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Ass Hot

Near where I live there is a superb beach. Not only is there a huge expanse of sand, even before the tide goes out, but behind this there is around 300 yards of dunes, hillocks and scrub grass. The beach is about 3 miles long mostly with at least a hundred yards of dunes and scrub behind it.

Despite being near a major town it is never too busy, apart from the area immediately opposite the parking and barbecue area.

Several months ago I was passing the area, on a beautiful day and decided, on a whim, to pop down and take a few ‘rays’.

I wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion in heavy jeans, boots and thick shirt, but as luck would have it I had with me in the car a rucksack from the previous week, which contained my football kit, T-shirt, shorts and trainers.

When I got to the car park there were thirty or forty cars and the odd people hanging around pick-nicking etc. So I slung my backpack over one shoulder and set off along the beach for a few hundred yards until there were hardly any people (apart from those taking long walks from one end of the beach to the other…Why?) and turned off into the dunes.

Thirty or so yards in I found a secluded spot and sat down with the intention of changing into my lightweight football gear.

The first thing I did was to empty my rucksack and then, sitting down I pulled off my boot intent on removing the half ton of sand which had found entry since my walk began.

As I was facing away from the beach and was, at least a couple of sand dunes back from it, it seemed as good a place as any to change, as I lifted my boot to drain the sand from it I became aware that I was being observed.

If they had stayed still I probably would not have noticed them tucked between the tussocks of sand grass at the top of the dune facing me. As it was, the very movement of them ducking down caught the edge of my vision, and although they had disappeared by the time I looked up, it had ‘tuned’ me enough to catch a faint girlish giggling noise on the edge of the wind.

However, my immediate concern was with emptying my other boot of its contents and, lowering my head (but keeping my eyes on the same spot) I duly unlaced my second boot and was rewarded with a dashing movement, between the dunes several yards to my right of two teenage girls. It was only a fleeting movement, so I could only gain a fleeting impression. One appeared to be blond, wearing a denim mini, a white crop top and white trainers. The other was dark haired, with a pony-tail wearing a bright green bikini top and a tight white tennis skirt and appeared bare foot. Both were crouched low and dived for the cover of the next dune to my right.

Realising that I was now the subject of a game of ‘spy’ I pondered my next move. For all I knew there could be a whole family behind any of the nearest dunes having a Picnic and could ‘pop up’ at any time.

Looking around in all directions and ignoring the ‘bobbing’ heads of my spies, I acted suddenly introverted and picked up my pack and gear and moved directly to the high sand dune they had just vacated, It proved to be not only empty but well secluded on all sides, like a small fort surrounded on all sides by tussocks and mounds.

I lay back on the sand and apparently relaxed. It took several minutes before I detected their presence. Again it was on my right and about twenty degrees in front, about four yards away behind a particularly bushy growth of sea grass.

This time I decided that there was no need to be reserved and I stretched on the sand before sitting up and taking my kit from the knapsack.

Pulling my T-shirt over my head I sneaked a peek in their direction through my ‘tunnelled’ shirt. They were still there and I could clearly see the blond girls face turned towards her partner in crime, with her hand over her mouth, stifling an excited giggle, her eyes wide with an ‘Oh my god’ look!

Without hesitation I unhooked my belt and unbuttoned my jeans before sitting down again to slowly remove my socks. By this time my cock, surprisingly, was only semi-erect, probably through a mix of fear and trepidation

As I lay back on the sand and hooked my thumbs into the top of my jeans I risked another look, as I slid my jeans down and off. Both heads suddenly disappeared and it was difficult for me to ignore the excited, giggling noises coming from the near vicinity. I carefully folded my jeans, and after pulling a towel from my rucksack, carefully placed them within.

Laying the towel flat out on the sand and then lying face up on it, I was reluctant, and a bit scared to take the next step, so instead, I let one arm flop to my side while the other lay, carelessly over my stomach with the hand idly tracing a line between my belly button and the base of my jockeys. Suddenly I remembered that there was a pair of sunglasses in the sack pocket, so I quickly pulled them out, and donning them, lay back to enjoy my ’sun’. Great! This meant that I could keep my head pointing straight ahead, but actually sex hikayeleri look directly at them (the glasses were completely black) and allowed me to continue to pretend I was in a state of privacy. I continued with my light, almost accidental stroking motion.

