The Groomsman Ch. 02

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“How did you sleep Ian?”

Ian looked up and smiled at his sister. Izzy was his youngest sister and was cute and bubbly. She placed her plate of pancakes and bacon on the table and sat down across from her brother.

“Pretty good. What about you?”

“I slept great bro. Ally and I are going to suntan all day today. The top deck has these great loungers. Derek is going to love my tan lines when I get home.”

Ian smiled at his sister. They had been going out for almost three years and were very serious. Izzy was five years younger then Ian, but seemed to be the more mature one. She hadn’t thrown a fit when she was told that Derek couldn’t come on the boat. She had been very happy to say goodbye to him at the pier and then enjoy the company of her family.

Ian and his family had been invited to attend a friend of the family’s wedding. It was taking place on a large yacht that was traveling around the Florida Keys. Ian looked at his sister and realized just how immature he had been. His ex boyfriend Gabriel was the bride’s brother and was of course in attendance. He had thrown a fit when he saw him two days ago and had hid out in his room for most of the day. This was a sharp contrast to his sister who had never once complained about being away from her boyfriend.

“Do you miss Derek?”

“Of course. I could tell you details of what I do at night, but brothers aren’t supposed to know those things.” Izzy smirked. She loved acting sweet and innocent, while at the same time saying daring things. Ian was used to this and responded.

“I could tell you similar details. However, I don’t bursa escort do those things.”

“Oh yeah you do. I’ve seen you looking at Gabriel. You aren’t over him.”

Ian blinked and looked at his sister. Had he been that obvious? He knew that everyone onboard knew that Gabriel and him were once best friends and that two years ago they had had a falling out. Izzy was the only one that knew more of the story.

Ian leaned over and whispered under his breath. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m just saying that he looks just as miserable as you do. You guys need to make up and be happy. Mom just pretends to be a religious nut. She doesn’t care as long as you’re happy.”

“Stay out of it sis. You don’t know the whole story.” Ian got up and left the dining room. His mother was a religious fanatic, but now that he thought about it, they were on the boat to attend the wedding of Haley who was obviously with child. His mother had told him not to say anything about her pregnancy. Ian had thought his mother was just neurotic, but once on the yacht he noticed that Haley’s parents pretended that everything was fine. Would his mother be supportive of him as well?

Ian got into his small room and tried to figure out what to do. He didn’t want to suntan because he hated being hot and sweaty. He couldn’t work on his thesis since he hadn’t brought his laptop. He had been given the grand tour of the boat when they first arrived and remembered that on the bottom deck there was a movie theatre. He wondered if he could sit in the cool air conditioning and watch bursa escort bayan a good movie.

Ian went up to the second deck and found Mr. Jacobsen. He was a short, stout man who was a very successful defense lawyer. He had only one daughter, Haley, who was the second most important person in his life. Kiki, his wife, was of course his first. Mr. Jacobsen and Ian’s dad had been friends since high school. Ian remembered many nights listening to the two of them tell stories of what they did in high school. It was unsettling to hear how your parents were wilder than you were in high school.

“Of course you may use the movie theatre.” Kirk gave Ian directions on how to use the projector and then went back to talking to his assistant. Ian heard them talking about an upcoming storm, but didn’t really care.

The movie theatre sat about fifty people and Ian realized how massive the boat really was. He knew there were only twenty people on the boat at the moment and wondered exactly how much the yacht actually cost. He stepped into the room and saw that he wasn’t alone. Gabriel was standing near the projector.

“What movie are you going to watch?” Ian stood nervously, waiting for Gabriel to respond.

“Star Wars.” Gabriel didn’t even turn around to look at Ian. He didn’t want to say anything stupid. He had already messed things up the first time they chatted.

Ian sat down in the front row and was surprised when Gabriel sat down next to him. The tension in the air was thick. Both men wanted to say something, but the fear was controlling escort bursa them. They watched the first part in silence. Each one desperately wished they could read each other’s minds.

If that were the case then Ian would have known that Gabriel was rehearsing a long drawn out apology. This was a similar apology to the one he had wanted to say a few days ago, but with more sincerity. Ian would have heard Gabriel going on and on about how he was immature and stupid and that in two years he had changed.

Gabriel would have heard a similar speech. The speech would have explained to him why he ran off and asked Angie out on a date mere hours after he broke up with Ian. Of course, neither man was psychic so their well thought out speeches was never said.

As the climax of the movie began, Gabriel reached out and held Ian’s hand. Even though they were only a few inches apart it felt like miles. Gabriel cringed, wondering if Ian would pull his hand back. He didn’t and as the movie ended, their fingers were intertwined in a loving embrace.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t.” Ian hushed Gabriel with a kiss. “It’s the past. We’re moving on. Don’t say a word.” Gabriel nodded and whimpered as Ian sucked gently on his lower lip. Gabriel was slowly melting into the leather chair and Ian knew the effect he had on him.

Both men stood up and kissed passionately. Two years worth of built up sexual tension was being released. Hands were moving fast as both of them groped each other. Ian was walking Gabriel backwards towards the door. Gabriel reached down and began to stroke his cock through his shorts. Gabriel hit the door with a thump and squeezed the tip of Ian’s cock roughly.

“Tease.” Ian grinned.

“Always. I think we need to spend some time in my room. I heard you got the shitty closet room with the view of the boats. I think you need to enjoy the view from my room.”

Both men laughed and walked quickly to Gabriel’s room.

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