Bound by Lorie

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As he pulled off the Interstate, Tom punched the numbers “26” into his cell.

“Hi,” he said after a couple of rings, “I’m almost there.”

“Good,” said Lorie, “I can’t wait. I have a surprise for you.”

“For me? What could it be?” he said teasingly.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Yeah, about five minutes. See you then, sweetie.”


Tom wheeled his big Ford along the country road towards Lorie’s house. He wondered what she had in mind. There sexual encounters had always been spectacular. Lorie did things to him he’d only dreamed about and he really was baffled by what she might have in store for him. In his mind, he replayed some of their previous get togethers and began to get aroused. He pulled into the driveway of her little house and saw Lorie peek out of the curtain. He would willingly turn himself over to her, excited by the promise of what might come.

Lorie opened the door when he reached it, and ushered him in. She was a vision, wearing a tiny leopard-print string bikini and matching balconette. Her beautiful breasts spilled over the edge of the fabric, her hard nipple pierced with horseshoe bars heaving gently as she breathed. Tom took her in his arms and kissed her hard on the lips, slipping his tongue into her waiting mouth. His hands were all over her naked back and the thin material of her bikini. Lorie’s hands went straight to the buttons of his shirt and began to undress him while they kissed. Her hands caressed his chest, and she pinched his right nipple, playing with the normally-discrete silver ring which pierced it. They broke their kiss, and Lorie nuzzled Tom’s head in her hands as he gently bit her neck.

“Are you ready for your surprise?” she whispered in his ear while pushing his shirt off.

“Oh yeah. Ready and willing.”

“Okay then, close your eyes,” she said. “Are they shut?”

Tom stood there with his eyes closed and felt her slip from his arms. He was tempted to peek after a couple of seconds, but then could sense Lorie’s presence behind him. Then he felt the cloth over his face, a bandana being tied behind his head like a blindfold.

“This must be some big surprise to need a blindfold,” he said with just a hint of nervousness in his voice.

“The blindfold is part of the surprise,” she replied. Lorie gave a little tug at the knot. “There we go. Can you really not see anything?”

“Nothing,” he said.

Lorie walked around to face him again. She waved her fingers just inches from his face to see if there was any reaction.

“Good,” she said, “now just trust me. I’m going to sit you down and help you out of these things.”


Lorie guided Tom a few steps forward, her hands on his hips, then turned him around and backed him against a chair. She undid his belt, the button on his jeans and eased them over his hips.

“You won’t be needing these for a while. Sit down,” she said.

Tom gingerly sat down on the edge of the easy-chair he felt behind him. His heart was racing. Leaning over, she flicked her tongue across his nipples, first the left, then the pierced one. She gently sucked the ring between her lips. Tom sighed and felt his cock stirring to life. Lorie knelt on the arms of the chair and pressed her breasts into Tom’s face. Engulfed in the soft warm flesh, Tom turned his head to either side, his tongue darting out to taste her breasts. Though she would have liked to linger there and let him suck her tits, she wanted to carry forward her plan for him, and got off the chair. Sinking to her knees before him, Lorie untied the laces of his sneakers and removed them. She peeled his socks off, and slipped his jeans over his knees and feet. She saw the dark stain on his gray boxer-briefs caused by his leaking pre-come, and leaned forward to lick at the spot. Tom felt his cock grow stiffer, and a little moan escaped his lips. He reached forward to take Lorie’s head in his hands.

“No, no,” she said, “time for that later. Right now, we’ll just leave these on. Now, stick out your arms.”

Tom complied, silently. Lorie slipped a white terry-cloth wrist band over each hand. yalova escort She’d bought them earlier in the day in the tennis section of the sporting goods store. She took Tom’s hands and indicated for him to stand.

“We’re ready now,” she said, leading him down the hall, admiring his cock tenting the fabric of his briefs. She could make out the impression of the head against the damp spot she’d just been licking, and it made her pussy moist.

Tom had been to Lorie’s house often enough to have a sense of where he was, and so he was surprise when they didn’t turn into her room, but rather went into the second bedroom, a room he’d never had occasion to enter previously. Lorie backed him against the wall. A vertical bar–an exposed gas pipe perhaps?–pressed into his back.

“Put your hands behind you,” Lorie commanded. Tom complied again. He felt Lorie’s hands reach around his waist, and then head a clink of metal on the pipe. While puzzling over what might have made the sound, he felt the handcuff wrap his wrist over the sweat band. Now he knew the surprise, and though it frightened him just a little, it thrilled him too. He felt the other cuff snap shut and his cock twitched involuntarily.

“Okay, now, here are the rules,” Lorie spoke, slowly and without emotion. “No talking unless answering a direct question or command. And if you do talk, you must address me as ‘Madam’ or ‘Ma’am.’ You are under my control, and you trust me, but if you think anything goes too far, just say your last name–that’ll be our signal. Understand?”

