A Slut’s Triangle Pt. 04

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I sit at the bar talking to Brenda until it’s past closing time. The crowd inside the Chamber has scattered and disappeared into the night, leaving us alone. Although there were a lot of guys at the bar tonight, not many of them hit on me. The ones that did make a pass ditched me once they were able to score some pussy from one of the women, leaving me feeling a little discouraged.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve drank any alcohol. I can’t thank Brenda enough for looking out for me. Once I feel comfortable enough to drive, I sling my purse over my shoulder and make my way to the door with my keys in hand.

“Are you okay to drive, Ashleigh?” Brenda asks, turning out the lights over the bar and following me to the door.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure,” I reply, pausing beside the door to exit the bar with her.

“You’re heading straight to Kryss’ house, right?” she asks, closing and locking the door behind us.

“I’m going to stop for cigarettes first,” I answer, raking my long, red hair out of my eyes.

“I’m sorry Tommie and Derek didn’t show up tonight,” she sympathizes, digging a cigarette from her purse.

“It’s all good,” I assure, tugging on my tight, black leather skirt. “Being a cock slut has it’s drawbacks.”

“Trust me, I know,” she relates, lighting her cigarette. “Every guy that comes in the bar wants me to suck his dick – except you.”

“Hahaha…… I envy you,” I jest, sweeping my eyes over her body, “but it sounds like you want to suck my dick just for the challenge.”

“Maybe I should start sending them your way,” she jokes, dodging my last remark.

Brenda cracks me up and puts a smile on my face without even trying. I wouldn’t put it past her to start sending guys my way for a blowjob. She knows I’d take her up on the offer because sometimes it’s hard to get all the dick I crave.

“Anyway, I’m going home and enjoy my only off day,” she says, walking towards her car.

“Later, girlfriend,” I reply, bidding farewell before turning to leave.

As I head across the empty parking lot to my car, a sudden, gusty breeze whips my hair and quickens my pace. I glance back over my shoulder and catch a glimpse of Brenda’s car driving away. Maybe it’s the alcohol affecting my thinking, but her remarks have random thoughts filtering through my head. Even bits and pieces of my conversation with Kimberly start to reverberate in my head.

Despite the chaotic thoughts, I touch up my lipstick and check over my makeup once I make it to my car. Satisfied that my makeup looks fine, I start my car, back out of the parking place, and head to the gas station for cigarettes. Within no time, I’m on my way to Kryss’ house, forgetting all about texting him to let him know I’m going to swing by his place.

Not long after I turn onto Kryss’ road, bright headlights from an oncoming car blind me. Weaving across the center line, it forces me off of the road and into the grass to avoid a head on collision. My heart races and eyes bulge as I stomp the breaks, skidding my Ford Focus to a stop on the side of the road.

“What the -,” I shout, slamming my hands into the steering wheel before whipping my head around. “Learn how to fucking drive, asshole!”

While I’m raising Hell venting my anger, my iPhone chimes with a text, curtailing my melodramatic behavior. It’s a subtle reminder that I didn’t text Kryss and let him know I’m on my way over. Digging my iPhone from my purse, I expect it to be from Brenda checking to see if I’ve made to Kryss’ house, but it’s not.

“I need my cock sucked tonight,” Kryss’ text reads.

Kryss’ text burns my thoughts; my mouth begins to salivate. I forget all about my impulsive sexual attraction to Kimberly. I can literally feel my lips wrapping around his beautiful, sexy cock as it slides in and out of my mouth just thinking about it. My thoughts grind to a complete halt when my iPhone chimes again and again with more beyliikdüzü escort texts.

“Have you made it there yet?” Brenda’s text reads.

“I just got here,” I fib, smiling at her text as I read through the others.

“Come by here,” Kryss’ next text reads before I can respond to his first message.

“Are you there?” his next text chimes when I receive Brenda’s reply text.

“Ok. *giggles* Have fun you sexy, little cock slut,” Brenda’s text teases as I type my reply to Kryss.

“I’m on my way,” I text Kryss, fibbing to him as well.

Kryss’ request simplifies things for me. At least, I know he wants me to come over instead of me just stopping by with no guarantees of anything. Anyway, I wait for a while on the side of the road for a while until my nerves calm down, daydreaming about his cock.

Hell, no, I’m fucking lying to myself. I sit there because I don’t want Kryss to know I’m desperate to suck his cock. When I finally pull my car back onto the road again, I proceed to his house with a little more caution after having the fear of God put into me.

Kryss turns on the porch light for me as soon as I pull into his driveway. Scooping my purse from the passenger seat, I sling it over my shoulder and take my time before exiting the car. Then, I sashay to his front door, hoping that he’s watching me through the blinds with his lustful eyes.

