A Sea of Dreams

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Bethany loved the feeling of sand between her toes. She loved the rhythmic waves of the ocean and the salty smell of the beach. The air in Maine had a distinct taste anywhere you went, but here, next to the sea, it was the most powerful.

The sun was setting on the horizon, small clouds lighting up like beacons of passion in the fading light. She felt lucky to be able to close up shop at sunset. The winters brought short days, where the sun would disappear before parents got out of work, but with summer, everyone could come by and enjoy their favorite drinks on the sunlit beach.

Bethany was the owner of a small, seaside cafe in a small town along the coast of Maine. She was grateful to be able to sustain herself off of local business and avoid the hustle and bustle of tourists, but she found that her long hours left her little time to enjoy the little things in life. She was still single after a dozen years out of school, and she hadn’t traveled out of the state since her family took her to canada to see extended family for a funeral when she was a teenager.

When she graduated, she wanted to travel to far away lands, like Egypt or Paris, but with the pressure of keeping her family’s business afloat, she found herself anchored in place.

She felt a small yearning in her heart as she stared into the sunset, wondering what the world was like beyond the vast expanse of water.

The sun began to fade away, leaving the air around her more chilly than she could handle in her shorts and t-shirt. She picked up her flip-flops and started to make her way back down the beach to her cafe. A young woman who was staring out at the ocean came into view.

“It’s a nice view, isn’t it?” Bethany asked as she approached. She kept walking, only wanting to be polite, but the young woman turned to her with her aquamarine eyes, beckoning her into their mystical depths.

“Bethany?” the young woman asked. She must have been around nineteen years old, but Bethany had never seen her in the cafe before. In the small town, new faces weren’t common, and she would remember someone as beautiful as her. The young woman’s long, sandy hair waved in the gentle breeze, and her white dress gently flowed from her body like sea foam.

“How do you know my name?”

There was some aspect of this young girl that made Bethany’s heart throb. A sadness in her eyes, or maybe she could feel that the girl was lost and lonely. Bethany didn’t consider herself to be much of a motherly type of woman, but this young girl awoke some kind of nurturing urge inside of her. She felt like she could understand this young woman just at a glance, yet she knew nothing about her.

“The ocean carried it to me, just like it carried me to you,” the young woman said, reaching out and taking Bethany’s hands. Bethany’s heart pounded. She wanted to bring this girl home and wrap her in love and affection.

“Did you swim here? Are you lost? Do you need a place to stay?”

The young woman smiled.

“Please let me stay for as long as I am able.”

With that, they were headed to the cafe, the young woman’s arm wrapped around Bethany’s. Her arm was warm, and she smelled like the sea.

As they entered the recently closed cafe, Bethany led her upstairs to where she lived. It was a cozy little place, with a small living room adorned with family photos, shells, and paintings of the sea. It was Bethany’s safe haven, a place where very few people were welcome. The two women made their way to the bedroom.

Bethany turned to the young woman, and they stared into each other’s eyes. Her deep blue eyes and soft flushed cheeks communicated her need without a single word.

“Are you sure you want this?” Bethany asked. The young woman shook her head, holding her stare. Her lips parted, ready to receive Bethany’s affection. Time felt like it slowed to a crawl, and Bethany’s heart blossomed as she took the girl in her arms and their lips met. Warmth crept across Bethany’s body as she felt the girl’s lips play with hers and the girl’s arms wrap around her back. Their bodies locked together, like they were built for one another. Their legs slowly moved back toward the bed, and Bethany pressed her weight against the small woman, making her fall back on the soft mattress.

Bethany’s head was swimming with desire. She took control of her partner, snaking her hand up the young woman’s dress and caressing her small, soft breasts. Her fingers played with the girl’s nipple, making her mewl into Bethany’s mouth as they kissed. Their tongues intertwined, exploring and flowing like ocean waves. The young girl clutched Bethany’s back, making sure their bodies stayed pressed together as much as possible.

Bethany broke free for just a moment, and as the young girl tried to pull her back down, she took hold of the young girl’s wrists and pressed them into the bed. Bethany’s eyes were wild with desire, and the young woman complied, her breathing rapid and desperate as Bethany took off her shirt. Without a moment of hesitation, Bethany leaned back down on the young güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri woman, locking her lips together with her lover’s and urging the young woman’s hands up to her breasts.

