Black Seduction at the Photoshoot

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Trina laid on her stomach in the bed, sinking into the soft white sheets as she stared intently at her phone. She swiped down her Instagram feed while trying to ignore the notification alerts as they counted up.

RogerLee liked your post

Danny4156 started following you

Danny 4156 liked your post

EelDanger liked your post

She sighed as she reopened her recent post; a carefully crafted selfie with her vanity in the background and a reflection of the auburn lace bow in her hair. Her short, slightly curled, brown hair hung to her shoulders. Her clothing’s colour palette of beige, brown, and white complimented her pale skin and bright red lips. The blouse and skirt hugged her slim figure, complimenting her curves in just the right places.

The post was on-point, she thought. She followed the formula perfectly. But as the push notifications slowed, she barely reached the amount of post engagement she usually gets.

She grunted in frustration as she rolled over.

She did well in comparison with other influencers in her niche, but she has been becoming astutely aware that she has hit her popularity wall. There is a surprisingly large audience for her Instagram brand, which could probably be best-described as “vintage”, but recently she struggled to attract more followers.

She heard the front door open.

“Honey,” a man’s voice called. “I got Chinese!”

“Okay!” she yelled back.

She rolled out of bed and skipped to the kitchen. Her husband, Tyler, was pulling out plates from the cupboard. She grasped him from behind.

“Whoa,” Tyler exclaimed, as he struggled to hold the plates above his head.

“So? How did it go?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you over dinner,” he laughed.

Trina stared at Tyler across the dinner table as he recounted his day. He looked much like her. Short curly hair, atop an attractive face, and a slim build. He worked as an event photographer for weddings, parties, and local models. She tried her best to take in what he said, while also trying to think of what she could possibly tell him about her mundane day doing retail.

“Trina,” he paused. “Are you listening?”

“Uh, y-yes!” Trina stuttered. “You were saying…you were at a big shoot today with some local artists?”

“Yeah,” Tyler wasn’t convinced she was really listening but continued anyways, “and guess who I met!”

“Who?” she asked, her interest piqued.

“Obsidian. Pitch,” he whispered excitedly.

“OH MY GOD!” Trina squealed. “The rapper?!”

“And, I was asking around for modeling jobs like you asked,” Tyler continued. “And guess who was looking for somebody like a ‘white lily’.”

“No. Way,” Trina said in shock.

“Yes, way,” Tyler replied.

“OH MY GOD, THANK YOU THANK YOU!” Trina squealed as she jumped up and ran around the table to hug her fiancé. She gave him a long smooch on the cheek before running back into her room, leaving her dinner untouched.

She took a hasty selfie to post to her Instagram story. In her excitement, she did not even consider needing to retake it before her fingers tapped away rapidly.

“Guess who I will be modeling with soon? ??”

The Next Day

Trina stood in front of a towering black door. A bronze knocker of a lion sat just high enough that she had to tiptoe to use it. She looked around at the industrial district she was in and wondered if it was all just a big scam. Her maroon pleated skirt rippled in the wind as she waited for a response. Her cream turtle neck sweater did little to fend off the chill. Suddenly, the door swung open.

Trina stared at the Asian man standing in front of her. He did not look much older than her. Short, spiky hair sat atop a face framed by thick framed glasses. A suit vest and dress pants hugged his athletic frame but left some hints of tattoos peaking out.

“Hi…Trina?” he asked her.

“Yes!” she replied back excitedly.

“My name is Kevin,” he smiled back at her. “I’m doing the shoot today.”

He reached out to shake her hand before beckoning her inside.

“Kevin…,” Trina thought. She had heard of the name from somewhere.

“I bumped into your fiancé at the shoot a few days ago,” Kevin looked back at her. “He mentioned you were looking for some modeling gigs and you know what? I remembered you visiting him at another shoot back in the day and thought you would be the perfect fit for this.”

“Oh, awesome!” Trina exclaimed. “Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

She remembered now. Kevin was an up-and-coming photographer that worked in this area too. Tyler was always complaining about getting outshone by him.

They arrived in a big concrete photography studio. In the middle of the empty space, white backdrops formed a square around a black leather sofa and ottoman. Light fixtures hung from the tall industrial ceiling and casted light towards the formation, with flashes and light boxes on stands surrounding it.

“Hey Matt, she’s here,” Kevin yelled, his voice and their foot steps echoed into the empty space.

