A Little Learning Ch. 03

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Winter break was cold and dull. I was broke enough to have to leave New York and have to go back home to New Hampshire. Hanging around my parents all day was frustrating in and of itself, and the lack of just about any fuckable guy for miles was icing on the cake.

This was what, in the end, made me invite Ben to stay up with me for a few days. I knew it was a terrible idea from the start; Ben wanted us to be more than friends, and I simply couldn’t commit to that. Not when there were so many other beautiful guys to fuck. I knew inviting him over would only make him believe we were closer to entering a relationship (what a horrible word), but I needed to get laid or I’d go crazy. And, well – I missed Ben. I wanted to see him.

So Ben came on a rainy January afternoon, and I pointedly introduced him to my parents as my friend; he slept in the guest bedroom. Of course, he tiptoed to my room in the night, where we fucked each other brains out several times until the early hours of the morning. I got barely any sleep that night but still woke up more refreshed than I’ve felt in weeks.

In the morning, at breakfast, my mother and Ben and I discussed where I could take Ben around town that was interesting (answer: nowhere). It was my mother’s idea that we should see Fergus.

“He’s been so lonely ever since Mark left, and Victoria’s away – I’m really worried about him, you know,” my mother said, clicking her tongue.

Fergus was the father of Victoria, my best friend from middle and high school. We had become friends, in fact, precisely because Victoria had two fathers; some of our classmates in middle school teased her mercilessly when they found out, and a few teachers chose to turn a blind eye. I, however, already well aware of my gayness by then, had reached out to Victoria and we became instant friends. We were well-suited; I loved Victoria’s dry wit and she loved my boldness, and our friendship lasted through high school and survived going to different colleges. I talked to Victoria, whether chatting on Facebook or via Skype, most days.

Victoria’s two fathers, Fergus and Mark, were one of those couples that seemed based on the principle that opposites attract; Fergus was an enormous, strapping Scottish expat, a good 6’4″ tall, with pale skin and thick dark hair, while Mark was small and slim, blond-haired and very neat-looking. As a kid I had a massive crush on Fergus; he coached Victoria’s soccer team, and I remember all too well many afternoons I spent watching him from the sidelines where I was ostensibly supposed to be cheering on my friend. Instead I spent all Victoria’s games and practices staring at her father’s curvy calves and enormous thighs in his shorts, muscular, veiny, pale and covered in thick dark hair.

A few months ago, in November, Mark had left Fergus for another, younger man and moved off to Florida; according to my mother, who was a good friend of his, Fergus was crushed. Victoria was spending the year studying abroad on Barcelona; she had wanted to drop out and come home straight away, but Fergus convinced her not to. It was no surprise, then, that he’d be lonely.

“He’s very fond of you, Nick,” my mother said. “Maybe it would cheer him up if you visited. Bring Ben, too,” she said.

I was fond of Fergus too, so I agreed. Ben was happy enough to oblige, always in his element when people needed support of comfort.

When we arrived at his house and Fergus opened the door, I was astonished by how bad he looked – he was pale, with grey circles under his eyes, scruffy and unshaven. He wore dress pants, a shirt and a tie, which were neat enough, but they only emphasized his look of weariness. He was still the same mountain of man, tall, broad-shouldered, bulging biceps struggling under the thin fabric of his shirt, but he looked like a ghost. He was about fifty, and for the first time I’ve seen him looked every last year of it.

“Nick!” he said, smiling. It didn’t exactly light up his face, but it was an improvement. “Good to see you. Come in!”

“This is my friend, Ben. We thought we’d drop by,” I said, a little awkwardly. Ben and Fergus shook hands, and Fergus lead us into the living room. It wasn’t dirty, but it was dusty and cluttered, as if nobody cared about keeping it neat – which, in all likelihood, nobody did.

“Will you boys have a couple of beers with me? I was going to go into work this morning but I felt like having a mental health day,” he said with false brightness, “so I’m very glad you boys could join me.”

We agreed to the beers, and Fergus disappeared into the kitchen. Ben leaned towards me.

“Does he always look this çankaya escort miserable?” he whispered.

“No, not always. He’s taking Mark leaving pretty hard,” I said.

