“C” Club Ch. 05

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Non Nude

In this 5th installment, Dre has sex with a hot young wrestler and then…well you’ll find out. This is not a gay incest story. This work is fiction, and a product of the author’s fevered imagination. Thanks again to my editor Bill. I love hearing from my readers so leave a comment or sent me a message. Enjoy!


All lanes slowed to a crawl, this was not part of the plan. I thought I would beat the traffic and the oncoming snow storm by driving back to school on the Friday after Thanksgiving. A late start and heavy traffic had me running way behind schedule. So here I was inching along as the increasing snowfall made the highway a dangerous ribbon of white. I pulled off the interstate and started making calls. First cheap hotels…all booked up. Checked alternate routes…no better. Then an idea, I’ll call my friend Jason who lives in Cleveland, just down the road from my current location.

“Jason, it’s Dre…How’s it goin? I have a favor to ask…I am right outside of Cleveland, and with the snow and all, I was wondering if I could stay at your house?”

Jason interrupted my panicked rambling, “Dude, dude, I’m in Mexico with my family. I’m not in Cleveland.”

There was a pause. “But don’t worry bro, we have family friends, the Johnsons, I’m sure you can stay with them, they’re super nice. Let me call and I’ll get back to you. Oh and Mr. Johnson is in the club.”

Jason hung up and I waited for his call back. I thought, “Mr. Johnson is in the club?” Jason has to be talking about Cock Club. I knew that Cock Club had been around a while, and many of the alums were middle age.

Jason called backing quickly. “Dre, it’s all good man. I spoke with Mrs. Johnson and she said that they’d love to have you. In fact their son, Chris, is going to be attending our university next year. Mrs. Johnson thought this would be a good chance for Chris to find out more about the school.”

“Wow that’s great dude. Thanks for doing me a solid. Umm did you say that Mr. Johnson was in Cock Club? I mean, how did you find that out?”

Jason chuckled and said, “Well about a year ago at homecoming we had a little mixer for C Club alums and I saw Mr. Johnson getting head from Darius. Looked like he had a huge cock too. He saw me and just winked. Ha pretty funny. He plays golf with my dad!”

I received a text from Jason with the Johnson’s address and I entered in my GPS. The house was only 15 miles away and as it was early afternoon I imagined I’d arrive well before dinner time. “You have arrived at your destination,” cheerfully alerted me as I cruised through a nice older neighborhood. The Johnson’s house was a large brick structure that looked very well taken care of. I grabbed my small bag and dashed through the falling snow to the front door and rang the bell.

Mrs. Johnson, Emily, welcomed me in. She was your typical mom, happy that she could come to the aid of a young person in need. She invited me into the kitchen and made me a cup of hot tea and set out a plate of cookies. All the while she asked me those mom questions, where was I from, what was I studying, what were my interests. She was as sweet as could be.

The back door flew open and in barreled Chris in a Cleveland Academy Wrestling hoody. “Shit the weather sucks, the roads are slick as hell.”

Chris stopped, a little stunned, as he realized that there was a young stranger having tea with his mother. Mrs Johnson quickly introduced me and explained my situation and that I was a friend of Jason’s from school.

Chris was a couple of inches shorter than me with a mop of sandy hair and shiny brown eyes. He had a wrestlers build, broad shoulders and a small waist. We shook hands and he had a vise-like grip giving my hand a vigorous shake.

“Wow, cool to meet you Dre. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a bunch of shit about the University? I’m sure that my mom told you I was starting there next fall. I’ve talked to Jason on the phone a couple of times but only about academics. Are you and Jason close friends?” asked Chris in a rapid fire barrage.

I noticed that Chris’s expression changed when he asked me about Jason. Did he know about Cock Club? Had he had an experience with Jason? I realized I hadn’t replied, and I told Chris that Jason and I had become very good friends and that we often hung out together. Chris gave me a mischievous half smile and said, “Cool.”

“Hey Mom you’ve interrogated Dre enough I’m sure. Dre let’s go up to my room, you into Xbox?”

We went up the stairs to the second floor. Chris opened a door and continued up to the attic. The entire space was finished. There was a queen bed, a couch facing a TV and Xbox. It was an impressive set up for a high school senior and very private. I told Chris how lucky he was and he nodded in the affirmative. We settled in and played a couple of games chatting all the time. I really liked Chris and we were having a good time and getting along very well.

