A Rainy Day Lunch

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Sitting at the table, watching the rain outside, her fingers absently tracing the low “v” neck in the purple satin blouse she was wearing. It was a habit that she never realized she had until recently. The soft feel of the satin, against her warm skin, her nails trailing lightly beside it into the beginnings of her ample cleavage. She was debating on going back to work or not. She was hungry, but not for the food on her plate. Her body was aching deep inside. She’s always like this, just some days are easier than others.

As she uncrossed her legs, she stretched them under the table. She didn’t know why she went through the whole routine this morning. You would think she was going to Club, with the black leather skirt, deep purple satin top, and the hint of garter showing at the top of the black thigh-highs she had put on that morning.

Sighing, taking a bite of her salad and looking up and out the window again, she notices the two men sitting at the table next to her. She has seen them here pretty regularly and they share a casual conversation once in awhile. They are talking softly, day planners out, scheduling over lunch, such a waste.

Catching her gaze, the sandy haired one smiles. He was about 6′ tall, good looking, and soft-spoken. Rob, she thinks is his name, Danny is the other one. He is about 6’2″, maybe 220 pounds.

“Such a sigh for early in the day.”

Laughing, I replied, “I know, I was thinking what a waste! So many other things I would rather be doing right now, instead of going back to work!”

“On a rainy day? Not much to do outside!” Danny smiled. “Take the afternoon off and play hooky with us!”

“Sure! And just what would the three of us be doing on a rainy afternoon?”

Smiling up at Danny, seeing the way his dark blue eyes slid to her cleavage, and up quickly with a slight blush, she wondered. Oh, they teased occasionally, but nothing major.

She had wondered if they were a “couple.” But occasionally she heard Rob mention his wife, but still? She knew sometimes friends were more than just friends. Friends with benefits. Smiling, the thought excited her, and a warm tingling spread across her lower back.

Noticing her gaze quickly going from one to the other, and the slight blush on her face, Danny smiled. “Well, Rob has some errands to run for his wife, and I need to pick up my dry cleaning and drop it off at home. I’m going to show Rob my new flat screen, and watch a movie, you can come with us!”

“Sure!” she laughed, “and who’s going to save me from you two!”

Turning back to her lunch, looking out the window, watching the rain, she overheard bits and pieces of their conversation. Maybe they are serious. She knew they both lived locally, so she was sure they were “safe.” But still, should she? As she finished her lunch, feeling someone over her shoulder, she looked up.

“Rhoni, here is my address. If you want, come on over. No need to call first, just show up. We’ll be there within the half hour. We’ll pop in a movie, grab a snack, and kick back.”

Smiling she offered, “Thanks Danny, I’ll see.”

Watching them leave, each going their own direction, she wondered. It had been quite awhile. Nice guys, but she knew from past conversations and the bits and pieces from today, they had a little more than watching a movie on the agenda!

Or she hoped anyway! She had nothing to do at the office for the rest of the rus escort day except Internet window-shopping! So, why not?

Slipping her toes back into the 2″ heels, sliding out of the chair, the skirt rode up and was showing a little more garter than it should! Smiling, she smoothed the soft leather with the palm of her hands, sliding firmly over her thighs, the leather molding to her rounded ass. Her skin tingled underneath just from the simple movement. Her skin was so sensitive, to any touch, anywhere, and it felt so good! Turning back to put the tip on the table, the look she received from the husband/boyfriend at the next table as he brought his eyes up from her ass as she turned, across her breasts, to smile into her eyes, told her that yes, she did look good today!

Pulling into the drive, she parked behind the truck she had seen Danny get into. No sense blocking Rob in if he had to leave before her, was there? Smiling, popping in a piece of mint, grabbing her umbrella, and locking the door behind her, she headed up the sidewalk to the house.

After knocking and not getting any answer, she followed the sidewalk around to the back. Or side rather; the entire back yard was fenced in with a privacy fence. Knocking again, come on guys! It’s pouring out here!

Opening the door, “Danny?” Taking a step inside, shaking the umbrella off in the doorway, and slipping off her wet heels, hesitating, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. “Danny? Rob?”

