A Model for CC’s Pt. 02

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Chapter 2

While Linda was gone searching for the dreaded heels Victor gave the outfit he was supposed to wear a closer look. Just looking at the pile of pink gave him shivers. He really didn’t want to put any of this outfit on, but it didn’t look like he would have much of a choice. “It’s only fabric, a bitter pill to swallow, but if you put on this dress now and let that horrid Linda snap some pictures, then get elected for the shoot and repeat this all over your troubles will be over.” He tried to motivate himself.

There was one big problem though, he didn’t even know where to start. The big mass of pink made it hard to even distinguish different items and so many of the things looked strange to him. Picking up a package of something pink with a white line wrapped around a piece of cardboard he just looked at it strangely until suddenly Linda showed up behind him. “Those are your stockings.” She casually said seeing his questioning look.

Victor of course knew what stockings were and how they looked like and now that Linda had said it, it did make sense. He just never saw a pair still in their package so the rectangle of carboard just looked strange to him. “I see you haven’t even the first clue how to get dressed. Tsk you’re going to be a lot more work than I expected.” Linda said placing the shoebox down. Victor was annoyed by Linda’s comment what did she expect? He decided to just swallow his words so he could get this over with quickly. What he didn’t realise was that Linda’s comment was meant for more than the shoot alone.

“Okay Victor, first things first and I thought even a child would know this, but if you are supposed to get dressed in a new outfit you should strip out of the one you’re currently wearing first. When I say strip I mean completely, underwear and everything.” Linda said sternly not even attempting to go or look away.

When Victor didn’t immediately get into action she was about to speak up, but much to her surprise Victor interrupted her taking the word first. “Look Linda, I’m going to change into this outfit even though I don’t like it one bit alright, but at least give me some damn privacy and time.” Victor said letting his annoyance get the better of him for a moment.

Linda’s eyes narrowed into a deadly stare. She couldn’t remember the last time anyone had actually talked back to her and she wasn’t going to tolerate it either. “Look Victor, do you really think that I like having to practically hold your hand to help you get dressed? News flash I don’t! If you dislike that outfit so much you can always just pack your things and get going so I can find someone else for the shoot. No one is forcing you!” Linda replied sharply knowing full well that Victor didn’t have many options.

Letting her words sink in for a moment Linda carried on. “You had your chance to get changed in the lingerie in private when I was finding you your heels yet here you are still fully dressed like you were when you entered my store today. I’m doing you a favour by helping you out with an outfit and a portfolio and all you do is ungratefully ask me to let you take your time? At this rate I’ll be lucky if you’re ready by closing time and I do have a store to run. I’m already spending more of my precious time than I should on this so what is it going to be? Are you going to strip or going to go? If you go you can always make an own portfolio of course so what is it going to be? Are you going to go strip or do you also need help with that?” Linda asked sternly.

Victor was stunned by Linda’s reaction. He hadn’t expected such a fast aggressive response. As much as he wanted to say Linda could just fuck off he couldn’t afford the consequences of breaking the contract he stupidly signed. He also needed the money desperately. He was screwed and he knew it. Having to ask someone to take pictures of him in a similar outfit would be way worse though, so forcing himself to swallow his pride for now Victor started taking of his shirt.

“Good choice, now don’t forget, strip of everything. No need to be shy, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.” Linda said with a smirk as she watched Victor undress. There was hesitation when he got down to only his boxers, but under Linda’s stern gaze he eventually gave in with a blush. Stripping out of his boxer shorts he revealed a rather big cock, at least 8 inches, maybe a bit more. What made it look that huge was the fact that Victor was a shower and not a grower. Even when soft his cock was a solid 8 inches. It was surprising to Linda but she didn’t show it, after all she didn’t want to give him an ego.

Instead she pushed him further into the embarrassed direction by thoroughly scanning his body while he tried covering up his junk. His body hair wasn’t very pronounced which should yield good results in the outfit she had selected, at least for this preliminary shoot. For the actual shoot she would get rid of it all.