A sex hikayeleri giant shadowy figure shifted from behind the left backdrop into the light. Trina’s eyes widened in shock as an imposing presence appeared.

“Matt was taller than he seemed in the videos,” she thought.

His muscled physique strained against the black rose-patterned suit he wore. The collar of his white dress shirt was splayed open and contrasted greatly with his dark onyx skin. A red tie hung loosely around his neck. He beckoned for her.

Her head slowly tilted up as she approached, keeping her eyes on his attractive face, before stopping in front of him. Her body jittered with excitement over this opportunity. She could faintly smell his cologne as he inspected her head to toe silently.

“Wow,” Matt muttered. “You’re perfect!”

Trina felt her face turn hot as her pale skin took on a pink shade. He bent over and palmed her face, staring into her eyes. Her face turned a bright red as his stroked her cheek with his thumb. She grabbed his wrist.

“Um, sorry, some of the freckles are drawn on,” she stuttered. “So…”

“Oh,” Matt smirked as he let go and stood straight. “Sorry about that! Let’s get you changed.”

Kevin cleared his throat to get her attention before walking away from the light. As she spun around to catch up, she heard Matt call out:

“See you soon beautiful.”

Kevin led her to one of the side rooms. Inside, long racks of clothing lined the walls and formed a narrow pathway to an open door.

“Your clothes are on a rack in there,” Kevin stated before leaving.

Trina walked down the aisle slowly, admiring the array of trendy and expensive clothing on the racks. She walked through the open door into what looked like a renovated bathroom. Marble counters and a claw foot bath tub really gave it the trendy appeal. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror, her face was still a tinge pink from her earlier encounter with Matt.

“He’s even hotter in person,” she whispered. As she slowly stripped off her clothes, she thought back fondly to the way that he had stared at her. The way his eyes devoured her body. She slipped off her panties and cringed at the dark spot on the crotch. She poked it with her finger and a sticky strand of her juices clung onto her finger as she withdrew it.

“Tyler wouldn’t like this,” she thought.

She turned her attention to her attire hanging on the rack.

She slipped on the rose-colored lace thong and bandeau. Her puffy nipples and fat pussy lips bulged out of the fabric obscenely, and were plainly visible through the sheer material. Trina blushed.

“At least they’ll be covered…,” she said as she continued to dress.

Trina bounced and tugged on the bright crimson pencil skirt to get it over her wide hips. It clung tightly to her posterior, accentuating it and leaving little of its shape to the imagination. She pulled on the off-white top which had puff sleeves and a very low-cut square collar. She leaned over and stared at her reflection. Her milky white breasts were practically spilling out. She stood up quickly, causing them to heave and bounce. Her 32C breasts stretched the front of the top with ample amounts of cleavage visible even when standing straight.

She admired herself as she posed with her body turned to show off her ass, one hand on her hip, and her bright red lips pursed. She quickly snapped a photo and posted it caption-less onto her feed. Her heart pounded as she watched her phone explode with notifications. She had never felt so sensuous and desired in her life. She slipped on the pink high heels and walked excitedly back to the studio.

Her heels clicking on the concrete floor alerted the men to her arrival.

A long whistle cut through the empty room.

“Wow,” Matt exclaimed. “You look absolutely ravishing.”

Trina blushed nervously as she watched Matt inspecting her body from head to toe, his eyes conspicuously holding on her cleavage.

“Okay, lets get this show on the road,” Kevin interrupted. “Trina can you go stand beside Matt, turn your body towards him, and then turn to look at the camera.”

Trina’s heart was pounding as she clicked her way towards Matt. He was standing in the empty white space in a three-quarter pose, his hands in his suit pants pockets. She could watch his eyes following her every moment, openly prospecting her body in front of her. She looked down to adjust her feet position and when she looked up to meet his eyes, she saw them leering down her top. She looked over her shoulder to Kevin.



The bright flash blinded her momentarily.

“Okay, looks good, next pose,” she heard Kevin call out. “Trina, move in towards Kevin. You two wrap your arms around each other’s waists, your hand on his chest.”

Matt grabbed Trina’s waist and pulled her in close. His cologne filled her nose, her face was pushed against his chest and her cleavage squeezed into the curve of his chest. She placed her right hand on his chest, gently porno hikayeleri at first, before succumbing to the temptation to caress it. She inspected his broad chest with her eyes as she admired his pectoral muscles with her fingers. Her eyes followed the buttons in his shirt up to his thick sinewy neck and chiseled chin. She reached his soft dark pink lips that turned into a smile as she stared.

