A Task For Kitten Ch. 04

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He met kittens tear soaked gaze. She lifted her chin, determined not to show Him weakness. He looked confused and then He smiled. Gently stroking the silky suede of the flogger, He stared into her eyes, willing her to find her trust. No matter how often He tried to convince her, no matter how many times He proved Himself, she still struggled with trust. He wondered if that would ever go away.

He held her gaze as what seemed like minutes passed by, boring into her eyes His pure, unconditional steadfast love.

Little by little, bit by bit, she began to relax. He didn’t know if she relaxed out of trust that things were not as they looked or if she relaxed out of acceptance that if Ava was what Master wanted, she’d live with Him having her. He hoped to himself that it was the first reason.

As kittens walls of steel began to recede, Ava spoke.

“Hello…?? Is anybody there?”

Kitten answered, “I’m here Ava.”

“Oh thank goodness! You left me alone for so long.”

The steel walls crumbled completely with the knowledge that Ava still didn’t know Master was here. She took a visibly shaky breath and went to Him, head down, ashamed at her assumption and ashamed with herself.

He pulled her close, lifted her chin and melted her with His smile. Her knees weakened at the strength inside his love and she slid down the floor to His feet, wrapping her body around His legs, scenting Him, reveling in Him, loving Him. He reached down and lightly slapped her nipples with the soft ends of the flogger.

Kitten answered the girls question, “I’m right here Ava. Sorry I took so long. Would you like to take a break?”

“No!” she replied a little too loudly. Kitten and Master both chuckled revealing His position in the room.

“I didn’t know you were here.” she said to Him.

“I can leave if you prefer, Ava.”

“No. It’s ok if you stay. I just didn’t know you were here.”

“You’re very beautiful Ava and I think that my kitten is doing a brilliant job of bringing your body to life.”

“Mmm, I think so too.” she replied

“Would you mind terribly if I stole her for a few moments? I know you’ve already been waiting long enough but I have something rather urgent to discuss with her. It won’t take long.”

Ava hesitated but replied, “Sure go ahead. Don’t keep her too long.” she added jokingly.

Kitten approached her and whispered in her ear, “Stay wet for me, little one. This time I will be right back.” florya escort

She looked shyly up at Master, appropriately sorry for her earlier outbursts and He led her gently through the entry way by her elbow.

Once on the other side of the door, He positioned Himself behind her. She could feel His erection against the small of her back and she purred with excitement at His closeness.

He rubbed His hands down and up her sides, creating a warm friction between them and told her He loved her.

“I love you, Master.” she replied and tried to face Him.

His grip tightened and He held her in place. The cadence of His voice, still soothing He answered back with “I know you love Me.”

He tightened His grip even harder, causing her to cry out in weak protest.

“Don’t you EVER disobey me again, kitten. Not directly or indirectly, do you understand?”


He emitted a low pitch growl that she could feel rumbling in His belly. “Yes, what?” He countered through His gritted teeth.

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry! I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ll NEVER do it again. I promise!”

“There are consequences for disobeying Me, kitten. You know that.”

She gasped in immediate excitement. Her mind already exploring all of the sexy scenarios she could think of. She LOVED His consequences!

“Yes, Master. I know. I’m ready.”

He said, “No kitten, I don’t think you are this time. Shall I flog you, my insubordinate pet?”

She squeezed her legs together, feeling her body involuntarily tremble at that thought. “Whatever You wish, Master.”

“No. I don’t think that will work. Your body betrays you, baby girl. I’ll not have you enjoying this consequence.”

He was toying with her now. Still holding her firmly in place with one hand, the other was twisting her nipples. She leaned her head back into Him and moaned softly. He reached lower exploring the silky wet valley between her legs and she felt herself melt into Him.

“Tying you is out because we KNOW how much you love that.” He plunged His fingers into her cunt, feeling her open to Him, offering her body.

“I’ll not spank you, although you deserve it, because you’ll make far too much noise.”

She moaned again. Panting, arching, shaking at His touch. He held her waist and shoved her body down against her own legs.

“Shall I fuck your ass? Stick my hard cock in you right now, all at once, cihangir escort without the slightest preparation?”

She pressed back against Him, grabbing her ankles, inviting Him to do just so.

“It seems you’d enjoy that as well, so I think not.”