Despite the security of the glasses it was almost a minute before I risked a full look in their direction. Both had inched forward and up. They were now ‘ up on their elbows’, lying on their tummies facing me. Although still mostly hidden by the Dune grass, I could clearly make out the dark girls quite impressive cleavage, scrunched up between her upright arms.

My cock was now rapidly expanding to its full length, and I could wait no longer, so without any further delay I brought my thumbs to my waistband and, lifting my backside off the sand I peeled down my ‘jockeys’. There was an audible gasp as my almost fully hard cock sprang into view. Still facing directly ahead, but staring directly at them I was rewarded by the look on both their faces.

Eyes wide, mouths open, they stared at my cock as though mesmerised. They had crept forward almost without thinking until they were now perched on knees and elbows, fully atop the crest of the dune, almost certainly in full view (were I to suddenly to acknowledge their presence).

I could wait no longer and gripped my cock in my right hand and started to pump it in a slow, measured fashion, an involuntary sigh passed my lips, and again, as my rhythm

Increased and the intensity of the excitement mounted as I suddenly appreciated that I was lying there totally naked, masturbating, and rapidly heading for a climax while two teenage girls watched hungrily from just a few feet away. Another moan escaped my lips as it became obvious my climax was just seconds away. I couldn’t help it. My head rolled until it was directly facing them and my glasses slid down my face!! For a second I faltered, struggling to pull my glasses up and preserve my ‘ignorance’ of their proximity, or to continue my act to its obvious conclusion. For a brief second our eyes met and I could almost feel them pull away in shocked recognisance of both our ‘sins’.

‘Come on Girls!!’ ‘Teas almost ready!’ a voice shouted several yards to our left. The sudden shock sat me bolt upright, sheer panic and guilt screaming at me.

Both girls pitched forward from their position atop the dune from a mixture of surprise and shock too. They tumbled down into the central bowl to within a couple of feet of me.

I was aghast. This could only make matters worse!! Scrambling backwards in my surprise I realised that both girls were ‘hanging low’ as well and not, to my eternal relief screaming in full voiced terror.

It took a few seconds for me to understand. They were the ones feeling guilty, they were the ones who were scared of being caught, and they were the ones with shame burning their faces scarlet.

We sat staring at each other in a silent, scared conspiracy of silence… one moved…no one blinked…. no one said a word…..

The voice shouted again, but this time from twenty or thirty yards further.

No one moved……

I had to say something …In a whisper as loud as I dared. ’Look I’m sorry’ I stammered. ‘I didn’t realise…’

‘Shhh! Be quiet!’ Hissed the dark haired girl, ‘She’s almost gone!’

‘Well I’d better go then’ I whispered as quickly as I could.

‘For gods sake! Shut up will you, she’s coming back!’ Whispered the dark haired girl as loudly as she dared.

We all stared guiltily at each other as we maintained a wall of silence as a voice shouted ‘Christine! Terry! If you don’t come and get it, it’ll all be gone!…. Well, please yourselves’.

An audible sigh of relief came from all three of us as the voice faded into the distance.

‘Oh my God! If she had seen us!’ said the dark haired girl

‘Shut up will you Terry!’ said the blond

‘Fucking Hell!’ I said with obvious relief collapsing flat on my back.

I opened my eyes only to be met with two determined looking faces.

‘We know what you were doing. You were having a Wank weren’t you?’ said the blond girl Christine, staring me straight in the face.

‘ Well…. but, I didn’t know…I thought I was alone!’ stammering was habit forming.

‘Yes you did!’ she said spitting it through her teeth. ’You bloody well knew all along we were here didn’t you? You’re a bloody pervert!’

‘I beg your….I don’t know what’ I stammered trying to regroup

‘So what are you going to do now then, do you want us to go so you can carry on wanking!’ she said with a look of disgust on her face.

‘I think the moods rather gone now’ I said with a voice filled with sarcasm.

‘Is that why it’s gone all soft?’ Terry chimed in, staring at my rapidly shrinking penis.

Suddenly realising that I was still naked, and for some strange reason this came as a surprise, I hastily grabbed my jockeys and covered myself up as best I could.

‘My God!’ I said, ‘The poor buggers porno hikayeleri in shock after what just happened! I could get arrested for this!’ I hissed, and immediately regretted as I saw the look pass over Christine’s face.

Whatever guilt had taken hold of her when she heard the ’Voice’, had just disappeared.