Before I can knock, Kryss opens the door. With nothing more than a pair of blue jeans and socks on his feet, his pale chest gleams in the dark, moonless night. A subtle smile slowly appears on his face.

“C’mon in,” he invites, leaning his head out the door, peering into the darkness before closing the door. “I see you finally made it.”

“I had to stop and get cigarettes,” I say, crossing the threshold into his house.

Kryss rarely invites me over to his house. We usually meet at the Chamber, which is fine with me since it’s a lot closer. Often enough, he comes by my place since I love to keep my place all girly and romantic.

Anyway, it’s probably been a year or more since I’ve stepped foot in Kryss’ house, maybe longer – I’m not sure. Tonight, it reeks with the smell of alcohol. Other than that, not much else has changed. He still leaves his TV on constantly as a source of light and the blinds closed for privacy, but it’s a little messier than I last remember.

Sweeping my eyes across the room, I see clothes strewn all over the furniture, even piled in the floor. There’s an empty pizza box sitting on the edge of his coffee table and empty beer bottles scattered all over the place. Oddly, there’s a few crooked pictures hanging on the walls and a lamp toppled over in the floor.

“Damn, Kryss,” I remark, bending over to pick up the lamp. “This place looks like a tornado hit it.”

Kryss doesn’t utter a word in response to my remark. Seizing the opportunity, he smacks me on my tight, black leather skirt with the palm of his hand. I yelp, but the blow sounds much harder than it actually is, crashing against my skirt. Thankfully, the leather absorbs most of it.

I can tell Kryss is horny. A mischievous smile spreads across my face as I sit the lamp on the end table. I know what’s on his mind. At least, I think I do. My cock twitches with life as tingly feelings race up my spine.

“I knocked the lamp over coming out of the kitchen,” he lies, smacking me on my leather skirt again.

“Why were you so ill earlier?” I question, putting my hands on my knees, wiggling my sexy ass for his amusement.

“I had a bad day at work,” he answers, rubbing my ass cheek, then spanking it a third time. “I just need some stress relief, that’s all, but now that you’re here -.”

“Would you prefer a piece of ass or a blowjob,” I offer, interrupting him as I rub my ass against the bulge in his jeans, “to make you feel better?”

“Mmmmm…… A blowjob sounds good,” he bodrum escort requests with a drunken slur, massaging my shoulders.

Kryss’ actions tells me that he’s needy, but it doesn’t bother me. I have to admit I’m just as horny and needy as he is. For the longest time, we’ve only been able to hookup on the weekends because of our busy work schedules. Nevertheless, it’s going to feel so good wrapping my lips around his cock.

Eager at the prospect of Kryss bending me over and fucking me, I drop onto my knees in front of him and unbutton his jeans for him. Then, I fish his beautiful, sexy cock from his boxers. Even flaccid, his cock makes mine look so inferior – I’m jealous. Playing and fondling it, I admire his cock with my lustful eyes.

Kryss’ body language tells me that he’s ready for me to suck it for him. Without a single kiss or even a hug, he flops down on his sofa and spreads his legs. Then, he coaxes me in between his legs, eager to feed me his cock. I love his assertiveness, but it makes me miss the days when he used to make hot, passionate love to me with a little romance.

“Suck it,” he demands, slapping his flaccid cock against my lips. “Suck it like a good, little slut.”

Kryss’ lustful words resonate in my head, extinguishing my drifting thoughts and memories. I love it when he talks dirty to me because it turns me on like nothing else can. Savoring the moment, I worship his cock like a slut, kissing and stroking it for him. Needless to say, I want to reach under my skirt and start stroking my cock at the same time, but I know better. That would only upset him at the moment.

“Suck my fucking cock,” he demands, raising his voice, pulling me down onto his cock by my long hair.

Wrapping my ruby, red lips around Kryss’ cock, I comply with his insistent demands, eager to please him an way that I can. His soft cock feels so good in my mouth, like it belongs there. Like a hungry slut, I tease his cock with my moist lips and salivating mouth, glancing up into his eyes. Then, using my hands to assist me, I work my way up and down his cock, waiting for it to get hard in my mouth.

“Mmmmmm………. That’s it,” he moans, running his fingers through my hair. “Wrap those pretty lips tighter around my cock and suck it.”

Coiling his fingers around my head, Kryss holds my head in place and thrusts his soft cock into my mouth. Eventually, he gives up and let’s me do all the work since his cock isn’t getting hard. I’m happy to do it, but I’m just not able to get him hard either.

It’s a little bit frustrating trying to coax his cock into getting hard. Had I known that Kryss was drinking heavily this evening, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to come by and see him. It means I have to work even harder if I want to taste his delicious cum.

