Backyard Pool Ch. 11

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All characters are 18 years or older



Anne lay in her bed, uncomfortably tossing and turning as images from that afternoon continued to involuntarily invade her mind, despite her efforts to push them away. Fired by those images, her loins were aflame with a level of sexual desire that she hadn’t felt for years. As her fingers caressed the moist tissues of her vulva, she saw in her mind’s eye, from her vantage point in the shadows, the image of her naked daughter, kneeling between the two boys, one of them her own brother, an erect penis in each of her hands. Anne groaned as she pressed her fingertip to her hooded clitoris and her butt squirmed against the bed.

The scene, from her vantage point in the shadows, changed and Anne now saw her daughter straddling the unknown boy’s head as he lay on the top step, her crotch pressed to his mouth. The other girl was at their side with her son pressed against her upturned butt while she leaned forward, fellating the other boy’s erect penis.

Her vantage point shifted and Anne was now standing right in front of the group of teens, looking down at the unknown boy’s face, his mouth just inches from her daughter’s vagina. Behind her daughter, she could see the other girl, hunched over that boy’s loins, his penis in her mouth. Anne gasped and thrust her finger deep into her hot, dripping joy-hole as, in her mind, the unknown girl dropped to her knees as she saw Anne standing there, allowing her son’s massive erection to pull out of her vagina, springing stiffly upward, glistening in the sun with the girl’s juices.

“Ooooooh…ooooh…ooooooh…” Anne groaned, her finger furiously thrusting in and out of her burning cunt as she pictured her son’s erect penis, proudly standing there, quivering stiffly, in full view of his own mother.

“Shit!” Anne spat out, sitting up in frustration as her fingers were unable to assuage the passions burning in her loins. She slipped off the bed and paced back and forth like a caged lioness in heat.

Despite the fact that, over the last few years, her sex life with her husband had grown stale and fallen off to almost nothing, she found herself actually wishing now that her husband were there to help her out. Unfortunately, however, he had just left on a business trip and wouldn’t be home for several days. She was left, she realized in disgust, with only the unsatisfactory solace of her own hands.

Her loins aching with an unaccustomed lust that she couldn’t relieve, Anne slipped on a sheer nightie and went out to get a drink of water, hoping to clear her fevered imagination. She groaned softly as she felt the moist lips of her hot cunt rubbing against each other, dampening the silky fabric of her panties as she walked.

Returning from the kitchen, Anne passed by her son’s room and heard some strange sounds from behind the closed door. She put her hand on the knob and pushed it open.

“Ohmygod!” Anne gasped as she took in the scene before her. Illuminated by the bedside lamp, she saw her son and daughter on the bed, both naked. Ron was lying on his back while Amy was on her knees, astride his head, his face between her thighs. She was hunched over his loins, his penis deep inside her mouth.

Amy turned her eyes toward the door at Anne’s exclamation and they opened wide in surprise at the sight of her mother standing there. She slowly raised her head, withdrawing her brother’s penis from between her lips. Ron, his head buried between his sister’s thighs, evidently hadn’t heard anything. He groaned and thrust his, now untouched, penis up and down expectantly.

Amy stared at her mother, waiting for an eruption, but Anne just stood there her eyes locked on her son’s upward thrusting erection. As she stared at the boy’s erect penis, Anne became acutely aware of the passions burning in her loins, already aroused by her remembrance of that very organ as she had seen it earlier that day.

Anne took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. She advanced and sat down on the bed.

Amy raised her leg and sat on the bed with her brother’s body between them, crossing her legs.

As his sister’s thigh cleared his head, Ron saw his mother sitting there beside them. “Uh-ohhh…” he murmured softly.

Anne just gazed down at her son for a moment, then smiled crookedly and shook her head slowly. Her eyes returned to his stiffly up-thrust prick once again.

Ron watched his mother’s face as she intently studied his erect penis. He groaned softly and clenched his ass, thrusting his hard-on upward as a thrill of excitement shot through his loins.

“Well, guess we should discuss things,” Anne said. “It appears that you two are into more than just a little skinny-dipping in the pool with your friends. How long has this…” Anne waved her hand sweepingly, “been going on?” she asked”

“Oh, not long, mom,” Amy answered. “I was supposed to go shopping with Nicole a few days ago, but her mom asked Kıbrıs Escort her to help out with something, so I came back home to get in some pool time. I put on my bikini and went to step out on the patio when I saw Ronnie floating around out there on an air mattress, completely naked!”

