Brother Sister Just Wanna Pt. 10

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Elsa Jean

Final Chapter of Brother Sister Just Wanna

Cliff’s cell phone rings, he picks up and it is the hospital. “Your sister Amy is ready to come home. Will you be able to come and pick her up? She will be ready this afternoon.”

Cliff wakes up Jennifer their wild night of fun has made her feel comfortable and the restful night sleep she had was wonder, she was in a deep sleep when Cliff tried to get her up. She stirred from her deep sleep and cracked her eye lids open. “Hi, you were amazing last night.”

Cliff, “Just got a call from the hospital, Amy will be ready to come home this afternoon.”

Jennifer, “OK, let me get ready.

Cliff, “I will get some breakfast ready. But I need to run to the store first, there’s no food in the house.”

Jennifer heads to the shower and Cliff heads to the store. Jennifer soaps her pussy up and goes deep with her fingers making sure all of Cliff’s cum gets out from her pussy with that amazing fuck that they had last night. She lathers her hair up and finishes up with the shower, as she dries off she hears the front door open. Cliff walks in with the food for breakfast.

Cliff decided to pickup some biscuits, cream cheese, and Jalapeños, he wants what was made the first breakfast that all had together.

Cliff yells in to Jennifer, “No need to get dressed, we can eat breakfast naked.”

Jennifer smiled to herself, she liked the idea.

Cliff slices the Jalapeños in half and puts the biscuits in the oven, Jennifer comes out of the bathroom with her hair still wet and naked without even her panties on. She sits down in the the kitchen at the table. Turns the chair to face Cliff and spreads her legs wide open, she can feel her pussy juices begin to flow.

Cliff takes the biscuits out of the oven, splits them in half, then smears them with cream cheese, then he puts the jalapeño half on the cream cheese. He brings the biscuits to the table and sees Jennifer’s pussy open wide before him. He looks at her in the eyes, gets on his knees, and puts his face directly into her pussy. “I guess the biscuits will be dessert.” He says.

After the pussy for the main course and the biscuits for dessert. Cliff and Jennifer get dressed and head to the hospital. Going to the car Cliff grabs Jennifer on the boobs and Jennifer smacks his butt. They are on their way to the hospital in no time.

At the hospital Amy is all dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed. She looks at Cliff as he enters the room, Jennifer is right behind him and smiles at Amy.

Jennifer, “We had some biscuits with Jalapeños this morning just like 5 years ago. I know you would have loved to have some, the biscuits were actually dessert though.”

Amy Lefkoşa Escort knew what Jennifer was referring to, her pussy tingled at the memory that Jennifer referred to, “I wish I was there Jennifer, you two didn’t have that good of a time without me did you?”

Jennifer just winked at Amy, then Amy smiled at Cliff and he blushed a deep red. Amy knew what was going on and it did not bother her at all, they were a happy foursome.

Then Jennifer’s cell phone rang, the caller ID said it is John.

Jennifer, “Hi John, what’s going on?”

John, “I have a load headed East, I am in California right now, but I will make my delivery in New Jersey in Four days. Then I am coming home for three days. We can start work on the details for the Morgage of the sectioned property that Oscar will sell us.”

Jennifer’s pussy tingled thinking about her brother coming home, she could get some more fun from her brother and maybe Cliff and John together at the same time. She was excited to think about what could take place. Then they all started toward the elevator, they were all headed home.

Arriving at Oscar’s place he was there on the front steps again just sitting down. He was actually surfing the web looking at the news and catching up on his word games. As Amy, Cliff, and Jennifer pull up in the car Oscar looks up and smiles.

Oscar, “I have started the process of getting the property sectioned off to sell. Have you made up your mind if you will go forward with buying the property?”

Cliff, “Yes, we love the place. I think it is just right for all four of us. John is headed this way as we speak. We will proceed to get approval for the funding for your property as soon as he gets in.”

Oscar, “That sounds excellent, I will not put it on the market until you let me know either way what you are going to do.”


John arrives in New Jersey four days later and makes his delivery. Then he parks his trailer at the terminal and decides to travel home with just the tractor. When he arrives Jennifer is waiting on him, Amy and Cliff both knew as well that he was on his way home. John had called Jennifer to let her know he would be about 30 minutes.

Amy, Cliff, and Jennifer were all sitting naked on the couch when he opened the door and came in. John set his bags down on the kitchen table and turned to see the naked arrangement on the couch. His cock instantly was hard. “Well I can see I need a shower first before I do anything. I definitely smell like a trucker so off I go first.”