“Good now let’s get you all sorted out. First things first, the panties. Linda said pulling van escort a pair of pink satin panties with a white lace trim and white lace hearts scattered all over them.” Victor thought he would get sick looking at the offensively girly item. It’s just fabric he repeated once more as he reluctantly stepped into the garment.

Just as he was about to settle them on his hips Linda surprised him by grabbing his cock. With a skilled obviously trained motion Linda put her flat hand against his scrotum and pushed his balls back into his stomach, quickly pressing his cock back between his legs so that the head was at the start of his butt crack before tugging the panties in place tightly so everything would stay neatly tucked. She had selected a pair of panties from her collection that could double as a gaff for this exact reason.

All victor could do was gasp in shock before gasping again when he saw his front was as flat as any girl’s. He didn’t even think something like this was possible, but this obviously wasn’t the first time Linda had tucked a cock. He wanted to scream at her for molesting him, but he just couldn’t find the words. He simply was to shocked over what had just played out.

“Oh for god’s sake Victor quit looking so shocked. These are the kinds of things models have to go through all the time so get used to it. If this makes you uncomfortable then that’s just too bad. Now put this on.” Linda exclaimed handing him a garter gridle made out of solid pink satin with a heart shaped white lace panel stitched to the front. The tabs themselves ended in chrome heart shapes.

Victor just looked at the garment stupidly making Linda roll her eyes. “You won’t say that you’re clueless on how to put this on will you? It’s literally the simplest thing to put on. Just step into it and pull it in place.” Linda said sharply.

Embarrassed Victor followed the instructions, but halfway up his thighs he stopped. “It’s too tight, there is no way this is the right size!” He complained only for Linda to step in and give it a good upward yank, making the garment slip over his hips and settle around his waist, flattening his slightly pudgy belly and pulling in his waist a little.

“You were saying?” Linda asked with a smirk as the tight girdle gave him a slightly more girlish figure. Nothing too extreme though as the tight rubber on the inside of the girdle could only do so much, but it at least gave a slight illusion of curves. For Victor the thing was still way too tight, but he didn’t complain knowing Linda wouldn’t listen anyways after what she had done to his cock. He just wanted to get this over with so he could get out of these offensive clothes as fast as possible.

“Now I suppose you’re clueless about how to put on stockings or a bra as well? Luckily you decided to have me shoot some pictures for your portfolio. Even if you had bought an outfit here you probably wouldn’t be able to put it on. Well not on your own at least, maybe if you asked a female friend or something like that.” Linda commented.

The only female friend coming to Victors mind right away was his girlfriend and if she saw him like this she would undoubtedly ditch him right away. As horrid as it was to have this Linda woman dress him up, it was the best option available to him. He really should have insisted on reading that contract before he signed.

With skilled efficiency Linda rolled one stocking up in a doughnut, kneeling down and slipping it on his foot, rolling it just above his ankle. After doing the same for the other one she ten rolled the first stocking all the way up to high up his thigh, the sheer pink nylon encasing his leg and masking the light hair on them. Making sure the back-seam was straight she attached the garter tabs to the stocking tops, repeating this with the next stocking.

Now that his whole lower body was clad in lingerie it was time for his bra which matched the rest of his lingerie. The bra was made out of solid pink satin with padded cups providing some sturdiness to create an illusion of breasts when the dress would be draped over it. Both cups had a white lace heart stitched on where the nipples should normally be positioned.

Victor was in a constant state of confusion and shock as Linda quickly added to his overly girly outfit he was wearing a way more complete and refined set of lingerie than his girlfriend had ever worn for him and no matter how much he hated the look and thought of it, the soft satin and nylon fabrics did feel alien but great on his skin. It was softer than anything he had ever felt before.

Taking a step back Linda subjected Victor to a thorough examination making his cheeks blush even redder than they already were. “Alright, that’s looking quite good, all the right sizes, I think you’ll make a fine model for my shoot, now for the dress.” Linda said critically inspecting him like a piece of meat.