“Apparently, he does that a lot,” Anne commented, her eyes scanning her son’s naked body, noting his deep, all-over tan.

“Yeah,” Amy chuckled.

“Every chance I get since I was a kid,” Ron confirmed.

“Anyway, I just stood there, wondering what I should do, when I saw Ronnie’s penis slowly rise up and point straight up at the sky. Being an innocent young virgin, I’d never seen one before, so I was rather shocked…but I was intrigued, as well.

“I was too far away, though, and inside the house, so I couldn’t really see it as well as I wanted to. I quietly slipped outside and stood at the edge of the pool looking down at him as he appeared to doze in the sun while the air mattress slowly rotated in the current, giving me an all-around view of his penis.”

“You didn’t know she was there?” Anne asked, looking at Ron.

“No, I was busy fantasizing, so I don’t know how long she was watching me,” Ron said. “But I eventually opened my eyes and saw her standing there. At first I thought she was just part of my fantasy, but then I realized it was Amy and I instantly rolled off into the water. I knew it was too late, though, she had already seen me.”

“Seeing Ronnie’s dick standing up there in the bright sun made me feel all funny deep down inside,” Amy said, rubbing her hand across her smooth, flat belly and combing her fingers through the soft blond curls of her love nest, “like I had never felt before.” She smiled as she watched her mother stare at her son’s upthrust erection and saw her butt squirm against the bed.

“I was disappointed when Ronnie dropped into the pool and hid himself behind the air mattress, because I really wanted to look at his dick some more. I stepped down into the pool and walked over to him, but Ronnie kept the air mattress between us. I knew I had him trapped, though. I said he might as well just let me see it again, since I wasn’t going to leave, and if he got out of the pool before me, I would see it again anyway.

“Ronnie saw the logic of my argument and he gave up pretty easily. He climbed back up on the raft again, but I was disappointed to see that his dick wasn’t standing up anymore. I was still interested and all…and I took a good look at it, but it just didn’t stir up those delicious feelings down here,” Amy gently patted her love nest, “like it did when I looked at it standing up, all stiff and hard…like it is now!

“I asked Ronnie why it wasn’t hard anymore, and he said it wasn’t being ‘stimulated’ anymore. I asked him what was stimulating it minute ago, and he told me he had been fantasizing about the girls he knew in school, imagining them, naked. I suggested that he do that some more, but he said that that would be very difficult to do, with me standing there, watching him. That made sense to me.

Then I had an idea. I thought I’d let him see the real thing! I took my bikini top off and showed him my boobs. That sure did the trick! Ronnie’s dick popped right back up again.”

Amy heard her mother groan softly and saw her squirm again.

“You do have lovely breasts, sweetheart,” Anne murmured, gazing at her daughter.

Amy smiled proudly and arched her back, thrusting her breasts upward. She cupped her hands around the undersides of her firm little titties, tweaking her erect nipples between her fingertips.

“She sure does!” Ron agreed. “Since I was a virgin, too, I’d never seen real, live tits before, and seeing Amy’s got me hard, real fast!”

Anne chuckled and looked back down at her son’s erection. She heard the boy groan and saw his penis twitch and quiver stiffly.

“I just stood there staring at Ronnie’s dick while he stared at my boobies,” Amy said. “After a while, he was groaning and squirming and his dick was twitching just like it is now. As I looked at it, I felt like I had swallowed a batch live butterflies and they were all fluttering around, deep inside my tummy.

“Then Ronnie raised his hand and wrapped it loosely around his dick and gently slid it up and down a few times. He sighed in relief and dropped his hand away. I asked him if it felt good when he did that and he said it sure did. He told me that when his dick was hard like that, it just had to be touched from time to time.

“I just stared at Ronnie’s dick for a while, the butterflies furiously flying around inside my stomach. Then I asked Ronnie how it felt if someone else touched it for him. He said he didn’t know, nobody had ever touched it before, except himself. So I raised my hand and touched my fingertip to the side of his dick.”

Amy reached out and touched the tip of her finger to the side of her brother’s quivering hard-on in demonstration. She slowly stroked it up and Lefkoşa Escort down the sides of his shaft, then up and all around the engorged knob at its tip. After a few moments, she gently wrapped her hand around the boy’s organ and slowly stroked it up and down. Ron groaned and thrust his butt upward.