“Poor guy,” Ben said, with feeling.

Fergus came back with the beers. We sipped them slowly, without talking for a moment, then Fergus rubbed his neck and swung his head around.

“Aah,” he said, “I don’t know if I slept on it badly or what, but I just feel so tense.”

In an instant, I had an idea. My kind of idea.

“Ben gives great neck rubs,” I said.

“I do?” Ben said, but I shut him up with a fierce look.

Fergus eyed Ben curiously, and Ben looked at me blankly.

“Why don’t you massage Fergus’s neck a little, Ben?” I asked sweetly. “He certainly could use it.”

Ben glared at me through narrowed eyes, but could hardly say no. “Sure, if you’d like me to, Mr. Scott,” he said.

“It’s Fergus,” Fergus said. “And, sure, why not? Not sure if anything can help me, though,” he said, smiling lopsidedly.

Ben walked around to stand behind the wide sofa Fergus was sitting on, and looking awkward, he began to knead the skin around Fergus’s neck and shoulders. He looked uncertain at first, but then, slowly, became more intent. His eyes clouded over a little; I could guess that he could smell that smell I remembered from all those soccer games of yore, the sweaty musk of the rugged Scotsman.

“Aww, that’s really nice,” Fergus said. “Nick was right, this is very good.”

“I’m, er, glad you like it,” Ben said, and continued massaging him. Fergus closed his eyes and leaned his head back. His legs were spread wide, his thick, powerful thighs bursting out of his dress pants resting against the leather of the sofa. This was my cue.

Noiselessly, I leaned forward and knelt between Fergus’s open legs. Slowly, I began gently stroking those amazing muscular thighs, feeling their firmness through the fabric. For the first few seconds, Fergus didn’t seem aware of it, but then his eyes flew open.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he almost shouted, springing up. “Nick, goddammit, what is this? You’re Vicki’s friend, what do you think you’re doing?”

I didn’t get up from where I was kneeling. “I just want to cheer you up a little, Fergus,” I said, still stroking his thighs up and down. “I hate seeing you so unhappy. Just relax and let us… cheer you up.”

“No, fuck, this is wrong!” Fergus said, but he didn’t move. I decided that it was now or never. I swiftly unbuckled his belt and tugged, pulling down his pants and his boxers.

Fergus gasped, and made a few paces back, but I grabbed his thighs and pulled him back to me.

His cock was still limp, but already pretty impressive; he wasn’t very long, but his pink uncut cock was fat and beautiful, resting on his big round hairy balls. I licked his cock up and down a few times, and it quickly began springing to life.

“Jesus Christ,” Fergus said softly as his big fat cock grew erect under my tongue.

I pulled back for a moment and glared at Ben. He was the weak link in my dastardly plan, and looking at him now – standing where he was behind the couch, staring at me (or maybe at Fergus’s lean, beefy ass) with an unreadable expression, I was scared he’d get upset, or freaked out, or whatever, and ruin everything. Tentatively, I spoke.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Come and help me, be a good guest,” I said. Ben looked at me for a moment, then grinned, and all but ran from behind the sofa, kneeling down next to me at Fergus’s feet.

He stood where he was, staring down at us with amazement, as we got to work.

I took all of his semi-hard cock in my mouth, and he gasped as it hardened to rock-solidity. It was so thick it barely fit, but I took a deep breath through my nose and began pumping up and down his shaft, and jacking what I couldn’t get into my mouth.

Ben, meanwhile, got to his beautiful balls, first licking them gently, then taking one, then the other in his mouth. I felt Fergus’s knees tremble, and with one deft move pushed him back onto the sofa.

“This is wrong, I can’t do this,” Fergus protested, but when I deep-throated all of his cock, he shut up.

Ben and I switched places; he started sucking his dick, and I licked his balls, stroking them gently with my fingers, then sucking them. I took advantage of the fact that he was sitting down and started to migrate south with my finger, rubbing his taint, then circling his soft asshole.

Fergus threw his head back and moaned. As Ben kept pumping his cock, I straightened my keçiören escort back and grabbed Fergus’s tie, pulling him towards me. I kissed him on the lips, hard. Our tongues met for a moment, then I withdrew, kissing his neck as I unbuttoned his shirt. I got fed up of fiddling with the buttons and just ripped it open; buttons scattered to the floor, but his enormous chest was finally free for me to have my way with.