When she picked up the dress Victor got a first good look at it and what he saw made him regret this whole thing yalova escort even more. The dress looked more fit for a barbie doll than for an adult man. “Wait, isn’t this embarrassing enough yet?” Victor stopped Linda as she approached him with the dress.

“Oh I didn’t realise you wanted to be a lingerie model exclusively, well if you really want to we can do more of a boudoir shoot.” Linda said with a smirk much to Victor’s shock. She was right though, he couldn’t just let her snap pictures of him in this lingerie, now could he? He would die of shame if there was picture evidence of how flat his crotch was with Linda’s tucking job. At least the dress would cover that detail up he thought as he didn’t protest any further.

The end of his protests brought a smirk to Linda’s face as she approached him with the dress and slipped it over his head, zipping it up in the back. The dress’s body fit snugly around his pinched in waist and was made out of a soft pink body with strappy sleeves and a skater skirt reaching mid-thigh. It could be worn like this or with a bunch of petticoats to make the skirt really stand out. For this test shoot Linda opted to leave the petticoats out of it for now.

Matching his lingerie the dress followed a similar heart theme as a big white lace heart adorned the front of the dress. Where it fit over his chest the two round parts of the hear were situated, going down the body with the point being positioned right above where his belly button was. The edge of the skirt was decorated by a string of white lace hearts stitched all around the skirt.

Now that the dress was on Victor had his doubts about what was worse. Sure he didn’t want to be photographed in his lingerie, but he wasn’t even sure it would actually be worse than this dress that even barbie would probably refuse to wear. It was too late now, he didn’t exactly feel like protesting much in his highly embarrassed state. All he wanted was for this to end and the only way it would end quickly was by going forward without complaints.

The last two finishing touches to his outfit were a pair of soft pink stiletto heels with a white leather heart on the toes and a pair of soft pink lace gloves cut at wrist length and tied off with a white satin bow. They made his hand and feet look oh so dainty much to his shame. There was nothing to be done about it now though, he had gone this far and he wouldn’t go back now. He couldn’t stand the thought of all of this having been for nothing.

Slipping his stockinged feet into the heels Victor found that they were rather tight, but a perfect fit nonetheless other than that they were mainly very hard to keep his balance in. The raised angle of his heel and the small support the thin heel provided were very alien to him. They also made his feet look surprisingly dainty, an effect the gloves had on his hands as well.

Linda deliberately didn’t bother trying to do something with Victors hair or face. Sure he would look so much more like the perfect sissy with a full face of makeup, but that would destroy the plans she had for this try out shoot. It might make it hard to keep him recognisable otherwise.

“Good Victor, I think you’re about ready for your shoot now. Why don’t you just move out here to the middle of the stage. I’ll open the curtains for you and then snap a few pics. I’ll give some instructions on poses so just follow what I say and you’ll be fine.” Linda said with a big smile to Victor who was wearing a girlier outfit than he had probably ever seen before.

“Move?! I can barely stand in these stupid shoes, if I tried moving I would fall and potentially hurt myself badly for sure. There is no way I can get to the middle of the stage like this and I don’t want to fall and have to be taken to a hospital by ambulance looking like this.” Victor blurted out, his serious concerns about his safety coming out rather aggressive mixed with his disapproval and frustrations about this damn outfit. He was still embarrassed, but the embarrassing thought of having to go to the hospital like this took the upper hand getting him to protest.

“Victor, how many times do I need to tell you to quit whining? I’m getting the impression that you’re an even bigger sissy than the ones who actually come here to buy these dresses. Alright though, if falling is your biggest worry then I guess I’ll have to guide you in position like the prissy princess you are.” Linda taunted, wrapping an arm about his waist and holding his arm for support before guiding him in the position he was supposed to be in.

“Now are you going to be okay or will I have to come hold your hand throughout every changed of pose princess?” Linda asked with a big smile knowing she was stabbing Victor right in his pride. Oh she loved giving him a hard time over every little protest.

Mortified Victor shook his head and stammered. “N… no, I’ll be okay.” What else could he say? Being walked on stage like some prissy girl really stung his ego. As did being called a yozgat escort princess. He wanted to object heels just weren’t natural for a guy, but it would only lead to Linda making more fun of him probably so instead he held his mouth shut.

