Christy Ch. 09

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Dad sat with his head in his hands. A scratchy record by Old and New Dreams played. As Don Cherry played the opening theme of Lonely Woman, he wondered what the fuck happened to his life? When he bought this album, life was great. He’d found the woman of his dreams. She was smart, sexy, up for any kinky thing that came into his head and she loved him. He loved her too. Oh, his parents hadn’t been happy when he came home with a black girl. They hadn’t made a scene about it, but they made the odd comment like, “what will the children be.” That seemed so very long ago now.

Dad slumped back on the sofa. “What happened?” he muttered to himself. Complex emotions raced around his head. He’d almost made peace with stealing the occasional one nighter on the road. He’d almost come to terms with the idea that his wife was someone he shared a house and children with, not a real partner. Then Christy and Tina brought him back to life sexually, but the guilt ate at him. “They’re my daughters. They’re adult now, but they’re still my daughters,” he thought. “What sort of Father fucks his own daughters?”

Dad popped open a can of beer and took a sip. “Who the hell invented this lite crap,” he muttered to the ductwork overhead. His head hurt. Nothing made sense. How in the world could Maggie have bought into such a load of crap? The whole religious conversion had been weird enough, but he’d seen that with enough of his old punk rock buddies to take it in stride. Learning that Maggie had done porno before they’d married made him sad. Not sad that she’d done it, but sad that she’d never shared it with him. Maybe if she had, her Mom and the Reverend would not have been able to fill her head with all that guilt and shame. He took another sip of tasteless beer wondering, if he even knew who he was married to anymore. For that matter, did he still know who he was?

The needle clicked in the runoff groove. Dad got up and changed the record. Kind of Blue seemed to fit the mood. The pipes gurgled as water ran somewhere up stairs. The computer pinged the instant messenger alert. He looked at the screen and read, “Hi. I’m naked on my web cam now” and deleted the message. “Damn spam,” he muttered and took another Bycasino hit off the beer.

Dad heard the cellar door open. He heard bare feet slapping the stairs. “Probably Tina,” Dad thought. He sits down on the sofa again wondering how all this is going to make sense. Then he hears his wife’s voice, soft and timid like he hasn’t heard it in ages, “Greg… Master?”

Dad looks over to see Mom kneeling at the end of the sofa. Her eyes are puffy. She’s completely naked. When was the last time he’d seen Maggie naked like this? Years? The woman in front of him looked so different. She was almost a stranger.

“Master?” she said again in a weak and timid voice. “I’ve displeased you. I am so sorry. May I please serve you?”

“May you serve me?” Dad repeated not believing what he was hearing. “May you serve me? Where the hell did that come from?”

“Please Master,” Mom whimpered. “I deserve your anger. I deserve to be punished. Do whatever you want with me.”

Dad stood up and walked over to the computer. He stared at the monitor flickering its inane screen saver while he tried to process this new development. Going from being a virtual cuckold to being called Master in less than a day? The vein in his temple throbbed. Long years of frustration boiled in veins. He turned on her and practically growled, “You don’t know what you’ve put me through.”

Years of stifled rage broke loose in Dad. All those years of sleeping next to a cold fish, all those years of being made to beg for the smallest scrap of attention boiled over. Dad took two log strides and slapped Maggie’s face. The force of the blow shocked him, it scared him, but this thing was on a roll now. “You’ve been a miserable cunt to me. Do you know what it’s like living with a prude with a shriveled up twat?” He slapped her again, pulling back on the force a little this time. “Do you know what it’s like to have to beg?”

“Please Master,” Mom whimpered. “Please Master; let me suck your cock. Let me suck your big beautiful cock. Please!!!”

