Bad Dolly

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My best friend Amber Wells and I had been friends for about six years. She had been the new girl and I loved her to pieces immediately. We did almost everything together, and I could be myself around her all the time. We were now both in our last year of school, just turned eighteen (our birthdays only a month apart). I’d lived at her house just as much as I had my own over the last six years, but I’d only seen her father a handful of times, as he worked out of state. Amber’s mother, Magda, was like a second mother to me, and I loved her just as much. I thought that she would be happier without a husband who was never around, but she exuded cheeriness 24/7, so it can’t have been that bad for her.

‘So, are you excited about graduating, Dolly?’ Magda asked while making us quesadillas.

‘I guess. I think I’ll miss the way things are now, though.’ I replied.

‘Is dad going to be here for graduation?’ Amber piped up grumpily, flashing her mum a sarcastic look.

‘Well, it just so happens that he’s coming down for the weekend, so you can ask him then.’ Amber’s face lit up and she began jumping around the room like a dork. I laughed along with them, though it was more for their joy than his coming home. Amber dragged me off my stool and we danced like idiots, until Magda yelled out that lunch was ready.

I had to admit, Mr. Wells’ all consuming job paid off. They had a huge villa with a deep pool, tennis court and even a nice little labyrinth you could stroll through. Inside they had a Jacuzzi, sauna, huge games room and soundproof music room. The house was so immaculate all the time (cleaned by a maid every second day), that at first I’d been afraid to eat or sleep there. After a while of transferring ourselves from my house to hers so often, though my meager residence paled in comparison, I warmed up to it.

When Mr. Wells did come back home, I always felt obliged to stay at my own home and let the Wells be a family, but they insisted I stay whenever I could. I was always nervous around him; to me he was a stranger staying in a house I practically lived in. But of course that was nonsense and he probably thought I was the imposter.

Whenever we found ourselves alone in the living room or dining room, we cleared our throats, searching desperately for something to break the ice, but it never happened. I’d always get so uncomfortable I’d leave the room looking for Amber.

Luckily for me, I was prepared this time. I’d learned a little more about him and my maturity had taught me that conversation comes freely if you just relax. I had manisa escort grown up a lot throughout mine and Amber’s friendship and I hoped he’d see that, and not think of me as a silly child.

I could always see the resemblance of him in Amber, his thick dark hair, his deep brown eyes and full lips. Aside from his great genes, he worked out and it showed. I’d only seen him in the pool once, fleetingly and I was very impressed, though back then it wasn’t anything to be worried about. I was still a pimply, nerdy girl who loved boy bands and glitter temp tattoos.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

That weekend I planned to stay home, to keep out of their way, but as per usual they waved off the thought that I was anything but family and almost forced me to stay. I think I only agreed because Magda’s cooking improved tenfold when Mr. Wells came home.

We all sat around the dinner table and ate while Amber and Magda made jovial conversation. In their excitement they practically forgot Mr. Wells and I were at the table, which was fortunate, considering he couldn’t unglue his gaze from me. I awkwardly played with my food and glanced over to see if I’d accidentally made eye contact, but no, there he was again, staring into my eyes or at my matured body.

I felt my face grow hot. I couldn’t believe the audacity of this man! His doting wife and daughter were sitting there, raving about how happy they were that he was home and all he could do was devour me with his eyes. I decided to myself not to make anything of it, he was probably just horny from being away from Magda for so long and needed a good lay from her. I calmed down and ate the rest of my dinner, ignoring him.

That night he and Magda went to bed early and Amber and I cringed at each other. ‘Ooold people seeex’ I teased,

‘Ew, shut up! That’s my parents!’ she shoved me over the side of my bean bag and I laughed.

‘So what did he say about graduation?’ I asked, once I got back up.

‘He was actually really enthusiastic about it, said he’d be there with bells on.’

‘Could you imagine how embarrassed you’d be?’ We both burst into laughter again.

It was 10pm when we changed into our summer PJs and headed for bed. I knew Amber could fall asleep in a heartbeat, but my mind always resisted rest for as long as possible. Tonight I was still tossing and turning by 1am, so I got up, frustrated, and went downstairs to the kitchen where some leftovers were sure to be in the fridge.