We chatted about a variety of subjects, wrestling, girlfriends, school, etc. Chris informed me that eryaman escort his family spent a year abroad when he was very young. He started school a year late so he was 19 as senior. He said he often felt emotionally ahead of his peers but the age helped him excel in sports.

Chris received a text, “That’s from the parents, dinner is ready. Let’s go, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”

The Johnson’s were busy in the kitchen putting food on the table as we entered. Mr. Johnson was home from work and he approached me with his hand extended and introduced himself as Jim. He was about 6′ tall and probably in his early 50s or possibly late 40s. He had broad shoulders like Chris and a stocky build. Large muscular arms, a barrel chest, and a bit of a belly. He was a handsome man with thick salt and pepper hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Mr. Johnson spoke, “Welcome to our home. Emily told me about your predicament, we are more than happy to help out a young traveler. Especially one from the university where I am an alumnus.” He continued, “Jason gave me a call about an hour ago and told me all about you. So I hear you and Jason are very good buddies, and in a few clubs together?”

This little bomb gave me a moment of panic. I knew that Mr. Johnson was in “C” Club when he was at the U, but what had Jason told him? Did Jason let him know that I was in Cock Club? What else had Jason told him? I shook it off and calmed myself down. I would just play it cool and see how this situation played out.

Dinner was pleasant, although I did notice that Mr. Johnson’s gaze was often focused on me. Chris never stopped eating and soon everything on the table was consumed. Chris looked at his father and asked if we could be excused. Chris leapt up and said, “Come on Dre, let’s go finish that game.”

I dutifully followed Chris up the stairs. As Chris climbed the stairs I noticed his nice round ass. Maybe it was all the sexual tension with Mr. Johnson, or the long car ride, but I started to think about how good it would feel to sink my hard cock into that nice round ass.

Back in Chris’s attic hideaway he began to take off his clothes. He pulled his hoody and T shirt off together. He had an amazing body, washboard abs and tight pecs. He noticed me staring and perhaps I even had my mouth open. He patted his abs, “Nice huh? Wrestling keeps you in good shape. I’m going to take a shower and then we can continue our game. Is that cool with you?”

Chris grabbed a pair of undies from his chest of drawers and stepped out of his shorts. He was wearing only a jock strap and I got good view of his ass. It was smooth and hairless, two plump muscular ass cheeks, beautifully sculpted thighs and calves. I was sorry when he disappeared into the bathroom.

Nervously I wandered around the room, looking at the odds and ends. There was a desk with a computer and when I touched the keyboard the screen came to life. Curious, I opened the browser. I looked at the search history. Mostly bands, wrestling tournaments, but further down the list was something interesting. I clicked on a link and a Tumblr page opened up. It was full of gay images, muscular men having sex, sucking cock, and a lot of cock-in-ass pics. I quickly closed the window and put the computer to sleep. I felt that stirring in my pants again.

I sent a text to Jason:

Me: What’s the story with Chris

Jason: He’s Haut!!

Me: You have personal knowledge?

Jason: Yup go for it man!

I felt the butterflies in my stomach. Jason had just confirmed what I was thinking, that Chris was interested. At that very moment Chris exited the bathroom. He was wearing a pair of lime green booty shorts, a little too sexy for everyday, and he was shirtless. As he dried off his hair with a towel he said. “Gets kinda hot up here. My parents turn up the heat when they get home. Make yourself comfortable.”

I know I was staring at his hot body but I decided to make it obvious. Let’s see what happens. I took off my heavy socks and jeans. I was now only wearing a T shirt and boxer briefs. There was a definite sexual tension in the room and either Chris had a very large cock or he was getting aroused.

To keep things from stalling into an awkward silence I said, “Did I mention that I wrestled in high school. Yeah we are probably in about the same weight class.”

Chris looked at me and smiled. “Cool. I thought you looked like a grappler. How about we see if you still got it. Unless you’re scared that I might hurt you?” he said with a smile.

I gave him a wicked smile. I knew that two half naked men wrestling was about as sexual as you could get without having sex. I replied, “Oh now you’re trash talking, let’s see what you got.”

There was a large open area between the back of the couch and the bed. Chris took the referee’s position, on all fours sitting back on his heels, and I moved in to his side and tightly wrapped my right arm around his waist and placed my left hand on his elbow. I slid sincan escort my right arm down low so it was on the waist band of his briefs and held tight, I also pushed my hips up against his so we had as much contact as possible. Chris told me to count to three.

