At the Villa Ch. 24

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Aphro and Victoria Returned for a Second Helpin

There were not so many people in the arrivals hall waiting for their relatives or their friends. Within minutes of arriving, Sam noticed Aphrodite walking toward him, her eyes shining as she scanned Sam’s from half way through his body upwards, until she aligned them, straight with his eyes. That elegant smile on his lips made a whole lot of difference. Aphro’s body immediately tingled. Her lips opened slowly while with her tongue, teasingly, she licked the upper lip from the right side while she slowly moved it slowly to the other left side.

Sam’s prick jumped in his pants as her lips came closer to his, her perfume was too whorish, in a way. It was too strong for a polite lady; but maybe she wanted to influence, or better, maybe she wanted Sam to know that she was already too hot for what she came for. She gave him a light kiss on his lips as their faces got too close to each other, before she retreated backwards. People around were curious. Most people knew Sam and although he was respected by everybody, there were those who despised him. Some did so, because they were jealous; there were those who tried to enter into his bed, but Sam declined to satisfy their internal wishes. He always tried to keep his distance from the local women. Then there were even those who offered their hand for marriage; but Sam kept to his word. He was not sure if it was good for him.

Behind Aphro, there was Victoria calmly waiting her turn to hug Sam and thank him for accepting their intrusion, and spend a few days of relaxation before they go back to their lecture halls. With a quick look in her eyes he took her in his arms, hugged her and gave her a couple of kisses on her cheeks. He tried to be careful how far he will extend his intimacy. The prying eyes of the locals were always there, especially this was such a small island were nearly everybody knew each other. The news always goes around quicker than if it was transmitted by radio, television or the local paper.

Sam never cared what the people may have said, behind his back. Where ever he went around the island he was always felt welcome and respected, therefore he never cared what the people have said. Still with Victoria in his arms he noticed another young lady standing there, about a meter away behind Aphrodite. Her eyes focused on Sam’s face, looked enticingly. He gave her a second look as he focused his eyes on her’s. Her body trembled as much as there was also some tingling between her legs. She also felt some liquids cascading along the inside of her thighs.

‘Sorry Sam; meet my younger sister, Andrulla.’ Victoria introduced her younger sister, who was standing there like a statue, her eyes never left what was happing infront of her.

Sam moved closer and as he hugged her he said. ‘I’m very honoured to welcome you to Sam’s villa, and the rest of this beautiful island.’

‘Thanks and I must be also honoured that you accepted me as one of the clan.’ She teased as she jammed her crotch against Sam’s leg. Sam knew what she was after as soon as he felt her moving her pelvis up and down jamming it against his leg, but not enough that the people around did notice. ‘Sam I don’t think I can wait much more. I want to taste and enjoy the pleasure of what such a masterpiece can provide. This will be my first taste of the real thing.’ She whispered in his ear.

Sam’s hard cock jumped again in his pants as she pressed her pussy harder against his manhood, which instantly had become like a piece of hard steel. Their eyes were still focused on each other. The fire was burning stronger and stronger within their bodies as they were pressing their sexual parts against each other’s, while their pressure was increasing by the seconds. Sam with that hard cock pressing against her furnace of love; he felt embarrassed a she pushed her tongue outwards between her lips; moved it from the right to the left of her mouth scraping her upper lip, and quickly it was followed by a quick kiss on his lips.

‘I think we better move to proper and discreet surroundings where I am sure we will be safer and less embarrassed.’ Sam said as he was feeling that such actions were improper, as they were not happening in the right place with some people were actually watching to find out more about what was happening around him; not that he ever bothered although he did not want to please them. Rumours always flow quicker through the grape vine.

It did not take them long to be within the walls of his property with those high arable walls surrounding it.

Padme was there welcoming back her friends with whom she had enjoyed so many great moments, when they were there nearly three months earlier. There was the hugging, the kissing and the excitement of what was expected to happen during the next few days, even though everybody knew why the reunion happened again. Both Aphro and Victoria came back to satisfy their sexual tension and relax.

Within minutes both Aphro and Victoria Gaziantep Fetiş Escort started to shed their clothes. Andrulla was in Padme’s arms, getting acquainted even though she knew enough about her and the pleasures she can give. She even heard a lot about the way she massaged the human body.