He had giant pecs, and an undeniable paunch, but he wore it well; his whole chest was covered with thick brown hair, except for his pink pencil eraser nipples. I pinched one of these as I kissed those gorgeous pectorals; then my lips found the other nipple, and I first sucked on it, then bit it gently. Fergus moaned again. He grabbed my hair, and pulled me roughly away – which gave me an electric chill down my spine – and kissed me hard on the lips again – which gave me another.

Meanwhile, Ben had gotten his cock out and was jacking himself off while still blowing Fergus; with his free hand he began rubbing my crotch, where my hard cock was straining against the thick denim of my jeans.

Fergus noticed this, and got up again.

“Okay, boys, my turn now,” he said, and first pulled me, then Ben onto the sofa.

“Get your cock out, Nick,” he told me while he dove into Ben’s crotch and swallowed his dick to the base immediately. Ben emitted a high-pitched moan.

While Fergus was bobbing up and down Ben’s shaft, I quickly pulled down my jeans and released my erection, and then leaned forward to pull Fergus’s shirt off altogether. I stroked his muscular shoulders and enormous biceps for a few moments, and took a moment to count my blessings: my boyhood crush was at my feet, wearing nothing but a blue silk tie and his pants around his ankles, sucking my friend’s cock while he writhed in pleasure… and he would get to me soon. Life was good.

Meanwhile, Ben was whimpering as Fergus sucked his cock and fondled his balls. Then, roughly, he lifted Ben’s legs up and began to play with his fuzzy pink asshole, spitting on his fingers and rubbing the skin. He dove in and licked it a few times.

“Oh, Jesus Christ,” Ben panted, throwing his head back and grabbing Fergus’s hair, pulling him towards his ass.

“Hey, what about me!” I cried, feeling a little left out.

Fergus came up for air and looked at me; the way he looked at me alone made me afraid I was going to come any moment.

“I’m so sorry, Nick,” he said, mock-earnest. He slapped Ben’s thigh, then turned in my direction. “Let me make it up to you.”

He enveloped my cock in one huge bear paw, and pumped my cock slowly up and down without breaking eye contact. He reached one hand up, caressing my lean torso, then tracing the outline of my lips, gently inserting his index and middle fingers into my mouth. I sucked them, and bit down a little.

He started playing with my cock, sticking his tongue out and slapping the head against his tongue. He licked up and down the shaft as I started breathing more heavily, trying to control the adrenaline and the light, fluid sensation in my body that meant I was close to coming; I realized I was tensing my muscles without realizing it, anticipating climax, and relaxed – the feeling subsided, and I leaned back to enjoy Fergus’s blowjob.

The first time, he went all the way down the shaft, and I felt the hardness of his stubble scratching my balls; then he moved rhythmically up and down, up and down, now and again looking up at me his dark grey eyes under his bushy brown eyebrows locking with mine. I reached down and began stroked his hair as he continued to suck my cock.

Meanwhile, Ben was leaning over to kiss me. I could see something in his eyes besides pleasure – was it jealousy? I pushed the thought out of my mind, preferring not to think about it. I returned his kiss eagerly, nibbling on his pouty lips, playing with his ginger chest hair and pink nipples. Before I knew it, he was withdrawing from the kiss and getting up to stand on the sofa, his dick sticking out like a sword a little above my head. He buckled his knees so that it came right to my face level, and swinging his hips, slapped my cheeks with his cock.

“Nice and wide, babe,” Ben said, and I obediently opened my mouth, grabbing Ben’s thighs. Slowly, he inserted his dick into my mouth, and then began swaying his hips, fucking my face, while groaning with pleasure. I cupped his round perky ass with my hands, kneading the cheeks, and then slapped them loudly. I could have gone on like this forever, Fergus’s hot wet mouth on my cock, Ben’s etimesgut escort dick filling my mouth, the smell of sweat and men and sex permeating the room.

Fergus rose up from my dick and leaned back, resting on his haunches, his thick pink dick sticking out like a flagpole. He jacked it lazily once or twice.

