Ava told me.

“Unless you want to go in the middle,” giggled Emily.

“Maybe I should. Keep you two apart, and keep you out of trouble,” I joked.

“We’d just climb over you,” smiled Ava.

“Maybe you should go in the middle then,” whispered Emily, winking at me. Was she flirting with me?

“Nah, I’ll go on the end.”

Once we finished setting up the girls went to change into their bikinis. They came out the tent and I just froze. They both looked stunning. The bikinis were skimpy and left nothing to the imagination. I guess I stared for a bit too long.

“You like what you see then?” smiled Emily.

“You both look amazing,” I gushed breathlessly.

“Do you think we look sexy?” Emily asked.

“Well, it’s not for me to say.”

“Yes it is, you’re a guy and we’re asking your opinion,” my sister said.

“Yeah but you’re my sister and you’re her best friend.”

“And?” Ava asked.

“And….in my eyes you’re still just kids. Always will be.”

“Ok then, if she wasn’t your sister and I wasn’t your sister’s friend, would you think we look hot?”

“You do look hot, it’s just I’m trying not to think of you in that way,” I explained, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“You think your sister’s hot?” enquired Emily.

“Not in that way.”

“In what way then?”

“I’m going to change. I’ll join you in the lake.”

I walked back into the tent and changed. I didn’t have swim shorts, just a pair of old soccer shorts but I guessed they’d be fine. I ran out and joined the girls in the lake. We splashed around for ages and I began to finally relax.

“I’ve got a ball. I’ll go get it,” I said, heading out the water.

“You should have two, ” laughed Emily.


“Two balls dummy,” laughed my sister, pointing at her crotch.


I got the soccer ball from the car and we spent ages messing around in the water. Then we came out and laid on towels in the sunshine. We went for a walk, then cooked dinner, before sitting by the camp fire I had lit, and cracked open the beer. We chatted for a while, about nothing in particular, and I was finally beginning to relax and enjoy their company. It’s funny by the age of twenty five how eighteen year olds can seem so alien, and yet it’s not that long ago that I was eighteen.

Let’s play a game!” shouted my sister.

“Truth or dare!” her friend called.

“Yeah!!” screamed Ava.

“Oh guys no. Not truth or dare.”

“Yeah truth or dare!” Ava repeated.

“Please no, anything but that.” I protested again.

“Never have I ever then,” suggested Emily.

“No i hate that. And besides we haven’t done much. He’ll have done way more than us,” my sister declared.

Eventually after another beer and plenty of arm pulling we settled on truth or dare. I wasn’t enthusiastic to say the least. After a few rounds of boring truths and even more boring dares the game broke up and just became a conversation and a few questions.

“Have you ever had sex with a black girl?” asked Emily.

I looked her straight in the eyes, her beautiful big eyes.



“That’s what I said.”

“Would you?” asked my sister.

“If I met one I liked enough.” The girls giggled.

“How many girls have you slept with?” my sister asked.


“Just answer. Come on its just us here.”


“Twelve!?” Ava exclaimed.

“Shit!” Emily added.

“How many guys have you slept with?’ I directed this at Emily.

“Two,” she answered coyly.

“Ask me then,” Ava chirped up.

“Ok, little sister, how many guys? Not that I want to know.”


That actually surprised me, thinking the answer would be none.

“Do you want to know who?’ she smiled.


“Good because you really don’t want to know,” she laughed, winking at me. My sister had never winked at me before and I found it disturbingly sexy.

“Did you like our bikinis?” asked Emily.

“Yes, they’re very….err….nice….”

“Sexy?” Ava asked.

‘We’ve had this conversation before.”

“How often do you jack off?”

“Emily! What kind of question is that?” I exclaimed.

“Come on, you know the rules, we’re being truthful,” Ava added.

“Ok then so you two have to answer the same question.”


“Ok then, not as much as I used to because I live with my girlfriend Magosa Escort but more than perhaps a year ago because she is very busy and tired,” I answered.

“Impressive answer bro. Very honest.”

This conversation went around in circles.

“Have you ever had sex with a guy?” this from my sister!

“No.” Have either of you had sex with a girl?”

They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“NO!! No way!” I cried.

“Why is that so surprising? We’re very close,” my sister responded.