“Yes,” he said, quickly adding, “Ma’am.”

“Good boy. Now, on your knees.”

Tom eased himself to a kneeling position, sliding the chain of the cuffs down the pipe. He felt Lorie fit a leather dog collar around his neck and snap a leash to it, though he knew if was only for humiliation purposes–he wasn’t going anywhere cuffed to the pipe. He wished he could adjust his cock straining in his briefs, but dared not ask. Tom felt the warmth of Lorie’s body immediately before him, and he involuntarily attempted to reach out but was powerless. Lorie pressed her panty-clad cunt into his face.

“Eat me,” she demanded.

Tom’s tongue darted forth and he lapped at the damp cloth. He pressed his tongue into the fabric, pushing it between her hairless lips. Lorie kept her hands on her hips and leaned forward, grinding her pussy into his face. Tom wished he could slip her panties down and slip his tongue over her clit. He made a grab at the cloth with his teeth and Lorie jumped involuntarily, then relaxed to see what her would do. Carefully at first, and then with greater abandon, Tom chewed the material of her panties, pressing his nose against the hardening little bullet of flesh. He felt the elastic of the leg hole across his lower lip and tugged his head to the side, trying to slip his tongue past the soaked fabric. Lorie was entertained by his struggles, and smiled as she brought her hands up to casually play with her stiff nipples. She pinched them lightly, and a small jolt of electricity ran directly to her clit. Since getting them pierced, Lorie could make herself come just with nipple-play, but having Tom’s straining tongue pressed against her pussy was so much better. When he finally got his tongue past the moist cloth to lick her slit, Lorie came for the first time. She ground her cunt into his face, her juice dribbling down his chin and neck.

“What a good dog you are,” she said as her voice returned to her. “You like being my little pussy-slave, don’t you.”

“Oh yes,” Tom replied, forgetting himself for the moment.

Lorie slapped his face.

“‘Yes’ what?” she demanded, slapping his other cheek.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.

“You had better remember,” she warned, “or next time I’ll take it out on your ass. Now, stand up and let me see if you’re ready.”

Tom struggled to his feet. His cock was aching to be released, and only grew harder as he felt a dribble of her juice roll down his chest. He was sweating.

“Did you remember to wear what I asked for?” Lorie inquired.

“Yes, edirne escort ma’am.”

She tugged his briefs down, allowing his cock to spring out, and pulled them off his hips. A half-inch wide black leather band wrapped around his balls and cock, snapped as tightly as possible. Two drops of pre-come oozed out of his cock and spilled on the sheeting covering the floor.

“I should make you lick that up, you little shit. Wasting your come like that.” Lorie swatted his ass, and Tom jumped. “Is that fair?”

“No, ma’am,” he replied.

“But at least you followed my command. Let me take a better look.”

Lorie knelt down before him, and examined his raging rod. She was so close, Tom could feel her breath against it. He longed for her to lick it, but knew he’d better not ask. Lorie wrapped her hand around his jutting cock and coaxed another heavy drop of pre-come from the tip, and let it splash on her chest. She took the tip and dabbed more of the salty liquid on her nipples, then stood up, still holding him in her fist.

“Lick it off,” she commanded, and Tom leaned forward to taste himself on her skin. He let his tongue glided across her flesh and though the saltiness was gone, he continued licking all around the spot until he’d sucked her nipple into his mouth. The bar grazed his teeth. He bit down gently, and again a jolt of electricity shot to Lorie’s clit. She released his cock pulled her come-soaked panties off, then grabbed him again and played it over her clit. Tom twisted his head and went to work on the other nipple as Lorie let his cock head pierce her lips, careful not to let him push too far in.

“You like that don’t you, bastard?” Tom nodded his head in agreement. With her free hand, Lorie pinched his nipple hard. “What kind of answer was that?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Tom gasped. “Yes, ma’am, I do like it.”

“Like what?”

“Like having my cock against your clit, ma’am. Like sucking your nipples. Like worshiping your pussy.”

“Clever boy,” Lorie laughed. “Now stay here while I get something from the other room.” Lorie picked her soaking panties from the floor and shoved them in Tom’s mouth. Tom gasped as the pungent aroma invaded his senses. Another man might have felt humiliated, but he loved the taste of Lorie’s cunt. He couldn’t believe how hard he was, and it was just for her; he could think of nothing else but making her come again and again. Whereas in another situation his hard-on might have softened, the anticipation of the next sensation, mixed with the tangy sweetness of her panties in his mouth seemed to make him harder if anything. Tom heard a noise and realized Lorie was back in the room. He couldn’t place the sound at first, it was a high-pitched buzzing, like a hair clipper. He heard Lorie moan a little.