“Please, touch me more baby,” Bethany purred, as she started to trail kisses down the young woman’s neck, making her cry out in pleasure.

The young woman’s hands played with Bethany’s supple and heavy breasts, and Bethany leaned up so that the young woman could kiss and suck on her swollen nipples. Bethany felt a euphoric joy at the sight of her lover clamping onto her chest. Her small hands clutching at the soft skin and her lips wrapping around her nipple made Bethany feel like she was feeding joy into the young woman. Bethany felt powerful, needed, and in control. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt such a feeling of happiness in her life.

Bethany’s moans started to come out as the young woman suckled and played harder. Bethany pulled the girl up and into her arms, cradling her as she fed.

“Such a good girl. Feed from mommy as much as you need to,” Bethany cooed as she started to move her hips in subconscious desire. Her panties were growing wet and her pussy burned with need. She could feel her lover wriggling in desire under her as she fed.

Bethany felt her orgasm starting to build. Just having her nipples sucked on by such an obedient and beautiful woman was driving her over the edge. She had never felt so amazing. The orgasm built and built, Bethany’s breathing growing rapid and her face flushing a bright red.

“I’m gonna cum, don’t stop baby,” Bethany cried out, clutching the young woman closer than ever. Then, her orgasm burst from within, washing her body in pleasure and joy. Her body convulsed as she pressed the young woman’s lips into her breast. She felt a rush of euphoria, falling deeply in love with the feeling of nurturing this young woman.

“Oh mommy, thank you,” the young woman purred, snuggling up in Bethany’s breasts as they fell back down to the mattress. Bethany flipped over to her side next to the young woman, and pulled her in close, making her a little spoon and Bethany the big spoon..

“Thank you, my sweet baby girl,” Bethany cooed into the young girl’s ear, planting kisses along her neck and back. Her arms wrapped around her smaller lover and fondled her breasts, trying to return the pleasure that she had brought Bethany earlier. The young woman’s hips pushed back into Bethany, her desire for more made clear.

“I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel,” Bethany whispered, her hands moving down to her lover’s panties and stroking her damp folds. Her warmth was inviting and her eager desire showed through how wet she was.

Bethany slid her panties off and slowly played with her lover’s pussy, slowly and gently stroking her thighs before exploring her sweet pussy lips and then finally stroking her sensitive clit.

“Please mommy, please give me everything,” the young woman cried, trying to pull Bethany’s hand down to her sweet entrance. She giggled in pleasure, removing her hands from the young woman’s pussy and taking a tight grip on her hips, pressing her pelvis against her soft ass.

“You want mommy to fuck you, don’t you baby girl?” Bethany purred, taking complete control over the young woman’s hips and pressing her pelvis into her ass over and over, mimicing the slapping of hips during penetrative sex.

With each thrust, she cried out, finally begging for Bethany to push inside of her and fill her up. Bethany finally complied, using one hand to put her fingers into the young girl’s mouth, and her other hands to bury two fingers into the young girls’ pussy. Her wet desire was more than enough for Bethany’s fingers to slide right in, and the young girl’s mouth hung wide open as she moaned in relief.

Bethany began to pull her fingers in and out as her lover sucked at her fingers. Then, Bethany took her fingers from her mouth and used them to play with the young girl’s nipples, rubbing and pinching as the young girl cried out for more.

Bethany wasn’t satisfied though. She flipped the young woman over so they were both lying on their sides facing each other. She tangled her legs into the other girl’s legs, and pressed her body up against the other girl. Their lips locked together again and they kissed in reckless abandon, their tongues licking and spilling out of their messy love. Bethany kept one hand buried in the girl’s pussy, which her other arm held them close together. Her lover had a hand buried in her Bethany’s, and the other was clutching onto Bethany’s back. Their hips moved together, slapping and squishing from their soaking wet desires. Bethany dipped another finger into her lover, causing her to mewl and her hips to shake.