From down the hallway, she can hear something. They’ve probably got the TV on already and started without her! Walking down the hall, she knew she was walking towards the sunroom. At least that is what Danny had called it one day when he had told her about the addition he was building. He said he liked it, because it gave you the feeling you were already outside, as it opened up into the fenced-in back yard, a completely private setting.

As she got closer to the room, the sounds became more distinct, and she knew what was going on. Should she leave? She hesitated, standing, listening to the sounds she now definitely knew were not the TV! The guys were having a little “stress relief.”

The voyeur in her drew her to the doorway, and what she saw aroused her instantly! It wasn’t “gross” or nasty, as some would think of it. What it was, was intense, hot, and erotic. They were locked in an embrace. Danny was standing behind Rob, with his arms coming around in front of him, and she could see Rob’s hands. One on Danny’s left hip, the other in his hair, holding his head to his neck, where Danny was giving him kisses along his shoulders, working his way down Rob’s back. She could hear Rob’s moans, as Danny’s hands were sliding down his chest & stomach as his mouth went lower, licking and kissing him along his back.

“Aahhhhh gawdd.”

Taking one hand on his back, Danny pushed Rob’s chest down onto the pool table for balance as his hands and mouth traveled down across his hips. She could see his tongue, teasing the sensitive spot at the base of Rob’s spine.

“Oh damn, please, lower, come on Dan. Give it to me.”

Hearing Rob, and watching him spread his legs wider, and then Dan’s laugh as his mouth continued teasing Rob’s ass, her nipples got so hard! They were as hard as little pebbles, and she could feel the wetness between her pussy lips.

She knew she should walk away, but her feet yenimahalle escort were frozen just outside the doorway. She had always fantasized about watching two men, and now that she was actually here, she knew why! The two lovers were so engrossed in each other, they had no idea they were being watched, and that excited her even more!

Dan was kissing Rob’s ass, with one hand reaching around rubbing his shaft, caressing his balls. She could see his fingers occasionally teasing them from behind. Massaging his balls, then reaching around and stroking, caressing his friend’s shaft once again. Rob was so hot, the precum, or sugar as she liked it, was running down his shaft. Tracing his tongue along the slit of Robs’ ass, over and over, then more kisses. On each cheek, little nips, and then kisses.

“Robbie, man I love your ass, so soft, so perfect.”

Danny got down on his knees, between Rob’s spread legs. She could see him licking Rob’s balls, while his hand reached through, and stroked his hard cock, stroking, kissing and licking down his thighs, his hands sliding down, pulling Rob to him. Working his way back up, his warm lips leaving a trail of kisses.

“Bend over more baby, spread that ass for me.”

As Rob reached back and pulled the cheeks of his ass apart for his friend, she could see Danny running his tongue up his slit from his balls to his back. When Rob’s legs tensed, so did hers, aching, needing; one long lick, then back, smaller licks with nips and kisses all over his ass. Pulling Robs ass to him, Danny buried his face, sliding his tongue into Rob’s puckered soft hole!

“Oooohhhfuckkkkk! That’s it, be my sweet bitch! Tongue fuck it! Slide it in! Aaaahhhh fuck Danny!”

Watching Rob push against Danny, grunting, begging, she was so fucking wet! Sliding her hand up under her skirt, the black lace thong she was wearing was soaked with her warm juices. Rubbing the silky material along her slit, against her hardening clit felt so good. Her breathing was faster. As Danny’s tongue entered Rob’s ass, so did her finger in her pussy. She was pleasuring herself in the doorway as she watched the two men in front of her.

Suddenly, Danny stood, pulled Rob from the table, turning him to face him, and pulled him to him as the two men embraced in one of the hottest, most erotic kisses she had ever seen. With Rob pushed against the table, their hard, throbbing cocks rubbing against each other, pushing, grinding.