Andrulla wanted everything to happen at the same time. She was anxious to enjoy and experience the real pleasures of the flesh. She had heard a few things from her sister, but she was hungry to try and enjoy the real things. Victoria had recounted a few of her best experiences with Sam about the way he took her cherry. Finally she promised her sister to try and organise a trip or a meeting; which finally it actually materialized.

By the time Aphro and Victoria were completely naked, Sam had put his left hand around Andrulla’s shoulder and together they walked away until they were behind the door of his waiting bed.

Sam looked into her eyes, hugged her against his body and whispered into her ear; ‘Did you like what you feel.’

‘I could not wait any longer, Sam. I had heard enough.’ Andrulla answered so anxiously waiting to experience in practice those sexual hot dreams. Before she goes to sleep nearly every night she dreams about nothing else except Sam and his hard cock. Since her sister promised to take her on a hot sexy holiday she even masturbated before she sleeps as she fantasize about what she expects when his hard cock enters and break inside her virgin pussy.

‘Just relax. It’s very important to do so if you really want to enjoy the real pleasures, of the first time.’ Sam moved his legs slightly backwards while she pushed the zipper downwards. ‘Put your hand inside my pants and search for what you had been dreaming about, these last months?’ Sam ordered.

Andrulla’s hand was inside, before Sam had even said the words. She was shocked at Sam’s declaration. “How does he know?” She thought as she grabbed his hard cock into her hand and brought it out through the slit in his briefs.

‘It feels so damn big Sam… Do you think it will fit into my little virgin pussy?’ She asked rather concerned.

‘If you decide to go all the way, you will soon find out.’ Sam answered.

She knelt infront of him while he was taking off the rest of his clothes. She moved her hand back and forth watching the purple head disappearing and appearing with very move as small amounts of creamy liquid were flowing from the little oval slit. Her tongue appeared and with one slow move of her tongue against the opening, she tasted the flowing pre-cum for the first time.

It was Sam’s turn. He took the rest of his clothes off, then, he sat on a chair relaxing, while he watched Andrulla stripping teasingly, taking her clothes off piece after piece at her own leisure. When she was ready and totally naked she made a slow turn to show Sam, her sexy body. Sam stood up and moved about a meter away and instructed Andrulla what he liked her to do.

First he looked into those beautiful black eyes. Her hair was hanging half way down her back. She looked so sexy with those rather small breasts and hard nipples, with a rather a shade of dark coloured around her aureoles. Her body was small not more than a 32 -22-30. She had no fat on her legs with quite a gap between her upper thighs.

Between those beautiful smooth shaped thighs there were two rather swollen lips pressed together, with the slit protruding in between; rather excellently exposed. Sam moved around her, watching every detail of her naked body; something he had done over and over in Thessaloniki; when a lady decided to try her luck.

He stopped precisely behind her before he moved closer to her body. ‘Bend forward and touch your toes.’ Sam ordered as he watched her light body bending forward with his eyes focused on her ass, as it came into perfect view. ‘It’s perfect; just spot on. Now open your legs.’

He did precisely as she was ordered. Sam knelt behind her immersed in her beauty as he watched that view when Andrulla was slowly and carefully opening her legs, so slowly to let Sam enjoy the view as her pouty lips started to separate. A finger passed, just along her slit collecting the juices, which he smelled and then tasted.

‘Emmmm… when did you last changed your panties?’ Sam curiously asked while he was lifting her panties from the floor where she had dumped them. ‘Emmmm the smell is exquisite and so the still fresh liquid with which they were so well soaked… the smell of a hot dirty sexy lady is exquisitely very strong. The smell is rather intoxicating and I’m sure, that so is you dirty pussy. When was the last time you had your pussy eaten by a male.’

‘I hope the first time will be within the next few minutes.’ Andrulla answered.

Sam moved a finger within the folds, moving it backwards and forwards even giving a rub to her clitoris. He also, attentively gave a little touch to her vaginal opening. The heat within her body was multiplying fast. Sam put his mouth against her pussy, gave her a long lick between her swollen lips and as he hit her little nub he started to feast on it. She cried and shouted as the first orgasm took over her. Suddenly she fell on her knees with her ass still in the air and her vaginal valley was more than exposed. His tongue moved from her clit up to her ass hole, were Sam stuck it against her rosebud.

