A Willing Learner

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Another true story but please note I have omitted the condom use which took place as my boyfriend and I only play safe with others. Cheers guys.


Before we moved to France, we lived in London. My boyfriend Dave and I had moved down from up north and managed, through hard work, to acquire a couple of apartments.

We’d met many moons before and were best friends as well as lovers and due to our lifestyle, we both enjoyed fitness and travel. He goes to the gym and has for years and his physique is slim, smooth and toned. I swim which has helped me stay in good shape but I am less muscular and perhaps a little slimmer. I too am smooth and we both shave our torsos, chests, cocks and ball sacks.

Often we are mistaken for brothers, perhaps by straights who see we are of a similar build and age and don’t want to think we could be anything else. But gay guys usually say we’re an attractive couple and we have had many threesome with good looking lads so maybe we are.

We usually play together but I always say if an opportunity cums along, take it. Or give it. But don’t let it pass you by. And maybe I look for more opportunities than Dave.

Because of our work and shift patterns, we didn’t always have the same days off which meant we didn’t get bored of each other’s company. It also meant sometimes having a whole day to ourselves. And once I’d swam and done the shopping, often the afternoon was free, I could get easily by tube to a choice of 2 bars where, depending on the afternoon, anything went.

We used to go to the “underwear” parties together, and indeed the “boots only” afternoons or evenings. And Dave almost always wanted us to play together although he has stood and got off watching me at the side of him sucking someone off or being sucked off.

He can be a bit precious when it comes to piss, he’s given it to me but not as much as I’d like so I had to go to the piss parties alone when he was working. It’s not something I’m into per se, I have to find the person(s) attractive too. A golden shower is one thing, but I have to like the shower I’m getting in to. It started in a gay bar in Paris, not a piss evening but a guy wouldn’t stop staring at me. He was attractive, naked as that was the night’s theme, and dipped his semi erect cock in his beer. I don’t know of that is or was the final but as I descended the stairs to the toilet for a leak myself, he followed and stood next to me. Like us, he was shaved and in good shape and I couldn’t per with him stood next to me, half erect. I looked at him and he was staring at me so I did what I normally do when I see a nice cock and dropped slowly to my knees. I reached behind him and pulled him in to my face, one hand on each of his soft butt cheeks. His cock wasn’t rock solid but quite a size and uncut. And as I sucked slowly, it didn’t harden, and the next thing I knew and was aware of, my mouth was being filled with something warm. He was peeing.

Now that was a fantasy demetevler escort of mine for ages, to be honest I had always wanted to doze off on a beach and be awoken by some guy standing over (and raining down on) me but curiosity got the better of me, taste wise, and as his flow wasn’t that fast, I swallowed what he had delivered, only to be rewarded with another mouthful, which again I duly swallowed. He stopped and I stood up, by now somewhat harder than when I had gone downstairs and returned to Dave. He noticed my state of excitement.

“Couldn’t pee,” In said.

“So I see,” was all he said, unsurprised and not slightly jealous. He likes it when I have a good time although I hadn’t told him what had gone on. Indeed, he needed a pee later and had fun with a different guy but no body fluids were leaked or exchanged. I’ve since been told many times that those of us who are in to it can spot each other but I don’t know if that’s true, I think we just push gently in a different direction and see if the other party responds favourably.

When we next went back to the underwear or less afternoon in London, we were both in briefs. A guy was near to us, totally naked and totally smooth and shaved like us. There were a few others without any underwear on but they weren’t our type at all. However, we moved closer to this guy, he moved closer to us and eventually I asked him if he wanted a drink. He accepted my offer and we bought him a pint and struck up conversation, mainly of the “do you come here often?” or “where else do you go?” chit chat.

When we had all finished our drink, he asked if we wanted to go for a walk. Now it’s not the biggest of clubs and I think I had seen the half dozen others who were there as they passed us by and checked us out, without hope. I said to hang on and removed my own briefs before we set off, revealing my shaved, uncut cock in a semi erect state, held forward by my yellow cock ring. I reach 7 inches when rock hard and was on the way to 5 inches already, Dave is 5 inches when hard and he’s cut so it’s cute and doesn’t hurt, plus he cums buckets. Great for anal as it doesn’t hurt and he’s got rythm so the ridge of his helmet really gives good vibes to any prostate.

Our friend was a big lad, not height or weight wise, in fact he was short and probably as slim as we are. He had a nice mop of hair of his head. He lead the way but it wasn’t as if we didn’t already know Our way round the 2 dark and dingy arches and the curtained off area opposite the bar already.

He found us a corner which was empty and stopped. He turned around and grinned at us both. Dave was first to make a move, grabbing his not yet solid but swollen tool and squeezing it as I moved in to take some of his tongue in my mouth. To be honest, he took my tongue and then I took his and we passed back and forth in a very short period of time the build up of our beer tinged saliva. If you’ve otele gelen escort ever been to such a party, you’ll know there isn’t a great deal of choice about where to carry your money or your lube and poppers. Some guys where little arm or wrist bands or pouches, our friend had some lube sachets tucked in his sock and we did too as well as a bottle of poppers. I reached down and put them on the shelf on the wall next to us, shoulder height.

