Bad Dream

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The cold water felt incredible on her perspiration drenched brow. Fumbling around in the dark her hand quickly found light switch to the left of the mirror and flicked it on. Looking into the mirror with new found light illuminated just how red and flushed her terrible nightmare had made her. For moments that seemed like hours she simply stood there until a groggy but familiar voice broke from the shadow behind her.

“What’s wrong?” his voice called out as he slid his long arm around her and pulled her close. It felt so good to be in his arms she thought. Toned, muscular and tan they wrapped around her totally encompassing her tiny waist. He had discreetly slipped his hand under her shirt and the cold from his arm startled her at first, but the feeling of closeness she got from feeling his skin pressed against hers was more than worth it. They stood there in silence for several seconds before he began to speak.

Slowly, softly his words rang out from his mouth. She did not even attempt to understand what he was saying. It just felt good to be talked to, to feel safe and protected. As calm returned a completely different sensation commanded her attention. Whether purposefully or not his lips ever so slightly grazed her ear with each word he spoke. His lips were moist enough to glide easily but not so wet that they slid without creating some friction. As he continued to speak she became wetter and wetter the warmth of his lips accentuated by the cold created when he exhaled over her wet skin.

“Hey, hey, are you paying attention, what’s wrong?” he asked again. She felt almost angry at him for distracting her from the incredible feeling his mouth was creating on her ear, but it was impossible to angry at him when she was wrapped up so close to him.

“Nothing, I just had a bad dream that’s all. I’m fine” she replied.

“You sure, you seem really out of it. Can I get you anything?”

“No, its ok. Although I am getting kind of cold, I think I am going to take a bath.” Standing on the cold tile of the bathroom, barefoot in her pajama shorts it was entirely possible that she had in fact gotten cold but in truth she suspected that is was something more subconscious. That she felt cold because somewhere in her subconscious her body demanded him. She needed to feel his strong sinewy hands run up and down her bare skin, caressing delicately in some places, stroking firmly in others.

“Do you want some company or would you prefer to be alone?”

Did he even have to ask? What more did she need a sign that said “take me” is flashing neon lights? Although, she thought, the fact that making sure she was ok was his first priority made him that much hotter.

“You can join me if you want. But I don’t want to keep you up.”

The same thoughts ran through his mind that hand run through hers only a moment earlier. Did she think that he had grazed her ears with his lips on accident, that he had slid his hand under her shirt by chance? “Of course I want to join you” replied almost before she had finished her question. They just stood there for a few more moments, neither sure how direct they wanted to be.

James made the first move. Ever so slowly he dragged his hand around her body, from her right hip across her stomach to her left one. As he rounded the curve of her hip he began to move his fingers up the arch of her back increasing the pressure at first then slowly decreasing until his fingers lifted slowly off her back. “here, let me get the water.”

As she strode over to the bath tub she began to undress her self. First she slowly pulled down her shorts. She had completely recovered from her nightmare Gaziantep Genç Escort but she put up a charade of weakness so James would continue to baby her. Within moments the calming sound of flowing water filled the room followed quickly by the refreshing feeling of steam.

“No, no here let me help you.” James pleaded as he ran over to her. She had not even finished pulling off her shorts when he arrived. Instantly he fell to his knees, one hand firmly placed on her hip so that his long fingers reached around to rest gently on her ass. Gripping ever so subtly on her ass to steady her, he helped her remove her shorts. With her shorts gone all that remained covering her exquisite form was one of James’ shirts. Given how tiny she was compared to him it looked almost like a dress on her. Unfortunately for him he was standing on the side and all he could see was the beautiful lines of her toned skinny legs and the perfect little bulge of her firm ass. As James stood up he grabbed the bottom of the shirt at the front and slowly pulled it off, ever so gently weaving up her stomach. As he moved up her stomach he brought his other hand around and placed it under her shirt feeling her incredibly soft skin. When he got toward her breasts his hands split to the perfect spacing so that as they passed they grazed gently over her nipples. Instantly she felt her body twinge backward into him feeling his hard cock pressed up against her ass. Kind of jealous that James was having all of the fun she teased him by gently grinding her ass back on to his cock for just a moment before standing back up. As she stopped the contact she could fell James’ hips push forward in an attempt to keep it, but to her surprise he exercised incredible self control and allowed her to remove herself. Wanting desperately to be naked she raised her arms and James helped her remove her last article of clothing.