“Okay, look over here you two,” Kevin instructed.




“Matt go sit on the couch, arms on knees, hands together in a thinking pose,” Kevin continued without a pause. “Trina, go behind the couch. Drape your hands over his shoulders onto his chest.”

Trina leaned over to drape her hands over Matt’s shoulders. She felt her breasts hanging down obscenely, a razors edge from falling out of her top. Matt could not resist, he turned his head back and admired her cleavage for just a moment before going back into his pose.





They shot for nearly an hour before wrapping up. As she grabbed a drink of water, Trina watched Matt walk up to Kevin and whisper to him intensely.

“Yeah, I’m free,” she heard Kevin reply.

Matt walked back, cash in hand.

“Hey Trina,” he started. “One grand is what we were going to pay you.”

Trina eyed the money as he fanned it out. It was far more than what she was expecting.

“But I have an offer for you to turn it into five thousand,” Matt continued.

Trina was silent for a moment.

“Okay…?” she replied.

“I want some more photos with you. But more…boudoir, or like erotic?” he made an hourglass shape in the air with his hands.

Trina bit her lip.

“For my personal collection of course,” he put his hands up defensively, “You’re very beautiful. I don’t ask every girl this.”

“Well…,” Trina said uncertainly.

“There was no reason not to, right?” She thought. “Only Matt and Kevin would ever see these photos. It wasn’t like she was a whore or cheating or anything. This is modeling, everybody does this sort of stuff. This is art. And then there’s the money and exposure…what Tyler doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“Sure,” Trina replied back cheerfully.

“Amazing,” Matt smiled back. “Alright, lets lose the top and skirt.”

“Oh,” Trina deflated, the actuality of what she had to do sinking in.

“Let me go change,” Trina asked.

“We don’t have time for that honey,” Kevin interjected with annoyance.

Trina looked to Matt for support but he just shrugged his shoulders.

“I-I’ll just do it over there,” she pointed to behind one of the white backdrops.

The men watched her shuffle her way nervously to behind the big white sheet. They watched her shadow as she stripped off her top and bounced to pull the skirt off. The motion causing her breasts and ass to jiggle in the shadows. The men exchanged looks.

She peeked around the backdrop and saw both men staring at her. She squeaked and pulled her head back. She took a few deep breathes before strolling around the backdrop. She walked nervously back to Matt for his inspection. His eyes traced over her body, taking in the details of her exposed figure. She felt nude, the sheer material of the lingerie hid little from Matt’s prying eyes. She became acutely aware of the effect his gaze had on her, as she felt her wetness begin to soak through her panties.

Matt started to slowly strip his clothes off, revealing his muscled arms and finely chiseled abs. Trina gasped when he peeled off his pants.

“Did he stuff his boxer briefs before coming here?” Trina thought. “He looks like he has a python stuffed in there…”

She looked back at Matt’s face nervously and met his grinning face. He winked at her.

“Okay,” Kevin said. “Trina, lie on your side on the couch. Try to be seductive. Matt get behind her, lean over with your hands on the couch.”




“Okay, stand over here,” Kevin continued. “Trina stand in front of Matt.”

They shuffled over to an empty white space.

“Matt, cover her bra with your hands,” Kevin instructed. “Trina put your hands on your face, in shock. One leg up, tike those pin-up models from the 50’s used to do.”

Trina opened her mouth in shock. Before she could object, Matt slipped his hands underneath her arms and gently cupped her breasts.

She looked up at Matt, seeing only his chin as his eyes were set on the camera. She looked forward and did her best to re-enact Kevin’s instructions.

As they held their pose and prepared for Kevin to take the photo, Matt roughly squeezed her breasts.

“Ooh!” Trina yelped in shock. The noise drowned out by the clicks of the camera.

Trina’s faked appearance of shock turned into a very real one. But before she could voice her objection to Matt’s lecherous groping, Kevin continued his instructions for a barrage of poses.

After another half hour of posing, Kevin paused and tossed Matt a towel.

“Dry seks hikayeleri up that sweat,” he instructed.

