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My life was a wreck. My marriage had failed and six months later my wounds were far from healed. It was early evening when I heard a dull wrap at the thick green door to my small tenement block apartment.

I peered through the small spy hole at the slender and petite shape of Natalie, my wife’s best friend, standing nervously at the other side. She glanced left and right and shuffled as I ran my eyes up and down her neat looking body. She wore a long trench coat, unbuttoned with knee length brown boots, black tights, a tight and short tartan skirt and an even tighter white blouse. Her breasts pulled eagerly at the buttons and stretched the material taut as it disappeared under the open flaps of her fawn coloured coat.

“Steady,” I thought to myself. That wouldn’t be a good idea would it now?

Natalie, like me and my wife, was in her mid thirties. Life had not been kind to her, she too bore the scars of failed relationships but she kept herself well and was always neatly turned out. Debbie, my wife, visited her perhaps two or three times a year, she the same with us. She lived alone and miles away, I rarely bothered to go across with Debs and my work had often kept me away when she stayed with us.

“Hi Nat.” I said as I threw the door open, the chains clanking as I caught the handle.

Here long dark hair bounced and smelled of apricots as she lent in, stood on tip toes and gave me a peck on the cheek. Natalie was much shorter than me, slightly built with thin hips and small tits. She was pretty enough but had a rather prominent hooked nose which stopped her from being a true stunner.

“Come in, come in.” I motioned her towards the small space inside. It was a depressing place, it had one bedroom, a dingy and dark bathroom and a small area made into a kitchen. It faced north and was on the fifteenth floor.

But I was grateful, it was all that I had, social services had done me proud. When I had walked out I had a life, now the economic downturn had cost me my job and the only thing keeping me from jumping out of the window was the weekly telephone call from my kids. Debbie, had been denying me access — not that this place was anywhere to bring them nor had I any way to get to them, ten miles away in the next town. I had also lost my car, it came with the job, and had no money for buses. I was at rock bottom.

I sat down next to Natalie on the small two seat sofa opposite the two bar electric heater. The only other luxury was a large flat screen television hung on the wall above it.

The black ceramic tiles on the floor made Natalie’s voice echo as she spoke softly. She struggled for breath, “my! That was quite a climb.”

“Oh God, are the lifts out again?”

“Yup, afraid so.” She said shuffling as she wriggled out of her coat. My eyes dwelt on the taut white material covering her breasts, still heaving from her exertions. I am sure she noticed. I was acting like some sort of hormonal teenager and I mentally took a hold of myself.

“Can I offer you a tea or coffee? I’ve got no milk I am afraid.”

“Coffee would be great. Any sugar?”

“Er, nope.”

“Black will do nicely then.” She smiled sweetly back at me.

I moved across the small room to the tiny kitchen area and put the kettle on. My phone rang, I answered, it was Debbie.

“I need you to look after the kids tomorrow.” She said loudly and demandingly without even a hello. Natalie looked up and raised an eyebrow. I was sure she could hear.

“I Can’t, I’m …..” I stammered out and looked back at Nat.

“Is that you won’t or don’t want to?” Came the curt reply.

“Now hold on Debbie….”

“I need to go and see someone. Can’t you get a bloody bus or something?”

“Ur no, I’ve got ….” I meant to say no car and no money but was interrupted.

“Have you got someone there?”


“You have, haven’t you?” I said nothing. “I bet it’s that bitch Natalie, she was giving me the nth degree about you last night. The bitch, I bet she just wants to shag you.”

Debbie went off into a rage and I held the phone away from my ear until it went momentarily quiet.

“Jealousy?” I said dryly, “it doesn’t become you dear. Besides I’m the one who is supposed to be the pervert, aren’t I? I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere for a baby sitter.” Boy it felt good as I pressed the red button but I also realised that I had passed up the chance to see my kids. I sat with a deep sigh.

“That was Debbie then.” Natalie said looking up at me questioningly with her dark brown eyes.

“Yup.” I said trying to hide my disappointment. I stood to pour water for the coffees, returned to the sofa and handed the hot cup to Natalie.

“Did she say I’d been talking to her?” Natalie asked.

“Kind of.” I said in a non-committal tone. “Is that how you managed to find me?”

“Yes, but we had a bit of a barney.” I raised my eyes upward. It appeared that Debbie was falling out with everybody.