“Mmmmmm………….That feels so good,” he moans, closing his eyes and making it impossible for me to have eye contact with him.

Dissatisfied, I sit up on my knees and rest for a moment. After raking the strands of my long, red hair from my eyes, I admire all the bright, red lipstick rings I’m leaving on Kryss’ cock before I return to sucking it. I’m tired and exhausted, but I want to suck him off until he cums. However, it’s getting more and more frustrating for me.

“It’s not getting hard,” I complain, sliding my lips off his wet, flaccid cock.

“If I wanted to hear your fucking mouth,” he scolds, clenching my hair and pulling me back onto his cock,” I’d take my cock out of it.”

My whole body aches. Caving into Kryss’ insistent demands, I continue sucking his cock until my knees, cheeks, and mouth are numb. Sometimes, I really wish that I wasn’t so obsessed with his beautiful, sexy cock.

“When it gets hard, I’m going to bend you over,” he promises as I lick the pre cum leaking from his cock, “and fuck your little, sissy ass.”

I’m greedy when it comes to getting dick from bolu escort Kryss and he knows how much I love it when he fucks me. Tonight, though, I have a feeling that his words are hollow. I know for a fact – when he cums – if he does – he’s going to be spent. Needless to say, I won’t be getting my little, sissy ass fucked.

Despite knowing what’s going to happen, I continue to suck Kryss’ cock until it gets hard in my mouth. Working my exhausted lips up and down his hard shaft, I use my hands to stroke his cock so that it doesn’t go limp again. His breathing turns shallow; his heart rate goes up. I can sense he’s getting close to climaxing. At this point, I want to stop and let him fuck me, but I don’t. I keep sucking his cock like a total slut, attempting to please him the best that I can.

“I’m close – so close – I’m gonna cum in your – fucking – ahhhhhh…” he grunts, holding my head motionless on his cock, gagging me with his orgasm.

Kryss’s eyes roll into the back of his head. His throbbing cock quivers and shakes as it blasts the back of my throat with his hot, juicy semen. I love the salty taste of his cum, especially when he’s feeds it to me like a slut. After devouring all of it, I continue to suck his beautiful, sexy cock until it’s clean to show my appreciation.

“Oh, God……, I fucking needed that,” he sighs, closing his eyes and resting his head on the sofa. “I knew you could get me to cum.”

Caressing Kryss’ cock with my lips, I kiss it gently on the head, worshipping it. Like a moth to a proverbial flame, I wish I could control my obsession with his beautiful, sexy cock. However, if it were up to me, I’d stay on my hands and knees forever to satisfy all his sexual needs like a good, little sissy slut. Sadly, my moment of bliss comes to an abrupt end when his iPhone chimes with a text.

“That’s enough,” he insists, pushing me away from his cock while he checks his text message.

Tired and exhausted from sucking Kryss’ cock, I’m hoping he’ll make good on his promise to bend me over and fuck my ass. However, it’s just wishful thinking. The only way it’s going to happen is if I can keep his cock hard. At this point, I’d suck his cock all night long if need be just to feel it buried inside me.

My wandering thoughts fill my head with hope while Kryss is busy playing on his phone. Wrapping my lips around his cock, I start sucking his cock again, upsetting him. It’s not like I’m intentionally trying to do it. I just want him to be happy and enjoy the pleasure I can give him.

“I said – that’s enough goddamnit!” he protests, shoving me away from his cock again and stuffing his cock in his boxers.

“But, I love sucking your cock,” I pout, resting my hands on my knees, watching him pull his pants up and button his jeans.

“You need to fucking leave,” he orders, heading into the kitchen to grab another beer, ignoring me.

Kryss’ words leave me speechless with a blank look on my face. It makes me feel like I’m not good enough to please him. Nevertheless, he broke his promise to me about bending me over and fucking my little, sissy ass.

“That’s not fair,” I pout, getting emotional as my eyes begin to water. “You promised me that -“

“You shouldn’t have sucked me off until I cum in your mouth,” he hollers from the kitchen, opening his beer.

Kryss’ remark doesn’t make any sense. I thought he wanted me suck him off until he cum in my mouth. At the least, I want to storm into the kitchen for an explanation, but it’s pretty obvious that he got what he wanted from me. Instead, I snatch my purse off the end table and head for the door. As mad as I am at him right now, his parting words, rub salt in the open wound.

“That’s right,” he hollers from the kitchen as I open the front door, “go home and play with your little cock like a faggot!”

Upset and emotional, I storm off the front porch with tears streaming from my eyes. I’m so mad I don’t bother looking over my shoulder to see if Kryss is following after me. Like a fool, I sit in my car, staring at his front door and thinking that he’ll come outside to apologize to me. After starting my car, it doesn’t take me long to realize that I have some unrealistic expectations.

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