Bill and I

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During the sixties,my friend Bill and I were co-administrators of a community self-help program. This program was staffed by volunteers, most of which were beautiful women.

Between the two of us, being both young and single, had most of these lovely ladies available for our pleasure. The one thing we never did, however, was cross swords, meaning, we did not sleep with each other’s sex partners.

One day, Bill called me on the phone and explained that he had access to a rock star’s home for the next twenty-four hours. The owner was going out of town and had invited Bill to use his place until the following evening as long as he didn’t do any damage, cleaned up afterwards and was out of there by six pm the next evening.

This meant full access to a beautiful mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a hill in Malibu, California. He could use the pool, Jacuzzi , and a wide assortment of recreational drugs and booze.

Bill suggested I round up a date and join him for the night. This did not give me much time. It was already four in the afternoon and even though LA is a “last minute town”, I was sure most of the women I knew had made plans for the night.

I started calling my list of ladies but kept hearing, “Please leave a message” or “I’m sorry Kel, I wished you had called me sooner.” and “I have already made plans for this evening.” After the tenth call I was beginning to get discouraged.

About seven-thirty I called Bill and said, “Sorry man, but i’m scoring zero in the date department. Maybe you should just grab your honey and split. I will see you Monday.

“Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger,” he replied. I struck out too! Listen, fuck it! Let’s just drive up there and get, high and enjoy the pool and Jacuzzi. We can bahis siteleri still have free dope, food , booze and a beautiful pad with a knockout view!”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied. “I’ll pick you up in thirty minutes.”

About three days before Bill’s invitation, I was lighting a joint with a Zippo lighter and burned off half of my mustache. Not being able to repair the damage, I decided to just shave my beard off and start from scratch. I had worn a beard for five years and it was interesting to see the various reactions from my friends.

Because I worked at a Hippie Clinic, a lot of the guys thought I had gone straight or sold out. Most of the women liked it and seemed to enjoy kissing me more. Oh well, there’s no accounting for taste. My friend Bill hadn’t seen it yet.

A little after eight, I pulled up in front of Bill’s apartment and honked my horn. He came out, hopped into the front seat and did a double take at my new appearance.

“Wow man, what happened to the beard?” He inquired. I explained about the accident. He laughed and then said, “I have never seen your face under that beard before. You are quite a handsome guy! I thanked him and we chatted about clinic business on the way to Malibu for our “guy’s night out.”

We arrived at the beach house at 10pm. It was magnificent! Bill had the key and was given the combination to prevent the house alarm from summoning the police.

There must have been at least twenty rooms. The pool was Olympic-sized, with a trapeze and a built in Jacuzzi. The bar was fully stocked and in the secret stash that Bill had been given access to, was the most amazing assortment of drugs I had ever seen.

There was at least a kilo of “Acapulco Gold”, which was one the finest weed circulating canlı bahis siteleri at that time. Uppers, downers, acid, pain killers of every size, shape and color. Masculine, Peyote and a quarter of a pound of Cocaine. It was a doper’s paradise.

We checked out the frig. There was left over’s were chicken, ham, and turkey. Bill made us each a jumbo sandwich, while I mixed up some Margaritas and rolled some joints. We then built a fire in their giant fireplace.

We started with the booze and pot. Next we devoured the sandwiches and finished off a half of a German Chocolate Cake. Feeling totally stoned half drunk and stuffed full of food, we decided it was time to snort some coke and hit the Jacuzzi.

Feeling the rush of the coke, we both stripped naked, dove into the pool and ended up floating around in the Jacuzzi with the bubbles, massaging our bodies. It felt great!

As we lay in the warm water, enjoying the high, Bill said, “Too bad we couldn’t get some pussy to come along!”

I quickly agreed and then noticed that Bill was sporting a hard on. “Feeling good, buddy?” I asked.

“No shit,” he said “Coke always gets me horney. You don’t mind if I beat off do you?”

“Be my guest, pal, I’m feeling pretty horny myself, think I’ll join you.”

We both laughed and lay in the Jacuzzi, stroking our cocks and letting the bubbles tease us.

Suddenly Bill said, “I can’t get over how pretty your mouth is. Can I kiss you?”

I was a bit taken back by his request. We had been close friends and working associates for two years. During that time, Bill had never come on to me or gave me any reason to think he was gay. As for me, although I had tried gay sex a couple of times, never felt much excitement from the canlı bahis experience, mostly mild amusement.

I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or jeopardize our friendship or working relationship, so I decided what the hell.

I move over to where he was sitting and gave him a soft gentle kiss on the mouth.

He quickly responded with his tongue entering my mouth and his hand grasping my cock. I knew it was too late to turn back now and reciprocated by reaching down and stroking his cock.

We continued to suck face and beat each other off. I remembered how strange it felt to feel his beard rubbing against my newly shaven face. This must be how a woman feels when she is kissing a man I thought to myself. It was not totally unenjoyable and his hand on my cock felt good.

I continued to beat him off and could feel him starting to cum. I kept stroking him until he started to moan and shoot his load in the water. I could see his string of sperm wiggle around like a thin white worm, below the surface of the water. I kept holding his cock, not wanting him to feel I was turned off or abandoning him.

He smiled at me and told me to sit on the edge of the pool. He the centered himself between my legs and slipped my semi-erect cock into his mouth. I have had better blow jobs from some of my women but he was proficient enough to get me off.

We smiled at each other but did not speak. Words did not seem necessary. We each grabbed a towel and dried off by the fire as we listened to the music on the stereo.

We were both too high on coke to sleep and decided to take some Quaaludes to help us come down. After an hour, we were both asleep by the fire.

We awoke the next morning, cleaned the place up and decided to head down the coast until we found a nice restaurant with and ocean view to have breakfast.

Nither one of us mentioned anything about the previous night during breakfast or since that time. I feel the experience deepened our friendship.

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