“Just, I don’t know….”

“Do you think it’s hot? Us two in bed together?” Emily asked.

“I think girls in bed together is hot generally.”

“Cool,” Ava added.

“It’s kind of a guy’s fantasy. Two girls together.”

“Is it your fantasy imagining us together? Emily enquired.

“I’m not saying anything,” I laughed.

We had a few more beers. By now it was late. I announced that I was going to bed. I went to the tent, which was very hot inside, and stripped to my boxers, before climbing into my tent. It was pitch black inside. I was soon asleep and didn’t hear the girls coming to bed.

What woke me up was a hand straying into my sleeping bag. It was so hot I hadn’t zipped it up. Still feeling groggy and barely awake, I felt the hand slide down my stomach towards my boxers. I opened my eyes but it was so dark I couldn’t see anything. The hand then slid inside my boxers and before I had time to react was touching my cock.

My immediate reaction was to push it away, but in truth a lack of sex lately, the heat and the conversation outside, as well as seeing the two girls in their bikinis, meant I was feeling horny. Not only that, but it felt nice having a hand on my cock.

I quickly stiffened and the hand began to stroke me. I shifted my leg and pulled the sleeping bag down a bit.

Who was it? It had to be Emily. I couldn’t imagine my sister doing this. Emily seemed to have been flirting with me a lot during the day, although my sister had also revealed a side to her that I didn’t know, but my bets were still with her friend.

It felt amazing. I still had no idea who it was, and I was still turned slightly away from whoever was doing it. I guess the other girl had no idea what was happening, probably still asleep. It had to be Emily. I had to admit as the day wore on I was finding her more and more attractive. Her long legs, firm ass and tits, her eyes, her dark smooth skin. But to my shame I also found myself getting turned on by the idea of it being my sister. A handjob from your sister, was anything as dirty or wrong or hot as that idea. I rolled onto my back and slipped my hand across. I felt bare skin. I felt the soft flesh of a stomach, sliding down to the firmer touch of a pelvic bone. I slid my hand upwards and finally found a breast. A nipple. A slight moan drifted from the mouth of whoever had her hand on my cock. I edged across and began to lick, then suck the nipple. More soft moans. I didn’t know either girl’s body well enough to guess whose nipple I was sucking. I was getting closer to cumming. I edged further across, my hand now exploring the body next to me. She was naked. I found a neat trim of pubic hair, and then a wet fold of flesh. I slid my finger further, slipping inwards. Another moan. I moaned myself as my own orgasm neared, reprimanding myself for making a noise that might wake the third person, if indeed she was asleep.

Too late, I was cumming. Several jets of semen shot out, across my stomach, the hand that caused this, and the sleeping bag. My own orgasm complete, I fingered the girl to her own climax. Her ability to keep quiet was admirable. When we were finished, she rolled over to cuddle me, her breasts pushing against my back and we fell asleep.

I woke up to find the tent empty. I pulled on my boxers and stepped out. Both girls were sitting outside the tent, dressed almost identically in crop tops and shorts, eating breakfast.

“Morning sleepy head. Good sleep?” asked my sister.

“Mmm…not bad. You?”

I looked closely and suspiciously at the girls, trying to guess my night time’visitor’. My eyes drifted towards their chests, noticing that neither was wearing a bra and their breasts seemed of similar size, without checking more closely.

They both acted normally and eventually I decided to try to act that way as well, as neither was giving the game away. We planned a hike in the morning then swimming in the lake later. By the time we set off it was almost lunchtime, the girls having changed into their skimpy bikini tops and denim shorts. On the trail we passed a group of men, maybe aged in their early forties, who glanced admiringly. We stopped at the top of a ridge to rest and look at the view. The girls giggled.

“Are you enjoying the trip so far?” my sister asked.

“Yeah, it’s cool.”

“We’re not annoying you too much?” she continued.

“No not at all. You’re fun to be with. Besides, how can you be annoying, you’re my sister?”

“Are we more fun than you thought?” asked Emily.

“Definitely,” I replied.

“In Lefkoşa Escort what way?” Ava asked.


“Have you ever cheated on you girlfriend?” Emily suddenly asked.

“What makes you ask?”

“Just wondered.”

“Not that it’s any of your business but no.”