He kept his tongue very busy until she exploded again and again. He turned her over on her back, got on top of her body in a sixty nine position and from the inside of her knees, he opened her legs as wide as he could. The flowing juices were evident of the multiple orgasms while her body was still trembling. His mouth immediately stuck against her shaved pussy, while his tongue started to collect as much juice as it could get, while moving all along her slit from her clit to her vaginal entrance.

Multiple orgasms were taking place. They had not yet stopped. She did not even care about his hanging cock over her mouth. He continued sucking her pussy with his tongue, while giving a lot of attention to her clitories. The palm of his finger never stopped moving along her super wet valley, from below her clit up to her asshole, while every now and then checking on how tight her vaginal entrance was. Slowly it crawled close enough that the tip started to stretch the opening.

Andrulla did not even feel it as she was still lost in the heavens, while Sam’s finger had found that her hymen was still intact. He continued to move his finger around before he pulled it away from her most valuable organ. Very slowly and carefully he moved it a little further downwards, until as wet as it was, he pressed it against her rosebud. Sam pressed and in his finger entered until he pushed it all the way deep inside her asshole.

Andrulla still lost in her glorious heavens did not even notice what had happened. A few times he moved it back and forth before he pulled it off from within her anal tube. Being so satisfied he moved his tongue away, turned around and rested himself on his left side watching her, coming back to her normal world.

‘What happened, Sam? Where had I been? Did you fuck me?’ Too many questions were asked. He pulled her body against his body and kissed her on her lips. ‘You smell worst than my cunt.’ She stated.

‘Who said I didn’t? I had my mouth stuck to you pussy, sucking your intoxicating smelly liquids.’ Sam answered.

‘Fuck you Sam; where is your cock? Aaaahhh… what did you put in my ass you bastard?’ She cried.

Sam did not answer, but instead he put his still dirty finger against her nose. She insulted him back. As her body was resting on her right side, Sam pulled her to him and turned her over on her stomach. Then he turned around, straddled her and pushed his finger back into her ass. With his finger he fucked her a few times and then he pulled a KY tube from a bedside drawer. After he pressed the tube and squeezed out a good blob, he continued to finger fucking her, trying to stretch her ass hole, as much as he could.

‘Please Sam; don’t fuck me in my ass. I don’t think I’m ready for that, at least not yet.’ She cried.

Sam had other ideas. He pushed her legs wide apart while she tried to resist his intrusion. Sam with his knees settled between her legs, he lowered himself and guided the head against her rosebud.

Andrulla feeling the head pressing against her ass hole tried to shake her body to try and escape, but Sam held her tight from underneath her arms. She could not move, and soon she felt the head of his hard cock stretching her anal opening. She cried no way, no way; but Sam pressed forwards and soon, even against her will and the pain, he continued pushing it into her anus; that thick purple bulbous head. Slowly it continued to penetrate deeper until it was about half way within.

Sam held it just beyond the half way until she did not shout any more. The pain had eased and Sam started to fuck her slowly. He pushed more of his truncheon inside her body and the pain started to turn into pleasure by which time he pushed his cock deeper into her anus. He fucked her slowly for the next fifteen twenty minutes making her cum a few times before he pulled it out of her stretched wide open anal entrance. It was so wide open, red coloured that it was like volcanic crater, after a huge eruption with the flowing red lava.

After that, they relaxed. When they were preparing to get into the shower Andrulla wanted to suck Sam’s still hard cock. She said that it was also a first time for her, to suck a hard cock. She also complimented Sam of how big and beautiful his cock was.

‘When are you going to take my cherry?’ She asked.

‘Have you enjoyed yourself?’ Sam asked back.

‘You are fantastic Sam. I never enjoyed such levels of strong orgasms… But my ass; I was not expecting that you will take such an advantage on me. Was it planned?’ She asked.

‘Definitely not! It just was a moment’s decision. Under the circumstances, I still believe it was the right decision.’