“She regrets what she said you know.” Natalie said trying to reassure me.

“It all went Eryaman Escort a little too far.” I said taking a sip at my coffee and breaking eye contact.

“She painted herself into a corner. She knows she hurt you but she cannot seem to find a way back.” Natalie went on in mitigation.

“What was your row about?” I asked not wanting her to delve to deeply into my woes. I also wondered how much of what was said Natalie knew about.

“Me coming here, I think.” Natalie said. “I just had to come and see if I could talk you both out of being so stupid.”

It was true. A silly row had gotten badly out of hand. Debbie is fiercely proud as am I. Things were said and done that neither of us were proud about but after ten years of marriage a rift had opened up and over the course of a few months we couldn’t find a way to bridge it. I had spent the best part of my adult life with Debbie and couldn’t come to terms with life on my own. I fought back the tears that welled in my eyes.

Natalie went in for the emotional kill. “She still loves you, I think. What about you?”

I couldn’t find an answer and decided to evade the question.

“Would you like something to eat?” I stood and opened the fridge and cupboard, trying to hide the tears streaking down my cheeks. I was thinking of holding my kids.

“I can offer you couscous and fish fingers.”

“Mmm…. Sounds lovely.” Natalie said ironically.

“I’m sorry. I am a bit short at the moment.” I made a grab for the only other thing in the kitchen cupboard, a large bottle of vodka. “Fancy a drink?” I forgot that Nat didn’t drink and immediately ceased my gesture. “I never asked why you don’t…”

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m drunk.” Natalie warned. “I get very forthright. Things just pop out. I have no control at all.”

“Perhaps we should get well away then and see what happens.” I said raising my eyebrows.

“OK then.” Natalie said in a tone almost daring me to pour her a large one.

“Got any coke?”

I lent down and picked up a bottle of cheap cola from under the sink. “OK?”

“That’ll do nicely.”

Natalie realised that she had pushed me far enough and changed the subject as I cooked the meal. We caught up on what she had been doing and small talk about family and friends. I got the impression that her mission was not over yet but things were about to change.

“What did Debbie say about me?” She asked as she finished the last mouthful of her meal.

She took a big slug from her drink. “Got any more?” She smacked her lips and thrust the empty cup at me.

We did indeed have more, more than enough to get us both drunk and then some.

“She said that you might ….. call by.” I said hesitantly.

“No she didn’t. What did she actually say?” Natalie asked demandingly.

“You don’t want to know.”

“Did she think I was after you? Is that why you mentioned jealousy?” She rolled her eyes. “After all we have been though …..” She said in dismay. “All I was trying to say was that an argument about sex isn’t worth it.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond. I suspected that Natalie knew all the inglorious details of our break up.

Natalie looked deep into my eyes. “You do know that Martin and I split because I was crap at sex, don’t you?”

Actually I didn’t, Debbie could be quite discrete when she wanted to, in fact she rarely talked about Nat. Martin and her had been together for a couple of years and split, mercifully without any kids to complicate things. She hadn’t had a steady relationship since. During her visits all we normally exchanged were the usual platitudes. That evening was the longest I had ever spent alone in her company.

Again I wasn’t sure how to respond but Nat kept talking, taking frequent swigs at her vodka and coke.

“I’m so bad that I haven’t had sex with a man for four years. It’s not that I miss it, I’d rather read a good book.” She said disdainfully. “It’s different for a man. You can just come whenever you want. Anyway you must be getting a bit twitchy by now, how long has it been for you, six months?”

I didn’t want to admit that Debbie and I hadn’t been sleeping together for a few months before the split and that I was as horny as hell.

“Something like that. How do you know you are so bad? Was it Martin?”

“I have had other lovers.” She said in a matter of fact tone. “The last one fell asleep whilst he was on top. Martin said he didn’t even rate me a five.”

“But you look after yourself.”

“Thanks love. But every time I get close to a man it all goes pear shaped.”

There was a click and all the lights went out.

“The meter – I forgot to get a top up. Never mind I’ll pick one up tomorrow morning. We’ll just have to make polite conversation. Unless you would like to go or you have another suggestion?”

I had forgotten to ask. Nat must have travelled for hours to get there.

“Where are you staying?” She didn’t respond.

“Four years!” I exclaimed with an incredulous Sincan Escort laugh.