“I’d better take this off for a while, you shouldn’t miss this,” she said untying the bandana from his eyes. As he blinked against the light of the room, he saw that Lorie had brought her big chair from the living room and had it placed before him. She sat in the chair and placed her legs on either arm, spreading her cunt wide before him. Then Tom saw what had made the noise. Lorie was holding a fat 7-inch vibrator. She brought it against her nipples, and Tom heard the rapid clicking as it hit the metal rings. Then she licked it in mock fellatio, lubricating it with her saliva, before lowering it to her pubic mound. Not that she needed the lubrication–her slit was glistening with juice. Lorie moaned as she let the pulsing plastic tickle her clit. Then she inserted the tip between her labia and slowly eased it in, inch by inch, watching Tom’s eyes bulge.

Tom flexed his cock, forcing a rush of blood to the purple head and pushed yet another large salty drop of pre-come from the tip. His eyes were glued on the vibrator sliding in and out of Lorie’s dripping pussy. He moved his arms, willing the cuffs to part, but the chain merely clanked against the pipe.

“Not trying to get away are you?” Lorie asked when she heard the sound of the chain.

“No, ma’am,” Tom replied. “Not away.”

“Where erzurum escort then? Where would you want to be?” Her breathing was labored as she continued to stroke the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

“Trying to get to you, ma’am.”

“Oh,” she said, “I see. You like the sight of this thing slipping inside me, huh?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“It is quite a sight, watching the plastic disappear inside me. I think I’d like to see something like that too.”

Tom didn’t quite know what to make of her comment, but Lorie removed the vibrator and cane to him. She got on her knees, eyes directly at cock-level, and stuck her hand between Tom’s legs.

“Spread ’em a bit, slave,” she commanded. “I want to see what your reaction will be, what it looks like slipping in and out of you.”

Tom moved his feet apart as Lorie’s fingers found his ass-hole. She brought the buzzing probe up and tickled his hanging scrotum with it. It was slick with her juice. Then Lorie eased it back against the opening of his anus and ever so slowly pushed it into his ass.

Tom bit his lip, not so much in fear but anticipation. He tried to relax his muscles and accept the vibrator into his ass. If anything, his cock swelled even more, straining against the leather band. He moaned as inch by inch slid into his puckered hole.

“Will this make you come?” Lorie teased.

“Oh yes, ma’am.”

“Well you’d better not waste it, you bastard. If you shoot on the floor, I’ll make you lick it up. I want it for myself.”

“Then I’ll feed it to you, ma’am,” Tom squirmed as Lorie began to ease the length of plastic out again.

“You just leave all the decisions to me, bastard.”

When the vibrator was nearly out, Lorie pushed it in again as far as she could. Tom was shuddering with the sensation. Gingerly, Lorie released the toy, to see if it would stay in place. She pushed Tom back to wedge the vibrator between him and the pipe.

“Hold still,” she ordered.

“I’ll try, ma’am,” Tom gasped out.

Lorie moved back a half step, and engulfed his cock in her mouth. She savored the sticky saltiness of his pre-come which was now flowing freely from his cock.

“I want you to fuck me now,” she said nonchalantly, and she turned around rubbing her ass over Tom’s ragging cock. Then she bent over and placed her hands on the floor. Her slick wet slit glistened before Tom’s eyes for a second before she eased back against his cock. Tom flexed again, just enough to find her hot waiting hole, and Lorie pushed back, swallowing him with her pussy.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned as she pushed all the way until she could feel the leather strap against her ass. “I’m going to milk you dry, fucker.” With that, Lorie began to stroke back and forth on his cock, whimpering as first one, then many orgasms washed over her. Again and again she pushed back, pounding her ass cheeks against her bound lover.

“Fill me with your come, bastard,” she growled, “Fill my cunt. Tell me when you’re coming.”

Tom was ready for release. The vibrator continued to excite his prostate and the view of Lorie’s butt slapping his crotch, his cock glistening with her juice was too much to resist.

“I’m coming,” he gasped, “I’m going to fill your pussy with my jizz, ma’am.”

“Yes,” Lorie cried out, “yes, give it to me. Oh god, fill me, yes!”

Tom let out with a long guttural moan as the semen shot from his cock, deep into Lorie’s cunt. He pushed forward now, clenching the vibrator in his ass as he finally fucked her, pushing his come far inside, churning it. He flexed his cock again in a frantic attempt to squeeze out every drop while Lorie clasped her cunt muscles around his pole to milk him. When finally Tom was finished he relaxed as much as possible, and Lorie pulled forward to disengage, and a small rivulet of their co-mingled juice dribbled down her inner thigh. She fell forward on the floor and watched a final, single drop of white ooze from Tom’s swollen prick.

“No wasting,” she panted, as she knelt before him and sucked him into her mouth while reaching behind to slide the vibrator from his ass. Tom could barely catch his breath.

“That was quite a surprise,” he said. “I never expected anything like that.”

Lorie slapped his ass with the flat of her hand. “I’ll ask for you opinion when I want it, fucker,” she said. “Besides, that was only the first part of the surprise–you’re mine for the whole weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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