“Get your ass up there bitch”

As Danny lifted Rob back onto the table, laying him back, grabbing his legs and pulling him roughly towards him, she could see both of their hard cocks. Oh my gawd! So hard, throbbing, bouncing, wet with the sweet, sugary precum she was aching to taste. Danny pushed his crotch up against Rob; positioned so they could rub their hard dicks together, wet with each other’s sugar. Their mouths grinding together as did their cocks.

Damn she couldn’t stand much more of this! She was aching to taste that sweet sugar running down their cocks. Wanting to place her mouth over them both, tracing her tongue around the one giant cock they made pushed together. Licking under the rim of each, teasing, licking. She could feel her tongue sliding in the cum hole, and closing her lips over the soft, swollen head, and suck. She could feel the wetness squirt onto her tongue, and slide down her throat as she swallowed. As she stood there, watching the two lovers, she slid her hand inside her blouse, unhooking one front eyelet on the lace bra, her 48E’s over flowing her hand, as she gently teases her nipples, hardening even more. They were aching to be suckled, gently nibbled. Squeezing them, rolling her little buds in the fingers of her left hand, as her right found its way under her skirt to the moist, slippery, warm wetness of her pussy. She was so wet; she could feel the moisture between her thighs.

“Aw baby, you taste so good, I want more, I need more damn it.” She watched as Danny moved back down to lick Robs’ balls. Licking from ass to head. Licking, then suckling one of the swollen, beautiful balls into his mouth.

“Ahhh, that’s it bitch, suck my balls!!! Suck it fucker!!”

Moving from one to the other, sucking, licking up his shaft, Rob’s beautiful cock head was so swollen, almost purple. She could see the veins in his thick shaft, as it was swallowed up in Danny’s hot, hungry mouth.

“Aaaafuuuck, Dannny.” Rob was leaning up on one arm with his other hand on the back of Danny’s head, holding his hair, pushing his head down with each thrust up into Danny’s hot, hungry mouth. Rob was so close to cumming, and so was she.

Her fingers slid softly up under her skirt again, sliding the strap of her thong aside. Rubbing her pussy mound, sliding her fingers inside her slit, between her swollen, wet lips. Lightly over her clit, teasingly. Licking her lips, sliding a finger just inside, it was so tight, so wet. She squeezed her finger with the muscles inside her vagina. Oh my gawd, she was throbbing inside. She could feel her pulse beat within her hard throbbing clit with every beat. She wanted one of those beautiful cocks that were not even six feet away from her.

Dan slid his hands under Rob’s ass, pulling him to him, burying his face as he took the hard shaft all the way, straight in, no teasing now. He could feel the delicious hard cock swell even further, filling his mouth and throat. Serious, hard, hot, fucking. His tongue stroking, as his mouth was sucking, pulling Rob’s cock. His balls were smacking Danny’s chin as he swallowed once again, squeezing the head and shaft of his friend.

“aaaaahhhfuuuuck! Dannnnnnncuuummminnnn!”

With both of his hands holding Danny’s head to his crotch, his hips bucking against him, fucking his mouth, fucking his face. Rob’s hot cum shot into Danny’s throat, his mouth. Hungrily taking it all, swallowing, sucking and coaxing every last drop from the throbbing shaft.

Sucking ever so gently, Danny slowly let the softening shaft slide out of his mouth and lay across Rob’s stomach. Hearing Rob sigh, he smiled. Rob’s hands were in his hair, caressing, playing with the strands as he continued to lick the rest of the sticky goo off of his buddy’s shaft, gently cradling his sensitive head in his mouth, getting every last drop. Licking his stomach, tasting, making sure he was clean.

“Mmm, so good baby”

Pulling him up into his arms, Danny gently kissed his friend; giving him a taste of the sweet/tart juices he had just given him.

Rob cradled his hands in Danny’s hair, sighing, holding his friend. Damn, he enjoyed these spur of the moment visits! But he could still feel Danny’s hard shaft pressing against him. Now it was his turn. And then their guest. He turned his head and smiled at the beautiful, erotic woman standing in the doorway. He had been occasionally glancing at her, while on top of the table, pounding Danny’s mouth. The sight of her pleasuring herself had only added to the intensity of the orgasm he had. And soon, it would be her turn. They would make sure of that.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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