Throwing the shirt to the floor James stepped back to admire the angel before him. From the back he could see her perfectly round ass just below the small of her back. He let out an involuntary sigh at how incredibly hot she was. He wanted her so badly and she new knew. “The water should be ready.” He managed to stammer out.

“Ok, go ahead and get in, I’m just gonna put these away,” she said gesturing down to the shorts still resting at her feet. Turning her head around she stared directly at him. Spreading her feet shoulder width apart, she placed her hands on the outside of her hips. Slowly, maintaining eye contact the entire she slid her hand down her legs bending over until her ass was the highest thing in the air. From where he was standing she was treated to a full view of her crotch. Her ass was raised up in the air and because she was bent over he could see the slit of her pussy, already glistening with wetness. Almost involuntarily James reached toward her rock hard cock. Although he was able to restrain himself enough not to masturbate he could not help but press his hand up against himself. “here we go,” she said picking up her shorts and throwing them across the room. “Come on lets get you out of those clothes.”

She crossed the small distance between them almost instantly. Just like James had done earlier she too dropped to her knees. “He’s far to big to stay in there any longer.” She said as she grabbed his throbbing cock through the thin fabric of his boxers. The time for teasing and subtly was gone now and in one quick motion she yanked his boxers to the floor. Now he, like her was completely naked. Placing her hands back on his cock she glided it ever so gently into her mouth. Although she had been so forceful with his boxers she decided to tease him one more time before she gave him what she knew he desperately wanted.

First she flicked just the tip of her tongue over the tip of his cock, savoring the drop of precum that lay on it. “mmmmmmmmm” she moaned. She loved the way precum tasted. She loved the way his cock felt in her mouth, she loved the way he reacted. The thought of feeling his full hot cock filling up her mouth was making her pussy drip and she could stand it no longer. In one quick motion she took nearly four of the six inches into her warm wet mouth. Just like she had bucked when James caressed her nipple now he bucked toward her, letting out a loud moan to let her know how incredible it felt. Cupping his balls in one hand and placing the other on the base of his cock he began to slide it in and out of her mouth, slowly at first, then speeding up. It was so hot and filled up her mouth perfectly, but not nearly as perfectly as it filled up her pussy.

After a minute or so of sucking she began to slow down, eventually stopping and removing his cock from her mouth. As she drew it out she marveled at how incredibly hot it made her. Being so close, it still glistening from her saliva turned her on more than almost anything. Eager to return the favor James reached down cupped his hands under her arms and pulled her so that she was standing. Although he was much taller than she he had no trouble bending down and burying his mouth into the base of her neck. Licking and sucking in the exact spot he knew drove her insane. Goosebumps covered her body and he continued sucking making his way down to the mounds of her breasts. As if he thought they were in a contest to see who could tease each other the most he sucked and licked around each nipple but never the nipple itself. Starting in the valley between the two he went to his left up the luscious curve as if he was going straight toward the nipple. But just as his warm wet lips were about to envelope the firm little pleasure button, he moved them upward making a small little semi circle around them and going back down the other side. He returned to the middle, still avoiding the middle and repeated the same thing on the right breast. After he had done this several time he could hear small whimpers coming from her pursed lips. Looking up he saw her wit her eyes closed reveling in the moment. Then on his third pass on the left breast with absolutely no warming he finally gave her what she had been whimpering for. He took the entire hard nipple in his mouth sucking on with the perfect amount of force. Just enough to drive her completely crazy, but not enough to hurt her. After what seemed to her as hours of exquisite pleasure he stopped sucking, but lucky for her he was not done playing with her. Now instead of sucking he began to flick the tip of his tongue back and forth over the tip of her nipple. As he did this he slid he placed his hand over her right breast squeezing firmly. He knew that she liked both nipple and breast stimulation and liked them especially when they were done at the same time. After a few firm squeezes of her right breast he removed his hand and began to work his mouth over to it. Instead of placing his left hand on her now exposed left breast he slid it down to her now dripping snatch. He ran his three middle fingers down the slit the index and ring perfectly following the outline of her outer lips, the middle perfect positioned to enter her tight wet box. As enter he did, sliding it in quickly. She was so dripping wet from having her neck and nipples sucked there was no resistance. Quickly another finger followed the first swallowed with equal ease by her hungry pussy. He fingered her for several minutes alternating between thrusting in and out and simply wiggling his fingers inside her, all the while continuing to suck, lick and nibble her nipples. Using his fingers deep inside her he maneuvered her over to the edge of the tub and sat her down on it.