He yanked her back to standing, reached up and held her by her jaw, turning her awkwardly to face Him.

“Perhaps I’ll fuck your delicious face. Perhaps I’ll fuck your face so hard, you’ll gag on My cock. Perhaps I’ll fuck the back of your throat til you’ve no choice but to swallow Me. Swallow My head and choke on My cum as I fill your mouth… MY mouth!”

She was trembling so hard, her teeth began to chatter. She wanted Him. She always wanted Him but when He was this possessive, He completely consumed her. Her only desire was to please Him.

He started randomly groping her. “MY neck. MY tits. MY belly. MY legs. MY CUNT! MINE. Whose property are you, kitten?”

“Yours, Master! Always and only and forever YOURS. Do with me whatever You wish! I’m Yours. Let me please You!”

And then she saw the grin. The sadistic grin He reserved for very few occasions. She shivered inside.

“Would you like Me to fuck your face, kitten?”


“Yes, what??” He hissed in her ear.

“Yes! I would LOVE Your cock in my mouth. I want to taste You. I want You to release Your anger in my throat! I want to feel Your cum on my tongue. Oh God, I want You so much!”

“I’ve made My decision, My insolent pet. Lay down in front of Me, on your back. Spread your knees wide, feet together. Place your hands under your ass, and lean back.”

She immediately got into the awkward position He ordered her to be in, eager for His cock. Her entire body pulsed with anticipation.

He straddled her body with His knees, resting His ass on her soaking wet pussy and grabbed a hold of His magnificent dick. He began stroking Himself, starting at His balls and working His way up it’s entire length. He paused at the sensitive lip of it’s head, letting out a groan and then worked His way back down.

She wiggled under Him, wanting to partake in His pleasure. She raised her head, the only part of her she was able to move and parted her lips, offering her mouth to her Master. She was undone with desire for Him. Seeing His knowing grasp, fondling and stroking His glistening shaft, she was completely undone. Whimpering, ragged breaths escaped her wanting mecidiyeköy escort mouth.

“Tell me how badly you want Me to fuck your face, kitten.” He said as He continued to pleasure Himself, head leaning back, chest heaving at the sensations that were building in His body.

“Oh my God! Master, please! Please fuck me! Use me, take me, fuck me! Let me suck You. Please let me suck You. I NEED You in my mouth. Please, please, please. I want You so badly, I feel like I’ll die if You don’t let me suck You!…. please.”

She was breathless in her desire for Him. There were tears in her eyes and she lifted her head, offering the silky smooth tip of her tongue to Him again. Begging that He take it.

His strokes grew more urgent. His eyes burned with fire at the sight of her pinned under Him, mouth open like a baby bird waiting for it’s supper. He began grunting as He let out the animal within, creating more and more friction with His hand.

He could barely get the words out, “Denied, kitten. Your consequence is that what I’ve decided to do, is NOT fuck your face.”

He jerked His cock harder and faster, growling as His climax drew near and He felt her struggle under Him. Fighting for freedom, trying to pull her hands out to partake in His pleasure. Desperate to share with Him, her body writhed beneath Him in an attempt to buck Him off of her. Her neck stretched to capacity in hopes of reaching His swollen member.

He bellowed, “DO… NOT…. MOVE!”

She froze, defeated in her quest of freeing herself. Completely and utterly, His.

Her submission took Him to the familiar state of Nirvana that it always did. With one final stroke, His body grew rigid, He lifted His ass up off of her and shot His seed all over her face. She trembled under Him, desire and admiration bleeding out of her pores and He collapsed on her body, still heaving from His climax.

When He worked up the strength to raise Himself up, He looked up at His love. His woman, His kitten.

She was licking His cum off her face, stretching her tongue as far as she could to get as much of it as she was able to reach and she had the most delighted smile He had ever seen.

He burst into laughter, “You are imPOSSible to punish!! Is there anything you don’t love, My sexy kitten?”

She raised one side of her mouth in a mischievous smile and said “I don’t think so but if there is, I hope You’ll spend the rest of Your life trying to find it.”

He leaned back, pulling her on His lap, embracing her and declaring, “My God, I love you, woman.”

She purred in His ear, wrapping her arms around His neck and replied, “I love You too, Master.”

Moments passed and simultaneously they both pulled back, looked at the other, and exclaimed, “Ava!!”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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