“It’s okay baby, I’m right here. You can cum as much as you want. You’re such a good girl,” Bethany cooed into her lover’s ear, kissing her ear lobe and nibbling at her neck in sexual hunger. They couldn’t get enough of each other.

Then, Bethany’s lover began to grow güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri louder, crying out and unable to form words. Bethany stroked her cheeks, and their eyes locked together. Bethany knew she was going to cum soon. She curled her fingers inside of her lover and coaxed out a powerful orgasm. Bethany held the young woman’s gaze through it all as her hips bucked and her back arched and tears trickled down her cheeks. Bethany shared in her lover’s pleasure, holding her and soothing her with sweet words of comfort.

“Thank you Bethany. Nobody has ever made me feel so loved and special. I wish I could stay in your arms forever,” she cried.

“You can if you want. I’d be more than happy to have you.”

The two women held each other close for a long time, comforting and basking in their newfound joy and love. Without even realizing it, they both began to drift away, their world fading to black as they cherished the newfound warmth of their desires.


Bethany woke up in a hot sweat, her body burning with a powerful fire. She looked around at her bare room, confused for a moment before it hit her.

It was a dream.

The inner blaze within started to dwindle, replaced with a deep emptiness. She felt like she had lost something that she held dear. She felt like she lost a life that she so desperately wanted. She felt like she had to return to a reality that was a never ending dead end. She had to return to being alone in her bed.

Tears started to stream down her face, and life bore down on her in a crushing tsunami of hopelessness.

Then her alarm went off and broke her from her daze. She had to get up and go to work, as she did almost every day. She showered and got dressed, did her makeup, made a quick morning smoothie for breakfast, and got into her car to go to her accounting job. She sat at her desk, and started to work on auto pilot, crunching numbers and filling out paperwork. It was the same as it always was.

Her mind drifted to her dream time and time again, and how much happiness and passion she had felt. There was a euphoria to her dream that she had never experienced before, and slowly but surely, it clicked with her.

She had spent her whole life just doing what she had to do to survive and hold down a job. She bent to her shitty bosses, she went on dates and had hookups with guys that she wasn’t super interested in, and they took her home and had sex and that was the end of it. She realized that she just took the easy route to get the affection she so desperately desired. Even getting that affection barely did anything for her though.

She had always felt an attraction to women, but never acted on it, because she was raised to be straight laced and focus on success. Dating a girl would only bring on difficulty and hardship. Why even bother when she could hook up with a guy and it wouldn’t cause her any trouble. Besides, she could masturbate and imagine girls all she wanted and not have to worry about it interfering with her job or family’s opinion of her.

But this dream had taken her to a place she had always imagined she would enjoy. She was in a small community, idyllic and out of the way. She was running a small business that people enjoyed and came to often. She was building positive relationships through serving others. Most of all, she was falling in love with a beautiful woman that she could care for, instead of bending to the will of someone else and being taken along in their life. In her dream, she had agency and she earned what she had. She remembered staring out at that imaginary ocean and wishing for something more, but maybe that something more was the dream itself.

As weeks passed, she began to grow restless, continuing to remember her dream and imagine the wonderful place that it had taken her to. She started to dread her job more and more as she yearned for control over her life. She was tired of working her never ending job, and she wanted to break free. Holding onto her job for safety was breaking her heart to pieces. Something needed to change.

So she took a week off of work and she planned. She checked her finances and she researched opportunities and job openings. She figured out what risks she was willing to take, and she finally decided that she was willing to risk it all for the life that she wanted.

So she traveled, and she searched. Slowly but surely, she made her way to the coast, stood in the sand, and stared out at the horizon. Even if it didn’t smell quite how she had imagined it, the reality of it filled her with hope. She was stepping forward toward a life she wanted.


Bethany worked hard to bring her goals to fruition, and with a little luck, she managed to open up her own cafe, just the way she wanted to. Sure, tourists were common on the warm summer days, and business was slow in the freezing snows of winter, but being able to see friendly faces and learn people’s names made it all worth it.

She wasn’t just a number in the cogs of big businesses anymore, güvenilir bahis şirketleri she was Bethany, the nice lady who opened the cafe down the street, and she was proud of who she was.