“I wanna taste you so badly,” he said removing his fingers from her and shoving them into his mouth, savoring the sweet and tart taste.

“Oh god James” she exclaimed “Please lick my pussy. I’ll do anything you want to feel your wet warm tongue flick over my hard little clit.” He didn’t need to be asked twice and quickly buried his face in between her legs, not even bothering with any kind of teasing. His tongue instantly found her slit sliding up and down several times, savoring the taste before gliding effortlessly between them. He licked up and down its whole length applying gentle pressure in some places, forcing his tongue into her in others. Eventually he settled on her clit. He did to it the same things he had done to her nipples. Gathering it and the surrounding flesh in his mouth he mixed sucking and licking until her legs where clenched around his head, her hips were grinding into his face and her back was arched as she screamed from an otherworldly orgasm.

Panting, slumped over she simply lay there for a few minutes recovering. All the while James continued his work between her legs. Although she loved the way his wet warm mouth felt on her hot pussy she knew she wanted something else far more. She wanted to feel him deep insider her to feel his throbbing hard cock fill her up completely. For it to stretch her just the right amount, far enough to drive her crazy but never so far that it hurt. God she wanted him.

“Come here you fucker.” She said grabbing his hair and yanking his mouth to hers. Ramming her tongue into his mouth she could taste herself everywhere. I taster pretty good she thought, but not nearly as good as him. After a passionate kiss she placed her hand on his perfectly sculpted and toned chest and shoved him onto the floor. Before he could even react she leaped on him and buried his cock all the way inside her.

“Ahhhhhh” she let out a sigh of relief as she got what she had wanted for so long. “I’m going to fuck you till you cum deep inside me. I wanna feel you shoot your hot load all the way inside my tight pussy.”

All James could do was nodded his mouth agape out how hot she was when she talked like that. At first she just lay there, sliding back and forth but soon she had to start bouncing up and down. She needed to feel not only the fullness but the contrast between the fullness of his cock when she dropped down on it and the relative emptiness when she rose up. Furiously she bounced up on his dick he perfect tits bouncing up and down. Slowly he felt her pussy tighten on his cock. He knew she was going to come soon and knew that as she tightened he would not be able to hold out.

“God, I’m gonna come she said grinding her hips down into his.”

“Oh my god me to,” he responded. “Please don’t stop baby keeping fucking me.”

And fuck him she did bouncing up and down on him her pussy tightening on each bounce.

“Oh … oh .. ooh h .mmmyyy … goooddddddd. I’m cumming she staggered and her body collapse on top of him.

“Eeeehhh …. Uuuuhhh… ahhhh. Meee ttooooooo.” James moaned as he exploded deep inside her, each spurt coating the inner walls of her pussy.

“Oh my god you’re amazing,” she said after a few minutes of silence.

“No, not at all, that was all you.” He replied.

“Do we have to move?” she asked.

“I don’t see why.”

And with that they just lay there James’ semi hard cock still inside her and fell asleep.

She definitely did not have another nightmare.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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