‘I’m not going to ask why; but you had been fingering my ass for how long, I don’t know. Not so sure, but at some point, when I felt I was coming back I felt something moving there. Unfortunately I had passed out again into somewhere so beautiful… it was indescribable.’ She described her new orgasmic experiences.

‘It’s time to get into the shower as the others are waiting.’ Sam said as he walked towards the shower. Within minutes they had showered, dried themselves and walked towards the pool where all the other action was taking place.

Padme was ready with the dishes she had prepared. Victoria and Aphro were under the shower getting themselves ready, after they went through some hot sex which included Padme. She gave them both a pussy massage which naturally sent both ladies into the heavens. Not only that they sucked each other’s bodies but they also spent some time swimming.

It was time to eat, so everybody was sitting round the table recounting what happened since their arrival at the villa. Victoria tried to squeeze her sister for more of the saucy information, of what Sam had done to her. She wanted to know if it hurt, when he took her virginity, but she could not believe why he fucked her sister’s ass instead of her pussy.

No answers came, but Sam who was attentively watching and hearing the girlie talking until Aphro asked, who is next in line for the evening sessions, or better who is going to sleep with who.

As at that moment when Padme was about to start serving the desert, Sam asked Aphro to lay on her back with Victoria on top in a sixtynine position.

‘Emmmm… that’s perfect.’ Sam said as he got on his knees and examined Victoria’s behind. Those vaginal lips with liquid flowing out while Aphro’s mouth was already licking and lapping at her juices, made Sam’s already hard cock harder and harder.

Sam watched closely enough that with his tongue he was licking Victoria’s ass hole, moving his tongue around her rosebud. She cried and moaned a few times, before she lowered her mouth back between Aphro’s legs and continued lapping at her juices.

Sam’s next move was; he took his hard dick in his hand, moved forward on his knees and pressed the head against Victoria’s pussy. He pushed it in slowly, slowly until he jammed it against her womb. Then he started to fuck her, first slowly then faster and as soon as her body became nothing more than a wild fire, he continued to fuck her aggressively while her body was over taken by one orgasm dissolving into another.

Victoria had stopped sucking Aphro but not the other way round. Even though she begged both Sam and Aphro to stop, but none of them did so. The action continued for more than another fifteen minutes or so, when Sam decided he had to pull out before he can fill her with a load of cream.

Half an hour or so later Sam was ready. Andrulla was underneath sucking on Aphro’s pussy while Sam was banging Aphro from behind. Aphro took as much banging as Victoria had enjoyed. But she was not just looking. She was on top of Padme who both of them, were enjoying some lesbian love making. They were playing and sucking on each other pussies, enjoying the taste of the flowing liquids, not to mentions the pleasures they were bestowing on each other.

The activity was hot enough that the four ladies were all actively involved in the pleasures of their own flesh. Sam was about to explode. He pulled his P.C. muscle a couple times to prolong the pleasures, everybody was enjoying. But it was time that Sam could not hold longer. The first flush went straight deep inside Aphro’s vagina with the rest into Andrulla’s mouth, which she rolled around her tongue like if it was a glass of top quality wine.

It was time to sleep with the clock reading about 1.5 hours after midnight. Andrulla went with Padme to her room where they had indulged further into making love, woman to woman. Aphro and Victoria accompanied Sam to his bed, where immediately they started teasing him, again. Lowering her pussy over Sam’s mouth Aphro immediately felt his tongue penetrating into her vaginal entrance while Victoria took Sam’s already half hard mast into her mouth.

As quick as one may think, Sam’s hard cock was within the walls of Victoria’s pussy while the two ladies settled on their knees were hugging and kissing each other. That was not enough but they were also squeezing each other’s hard nipples. Victoria’s body was moving up and down while Aphro was quit enjoying Sam’s sharp tongue massing the inside of her vagina. His tongue was hitting other parts like within her swollen lips and not to forget her clit. With a couple of his fingers he was even rubbing Victoria’s little knob.

At last Sam was in heaven. The two beautiful women were moaning and trembling while the three of them were pleasuring each other in many ways at the same time. The blood was flowing through their veins and they were totally lost in one orgasm after another with Sam was about to become uncontrollable. He shot his last load of the night into Victoria’s womb.

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