Years passed, and the young woman from Bethany’s dream evaded her. She found herself recalling the precious moments they had together, but after a while, the details faded from her memory, leaving her with the distilled feeling of hope and love every time she would stand by the sea.

Sometimes her heart would jump when she would stumble across another person walking on the beach, but they rarely paid her any attention. Her heart would sink just a little, but Bethany figured that the young woman she loved was likely just a part of herself, or a part of her mind that led her to where she was now.

But then, late one summer night, Bethany found herself dreaming of that beach again in the twilight of the evening. The sun painted the waves in fire, and the sand glowed.

And there, just a little ways down the edge of the water, was a young girl wearing a flowing white dress like sea foam. As Bethany approached, her deep blue eyes, like gems distilled with mystical water, flashed at her, and a smile spread across her cheeks.

“Bethany, it’s you,” she breathed, running toward Bethany and embracing her. Bethany couldn’t believe her eyes and held onto the young woman’s frame as tight as she could.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” Bethany whispered, her face buried into the other woman’s shoulder. She smelled like a fresh breeze, a smell that she had come to learn was not quite what the ocean smelled like.

“It’s rare that I get to see people more than once. I’m so glad to have met you again.”

“What keeps you away? Aren’t you a part of me?” Bethany asked. Her mind was lucid and burning with questions. This was no mere wet dream or fantasy. It felt real.

“Bethany, I… I don’t know how to explain it very well.” The young woman’s eyes peered up at me with her submissive hunger for affection. It seemed that their hunger for each other was mutual, even after all this time.

“We have some time before the sun sets. Why don’t you try?”

Bethany took the woman’s hand and they sat together, shoulder to shoulder, head leaning against head, eyes staring out to the eternal, dreamy ocean. The water began to shift, and time started to slow. Orbs of water started to float upward into the air, reflecting the evening light. The wind slowed and stopped, leaving them in the peace of their dream.

“The ocean brings me here. Not necessarily this ocean of water, but… an ocean of dreams,” the young woman started, her hands gently taking hold of one of the floating orbs of water. “Each dream is like a bubble formed from a person’s soul, and that bubble can sometimes be entered.”

The young woman took some sand and sprinkled it into the bubble. It morphed slightly to accept the sand, and it floated gently in the small pocket of water.

“But if the entrance is too shocking, the dream will break and people like you will wake up.”

Bethany reached out to one of the bubbles, but her movement was too swift and the bubble burst, making the water spill to the ground.

“People like me?” Bethany asked, wiping her damp hand on her shirt.

“Humans. Humans have a place to be when they are not in their dreams, but the sea is my home, and sometimes I find myself in a dream.”

“Is it scary? Knowing you are not human?” Bethany asked, her hand clutching onto the other woman’s hand. She turned and smiled.

“It’s not scary, just different. My reality is that of human dreams.”

Bethany could feel the beating of this woman’s heart through her fingers, and she could feel the warmth of her skin. She felt as human as anyone else.

“Do you have a name?” Bethany asked. The young woman shook her head. Bethany thought her heart was going to burst. Someone so wonderful deserved a name.

“Can I give you a name?”

The young woman turned, her aquamarine eyes shining in surprise.

“You would do that for me?”

“You helped me find a better life for myself, not much unlike the one we are sharing right now. If I could give you any name, I would name you Hope.”

The two women smiled at each other before tightly embracing and holding each other for as long as possible. Bethany never wanted to let her go as they fell onto the warm sand

“Thank you Bethany. That is the most precious thing anyone has ever given me,” Hope cried, planting small kisses on Bethany’s shoulder.

“You mean so much to me, and even if we don’t see each other again in this sea of dreams, know that I will always remember you.”

“Thank you Bethany, thank you.”

The two women laid there, warmed by the sun and the sand. Their bodies grew closer and closer, until their lips were locked together and their legs tangled around in knots. Their breathing grew desperate and their hands reached around to clutch each other in any possible way.

Bethany’s care and affection for this otherworldly being grew to its peak once again, and she realized that the sand was no place to pleasure her lovely little Hope. Bethany picked her up in her arms as Hope still clung to her body, placing dozens of kisses along her shoulders and chest, unable to stop showing her affection for the woman who had given her so much.

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