“It doesn’t seem like it. But women don’t need sex as much as you blokes.”

“Don’t you ever get, you know, horny?”

“Not really, but if I do I…… You know……. See to myself. But I have other means too.” She added quickly.

“I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Rather too much if you ask me.” I said trying to reduce the tension. I noticed Natalie’s eyes dart a glance at my groin. Almost without a beat and in a split second my cock had started to swell.

“The unfortunate thing is that I can’t seem to ….. You know …. Bring myself off…” She made a twiddling gesture with her fingers and averted her eyes from the growing bulge in my jeans.

“Don’t you do have a vibrator? I thought all women had one these days.”

“Not even with one of those — I tried a rabbit. Debbie recommended that I got one.”

Now that was a surprise. Debbie had become a bit of a prude and seemed to want to control our sex life. She didn’t have one and seemed not to like anything out of the ordinary, even doggy style had become a rare event.

“You know I was always jealous of you and Debbie. You had it so good. She said you could make her cum at the drop of a hat and that you had an expert tongue.”

I suppose that was once true, but things had changed since the kids came along. Debbie had become far more conservative.

“What was all of this nonsense about with you and the computer?”

“Debbie reckoned I was surfing porn, girlie porn, you know….”

“Yes I heard.” Natalie said, urging me to open up more.

“What else did she tell you? Did she tell you that the PC was broken at the time? This all came from a conversation with her mates at work. One of their boyfriends was into all that pervy stuff and I got tarred with the same brush. It was all uncalled for and unwarranted.” I rattled the words out like a machine gun, but it felt good to get it off my chest.

“Was that all?” Natalie said. “Surely something else….”

“That was the start of it all. She got a bit cold and distant after that and one night when I suggested something a little, er, different, she flipped and it all came back out. I know, I was a little tipsy, but some of the things she threatened and things she said were way over the top. That’s when we started sleeping in separate beds and from there we were on the slippery slope.”

“She knows you know. She knows she went too far. Underneath it all she still loves you and I know still wants you. I wish you both would stop being so bloody stupid.”

I didn’t want to go further down this road and backed off. “Well anyway, it’s all water under the bridge now.”

I took Natalie’s cup and gave her a second refill. We sat with our knees almost touching. Natalie lent back, she sighed and her expression changed visibly. She eyed me up with look more of lust than of friendly concern.

“Tell me about your skilful tongue.” She asked with a mischievous look.

I poked it out and made a face.

“It won’t work like that and in any case that kind of thing has never worked on me before.”

“You’ve never service from the master before.” I bragged mockingly.

Natalie lent forward and grabbed my hand. She led it to her breast and gave me a look that dared me to cup her heaving mound.

“Seriously I cannot come. Can you show me how?” She said in earnest and batted her eyes clumsily.

I knew this was the booze talking. “Wow. I see what you mean. No self control.”

“What do you want – horny or forthright? OK you are a stupid prick. I should bang both of your heads together. Or would you rather I suck your prick? In any case I seem to have got you going.” She pointed a slender finger at my growing bulge.

I opened my mouth to mount a retort but couldn’t get a sound out, Natalie lunged at me and shoved her hot tongue into my mouth.

“Go on, fuck me. I need a good fucking. Make me cum.” She said seductively as she leant back in the chair.

I wasn’t sure what to say or do. This was Debbie’s best friend. Then the devil on my shoulder stepped took over.

“Are you serious?” I actually liked it when she talked dirty to me.

“Oh come on. Haven’t you noticed ever? Why do you think I’ve stayed in touch all these years? I fancied the pants off you since the first night you saw Debbie. In fact if she hadn’t made a move I was going to.” She was there the night I had met Debbie but that was far from thoughts now as her deft fingers tore at the buttons of my shirt.

It is true what they say about being drunk. I knew this would probably be a bad idea but the fire in my loins couldn’t be quelled.

Natalie lent back as I reciprocated and undid the buttons on her soft white cotton blouse. She peeled her arms out of the sleeves as I peered through the dim half light at her pert boobs, being held by a delicate and lacy bra. She unclasped the back, allowed her breasts to fall free and open to my gaze with a demure Etlik Escort smile.

Her nipples hardened as the cool air flushed over her pale body. She lent back and closed her eyes. She anticipated the touch of my soft lips as I moved forward to encircle one of the swollen pink nubs. She sighed in contentment as I drew the soft pink button into my mouth and ran my teeth over the supple and sensitive end. I drew it in and out, sucked hard and nibbled in turn.