“Well, this has been fun, boys,” he said, “but if you really want to cheer me up, I’m going to need some ass.”

We nearly fell over ourselves, so eager were we to accommodate him, and for a funny moment we almost argued whose ass Fergus should get to fuck first. Instead we wrestled on the couch, and I pinned Ben to the cushions, sticking my ass out in the air.

Fergus eyed it appreciatively, smacking each cheek a few times, then reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a condom and lube.

“Mark and I used to keep some handy in every room…” he said, then cut off rapidly. It was strange to feel so awkward with one gorgeous man’s cock pressing up against my belly and another’s about to fuck me up the ass.

Soon all awkwardness was forgotten, though, as Fergus pulled on the condom, slathered some lube on his cock and my ass, and began to insert his dick inside me. It was one of the thickest cocks I’ve ever been fucked by, and the immediate sensation was quite severe pain. I bit my lip to keep from crying out, and Ben stroked my hair. I squeezed his cock gratefully.

Fergus gently stroked my back, then poured out some more lube. He grabbed my hips and began, slowly, to slide in and out, just a few inches at first, then more and more.

The pain began to abate, and soon I was feeling quite incredible pleasure – I never knew a cock could fill me up so much. I felt like I was going to burst in the best way possible, my whole body exploring in one glorious orgasm.

“Oh my god, yes,” I shouted, throwing my head back. “Fuck me, Fergus! Harder! Pull my hair!”

Like a good host, he complied, and pulled my head up roughly, entwining his fingers in my thick black hair. Soon, he was nailing me quickly and furiously, every new thrust bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

I was almost delirious with pleasure by the time I spluttered hot white spunk all over Fergus’s nice white sofa. Fergus leaned forward, and kissed the nape of my neck, nibbling it softly before getting back up.

He slipped his cock out of my ass and deftly changed condoms while I slid off Ben. When I looked into his eyes now, there was just pure lust, and Ben leaned on his back, dragging himself slightly forward to position his ass on the armrest of the couch, for Fergus’s ease of access. I nested his head in my lap, patting his hair, wiping the sweat from his brow, panting heavily.

After a minute or two, Ben was screaming in pleasure, too, as Fergus bucked his hips into him, his big balls slapping against Ben’s ass. Fergus jerked Ben’s cock and bent down to kiss Ben, never slowing his pace. Ben threw his hands around Fergus’s neck and brought his head closer, and soon he himself was coming, screaming out while Fergus was kissing his neck and jacking off his cock. I felt a pang of – no, it couldn’t be jealousy. Impossible.

“Oh fuck! Oh god!” Ben shouted. I didn’t see him come, but when Fergus lifted himself up, his enormous broad chest was covered with jizz.

We lay there panting, Ben and I, our bodies glistening with sweat. Fergus slipped the second condom off his cock and walked around to me. I jacked off his cock a few times then gave him a slow, gentle blowjob. Within a minute or two, he was grabbing my hair once again.

“Oh my god, Nick!” he shouted in his booming Scottish voice. I slid my mouth off his cock just as he was about to come, and he shot a massive load all over my face and chest – it seemed like gallons and gallons of cum were hitting my cheeks and my mouth, and I couldn’t be happier. I tasted his thick, salty spunk; I never thought I’d get a chance to one day have Fergus come on my face.

Later, we all showered together, but we were generally too spent for round two; after the emotions cooled off, Fergus seemed bashful and perhaps even ashamed. As we were about to leave, I reached forward and kissed him on the lips.

“That was amazing, Fergus. Don’t ever think we didn’t love every minute of it.”

Fergus smiled an awkward, endearing boyish smile, and we left.

In the car, we were silent for part of the way, but eventually Ben spoke first.

“I don’t usually do that kind of thing,” he said firmly.

“No?” I replied blandly.

“You know I don’t. This was… different. Don’t think I’ll do it again.” He turned around to face me. “You know me, Nick. I want commitment. Exclusive commitment.”

“Could have fooled me,” I said, trying and failing for sarcasm.

“Oh, fuck you, Nick,” Ben said. “I’m not going to be your booty call. I need something from you.”

I sighed. “Let’s talk about this later, shall we? I’m too post-coital to think straight.”

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