She looked me square in the face, ‘ That’s right, you’re a dirty pervert and we could call the police on you! ‘ She sat back with a satisfied look on her face.

There really wasn’t much I could say about that, lets face it she was right.

‘So… Come on! What’s wrong with it now? It’s only about half the size?’ Christine sneered.

‘It was more solid looking before!’ chimed in Terry, still staring at my shrunken appendage, and almost giggling!

‘ Well that’s because I was excited before, I was turned on’ I explained.

‘So that’s why you were having a wank? You were turned on because you knew we was watching? said Christine

‘That’s right, well kind of, look its not that simple!’ I said

‘ So, what the fuck was it that turned you on?’ Snarled Christine. ‘It was because you knew that we were watching you wasn’t it? Your’e a dirty fucker aren’t you?!’

‘That’s not…’ I stammered

‘So why isn’t it big now?’ chimed in Terry, taking us all by surprise. ‘ We’re watching him now, and it’s not doing nothing.’ She said quite innocently

‘That’s because I really need to be thinking about something sexy for it to work’ I said with baited breath.

There was no reply.

‘Look, before… I was getting turned on by knowing you were watching me….’

‘Yeh! So fuckin what!’ spat Christine

‘Well now…’ I hesitated’ I am starting to get turned on just by looking at you…’

‘What, How?’ said Terry, in a slightly softer more interested voice.

‘Well, with you Terry, it’s that small white tennis skirt and white knickers…’

‘Oh so ‘Short skirts’ turn you on does they pervo?’ sneered Christine

I managed a laugh ‘No, it’s because she has gorgeous legs, and that turns me on, I reckon that if she was facing me right now, as opposed to sitting facing to the right, I would have another hard on just looking up her skirt As I talked I started to regain some confidence and began to rub my finger along the outside of my dick.

Terry remained totally silent and just met my eyes

Remember, I was still naked and just the fact that I was saying these things to Terry was acting as a stimulant and my cock was swelling again.

‘You pervy fucker!’ said Christine, gazing down at my groin with nothing but contempt on her face. Then she realised that I was looking directly into her eyes….

‘So, what about me then you dirty wanker!’ she said with a laugh.

‘Well you definitely have nice breasts, even though I can’t see them properly with that crop top on, I would bet that you have really sensitive nipples. I would really like to just look at them and rub my cock.

‘You dirty fucker!’ said Christine. ’Look at yourself, your almost hard now, you can hardly keep your hands off it, and all you’ve done is talk about it!. Hah! Go on then, grab yourself a handful of cock and go for it, lets see you wank off till you come. Lets see you do it right now!!’ and with that she crossed her arms in front of her and pulled her top up and over her head in one swift movement.

She grabbed her tits and squeezed them roughly, kneeling forward and almost pushing them in his face. ‘What’s wrong then! Come on, I want to see you wank!’ She almost snarled the words, but she had a wide devilish grin on her face at the same time.

I knew it was all bravado, but the fact is that it was working. My cock was horizontal and was swelling with every word she spoke. Sensing that this could get even better, I took hold of my cock and started to slowly pull it back and fore the full length.

I never took my eyes off Christine’s tits as I slowly got to my knees facing her. I was still rubbing my cock very slowly back and fore. It was erect but not rock hard I was fighting it as much as I could, this could get better yet. I was so close that Christine had to lean back slightly in order to peer down between us. She took her hand from one breast to support herself, but I noticed immediately that the other hand was now grazing over her nipple with her palm and her other, now exposed nipple was as hard as a rock and extremely swollen.

‘I still don’t think its as big and hard as before’ Terry chipped in from close at my side

She had moved closer, and whether intentionally or not, was now sitting facing me, ankles crossed knees wide apart, her elbows rested on her knees and her face was almost level with her knees as she peered intently forward biting her bottom lip in concentration. My eyes dropped to her exposed crotch. The panties were pulled tight into her groin and I i could make out tufts of soft, dark downy hair sprouting from either side of the stretched elastic. But what really focused my attention seks hikayeleri was the semi transparent wet patch, directly in the middle.

Without taking my eyes from her soaking crotch I said ‘That’s because the more I get turned on the harder it gets’ directly to Terry. Meeting her eyes, she immediately realised where I had been staring and her jaw dropped in guilt when she suddenly realised that I was fully aware of the state she was in.