This wasn’t what Dad had in mind. He didn’t know what he had in mind. His mind was a jumble of rage, compassion, love and hate. “Oh, now you want to suck it,” he Bycasino giriş snarled. “Suck it!” Dad angrily ripped open his jeans and pulled his cock out. Mom opened her mouth and he jammed it in. He shoved his dick to the back of Mom’s throat. He felt her gagging on his cock, but he grabbed the back of her head and held her in place. When he let her go, she pulled her mouth off his cock and gasped in air. Dad rammed his cock back down her throat to more retching. When he pulled out this time, Mom vomited all over his cock, the mess pouring him and landing on her tits. When she finished retching, she looked up and him with teary eyes and asked, “please Master, may I have more cock?”

“You want more cock?” Dad said shoving Mom down in the puddle of her own puke. “I’ve got more cock for you.” The pent up rage was still in control as he rammed his cock up Mom’s cunt. In the back of his mind he registered how wet she was. It registered somewhere that she was really turned on. It registered, but he was still on a berserker. He rammed his cock in her sopping pussy and slapped her ass. He noticed the welts on her back and wondered where they came from, but was too busy shoving her face in her mess and fucking her to do anything about it.

“Yes Master!” Mom cried. “Fuck my worthless cunt.”

Dad cringed inwardly. He hated that kind of talk. He’d never bought into that whole goddess/whore thing. It bothered him to hear that from his wife now, when he was treating her like a worthless whore. It bothered him, but it didn’t stop him from pulling his cock out and shoving it up her ass.

Mom cried out as the cock plowed into her rectum. She humped back as Dad fucked her furiously. He heard, “Take it up the ass, you filthy slut,” and couldn’t believe they were his words. Mom was leaning forward with one arm in front of her, her face in the puddle of puke and the other arm underneath her. Dad felt the fingers fucking Mom’s cunt through the membrane separating the orifices. “You’re loving this, aren’t you slut?” he hear himself shout.

“Yes Master!” Mom cried. “Fuck my filthy shit hole. Fuck me like the worthless piece of shit that I am!”

Dad looked down at his cock plowing Bycasino güncel giriş into Mom’s asshole. It surprised him to see that his cock was coming out coated with thick, brown goo. He could feel his cock sliding through warm, softness in Mom’s ass. With each stroke of his cock a little of this mess seeped out. Dad pulled his shit slicked cock out and a small pile of soft stool plopped to the floor.

Dad hauled Mom up by the hair, forcing her to sit in her filth. He shoved his shit covered dick at her face and was shocked when she didn’t hesitate to take it. Mom worked her tongue along the shaft of Dad’s cock, licking the shit off. She sucked the cock hard and deep. Dad felt her tongue playing along the shaft. He felt her tongue tickling the base of his cock when he shoved it all the way down her throat. He felt his cock throb and pulse as he came closer and closer to blowing his load.

Dad felt the first few jets of cum hit the back of Mom’s throat. He pulled out and sprayed cum across Maggie’s dark, mocha colored skin. His jizz splattered her nose and cheek. His cum bathed her lips and ran obscenely off her chin. When he was done, Maggie’s face was coved in cum. Her lips were streaked with sit and her hair was matted with vomit.

In a final show of humiliation, Greg let loose a torrent of piss. His piss washed away the cum. It washed the chunks of puke out of her hair. Mom opened her mouth and let the piss fill her. She gargled urine and let it over flow her mouth, running over her chin and washing over her tits. Pissing on Maggie had been the last outburst of Greg’s rage, but as the piss washed away the mess, he found his anger going away too.

Dad looked down on Maggie as he shook the last drops from his dick. She looked frail and helpless sitting in puddle of filth. She looked up at him and he saw a lot of things in her eyes. He saw hurt and fear. He saw a child lied to and used. He saw a woman, driven half way crazy by deceit and manipulation. Somewhere, swimming with all those emotions and memories, Greg saw something he’d almost forgotten. He saw the woman he fell in love with all those years ago.

Dad pulled a couple towels down from the linens shelf. They were old towels, consigned to the basement to be used as rags. He wrapped one of the towels around Mom’s shoulder as he helped her up. “You know,” he said in his usual, thoughtful tone of voice, “you really are a mess. We better get you cleaned up.”

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