I opened the fridge door and pulled out a bowl of roast pork, kütahya escort when I suddenly felt like I wasn’t alone. I carefully placed the bowl on the bench and closed the door, my sight temporarily impaired by the fridges light. ‘Hello?’ I whispered into the darkness. Then I saw his silhouette and shuddered. I was only wearing a singlet and boyshorts and the cool air had stiffened my braless nipples. I stepped back from his direction, a little startled. ‘Mr. Wells?’ I whispered to him. He said nothing and didn’t move. I was frightened and excited at the same time. I tried not to think of what he wanted, but at the same time I remembered his eyes across the table, watching me carefully, intently, wanting me.

‘I-I’m sorry, I know I should be in bed.. I couldn’t sleep..’ I stuttered pathetically. He intimidated me and I felt powerless near him. The feeling of him watching me without saying a word created an ache inside me I should have never felt about my best friend’s father. He was at least in his forties and I was an 18 year old virgin. Not only that but he was married to a woman I loved just as much as my own mother.

Conflicting feelings stirred in my chest, but a warm feeling in my pelvis and told me to do one thing. I couldn’t bring myself to obey it, so I just stood still staring at his figure in the shadows. I felt his eyes burning into me, my breasts, perky and erect, my stomach, my bare legs, my face.. I didn’t know what to do, all I knew was that I wanted something I shouldn’t have.

Then he moved, I wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination for a second, but when I saw him come into the light of the moon, I knew it was real. He was shirtless, his body glistened with sweat, his eyes serious and penetrating me. I was completely frozen, I couldn’t even speak anymore, so I watched him approach me, slowly and wordless.

One second he was across the room, the next he was right in front of me. I gasped with surprise and my hands flew up to protect myself. He took my hands in his and I felt the intense heat coming off of him, he wanted me, I knew it, but could I do it? Could I really betray my best friend and her mother and do this?

His hands moved mine to the edge of the bench and I kept them there, obeying his silent demand. I looked up at his face and found him looking into mine, my heart skipped a beat and my body quivered with excitement. I feel guilty already, but my body had already made up its mind.

He suddenly had a hand at the back of my head, he pulled my head towards his and his soft plump lips enveloped mine. malatya escort I tentatively kissed him a few times, then as my urges grew more insistent, our tongues found each other and they wrestled frantically. We kissed deeply for a long time, it was heated and we both pushed our bodies together harshly. We were touching each other all over, every possible place our hands could go. We were in a frenzy, he kept his mouth on mine, muffling me. I felt up his chest, his arms and of course his front. He was hard as rock and I moaned with delight, wanting to take it out of hiding and hold it bare. But he took my hands away and put them back on the bench.

We were both out of breath, excited and aching. I felt my pussy lips covered in more wetness than I’d achieved while cumming in my bed by myself. I kissed him deeply and he reveled in my horniness for him.

He pulled away from me and looked at me seriously for a while. I squirmed with anticipation until he swiftly sat me on the edge of the bench and pulled my panties aside, the cool air found my cunt and sent a shiver up my body. Then his fingers found it and I almost blew our cover. Sparks of pleasure coursed through me, making me collapse onto Mr. Wells’ shoulder and spread my legs wider, for him to gain easier entrance.

He had a hard time forcing his two fingers all the way inside, not for lack of lubrication, but because I’d never been touched like this and my hymen was well intact. He slowly began to pump his fingers in and out of me, gently, breaking through the barrier one stroke at a time. I didn’t feel any pain, I was so horny and relaxed I could only think of what he was doing to me on their family kitchen bench. I knew it was so wrong, but this was his fault, he did this to me. I couldn’t help it.

His fingers finally broke all the way through and now he was ravaging me with them. I moaned into his shoulder and gripped hard onto the bench. I felt a welling of pleasure building up inside me. I knew I would cum in a matter of seconds. He furiously pumped into me harder and harder, drawing me almost to the brink.

Suddenly there were footsteps on the stairs.

Mr. Wells disappeared in a second.

I was sitting on the bench, legs wide, gripping the edge. I quickly jumped off and composed myself when the kitchen light came on,

‘Dolly?’ Amber said croakily, ‘What are you doing? It’s after midnight,’ she stood at the kitchen door rubbing her eyes.

‘I was just about to get some pork. I couldn’t sleep.’ I said frustrated. My body was quickly fading from the feeling of climax as I put the bowl back and headed back upstairs with Amber. We slept in separate beds and I furiously masturbated for the next half hour, thinking of her father and all the things I wished he could have done to me that night.

To be continued…

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