Airport Encounter

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It’s chaos at the airport, the weather has been and still is terrible and flights are being delayed to all corners of the continent. I have to grin a bit in myself because of the stress all people seem to be dealing with. What’s the point of stressing? If the planes don’t fly, they don’t fly. I decide to get something to drink because my flight home isn’t going the next few hours.

I get my coffee and realize the little restaurant at the airport is packed. I spot an empty chair somewhere at the far end and walk towards it when halfway I realize that there’s a lady sitting on the table already. As it’s the only free place I walk up to the table anyway and politely ask if I can sit on the empty seat.

You reply that I am encouraged to do so. I smile and take the empty seat and put my coffee on the table when I see an empty glass of wine in front of you.

‘Drinking already this early?’ I ask you.

You giggle a bit and quickly defend yourself. ‘Only one glass! I felt like I really needed it after all the hassle.’

I laugh and assure you it’s ok. We end up in a lively conversation about our trips, work, hobbies and interests. After talking for nearly an hour, I swear that I’m feeling your foot rubbing along my leg, from the knee up along my thigh. I look at you and the grin on your face tells me enough.

I frown. ‘Tell me miss, what is it that you want from me?’

You stand up, walk over to me and whisper in my ear ‘I want you in the restroom at the end of the hall, second stall from the left.’

Then you walk away. As you walk away, I can’t help but to check out your body. Your heels rhythmically tick on the floor and your bum wiggles with every step. Your dress hugs your curves perfectly and your hair dances to the rhythm of your feet. I down my coffee, take a deep breath and stand up to follow to your stall of choice.

When I walk in the restroom, the stall is locked. I knock on the door twice. ‘I’m here’. The door then opens and I quickly step in and lock the door as I smile at you before I grab your almanbahis adres wrists, push you against the wall and passionately kiss you on the mouth. No words are exchanged. Your hands eagerly start unbuttoning my shirt and find grip around its collar.

I slip the straps of your dress down and you take the hint and pull your arms out of them as your dress drops to your hips. I break the kiss and move my mouth to kiss your neck. You seem to enjoy this as you grab my hair and use it to pull my head even more towards you. I explore your back with my hands and take your bra off while doing so. Your soft and supple breasts are now uncovered as I gently touch and stroke them. You push your mouth against the side of my head to suppress your moans. I tenderly kiss and lick my way down to your breasts as you have two hands behind my head now to push me into you. My hands disappear under your dress to grab your bum and pull it towards me. I can feel your panties being soaked already. I put my lips next to your ear and whisper while I run a finger over your vagina. ‘Have you wet yourself or are you just happy to see me?’

‘Stop being a funny cunt and fuck me already’, you reply slightly irritated.

‘Not yet my dear’, I reply as I drop your panties to the ground and position one of your legs on the toilet seat. I run my tongue along your thigh before it grazes the outer lips of your vagina. You moan softly but immediately seem to realize that we’re in a public place. As I open the lips of your womanhood and softly lick along the inner lips, you swing the leg that was on the toilet seat over my shoulders, with the second one following. I use my hands to support your bum as you are now half floating between the wall and my face, only supported by my shoulders and hands.

The sweet taste of your womanhood in my mouth makes me want to lick up more of your nectar and I eagerly do so. Your breathing becomes heavier in anticipation as I come closer to your clit and end up touching it with my tongue. I circle around your clit with my tongue almanbahis adresi and feel your legs wrapping tight around me as your moans become harder and your breathing becomes heavier. I up my tempo and within a minute I feel your body trembling and shocking in ecstasy as you grab my hair tight.

I push you away from my shoulders and safely put you back on your feet, the ticking sound of your heels filling the stall as I do so.

You seem not to be willing to waste any time and immediately start undoing my belt and drop my pants. Your hand fondles my erect manhood and you use the other hand to drop my boxers before you lean over to me and say ‘Fuck. Me.’ in my ear.

That’s encouragement enough for me. I pull you towards me and slide my erect sex in yours and push you back against the wall for support. I start rocking my hips as I pick up your legs. You take the hint and wrap your elegantly heeled legs around me again. Rocking into you feels so good that I kiss your mouth to suppress my own moans. We end up in a passionate kiss with teeth, tongues and lips all exchanging contact.

Suppressed animalistic noises fill the stall and our sexes slides over each other, fitting perfect like a glove. Your sweet nectar makes for a great lube but still leaves for pleasurable friction for both of us. Your hands run through my hair as our mouths and tongues dance passionately.

Your moans start to go quicker and you tell me that your orgasm is coming up.

I slow the thrusting for a while to calm both of us down and softly and tenderly kiss your neck and cheeks. You put your feet back on the ground and hug me as we kiss for a while.

Then I turn you around with your back towards me and push you back to the wall. You take the hint and spread your legs a bit and I kiss your neck before I thrust myself back into your womanhood. You gasp, despite that I’ve been there before. ‘This angle feels so good’, you say as you moan with every thrust.

I put my hand over your mouth to suppress your louder getting moans and push almanbahis adres my mouth against your cheek to suppress my own.

I twist your hair around my hand for extra grip as I moan, growl and whisper dirty things in your ear while I slowly fuck you against the wall of the restroom. The heels of your shoes are lifted a bit from the ground with every thrust and hit the ground as I slide back before thrusting in again. The ticking sound of your heels fills the stall like music. Music we passionately dance to.

The vibrations of you moaning in my hand become stronger as I raise my tempo and force. I can’t help to lick and kiss your pretty face, cheek and neck while fucking. For the first time today I feel the orgasm slowly starting to build up from my balls.

You seem to have caught on with the rhythm and push your hips back a little bit every time I trust forward, resulting in deeper penetration than before and it feels divine. A state of ecstasy between the two of us in an airport restroom.

I feel you talking into my hand and give you so some space to do so. ‘Keep fucking, I’m close to cumming’ is all you can say.

I take that for granted and continue what I was doing. Suddenly I feel your vagina contracting and feel heavy vibrations of your moans in my hand as you grab behind my neck with one hand to keep yourself from collapsing. Your orgasm causes an endless wave of contractions and finally it becomes too much for me as I orgasm groaning inside you.

After just holding each other for a while we come back on earth to get clean and dressed again. First you peek out to check if the room is empty, which it is. Then we both quickly sneak out and walk back to the departure hall together while continuing our earlier conversation like nothing has happened.

In the departure hall we find out that there will be no further flights today. We both sigh a bit but quickly something pops up in my mind. ‘What do you say miss, will you allow me to invite you for dinner and then a hotel together. Or did you plan to spend your night sleeping on a newspaper in the hall here?’

You smile and reply ‘Such a gentleman. Sure thing, I believe I owe you something anyway.’

We continue our way together in search for a place to eat with a passionate night to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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