“Good.” Linda simply said before moving down the side of the stage and disappearing from view. Leaving Victor confused and embarrassed. His embarrassment only grew when all of a sudden the curtains in front of him opened and two bright spots shone right upon him. His face formed into a shocked surprised expression, one Linda instantly covered with the camera from her phone.

“Alright that perfect princess, now do that same expression, but press your skirt between your legs with one hand and hold the other one in front of your slightly opened mouth.” Linda said making a point out of calling Victor princess going forward.

Even without doing it Victor knew how ridiculous that pose would look. He wanted to protest it, but before he could Linda scolded him because she was getting impatient. “Well what are you waiting for princess? Do you really need me to come up there and help you assume that pose like you’re some kind of doll? Or, I think I know it. You love this outfit so much that you want to drag this out as long as you can. Well you can take this outfit home once the shoot is done so you can practice in those heels and practice your posing.” Linda said with a smile. She knew it was the last thing Victor would want.

Victor’s face turned bright red, he would definitely not take this outfit home, and he definitely didn’t want Linda coming up on the stage to come and pose him. Her leading him up to his spot was bad enough already. He already knew Linda well enough to know she wouldn’t change her command if he protested, not even a little. Not having another out of this outfit Victor gave in yet again and struck the pose Linda wanted.

“That’s perfect princess.” Linda laughed as she snapped a pic with her phone. “Now cast your eyes down and clutch your hands in front of your skirt like a shy little girl.” Linda instructed and although Victor hated it he followed the order, letting Linda taking through one embarrassing pose after the next before finally she put her phone down.

“Alright, I guess I have what I need to make your portfolio so you can go if you want to. If not you can always prance around a little more in that dress of course, but I’ll be getting back to work. You can change and leave, unless you rather wear that dress home of course. Oh and like promised you can lend it. You need to bring it back if I do or don’t select you for the shoot though and if it’s damaged, you’ll need to pay for it. I’ll contact you once I made my decision over what model I want for my shoot.” Linda said to an exhausted Victor who thought this proof shoot would never end.

The first thing he did when Linda told him it was over was kick off those damn heels. He then retreated back behind the curtain and started stripping out of the other items. Taking off that outfit proved to be a real chore, but when he finally did get out it was a huge relieve. A relieve for his cock and balls to hang free again, a relieve to breath freely again, just all together a relieve to be out of that dreadful girly outfit.

Getting back into the clothes he came in Victor left the store leaving the outfit behind, not even thinking about taking it along. After the dreadful experience this had been Victor, really hoped he would get selected for the shoot, not because he wanted to get back in that outfit or a similar one, but simply because after suffering this much for it already, it would be extra painful to end up not getting the money either.

Going home Victor couldn’t shake that nasty feeling of sheer sissyness that had been forced upon him with that horrid outfit and those shameful poses. He felt rather disgusted with himself but there was nothing that could be done about it. Even if he had read the contract, he might have still agreed to it despite the 20k claim if he didn’t follow through with a portfolio and the shoot if he was chosen, he thought sombrely. Afterall he really did need the money and if anything had become clear these past days it was that without this modelling gig he wouldn’t manage to get it on time.

Arriving at his door he quickly ripped off another eviction notice before his girlfriend would see it. It was the last warning notice, the next one which would come in a few days would be to notify that he had to be out of the building by the next day or be forcefully removed by the police. It was wrong trying to hide something this serious from his girlfriend, but if she saw this it would be the end of their recently troubled relationship for sure.

Victor just hoped that Linda would make up her mind quickly about who she wanted for the shoot. Maybe he had waited a bit to long to put his pride aside and go ask Linda for a second chance cause if he wanted to safe his current life he would need to get his hands on that 20k soon. Either way he started looking for another job once more. 20k would get him out of the woods for a few months at least, but with how hard the job market seemed to be he would probably need the time to find a new more permanent job and solution.

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