“You’re so random,” I laughed.

I sat on a rock while the girls chatted to themselves.

“We passed a pool on the way up. We fancy a swim. Do you want to come?” my sister asked.

“No I’ll walk down with you then I’ll go back to the tent.”


We walked together to the pool. I needed to do something so I was going to go back and jack off. Being with these two teenage girls was killing my balls. Sure one is my sister but fuck they’re just driving me crazy. God knows what my girlfriend Hannah would think but I have no intention of telling her. And last night. That handjob and bringing one of them to a climax. Oh fuck! I still have no idea. For my own hopes of going to heaven when I die I pray it wasn’t my sister.

Then a better idea struck me. Rather than go back I could spy on them in the pool and jack off there. I crept back up the trail. I found a perfect spot, where I could see and hear them, without being seen or heard. Also there was a possibility that they were both in on last night’s activity and I might discover the ‘culprit’.

To my delight, when I settled into my vantage point, I discovered both the girls were topless! Oh shit! They were splashing around in the water and occasionally I caught a glimpse of breasts. Then they climbed out and sat on a rock together, drying in the sun.

Emily’s black breasts were stunning. As previously noted not big, but just enough to cup. Her nipples were pointy and hard. My sister’s tits. Oh fuck, did I just say that? My sister’s tits, well I mean when did she get tits? When did that happen? Did I really not notice. Because like her friend’s, they were a thing of beauty. A very similar size. Almost identical. Perhaps not so pointy. But still hard nipples. I tried to think back to last night. I had a hand and a tongue on one of those tits, but try as I might I couldn’t remember enough detail to say which one. In a court of law, if pushed to decide, I think I would guess at Emily. But I could be wrong.

Their conversation was dull, not talking about anything interesting to me, and not mentioning me. Not that I am self obsessed but I was hoping they might drop a clue about last night. The only thing that really interested me was that my sister announced she really wanted to try skinny-dipping, and they both wondered if they could with me around.

“You can do anything you want if I get to see your sexy naked bodies,” I thought to myself.

I jacked off, watching them, staring at their boobs. Then as they were about to leave I hurried down the trail before them.

After we’d rested after our hike we all swam in the lake, although there was no suggestion of skinny-dipping. Maybe I’ll have to suggest it, perhaps tomorrow.

We had dinner and chilled by the camp fire, drinking beer and talking, mainly about music and movies. It seemed they’d calmed down from the silliness of the previous night.

Whacked, I went to bed first. I stripped to boxers and lay on my sleeping bag as it was so hot. Again I fell asleep almost immediately. All this fresh air! I didn’t hear the girls come to bed.

As with the previous night, it was pitch black in the tent when I woke up. I felt a hand on my stomach, sliding down towards my boxers. Then it slid back up and played with one of my nipples for a while.As whoever was doing this did it, she moved closer to me and I felt a pair of breasts pushing up against my back. She’s horny tonight, I thought to myself. Then her hand moved back to the band at the top of my boxers, under and in. She stroked my already hard penis along its length. She gently felt my balls before tightening her grip and stroking me. I helped her by pulling my boxers off.

After a minute or two I rolled onto my other side, facing her and began to explore her body. Like last night she was already naked. First her breasts then my hand worked its way down between her legs. She moaned slightly as I touched her wet pussy lips, and sucked on her titties. In a break from the previous night, I broke away from her breasts and kissed her face, first her forehead, then her cheeks and finally her mouth. I still had no idea who she was, my sister or her best friend, and so far nothing had revealed her identity, not even her gentle moans of pleasure. So perhaps exploring her mouth might give me a clue. It didn’t really, but I was still convinced it was my sister’s friend. I still couldn’t imagine my sister behaving in this way, even though I had realised this trip that she wasn’t the sweet innocent little girl my parents, or I for that matter believed she was. Still though, she wouldn’t indulge in mutual masturbation with her brother in a tent!! Would she?

Whoever it was, I made her climax with my fingers and then I came not long after. We fell asleep, still naked, in each others arms.

A few hours must’ve passed before I was woken again by a hand exploring my penis. In my sleep I had rolled over and now had my back to my seducer. As I opened my eyes, two things slowly crept into my state of awareness. One that it was light, the early morning sunlight streaming into the tent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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