Another First Time Story

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I’ve tried to write all kinds of stories. Some from a particular point of view (CFNM). Some from a specific category, (i.e. masturbation). But in every case they have fantasies. Based on a kernal of truth or reality sometimes but always fantasy. This really happened. This has changed my life to the point that I don’t think I will be writing much more. Reality is so much better!

It took some doing but I finally achieved what many believe might be a dubious goal.

I am now a confirmed cock sucker.

Seems simple enough; doesn’t it? I mean; if a guy would like to suck cocks it shouldn’t be all that hard! Trust me; it is!

First there is the problem of finding the right cock! I mean; the right guy to let you suck his cock. It’s not that simple. Especially if you are married; wives in general frown on their husbands being cock suckers.

Second there is the problem of place. If you’re married your own home is risky; very risky if you have children or grand children or even nosy neighbors.

Then there is the problem of scheduling. Your time available might not jibe with that of a guy that is looking for someone to suck his cock. After all there are work and family responsibilities that must take precedence. If everything doesn’t match up it will not come to pass!

Lastly there is fear. Yes, fear! If you look for a willing partner on line you have no idea what his motives are and he yours! Is one of you a nut job? You’re not but want about him? Can you take the chance that he might assault you or that he might inform your wife? Or worse; he might be a drama queen and become a real demanding headache.

It’s not so simple to find a guy who would like to have his cock sucked on a more Cebeci Escort or less regular basis but will be understanding enough to know that you can’t always be there. There has to be some give and take. In the same vein; sometimes you might feel like sucking and he won’t be able to accommodate you. But if there is mutual respect there can be a great relationship.

So how could I get started? Family….no way! Friends or neighbors…out of the question. Co-workers… to embarrassed to broach the subject. Trolling the bar scene, not so much! That leaves the personals; those ads that really leave no room for confusion about what is wanted.

“DWM59, 5’8″, 165#s, 6″cut, can host evenings or weekends, come over and drain my balls.”

Straight forward. Sounded perfect. Too perfect. Married would be better. Same as me. Same problems, same fear of loss if found out. But then, he might not be available when I am. Might as well try; what could happen that already has not happened? They are either cock teasers or alpha nuts or just looking for guys to send them pictures. Every one has fallen through for one reason or another. Why should this one be any different?

It took me four days to respond.

“Any nibbles yet? MWM65, 5’10”, 185#s, soft lips, supple tongue, warm willing mouth.”

I sent that response at 5:38am (I leave for work at 6:15am) At 6:08am I had a response!

“None that worked out. When are you available?

“Holy shit!,” I thought,. “I’ve never had a response that fast! He’s too eager!” My fear was taking over.

“Saturday morning, would 9 to 11 be ok?

There was another quick replay, “I’m an early riser, I’ll be showered Kolej Escort and ready!”

I shot back, “would 8 be better?”

Another quick reply, “8 would be great! My address is…….”

I looked up his address at the county recorders office. He used his real initials, faked his last name! That’s ok, I didn’t use my real name either.

“See you at 8.” It was 6:25 on Wednesday and I had an appointment to suck a guy’s cock on Saturday! I was scared to death, worried sick, really! But, if I didn’t chicken out, and if he doesn’t back out, there was an excellent chance that by 8:05am on the 14th of April, 2012 I would finally become a cock sucker! 72 hours more or less.

I’d like to detail all of the negative thoughts I had during those 72 hours but time won’t allow me to! My wife will be home soon and I want to post this before she returns. It’s Sunday morning and 24 hours have passed since I met “RJ”. I rang his door bell at about 7:59am. He opened the door and said, “Fred?”

“You must be “RJ” I smiled and offered my hand in greeting.

He took it and said, “Please come in.”

“Your picture doesn’t do you justice!” I stated bluntly. (He had e-mailed a picture but he was actually better looking in person.)

“Let’s go up to the bedroom.” He said has he started up the stairs.

I followed.

It was a very nice, well kept home. A nice queen sized bed with a quilted cover. He closed the blinds. “Make yourself comfortable.” (If you’ve read my Mrs. Swanson stories I’ve used that phrase as code for a male to get naked in the presence of females in a CFNM context.) It felt strange to “get naked” with a man who I’d only just met but in Yenimahalle Escort this context it’s showing your new sex partner that you have only good intentions…nothing to hide so to speak so I started to undress. “RJ” spread a blanket over the quilt and striped. He got on the bed wearing just his socks so I left mine on too. He laid back with his cock arcing up towards his belly. He was hard already! I got on the bed with my head near his waist and touched his thigh. I stroked his leg gently and gazed at his throbbing cock. My hand cupped his balls and I rubbed them. He spoke; I don’t really remember what he said! I was too busy getting to know the cock that I was about to suck!

I remember his moaning and saying it felt good. I remember saying “It’s going to get better!”

I took his cock head between my lips and licked the tip. It was velvety! Just like they said! I was a cock sucker! I kissed his length and then sucked on one of his balls. He was moaning and his cock was back in my mouth; deeper this time, maybe half way, I sucked and bobbed up and down. He moaned about how good it felt. I could feel my own cock throbbing but this wasn’t about me; this was about sucking “RJ’s” cock. This was about fulfilling my dream!

I don’t know why it felt so right but it did! I’ve never felt so totally at ease as I did with this man’s cock in my mouth. When I got on my knees between his legs and took his entire length down to his balls I regretted waiting so long. He started to thrust…short strokes at first but then longer. He was fucking me! I was still sucking but now my mouth was his cunt! He tried to slow down but it was too late he was over the top he let loose with spurt after spurt of warm, sweet, salty cum. It was all mine! It was so good! I’ve never been able to eat my own cum but this was different; this was how it should be!

His cock softened. I let it fall from my lips and stood up cock jutting lewdly before me and got dressed. I was a cock sucking cum slut.

As I left I said, “I’ll email you.”

“Please do.” He smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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