A Change Of Luck Ch. 01

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I met Mary when I was still going to high school and I immediately fell in love with her. But, since I was very shy I could only worship her from a distance. I just loved her perfect breasts that weren’t too big but just about the right size, her curly brown hair that always smelled so sexy and her sweet ass that had the perfect bounce when she was walking. She was the kind of woman that I was too scared to approach, because I knew my failure would ruin everything. And besides, she had a steady boyfriend. Nevertheless, during my high school years we did develop a friendly relationship that was unfortunately completely platonic.

After high school we both went to the university and moved to the big city. She asked me if I would want to live with her and naturally I said yes. I never thought about how frustrating it would be to live with somebody you worship. We shared an apartment with two more girls, but the important thing for me was that Gina was there.

Life was good for me in college. I started going out, meeting new people and I was having a blast living with Mary. Our friendship was really developing, but my sexual frustration was growing. She was always telling me what a nice guy I was, and how I should meet a woman that would deserve me. She was encouraging me a lot. She always told me I should go out for a drink and meet a woman and bring her home. We had a pretty big house.

I didn’t have that much luck with women though. But my luck turned for the better! One night when I was out drinking tequila shots this hot woman approached me. She said her name was Lena, and she was 24. She had a nice body, small breasts – about a handful, and sexy curved hips. She was wearing a small shirt that was exposing her bellybutton and a skirt that almost covered her knees. She smelled like coconut.

She joined me at the bar, I bought ısparta escort her a drink, and we ended up talking and drinking for the rest of the evening. I liked her company, and I was almost sure she was flirting with me. So I bought her more drinks. All the alcohol loosened her up as she started behaving not very lady-like. Not that it bothered me. She took one of my cigarettes and I lit it for her. I couldn’t help but to stare at her soft red lips while she was smoking.

“Are my lips sexy?” She whispered, and gave me a lusty look.

“Y….yes, they’re really hot.” I stuttered. Her question almost made me fall of my stool.

She wet her lips with her tongue, blew smoke at my face and asked:” Am I sexy? Do you wanna kiss these lips?”

Before I could answer she kissed me. It took me completely by surprise! It took me a while to start kissing her back. Her tongue penetrated my mouth and I could taste her sweet saliva mixed with tequila and cigarettes. She got a hold of my tongue with her lips and teeth and she slowly and gently sucked. Her hands were caressing the back of my neck, moving up and down. My pants were getting a bit too tight as my penis was in the full state of arousal.

“Why don’t we go somewhere more private?” she whispered into my ear and gave it a quick nibble. She took me by the hand and led me out of the bar and into the street. When we were outside she gave me another wet kiss. I told her how sweet she tasted and she told me she can’t wait to taste me. I told her that my apartment was empty, because my roommates went home for the weekend or had a date.

“Lovely idea,” she said and I ran my hands down her body, down her lusty curves, then I kissed her and squeezed her ass with my hands, rubbing her body against mine. It felt so good – a woman, a sexy woman was without doubt kars escort interested in me. I felt like a million bucks at that moment.

“Mmmm, aren’t you up and ready?” she said with a grin on her face when she felt my erection press against her.

“I can’t help myself Lena. You did this to me,” I told her.

“I bet I can help you with your problem.”

We got into a cab and drove to my apartment, and naturally we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I was rubbing her breasts trough the fabric and she was rubbing my cock. When we arrived we paid for the ride and went in. Once we were in my room we started kissing again.

“You are so hot,” I told her as she removed her shirt and exposed her breasts. I went down and took one of her nipples in my mouth and licked. I circled my tongue over it, and then sucked on in gently. She was moaning quietly and encouraging me.

“Yeah, lick it baby, suck on it!” I bit her nipple gently and a louder moan escaped her mouth. I moved to her other nipple and repeated the oral treatment. I put my hand on her breast and massaged her slowly while I moved up to give her a kiss. She bit down on my lower lip and the pain was divine.

“You like a little pain, don’t you?” She bit down again and sucked it. While we were kissing, she slowly unbuttoned my shirt, pushed me away gently and started rubbing my chest. “Ooh, you chest is so nice, mmmh,” she said and licked my small nipples and moved down to my bellybutton.

I put my hand on her hips and started pulling her skirt down. She stopped licking my chest and tried to stop me, but I was too quick for her. She jumped back and what I saw next sobered me up completely. Lena had a cock between her legs!

She sat down on the bed and tried to cover her face with her hand, expecting a fist or a kick, but it didn’t happen. kastamonu escort I was stunned but mostly by the fact that I was still turned on by her, even more than before. I stepped towards her and she jumped, dark tears running down her face, messing her make-up.

“I won’t hurt you.” I said.” I want to suck it. It’s so sexy, Lena.”

I kneeled between her legs and took a hold of her soft cock. I put it in my mouth and started licking it and gutting it all hard and ready. It felt so soft and warm in my mouth. Her cock was growing in my mouth and she started moaning again.

“Your mouth feels so good on my clit!” She was moving her hips in the rhythm of my mouth going down on her meat. I put it out of my mouth to examine her girl-cock. It was very hot – circumcised, about 6 inches long, the pubic hair was nicely trimmed but she was not bald. It didn’t look like a man’s cock. It looked so feminine. And it was hard. It was hard for me. I jerked on her cock a couple of times while I went down to lick her testicles.

“Oh yeah, suck me off, suck me off…”

I put her cock back between my lips and I tried to get all of it in my mouth. When the tip went down my throat for the first time I gagged a little but I soon got the feeling. I was bobbing my head up and down, feeling her hot cock pulsing in my mouth. I was caressing her legs and the sides of her ass. Her hands were petting my head, pushing it gently.

“Oh baby, you feel so good…you’re making me cum. I’m gonna cum soon.”

I looked her in the eye and I could see animal lust. I positioned my mouth in front of her cock and jerked it off with my hands. I was pumping with fury and soon her cock swelled and with a large moan she came. The first milky blast sprayed into my mouth the second and third hitting my lips. Her sperm was delicious and I could feel it running down my throat, so warm and creamy. I could also feel it running down my lips and my chin.

I licked the head of her cock to get the rest of her creamy sperm when I heard a sharp voice from behind…

“What the hell are you two doing?!”

To be continued…

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