A Surprise for Me

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To the literary purists — As with all my stories, I act in the role of narrator. This is a short story specifically designed to fit on one page. As such, there is no character development and no witty dialogue. I am not writing the next great novel. To everyone else, I hope you enjoy.

I walked into the hotel bar after the closing reception of my week- long conference ended and she was sitting there. Absolutely gorgeous. Blonde, about 30, maybe 5′ 4″, probably 110# and a 34C. I was stunned, but with nothing to lose I wandered up and took the chair next to her. She acknowledged me as I ordered a drink. We chatted and I noticed she turned towards me opening her legs slightly. Her body language told me I had made a good decision to sit by her.

We enjoyed several drinks as our inhibitions dropped. We chatted and laughed. I realized it was time to make my move, since I had a head start from the reception and I didn’t want to have any performance issues. I looked to the bartender for some indication of the situation and he raised his eyebrows, shrugged his shoulders and gave me the palms up with his outstretched arms. Lots of help there. I suggested to her that we continue this in my room. She was immediately out of her chair, waiting for me to settle the bill. I’m not that smooth, so the liquor must have done its job.

We walked to the elevator as I wrapped my arm around her waist. I couldn’t wait to get her alone, I had wanted to kiss and caress her from the moment I saw her. A quick peck on the lips as we waited for the elevator, then full make out as we rose to my floor. She tasted sweet, her full lips soft and moist. The elevator stopped and we made our way down the hall to my room.

As soon as I unlocked my door, she was on me, grabbing my cock. I had expected at least some foreplay, but was willing to go with the flow. I reached for her tits and they were as spectacular as they looked. She played with me as I massaged her. But I needed clothes to come off. I slid her dress off her shoulders and watched it puddle at her ankles. She used her free hand to unbutton and remove my shirt. She unzipped my pants to get a better hold on my manhood. She slid down and beylikdüzü escort took my cock in her mouth, giving me a tongue bath. Those wonderful lips were only the gateway to a warm mouth with a velvety tongue. It was now time to move this out of the entry and get it to the bed.

I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to the floor. As she rose and strode towards the bed, I kicked off my shoes and followed. What an ass she had peeking out under her silk thong! I slipped in besides her, capturing a nipple between my teeth and grabbed that luscious ass with both hands. She moaned as I nibbled her erect nub and gave her a thorough ass massage with my hands. She lifted my head off her tit and kissed me deeply.

She rolled over onto all fours, my favorite position. I was quickly up behind her and she grabbed my cock again, slid her thong aside, positioning me to enter her. I slid in slowly, grabbing ass cheeks as I did. I was in another wet, warm place. I stroked into her gently to start, then began to pound away. I reached around and rolled her nipples between my fingers for additional stimulation. I asked her if she wanted me to pull out and she responded by driving her pelvis back toward me just before I unloaded into her. We collapsed in a heap.

We spooned. I was playing with her wonderful tits and she was loving it. She eventually realized that blood flow had returned to my cock and dropped to suck it to full mast. I tried to turn her for 69, but she would have nothing to do with that. I assumed it was since I had just cum in her. Okay, enjoy the moment and don’t ask questions. She slurped away and before long I was spurting in her mouth. Exhausted, we drifted off to dreamland.

I awoke first, probably because of the need to relieve myself of the previous night’s liquids. I crawled back into the bed and the beautiful creature rolled to spoon me. I felt her erect nipples as they contacted my bare back. She slid her thong covered pelvis against my ass. Still in the brain fog of waking up, I realized I felt something nudging between my butt cheeks. A slow realization began to form and panic began to overcome me. It had to be an adana escort erect penis!

I’ve always been homophobic. This was a nightmare. Had I just had sex with a man? I needed to review the situation. My brain goes into overdrive. No Adam’s apple. Her breasts were spectacular, natural and sensitive. The sex had been in a warm, wet, silky tunnel. She still has never taken that damn thong off though. And that is most definitely a penis.

Time for proof, so I roll, slipping one arm under her pillow as a distraction and drop my other hand to the thong covered crotch. Yup, that is a penis alright, about the same size as mine. She moans at the contact. I pull back a little, expecting an explanation. Her eyes remain shut and she responds by humping my hand. I have never before felt an erect adult penis other than mine. She lifts her hips, removing her thong, putting my hand in direct contact with her shaft.

My head is reeling. She rotates into the 69 position this time, engulfing my cock with her soft lips. As she straddles my face, I am faced with her cunt, still oozing our combined juices. Now what? I look up her body and that cock is still there. She sees my confusion and says she will explain as soon as we both cum. With that, she wriggles down, perching her dripping cock against my lips. She slides it between my lips and into my mouth. I tentatively suck out of reflex. I am completely light headed.

I feel the build-up of cum boiling in my balls. I make a split second decision in the heat of the moment and drive two fingers into her cunt as I start to stroke and suck her cock in earnest. I feel her clamp down on my fingers as she trembles through an orgasm and simultaneously I feel the splash of sperm into my mouth. It sends me over the top and I paint her tonsils with my load of little swimmers.

She slumps exhaustedly onto me before rolling off. I wait patiently for her to recover enough to talk me through this. She starts by saying she hopes I have enjoyed myself, because she sure has. She sighs, then continues. She is a hermaphrodite; she was born with both male and female organs. She looks at me expectantly, waiting for me to say something, afyon escort anything. I have a hundred questions, but I am unable to speak. My head throbs and I don’t think it is from the alcohol. I wonder if I should have said “hell no” when I made my discovery. I wonder how many men have told her that when they found out. I wonder how many men check out their potential partners’ private region before going any farther. I know I will from now on. I’m sure she has experienced a whole range of reactions from surprised partners.

She rolls back on top of me, pressing those wonderful breasts into my chest, her lips merely inches away from mine as she stares into my eyes. I do the only thing I can think of, pulling her head down and kissing her hard. She snakes a hand between us, searching for my rod, stroking me to another erection. I start to think about the possibilities as she extracts herself from my embrace and straddles my hips, sliding me into her pussy. I do what I usually do in this situation, reaching up and grabbing those perfect tits. She bounces on top of me and I switch my hands to her ass, helping her ride my cock, with an ulterior motive of sliding a finger into her backside. I rub her anus and, receiving no objection, work my finger in. Her immediate reaction is to let out a groan before she picks up her pace, leans forward and kisses me. The feeling is incredible as I am ready to let go of another load. Then I realize that by her shift of position, she is also dry humping me. Too late for regrets, I shoot into her as she squeezes her pussy muscles and dumps her man load on my belly.

I honestly have a plane to catch and that will give me some time to wrap my head around what just happened. I explain my schedule and head to the shower, wondering if she will join me, hoping she won’t. I spend considerable time scrubbing myself from head to toe. When I return she is gone. There is a note with only a name and a number. I doubt I will ever make that call and she knows it.

EPILOGUE — The next time I visited that hotel, the bartender recognized me. He went on to tell me that the woman I had met the last time I was there had been back asking whether he had seen me again. When he told her he hadn’t, it didn’t take long for her to get picked up again. He said soon after he had noticed in the paper that she had gotten married. I’m happy for her and the lucky guy that will have a lifetime of threesomes with just the two of them.

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