Taking advantage quickly I said ‘If I were to see more of you then I would definitely get harder and it will probably be enough to make me come’.

Before Terry had a chance to react Christine reacted quicker ‘ Go on Terry, look at me, blimey I took my top off and it got harder straight away.’ She pleaded ‘You heard what he said about wanting to look up your skirt, and I want to see him come…go on…please!’

I waited with baited breath, not daring to move a muscle. Was it possible she was going to be swayed by Christine and take her knickers off.

Terry glared at Christine for a full 30 seconds before suddenly getting to her feet ‘ All right then if I must ’ Christine bounced up and down almost clapping her hands in glee.

To my surprise Terry pulled down both her skirt and knickers in one swift movement, placed them on the sand under her and sat down in her former position.

I stared open mouthed at her obviously swollen and damp slit barely two feet from me.

‘Oh my God!’ gasped Christine, starting me from my reverie. ‘ You can actually see it growing’ she whispered in awe. Tearing my gaze from Terry’s moist young cunt for a second I glanced at Christine. She was no longer simply holding her breast. She had both breasts in her hands and was squeezing them roughly. Her face was flushed, her breathing ragged, her excitement obvious, her concentration totally focused on my now completely swollen cock.

I stopped stroking my cock and let it jut out rigidly ‘ It’s almost as solid as it can get now’ I whispered.

‘Are you going to come?’ gasped Terry. She now sat with legs apart, both hands clenched over her groin, knuckles white, squeezing tightly.

‘Not yet’ I replied calmly ‘I think it needs more stimulation’.

‘Jesus…Christ……Like..…bloody what?’ gasped Christine in an exasperated voice

‘This!’ I said, and hurriedly dipped my head forward, brushing aside her hand and

Fastened my mouth around her engorged nipple, sucking hard and rolling my tongue

quickly and roughly around the central rock solid bud.

‘ Ohhur no my Ghoood……Hrghh my God!!!’ she wailed pressing her hands to my shoulders to push me away. The pressure only lasted for a second before the fingers turned into a clench before slipping up and around my neck as she hugged me to her.

‘Urghhh!……Ohhh!…Yesss…..Essss!.’ She panted through gritted teeth

The initiative was mines and I took full advantage, sweeping my hands up the outside of her thighs pushing her skirt up with it I ran my thumbs along and just inside her knickers.

‘Ohhhhuughhh…huhh..huhh…hurghhhh!’ She grunted kissing and biting at the top of my head and shoulders.

Suddenly my cock was gripped by a small vice like hand. Terry had changed. Her hair had come loose from its pony tail, her face was blotchy, lips swollen, eyes shining. She was kneeling next to me breasts rubbing urgently at my elbow as she gripped my rigid cock with one hand while the other clawed and pulled at her cunt.

My right hand pulled away from Christine and slid straight between Terry’s thighs eliciting a loud gasp of surprise from her before she grasped my hand and squeezed it tight against her soaking mound, grinding her clitoris hard against it.

At one and the same time I slipped my other hand completely under the elastic of Christine’s knickers slipping two fingers swiftly in and out of her sopping cunt while the palm of my hand grazed over her protruding clitoris.

Terry was shaking as if in a fit ‘Hagghh…….haghhh……harddder!!!’ she begged

Christine suddenly froze, mouth open wild eyes staring at me as I spoke for the first time in what seemed an eternity.

‘I think ….I’m….I’m…going to come soon!’ I stammered

Christine leaned back slightly and bent her head to look. The expression on her face was pure lust when she realised her friend Terry’s hand was grasped tightly around my shaft and was now pumping it in a jolting, jerky movement.

Suddenly Terry let go.

‘Arrrrgghhhhhhhhh………Aaaarrghhh………….Aaaaaaarghh!!!!!!’ The hand previously grasping my cock was clenched tightly to her mouth as she grunted out her orgasm through gritted teeth. She shivered and shook and just when she thought it was over I thrust three fingers deep into her cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb in a fast flicking motion. The effect was electrifying. Her hands clamped over mine, her head snapped up, her eyes opened wide as another wave of orgasm took her by surprise.

‘Ahhhaahhaaahhaaaharggghhhhh………Haarghhh! she groaned breathlessly before she slumped against my shoulder.

Christine never waited until the final gasp before she grabbed my rigid cock with both hands

‘ Don’t you….stop now….you dirty….fucker!!’ she hissed as she pumped my cock as fast as she could.

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