On three I grabbed his arm and pulled back, moving behind him to gain control. Chris was fast and so much more skilled. He took hold of my left wrist and rolled, forcing me on my back. He was strong and I was enjoying all the contact. We struggled some more and I made the dumb move of turning around to avoid a pin. I was now on my stomach and Chris was on my back, he slipped his right arm under mine and put me in a half nelson (my arm was held behind my head and Chris’ arm held it in place by pushing on my head). Chris then did the same to my left arm and now I was in a full nelson.

Panting and feeling the pressure I said, “You know that a full nelson is an illegal move…is this a submission hold…do you want me to submit?”

I arched my back so my ass pushed against Chris’ cock and balls now nestled between my ass cheeks. Chris’ mouth was next to my ear and I could feel his warm breath. “I don’t know, but submission sounds good to me. The question is who is going to submit and to what? Did you talk to Jason?”

I could feel Chris increase the pressure of his hardening cock between my ass and I wiggled my butt to encourage his grinding. I replied, “Well maybe a text or two. Did you talk to Jason?”

“I did talk to Jason. And he said that you two were friends, good friends. He also mentioned that we liked to do the same things. Pretty much the same things that Jason and I did together last summer.”

Chris released me from his hold and taking my wrist turned me over staying on top of me. We were now face-to-face, chest-to-chest, and crotch-to-crotch. We were looking into each others’ eyes and smiling. Both hard as a rock, and it was obvious what was about to happen. In that instinctual way we turned our heads and our lips met, first cautiously then full on.

Chris was holding my face and I slipped my hands down to his ass as I slid my tongue into his mouth. We made out like teenagers in heat, our hard cocks grinding against each other. Chris smelled fresh and the scent of his damp, shampooed hair was very nice as we swapped spit and explored each other’s bodies.

After a good ten minutes of grinding, touching, nibbling and kissing I asked Chris what “specifically” was his relationship with Jason.

“Well…I guess I’ve always had this interest in guys. Like what would it feel like to be with a guy. I mean I still am into girls, but you know sex with guys is different. My family and Jason’s family are old friends and last summer it just happened, I hooked up with Jason. You could say that Jason helped me discover my bisexual side. I hope you’re cool with that. It was a very casual thing.” Said Chris.

I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deeply, then I said, “I am so cool with that.”

I rolled him onto his back. His cock looked to be about 6″ and uncut. The thin nylon fabric of his briefs left little to the imagination. I hooked the top of the briefs with my fingers and slowly pulled them down. His cock popped out and slapped against his washboard abs. I was admiring his perfect masculine body. I took his cock in my hand and slowly started to pump, revealing the moist tip of his swollen red helmet.

Stroking Chris with my right hand, I ran my left hand over his abs. “Dude you have an amazing body. Mind if I suck your cock?”

“Only if I can suck yours,” was his response with a smile.

I lay on my back and pulled off my briefs, my pecker at full attention. Chris swung around, placing a muscular thigh on either side of my head, his smooth balls and hard cock just above my chin. I could feel his warm hand on my cock and then the wetness of his tongue. Running my hands up his thighs I grasped his cock and guided the tip to my outstretched tongue. I tasted the salty goodness of his precum as I milked his cock for more.

Chris was doing a good job on my cock. It was obvious this wasn’t his first rodeo. I always liked a noisy cock sucker, and Chris wasn’t disappointing me, with lots of slurps and appreciative moans. I was also enjoying sucking on his clean shaven balls, alternating between his sack and his clean asshole. I rimmed his pink pucker as Chris lowered his ass to give me better access.

“Oh, fuck that feels so good…mmm you keep that up and you’re going to have to fuck me.” He said.

“I’d love to fuck this hot ass.” I said giving his firm round cheek a good slap.

Chris sat up and reached into his night stand drawer. He took out a small bottle of lube and rubbed some on his hairless pucker. Sliding down my body, he placed the tip of my rock hard cock against his hole. My view was awesome. Chris straddling me, my hard cock between his amazing ass cheeks leading up to his small waist and broad shoulders.

He sunk down on my etlik escort cock as the head pushed past the ring of his sphincter muscles, the sensation sending an amazing feeling through my body. Chris gasped then continued pushing down and then rising up slightly. Soon he had three quarters of my cock inside him and we were both moaning in delight. I watched as my fat cock slid in and out of his perfect ass.