Amy watched her mother while she gently caressed her brother’s penis. She heard the woman groan softly and saw her butt squirm as her mother stared at her daughter’s tiny fist, gliding smoothly up and down, barely touching the taut-stretched skin covering her son’s turgid shaft.

“I was thrilled by the feel of Ronnie’s dick in my hand! The butterflies in my stomach seemed to explode and my hand clamped tightly around Ronnie’s big, hard dick. I didn’t know what happened because I’d never felt anything like that before. Ronnie later told me that he thought that I had had an orgasm and that I must be really hot to be able to come like that without even being touched.”

Amy continued to gently stroke her brother’s cock as she talked. She smiled as she saw her mother squirm again as she stared at her brother’s penis.

“After I finished coming, I resumed stoking Ronnie’s dick, amazed by how hot and solid it felt in my hand, but how soft and smooth the skin was on the outside of it. After a little while, Ronnie grunted and I felt his dick jerk in my hand. It began squirting big globs of thick, white, slimy cum into air.”

Amy heard her mother gasp and saw her body quiver and she smiled with delight. “Intellectually, I guess I knew that that was supposed to happen, but actually seeing it for the first time came as quite a shock to me. It was such a thrill that, as Ronnie’s hot cum rained down on my hands, I came again, myself.”

Amy released her brother’s penis and allowed her mother to once again look at it unencumbered. “What do you think of Ronnie’s dick, mom?”

“Uhhhhh…” Anne groaned softly her eyes fixed on her son’s upthrust organ. “It’s quite impressive…”

Anne looked up at her daughter and smiled crookedly. “The last time I saw it, Ronnie was still a little boy and it was just a little nub, with a round, purple knob on the end. I never really thought about it since then. I never imagined that it could have been transformed into such a magnificent organ!”

“As you know,” Anne said, “your father and I were high-school sweethearts and we got married shortly after graduation. Until this afternoon, by the pool, I had never seen adult man’s erect penis, except for your father’s. I’m finding the experience to be…disturbingly stimulating.”

Amy smiled as she saw her mother’s hands stray down to her lap, touching herself through the sheer, translucent material of her panties and nightgown.

“Take it off, mom,” she suggested.

Anne started, jerking her hand away from her crotch. “Wha…what?” she gasped.

Amy smiled and leaned back, stretching languorously. She caressed the soft, smooth flesh of her inner thighs and stroked her fingertip up and down along the crevice between her puffy, outer labia. “Go ahead, mom…take it off and get comfortable with us.”

“Oh, no, I…I…” Anne blustered nervously. “You beautiful young people wouldn’t want to see my saggy, old body…”

Amy laughed. “You’re certainly not old, and I doubt that you’re ‘saggy’ either!”

Amy slipped off the bed and went around to the other side, behind her mother. She grasped the bottom edge of Anne’s nightie and raised it upward. Ron sat up, crossing his legs, and watched his sister slowly reveal his mother’s sleek, toned torso, then her lovely naked breasts.

“Ohmygod…” Ron gasped, “they’re beautiful…” Anne’s breasts, though fuller than Amy’s teenage titties, were still only a B-cup and stood proudly, high on her chest with no sign of sag. Her nipples were taut and erect.

Amy slipped her hands under her mother’s buttocks and urged her to her knees. She grasped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her shapely thighs, then over her knees and off.

Amy returned to her side of the bed and sat cross-legged next to her brother.

Anne just stood there on her knees before her two kids, conflicting feelings of embarrassment and excitement battling within her as the two younger people gazed upon her now naked body.

“You look incredible, mom!” Amy said.

“Yeah, I didn’t realize I had such a smokin’ hot mom!” Ron said, lightly stroking his fingertips up and down the sides of his erect penis as it pointed stiffly upward from his lap at the apex of his crossed legs.

Her heart pounding with excitement, Anne looked back and forth between her two naked kids, knowing that they were looking back at her. She felt her juices trickling between her labia and down her inner thighs. Feeling the weight of her son’s eyes on the furry patch of blond curls at the juncture of her legs, she was unable to move for fear of opening up her crotch even further to his view.

Finally, Anne realized how silly that was, Girne Escort being reluctant to open up her crotch to them while here she was, gazing at her daughter, sitting there, cross-legged before her, her naked little pussy fully visible, while her son sat next her, his erect penis on full display. She took a deep breath and shook her head, smiling crookedly. She raised one knee, then sat back on her butt, crossing her ankles before her like the kids were in front of her.