Kevin walked up with some foundation and began dabbing Trina’s face. She closed her eyes and felt the powder puff against her skin. She yelped when he started dabbing her cleavage.

“Sorry,” he muttered. “They’re a bit shiny and causing glare. Black and white is incredibly hard to get right.”

He turned around and walked back to his camera.

“Okay, Trina go on your knees,” Kevin instructed. “Hug his leg, and look at the camera while biting your lip.”

Trina slipped down to her knees and pressed into Matt’s muscular legs. She couldn’t help but stare at his bulging cock. She saw it twitch while she gazed at it.

“Definitely real,” she thought. Another flood of juices permeated her panties.

She bit her lip as she admired his hardening cock.




Trina looked at Kevin in horror.

“Sorry, test shot,” he said.

She looked up at Matt who stared down knowingly. Trina’s face was flushed crimson with embarrassment. She turned and faced the camera.




“Okay that’s a wrap,” Kevin yawned.


When Trina got home, she recounted her day to Tyler over dinner. She made sure to leave out the part about the bonus shoot.

As soon as they finished cleaning up, Trina began pulling on Tyler’s arm. She was horny as fuck, residual feelings of lust still persisting from the earlier events.

She dragged him into their bedroom and started ripping his clothes off before jumping onto her back and spread her legs wide.

“Come get it Tiger,” she purred.

She moaned loudly as he slipped his cock into her and began thrusting. Cathartic release from the unrealized sexual tension with Matt. She stared into Tyler’s bewildered eyes, shocked by her sudden burst of lust.

However, Trina felt Tyler’s cock slowly deflating inside of her with each thrust before finally pulling out, completely flaccid and miniature.

“Sorry,” he said ashamed. “I’m…just stressed.”

She held him as he sat on the beside her, his eyes staring forward with a thousand-yard stare.

“With the lack of work, I’m not sure we can pay our rent and bills this month,” his head dropped in defeat.

“That’s okay dear,” Trina stroked his back. “I made a lot today, so we should be fine!”

“O-oh…,” Tyler replied.

“What’s wrong?” Trina asked. “Shouldn’t you be happy?”

Tyler was silent for a moment.

“T-that’s your money though,” Tyler said.

“What does that mean?” Trina asked confused.

“Never mind, just let me get some sleep,” Tyler said. “We’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

They both lay back and tucked into bed. She felt him fall asleep and his light snoring begin before slipping out of the bed. She pulled her dildo out from her bedside table and tip-toed into their den. After turning on the computer and putting her headphones on, she sat with her feet on the desk. She slowly rubbed her swollen pussy lips with the dildo as she waited for the computer to boot. She pulled up her browser and paused to think of what she wanted to satisfy her sexual fantasies tonight. Her fingers moved on their own, and before she knew it, she was staring at a screen filled with thumbnails of pale white girls like her being plundered by muscled black men. Their anaconda like cocks made even her unrealistically large dildo pale in comparison.

She moaned loudly as her dildo slipped into her pussy with ease. The quiet house was filled with the squishing sound of her dildo pumping in and out of her soaking pussy. A pool of her juices already formed on her chair as she watched the pussy lips of some white girl get stretched around a thick black cock. The girl shook as each inch of the cock disappeared into her pussy, moaning loudly as the man started thrusting in earnest.


The man spanking the girl’s ass caused Trina to jump. The girl cooed in approval. Trina playfully squeezed her butt cheek, trying to imagine how it might feel. She pulled up another window on her second screen and typed into the search bar: “Obsidian Pitch sexy.”

Thumbnails of Matt filled the screen. Similar photos to what she had done today. Scantily clad women embracing him in various sensual and suggestive poses. The fact that these “personal collection” photos were online didn’t click in her head as she flicked through them. Her eyes drawn to the same place each time. She leaned back on her chain and grasped her dildo with both hands.

“These lucky bitches,” she thought.

She regretted running out so quickly today. She should have cornered him in the change room and told him to fuck her right then and there.

She increased the pace of her thrusting as she imagined what could have been. Matt squeezing her breasts as he plundered her between her spread legs. Matt’s big black cock stretching her out from behind, taking control, and spanking her.

The girl in the video was moaning loudly now, obscenities streaming from her mouth.

Trina imagined bouncing on Matt’s cock on the couch as Kevin filmed.

Her fingers were barely able to hold onto the butt of the dildo, the entire length sinking deep inside of her.

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