I glanced up. Natalie lay back, eyes closed and open mouthed drinking in the sensations.

“Oh God it’s been so long and it feels so good.” She whispered as I continued to tease and tantalise first one, then her other nipple. I raised my hand to knead at the flesh of her right breast. Hers came instinctively to meet it and draw it down to the waste band of her plaid skirt.

She arched her back whilst she unclipped the clasp that allowed it to fall free enough for her to guide my hand inside. I could feel the heat of her fanny through the sheer nylon of her tights. She pushed back as the fingers of my right hand traced a path across the mound of her pussy.

She thrust her hips upward, pulled her skirt and tights half way down her thighs with one urgent tug. Her knickers almost came off with them but still covered her modesty as I felt down with my fingers in the dark.

I stroked at the bare flesh of her inner thigh. It sent a shiver though Natalie’s body as my cool fingers moved towards the warm gusset of her matching lace underwear. She raised her hips again, stood and shuffled them off together with her tights. She stood before me naked. I wished I could see her better than in the dim half light shining through the windows from the streetlights below.

I led her back to the sofa and wrapped my lips back around her right nipple. My fingers traced a path from her other breast down her torso until I reached her pubic mound. I was surprised that her mound was smooth and clean shaven. I ran my fingers down her smooth flesh until I felt the open fold of her pussy.

I moved a finger down her soft labia and cupped her warm snatch. I ran it up and along the length of her smooth slit. I explored her outer lips with my fingers. It was perfectly smooth and as well tended the rest of her.

I marvelled at her clean slit, Debbie’s was generously fleshy and thickly covered with hair. I ran my fingers down to the hot opening and gently prised her warm lips apart. She was already juicing. I dipped my finger tip into the warm centre and traced a path up her soft inner flesh to the top of her cleft.

I looked up at Natalie. She lay still, her eyes were closed, she wore a fixed, and almost concerned expression. I released her nipple from the clamp of my lips and kissed a path up her chest and neck to her mouth.

Her lips were soft and warm. Her breath was hot against mine as I pecked and nibbled her soft and moist skin.

I ran my fingers back down along her smooth outer lips, re-inserted a second finger, collected more of her lubrication and traced a path back to her clitoral hood.

Natalie didn’t react. Her eyes stayed closed and her breathing remained calm and steady.

I wasn’t sure what she preferred, clit or cunt. I opted for cunt. The next time my fingers went on the downward stroke I circled her entrance and gently inserted one digit up to the first knuckle. Again Natalie didn’t react. I pushed my finger in further and circled it within the narrow and moist tunnel.

Natalie still didn’t react. I withdrew and traced a path back up towards her clit. By now Debbie’s would be bursting erect under her hood, but I couldn’t feel even the tell tale bump of the sensitive nub.

I slid back down to her sticky hole. This time I inserted my second and third fingers and cupped at her outer lips with the flat of my hand. I felt inside for her g-spot, this, I was sure would evoke a reaction from her.

I listened intently for any change, any sign, but none came. Natalie remained calm and unaffected by my exploratory manipulations. She remained still as if in anticipation of some kind of a magical touch but was wet and getting wetter.

I dropped down to suck at her teat again. I slurped and sucked noisily, I pursed my lips and tweaked at the enlarged buttons, almost in desperation, in tandem with concerted rub at her pussy.

Still nothing, her cunt lips were swollen and it hung open but she remained strangely unmoved. I was worried, I had lavished attention on her pussy and was yet to get any reaction. It felt like I’d been at it or hours.

I sucked, massaged, kneaded and rubbed at her breasts with determined vigour. I gave her all my best moves both there and down below. Her body belied her calm exterior, her cunt juices were flowing freely and her nipples were stretched hard.

I had two fingers fully inside of her, they made liberal squelching noises that echoed around the small room as I pushed them lavishly in and out. Her cunt walls clenched at them with each deep thrust and swish of my hand.

Debbie would have cum by now, I kept thinking — had I lost my touch?

I slid off to kneel before her. I kissed between her breasts and traced a path down the centre of her flat stomach. Down and down my lips went, leaving a damp trail as I followed the sweet scent of her pussy south. Her hands cupped the top of my head and gently urged me homeward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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