Abandoning her reserve, Anne leaned back on her hands, arching her slender body and thrusting her breasts upward. A thrill of excitement shot through her already aroused loins as she saw her kids stare at her now wide-open vagina.

The outer lips of their mother’s vulva were pulled back by her wide-spread thighs, fully exposing her pink, inner folds. The blond curls of her love nest extended down both sides of her vulva between her thighs and her outer lips. Her exposed inner labia glistened with moisture and, due to the state of her arousal, the bright pink head of her erect clitoris clearly peeked from beneath the covering of its hood.

“Oooooooh…your pussy is beautiful, mom,” Amy said. She looked down at her own crotch and caressed her smooth outer cunt-lips. Just a hint of her moist, pink, inner labia were visible through the crevice between them. “I wish mine opened up like yours.”

“It probably will someday, honey,” Anne reassured her, “after it’s had some use…and maybe a baby or two.”

Staring at his mother’s open vagina, Ron murmured softly, “Wow…mom, you’re so wet!”

“Yeah, I know,” Anne said, her butt squirming, both thrilled and discomfited by the knowledge that her own son was looking at her open vagina and seeing the evidence of her arousal. “I…I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on,” she admitted. “Sex with your father has been pretty sketchy for a long time now. It wasn’t anybody’s fault…I think we both just kind of lost the spark after so many years.”

With her eyes trained on her son’s erect penis, she said, “Seeing you kids having fun in the pool today really got me started…but then, sitting here, just looking at Ronnie’s lovely hard-on…ooooooh…” A shiver visibly ran through her body.

Ron growled softly and clenched his ass, thrusting his prick upward in response to his mother’s compliment.

Anne looked down at her own crotch, then ran her fingertip up through her moist furrow. She held it up, glistening wetly. “I wouldn’t have believed that I could still get this excited,” she guiltily admitted, unable to deny the evidence of her arousal.

“It feels good, though, doesn’t it, mom?” Amy gushed. “Ronnie taught me how nice it feels to just get more and more excited, sexually, without coming. I’m not very good at it yet, though…I just come too easily, but Ronnie’s really good at it!”

Anne looked startled. “Ronnie taught you? I thought you were both virgins…”

“Oh, we were, but Ronnie is a real sex expert…he’s taught me so much!” Amy exclaimed. She reached out again and lightly grasped her brother’s upthrust erection. “When he puts his mind to it, he can stay nice and hard like this for the longest time. I just love seeing his dick come right up to the edge, then back off, again and again.”

Anne’s butt wriggled and she moaned softly as she watched her daughter gently stroke her brother’s erection. “Uhhh…what makes you a ‘sex expert’, Ronnie?” she asked.

Leaning back on his elbows, Ron watched his mother stare at his upthrust penis while his sister’s dainty little hand tenderly caressed his thick, hard shaft. “Ahhhhhh…” he groaned softly, smiling with delight.

“It was all just ‘book-learning’, mom,” Ron said. “Nothing ‘hands-on’ (except for myself of course) until a just a few days ago.” He smiled and chuckled at his pun.

“I got interested in the subject back when I was still just a little kid and I’ve been kind of ‘studying’ it ever since. “Believe it or not, mom,” he smirked, “my interest was first piqued by reading the Bible.”

He smiled at the look of confusion that came over his mother’s face.

“Yeah, when I was about seven or eight, you sent us to stay with grandma for a few weeks over the summer. I found this beat-up old Bible she had. It was huge, and it had lots of fancy, old-timey illustrations in it. It caught my interest right away when I saw that the very first picture showed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, naked, with fig leaves covering their genitals. I had never seen a picture of a naked woman before and I was fascinated.

“I started reading and found out that Adam and Eve were running around in the Garden of Eden, naked, and having a good old time with each other. It sounded pretty good to me and I got one of the first hard-ons I can ever remember having as I thought about that. Later on, they somehow displeased God and he tossed them out of the garden, so they went out and commenced to populate the world with humans. I probably didn’t understand a lot of the words, but I understood enough to know that if they populated the world, starting with just the two of them, that meant that their sons and daughters had to be screwing around with each other, since there wasn’t anyone else for them to do it with. I really found that idea to be…uhhh…stimulating.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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