Jennifer his sister was directly behind him. “It has been three weeks since I have seen you. My pussy is throbbing for you Girne Escort and I know your cock is throbbing for me. I will come with you, we can get a shower together and then meet up with everyone afterwards.”

As Jennifer and John head to the shower Cliff had an idea. He looks at Amy, “Let’s get dressed and have a game of strip poker after they get back from their shower.”

Amy loved the idea, her pussy began to tingle with just the thought.


Jennifer and John come into the living room after their shower and both Cliff and Amy are dressed. They were both confused as they stood there naked looking at Amy and Cliff dressed.

Amy, “Go get dressed you two, we are going to have a game of strip poker.”

John smiled with a crooked smile, Jennifer’s pussy started to tingled again. They both went to get dressed.

Minutes later Cliff cleared the kitchen table and they all sit down. Cliff gets out a deck of cards from one of the night stands in the living room and deals seven card stud.

Cliff, “Here are the rules, whomever wins the round gets to tell whomever they want what to do. Until we are all naked it can only be about the clothes. After we are naked all rules are off and the winner can decide what they want whomever to do to whomever or whatever they want to see done. If anyone decides not to do what the winners wants, they have a to sit out the rest of the game. Or they can walk around the outside of the house naked five times to restore they’re next turn.”

John smiles a crooked smile and Jennifer says, “There is no way I am walking around the outside of the house naked five times!”

Amy, “Neither will I Jennifer, you can not throw anything at me that I will not do.”

Cliff’s cock gets rock hard at that thought, John also had a bulge in his paints.

Cliff deals the cards, this round Jennifer wins. She looks at John and tells him to remove his shirt. John pulls off his shirt and does not have on a t-shirt, his chest is immediately naked.

Cliff wins the next round and tell Amy to remove her top, she does not have on a bra so her boobs are immediately exposed.

Amy wins the next round and she tells Cliff to remove his jeans. Cliff did not put on any boxers so his cock immediately pops out.

John wins the next round, he looks at everyone. “Everyone strip, I am done with the waiting game. We need some more action here.”

Jennifer strips and her generous boobs hang and her pussy lips begin to throb in anticipation. Amy strips and her pussy begins to get soaked as she stares at her brothers cock. Then John and Cliff strip and both their cocks are rock hard with anticipation.

Cliff Magosa Escort wins the next round and he tells Amy to sit on the Kitchen table and spread her legs wide open. At the same time he wants Jennifer to sit on the table with her back against Amy’s Back. Her legs need to be spread wide open also as her brother sucks on his sister’s clit.

Jennifer begins to moan and Cliff sucks Amy’s clit in between his lips. Cliff rubs his tongue back and forth across his sister’s clit and she begins to moan. Both Amy and Jennifer are screaming with an orgasm at the same time. They are like a chorus as they go into orgasm at the same time. After their orgasm subsides another round of cards is dealt, Jennifer wins this time.

Jennifer, “I want us all to go into the bedroom and start to fuck. But this time I want all of us to have a partner at the same time. While John is fucking me I am sucking on Amy’s pussy, while Cliff is fucking his sitter Amy she is sucking on my clit. Then I want us all to climax at the same time.”

Both John’s and Cliff’s cock are rock hard as they walk to the bedroom, both Jennifer and Amy’s pussies are twitching as they follow behind John and Cliff.

It was a night of sex that was unbelievable as their passion over whelmed them all. After their fourth orgasm of the night they all fell asleep.

In the morning, Amy was up first. She went to the kitchen and didn’t bother to get dressed. She started to make eggs, pancakes, and bacon. The smell went throughout the whole house and they were soon all up and investigated the aroma of the morning smells.

Amy looked at John, Jennifer, and Cliff, “how long do you think it will take for us to be able to get the deal through and make this our place officially?”

John spoke, “I have already been talking to a banker, they told me to put myself as the primary person on the Morgage and all you as a tag a long on the Morgage. All of you will go on the deed, then the place will be locked in all our names. This will be our place, everyone here will work to get a job so that everyone pulls your own weight on the Morgage. As to the rent we have back West. There really is not anything else there that we really need. We can tell the landlord there we will not be back. This place will be ours, we can start our lives locked in together financially. It is our place and ours to keep. Oscar told me he will pay off the people he owes his debt to with the sale of the property. In fact Oscar told me the place is worth $200,000, he is going to sell it to us for $150,000 so we can show $50,000 down on the property. This will all work out.”

Cliff decided to make a toast with a morning glass of White Zinfandel. “Here’s to all of us, We are a fucked up group of individuals. But we are accepted by us, so here is to us. The fucked up group tagt all live eachother, may we have the best of luck in this endeavor.”

The end

Will they all make it? This was a fictional group of people it is not real.

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