A Little Game

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Disclaimer: This post has BDSM-related content so may not be to everyone’s tastes. It’s a short version of one of my fantasies that I’ve been lucky enough to get to play around with in real life in a fully consensual environment. It should go without saying that non-consensual sex of any sort is bad and not something I’d ever endorse.


I’m imagining standing in your room with my wrists tied behind my back. I’m naked except for a pair of lacey black knickers. You face me and kiss me before turning me around and bending me over your desk.

I hear you slowly unbuckling and then removing your belt…you stroke your hand across my thighs and leave it to rest between my legs as you lean forward and whisper to me that you’re going to punish me hard.

I moan as you remove your hand and gently pull down my knickers, letting them fall to the floor around my ankles. In the corner of my vision I can just about see that you’re folding the belt in half. You kiss my mouth again and then move behind me, using your free hand to hold me to the desk by my neck.

I’m waiting for the first blow to come, trying not to tense in anticipation. You’re waiting longer than usual and I almost just want you to begin so I can stop guessing when it’s gonna come, and how hard it’ll be. Instead, you put the belt down next to me on the desk;

‘Changed my mind. Let’s play a little game…’

You pull me up roughly by my hair and stand behind me. I can feel your cock through your boxers, pressing against my lower back as you turn my face to kiss me. You’re kissing my face and neck and gently untying the rope from my wrists as you explain;

‘Here’s how it’s going to work. You’re going to get down on your knees and play with my cock – you have four minutes. If you make me cum before time’s up then I won’t punish you after all. If you don’t, I’ll use my belt on your ass till it’s raw.’

With that you let go of my hair and watch as I kneel down in front of you. Your phone is rather handily nearby and I see you’re not joking as you set the timer.

I’m excited as I take off your boxers freeing your hard cock. I love playing with you. I start off by licking and sucking on your balls, one after the other, before moving my tongue along the shaft of your cock towards the tip. I hold it near the base ordu escort with one hand whilst I move my tongue lightly over the head – I can feel it growing harder still.

Then I take you in my mouth, as deeply as I can go. I hear you moan as you start moving in and out of my mouth, gently at first but gradually moving more quickly until I’m moaning and almost gagging as you mouthfuck me.

When you’ve had enough you grab my hair and take your cock out of my mouth, pulling my head back so I’m looking up at you as I keep playing with you with just my hand. I can see you’re now getting really close and I start playing with your balls with my other hand, and stroking that spot just between them…

You suddenly push my hands away, commanding, ‘Stop.’

I look confused and you laugh. ‘I don’t think I feel like cumming just yet.’

A few moments later the timer rings and it dawns on me you had no intention of letting me out of my punishment. Still, I can’t keep from blurting out, ‘Please! How is that fair?’

‘You’re questioning me, eh? Now when has that ever worked out well for you?’

You tell me softly to stand up, and I can see from your face that there’s no use resisting. You run your hand gently over my breasts, teasing my hard nipples, before suddenly slapping one of them which makes me cry out in surprise.

‘That’s no good. If you can’t even keep quiet now then you’ll be screaming when I’m done with you.’

You pick up my knickers from the floor and stuff them into my mouth. ‘This’ll help’.

Grinning, you push me down again over your desk and keep me pressed there with your hand on my lower back. I feel a finger on your other hand slip inside me and start to slowly fuck my pussy, which makes me arch my back and move against you.

‘I like how you look bent over my desk with your back arched’, you whisper. ‘Make sure you keep it that way as I punish you…And you’re already very wet – I’m warning you that if you get any wetter during the punishment I’ll take that as a sign that I’m being too easy on you. Understood?’

All I can do is moan and nod given the state I’m in, but this seems to satisfy you. You remove your finger and I can hear you picking up and folding the belt for a second time.

SMACK – The first blow isn’t too rize escort hard. You pause.