“Agh…Agh…Agh…fuck Dre I love your cock man…damn I want to be your bitch…mmmmm…agh that feels so fuckin good.” He moaned.

We fucked in reverse cowgirl until we were both on the verge of exploding. Chris stopped and without dismounting turned around so he was now in the forward cowgirl position. He sank all the way down on my cock and his eyes rolled back in his head, his mouth open. He started to move up and down on my cock, moaning with each thrust. His hardon was slapping against my stomach on every downward thrust.

I took his cock in my hand, pumping it vigorously, my hips thrusting up to meet him on every down stroke, now we were going at it hard. Fucking like animals, consumed by sheer pleasure and lust. I could feel his body tremble and then he let out a deep moan as his cock spasmed in my hand.

A beautiful creamy rope of cum splashed across my chin, neck and chest. Chris pushed down hard on my cock and I thrust up, letting go with my own orgasm deep in his ass. His cock shot another wad, hitting me squarely in my open mouth. I could feel my balls pull up as they dumped more cum in Chris’ tight ass. Chris shot his last load, most of it landing on my stomach.

We collapsed together panting and moaning. Chris kissed me hard on the mouth, his cum still all over my face and tongue. We made out, my cock still hard in his now slippery cum-filled ass.

I chuckled, “Damn that was fucking amazing. I could fuck your ass every day, all day.”

Chris licked some cum off my cheek and said, “Is that a promise?”

We climbed into his bed, just making out and chatting. Chris told me that he loved to get fucked and had only been with me, Jason and one other guy who he just gave blow jobs. He was sexy as hell and I was soon hard again. I fucked him one more time doggy style. He encouraged me to slap his ass making it a rosy red. Exhausted we fell into a deep sleep until his alarm went off at 6:00 the next morning.

Groggy I saw a shadowy figure dress and come to the bedside. Before he departed he whispered in my ear, “Hey sleepy head, I have to go to practice, last night was great can’t wait to get some more of that fabulous cock.” He then left grabbing his gym bag on the way out.

I dozed for another hour then got up, showered, collected my stuff and headed downstairs. Mr. Johnson was in the kitchen nursing a cup of coffee. He was wearing loose sweat pants with the university logo on them and a T shirt. As I entered his bright blue eyes seemed to shine and he gave me a big smile.

“Good morning Dre! I hope you slept well. Can I make you some breakfast?”

“Just coffee please.” I said a little uncertain of the situation. Mr. Johnson appeared to be just a nice guy, I didn’t know why I was feeling nervous but my “spider-sense” was tingling. We stood in the kitchen mostly chatting about the university.

I thought I’d open the door and asked, “Mr. Johnson were you in any organizations or clubs at the university?”

“Please call me Jim. Yes, I was in a great club. Met some really outstanding men there. In fact I think you met a few at the reunion party in Palm Springs…I heard there was a “Dre” from the U there that did an outstanding job.”

I had trouble breathing. Thinking about the Cock Club alumni party in Palm Springs made my heart beat and my cock swell. Mr. Johnson must know all about me I thought.

“In fact I was talking with an old friend of mine that I think you know…Big Jack? We were just chatting last night and he said the two of you were very well acquainted.” Mr. Johnson continued, “Dre I think we are part of the same club aren’t we…Cock Club? Big Jack told me about your nice tight ass and how you happily fucked the cum out of him. At least that’s what he told me. I gotta say you must have some skills if you were able to take all of Big Jack’s cock, he’s got a fuckin monster.”

So this is what I was sensing. Mr. Johnson, Jim, has been hitting on me. The horny bastard wants a little ass. I don’t want to ruin my reputation as a cock slut in the Cock Club alumni community so I better give him a morning he won’t forget.

“Oh Big Jack…well yeah I know him. Just thinking about his big cock is making me all hot and bothered. He’s also great at eating ass. He buried that long tongue in me before he bent me over the couch and fucked the cream out of me…it was so hot. Is that something you are interested in Mr. Johnson…I mean Jim?”

We were both smiling at each other now that the ice had been broken. I could see a significant bulge forming in Jim’s sweat pants. He gave it a rub and it grew even larger. I decided I’d tease him a little more.

“Palm Springs was a lot of fun. All those sexy daddies, I sucked so much cock that weekend I lost count. When I left I couldn’t walk straight… I got fucked by so many hot studs. Jim you look like you might be interested in a little ass. That bulge in your pants looks like it might need to be let loose?”

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