Dave opened the bottle of poppers, ready for use and our friend took a sachet of lube, opened it and applied the lot to his own arsehole. Guess we knew what he wanted… Dave moved in behind him playing first with his butt cheeks, very nicely proportioned and quite soft, hopefully like the hole that was hidden between them. I got to my knees and put his still semi erect cock in my mouth. Dave positioned his cock horizontally, running the shaft against the hole and between the top of the guys legs, stopping when his knob head came up against the back of the guys cockring which was wrapped around his cock and scrotum.

Dave reached for the poppers, took a sniff and the 3 of us played pass the parcel as I sucked. Once my hands were free, I took over squeezing his peaches as Dave pawed his tits. I parted him as Dave rocked his hips slowly, backwards and forwards until his helmet was just at the entrance to our friends slippery hole.

I knew from experience Dave would enter him about an inch and rest there for a moment so his ass and mind would adjust to what was inside and what was coming, it considerately allows the passive to take things at their own pace. I continued with the dick in my mouth, tonguing the helmet and running my forefinger slowly and lightly down his stomach and the sides of his round and solid bollocks. Then I felt it, just like I had that time in Paris, and I understood why he hadn’t got fully hard. A warm jet of his piss filled my mouth, a welcome gift of second hand beer on tap. And what a magnificent tap!

After he paused, he pushed his arse back a couple of inches on Dave’s cock and then the two of them together moved to where he had been previously, filling my mouth again with his cock. I sucked greedily. Still he remained semi erect and he pulled out an inch or so, taking in the rest of Dave’s shaft, held steady and then let the piss flow some more.

Dave took another sniff of poppers, followed by the two of us. I felt the buzz immediately and my cock throbbed. It certainly had the same effect on Dave as the swelling of his hard on pleasures the guy on the end of it, who in return grew some in my mouth. I sucked gently, having drunk all of the piss by now and licked the slit, the increase in size was accompanied by the first large drops ofnsticy precum. And I wanted more. I stopped and stood up, asked him if he was enjoying himself, to which he moaned approvingly, and stuck my tongue back in his mouth, hoping he’d like balgat escort the faint remaining taste of his yellow nectar. After a moment, Dave still swaying his hips slightly, he pushed me backwards a little. I didn’t understand but it was so he could bend down and take my cock in his own mouth without having to cease having his arse filled. I smiled at Dave as our friend was spit roasted by two of us, him now busy sucking away on me.

I was surprised and a little disconcerted to feel someone rubbing my own pert butt cheeks, especially as I couldn’t see them. I looked at Dave and he nodded, so I knew it was okay, and allowed it to continue. My own arse wanted some attention but I don’t go for shag if I don’t like their faces. However, I felt behind and whoever it was had a nice body, smooth stomach and an average sized very hard cock with a full bush. I pulled him in to our grouping as best I could and he remained behind me, playing with my crack, so I reached up for a sachet of lube and handed it back to him, which he ripped open and applied with his fingers to my ringpiece.

This was going to prove a challenge, as Dave rocked in to the guy we were spit roasting, he was bobbing with the same rhythm to suck my cock and I was being readied for goodness knows what. But had a good idea. However, I joined in with the gyrations of Dave and the first guy so that the second could become accustomed to our swaying and adapt his tactics accordingly. Needless to say he adapted his tactics and nestled his own throbbing helmet at my entrance and then, like a surfer catching a wave, eased the end in my waiting sphincter. He was wider than Dave so I reached for the poppers to loosen me a little and by the second or third collective sway, he was in as far as my prostrate, sending a little ripple of excitement through me and a large dose of precum in to the mouth of the guy sucking my member. I was happy before and now I was ecstatic.

Well, we rocked and swayed, pumped, throbbed and bobbed for several minutes, Dave bent forward over the other guys he was fucking and began wanking him so all arses and cocks that wanted were being seen to. I felt my own spunk building and didn’t want to stop it but being considerate, I also wanted to warn the guy sucking me in case he wasn’t in to cum in his mouth, so I said, loud enough for all of the other 3 in the group, “I’m cumming”.

I knew too that Dave would probably let himself go after me, but things didn’t go in the order I had envisaged. The guy up my arse shot his bolt at the same time as me and the one sucking my cock turned out to be a swallowed, not letting go of my helmet as I confused. Then he and Dave both shot at the same time, Dave up his arse and the other guy all over my shoes, several spurts of creamy man juice. Wow.

The guy who’d just screwed my arse slid out first and gave me a playful slap before disappearing, we saw him leaving the club only moments later, having quickly dressed. At these afternoons, some just cum and go. Pleasingly, Dave had been a good judge, he was a nice looking guy. And had now emptied his bollocks.

The rest of us disentagled at a more leisurely pace and returned to the bar for a final quick drink, one served in glasses and poured by the barman. And rearranged a session for the following week at our place… just the 3 of us.

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