SMACK, SMACK – The next ones aren’t too bad either. I have an ominous feeling that you’re taking awhile to warm me up because you’re working up to spanking me very, very hard.

The blows get gradually harder, though they’re quite far apart and I can’t ever quite tell when the next one will happen. I moan loudly each time the belt hits my ass, even through the knickers in my mouth, and I’m almost glad they’re there to muffle the sound. I wonder what the people next door might be thinking if they could hear.

You start gradually increasing the severity of each blow and now they’re coming quickly, one after the next. You’re thrashing me brutally and I can’t stay still, I move my hips to try to make it stop, but this just makes you hold me down with your free hand and keep on going even harder.

When I think I’m reaching my limit you suddenly stop. I whimper as you very gently stroke my ass with your hand.

You lean over the desk so your face is close to mine, ‘Aw, I know that was painful. Do you think you’ve learnt your lesson?’

I nod, wide-eyed, hoping that you’ve finished, but I can feel the hand that’s stroking my ass moving toward my pussy and remember what you said earlier.

‘You’re dripping wet!’ you growl, moving your fingers from my pussy to my clit and gently rubbing in circles. After awhile you continue, ‘And as I understand it, that means you must have been enjoying your punishment. It’s a shame you’re so naughty – I can already see bruises starting to show on your ass, and I have no choice but to punish it even more harshly now.’

I’m still whimpering and almost sobbing as you straighten up again, not even able to beg you not to, feeling totally helpless.

I don’t notice that this time you haven’t folded the belt, and that you’ve picked it up from the other end, and realise all of a sudden when I feel the cold metal of the buckle hit my skin. I’m sure I would have screamed if I wasn’t gagged. You’re quiet and still for a few moments, letting me recover a little.

‘There’ll be 9 more of those.’

The first one comes even harder than before, and you count it aloud. I can tell from the tone of your voice that you’re not going to ease off sakarya escort at all, that you’re enjoying punishing me, pushing me to my limits. You have to hold me still again as I try to pull away from you.

The next three you aim all at the same spot and I can’t believe how much it hurts. You pause between each one just long enough for me to breathe and prepare for the next one as much as I can. I try not to imagine what the buckle is doing to the state of my ass. You’re finally at the 9th one and I’m no longer able to try to resist. Instead of just one, you do two in rapid succession and I moan in a haze of pain.

I hear the belt drop on the floor and you move closer to me again and gently stroke my hair and kiss my neck – I’m still lying across your desk, unable to move or do anything – and you keep running your fingers through my hair and softly kissing me.

‘That’s enough now’, you say quietly, and I can tell that this time you mean it, that you’re done punishing me.

When my breathing has calmed a little you gently take my knickers from my mouth and you pull me up and wrap your arms around me. You lead me over and lie me down on your bed, and kneel carefully over me. You stroke my hair with one hand and reach behind you to feel my pussy with the other.

‘Wow, you’re so wet’, you laugh, smiling and kissing me. You start rubbing around my clit it small circles, gently, occasionally sliding your fingers inside me before returning to my clit. It feels so good as you keep stroking my hair softly, with your mouth against mine.

I can feel it building up and I’m moaning in your mouth, this time purely in pleasure. Your fingers keep moving in circles against my pussy, moving more firmly and it feels amazing, like it can’t possibly feel any better, but then I come and waves of even more incredible pleasure go through me and I kiss you hard and moan.

I’m still orgasming as I feel you press your cock against my pussy and move inside me, making me cry out in pleasure. You caress my breasts as you slowly fuck me, and I watch your cock moving in and out, covered in my wetness. You moan too as you start fucking me harder and more deeply.

I wrap my legs around you to bring you closer to me, and dig my nails into your back. Your cock feels so good in my pussy as you keep going, and I can hear how close you’re getting. You keep on fucking me like this, thrusting into me over and over, and we’re both gasping as your cock explodes inside me.

You stay inside me afterwards and we hug each other as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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